tagInterracial LoveMy Best Friend Ch. 01

My Best Friend Ch. 01


What's been happening between Quinn and I is literally starting to scare the shit out of me. We have been best friends for years. There is nothing and I do mean NOTHING this guy doesn't know about me and vice versa.

We met like ten years back and have been so tight ever since. For instance, he calls me in the middle of the night if he's bored or wants to know what the hell I'm doing and I likewise have an all access pass to his phone no matter the hour.

We have a lot in common also like how neither of us does relationships and is always chasing some tail. Sex happens to be one of the many things I'm good at and Quinn with his panty dropping good looks is the same. Quinn is tall, 6"3 and built like a quarterback. He has overly long blonde hair and eyes the color of the Caribbean Sea.

I am a 5"6 woman of African descent with skin the color of peanut butter and sandy brown hair that is my natural color. I have an athletic build from hitting the gym frequently and from years of being a tomboy.

Quinn is your average boy next door type. He's cool, charming, and a total heart breaker. I've seen it happen with him too many times to think otherwise. Women fall all over themselves to get and keep his attention but I believe him when he says he doesn't do anything to make it happen, well I did. I also understood because with guys that I date I just want to have great sex but they end up wanting much more than I can give them.

Quinn and I talk all the time about how we are both up front with who we date, letting them know that it's about sex but then eventually comes the clinginess and the rest of all of that which neither of us are into.

I honestly don't know whose bright idea it was for Quinn and I to cross the line. It just happened one night a few months back. If I had known how good Quinn was in bed I probably would have fucked him a long time ago.

Our first time together Quinn made my pussy not only come but purr and beg for more. Of course he wasn't as unaffected as I thought he would be. I knew this when he couldn't stop smiling afterwards, no matter how hard he tried.

That next day when we woke up together it wasn't very awkward. Okay it was awkward but not suffocatingly so. We ended up talking about it and admitted that we had both liked it. I knew I had loved it but that wasn't his business.

One night shortly after our first night together, he just showed up on my doorstep and we had mind blowing sex again, without being wasted this time.

For the past six months we've practically lived in each other's beds until he is all I can think about, all I want.

It's becoming a real problem for me because I hang with the guys when I'm not with my close girl friends and usually that includes Quinn. I am thankful that though things have changed some they really haven't gotten too complicated.

Who the fuck am I kidding? It's yeah, it's a problem. *****

I wore a green "Fuck Me I'm Irish" t-shirt. The words were written in black. I wore black leather pants and a pair of throwback combat boots. My wild mane of hair was worn down around my shoulders. My signature hoops completed my "bad girl" look.

Aisha and I watched while Courtney and Taylor played a game of pool. The tables in Bennigan's were mostly taken up so we had to share. It was really packed tonight. Drinks were flowing and we were all talking shit to one another, as was usual.

After Courtney beat Taylor then Aisha beat Courtney then I spanked Aisha we took a time-out to sit down and grab something to eat to go with all of the beer we'd been drinking. Different kinds of music had been swirling around in the background, most of it Rock and Alternative.

It had been one hell of a last few weeks for me. I didn't realize how tightly wound I was until I relaxed back into my seat feeling like I could easily fall asleep.

I had just gotten home maybe three hours before off of a long flight. I had taken a long hot soak in the bath then called Courtney to round up the girls. I had been feigning for Quinn in the worst way while I was gone and didn't want to pick up the phone the minute I was back to see him which I needed to pretty bad. I needed a distraction in the worst way.

This is the thing that pisses me off because before we started going at each other I could call Quinn during sex even and tell him to come over. He would finish up real quick and be at my place in a flash. When he'd get there I'd be like, "well I rented some movies." He wouldn't bat any eye; we'd just grab some food and drinks and sit down to watch movies or talk or whatever. I now find this too intimate a thing to do, which is why I hate that I started fucking my best friend.

Somebody, Taylor maybe, started a conversation that brought my mind back to the present as a waitress came over to take our orders. We talked about Paris, the place I'd recently been, and how things were going at Courtney and Aisha's bookstore. We talked about what Taylor had gotten into at work recently and we talked about everything else under the moon. I was just glad to not be thinking of the lust running through my veins like lava. ***

We were having a good time, being rowdy when I noticed this big eared, green eyed,sexy guy sending me a nod from across the room. I love big eared men. His eyes pierced mine and the feeling went straight into my panties. We continued to send each other looks for a good ten minutes.

I was definitely into eye-fucking him and I could tell that he was getting hard from staring at me. I didn't just walk over though I could have, I was always happy to let the male do the pursuing.

When he finally called me over I got up to go but at that very second Quinn showed up right in front of me. I had no idea where he had come from and he completely eclipsed my view of this guy.

"Jesus Quinn cock-block much" I said and then laughed at my own attempt at being funny, all the while ignoring how my heart was thundering in my chest and how I had forgotten about that other guy just that quickly. My pussy pulsed being so close to him but I ignored that too.

Quinn looked at me like he was as distracted as I had been earlier and hadn't heard a word that I'd just said. He turned his head to where my gaze had been seconds before.

"Oh excuse me" he drawled.

He didn't move to the side to let me pass though. Instead he looked down at me with that little smirk of his that never fails to turn me on, me or the rest of the female population of Baltimore.

I took a peak around him to see if the guy was still checking me out and he was still looking.

"So when did you get in?" Quinn asked me like I hadn't just asked him to move out of my way.

"I don't know like a couple of hours ago, I thought you were on rotation this week?"I had only just remembered that.

"Just got off."

"Okay, well move!" I said to him again. This time he stepped out of the way.

I walked across the room to meet him. He stood up as I approached the table where he and his friends were hanging out. He was tall, not as tall as Quinn though, not that that mattered or whatever and he had muscles but they weren't too much. I had always thought Quinn hit the weights a little too hard. This guy's guns were just like I liked them actually. He wore a dark grey t-shirt and jeans that looked like they had seen better days. He turned me on just standing there.

"I'm Josiah" he said after my perusal of his body from feet to head. His voice was rough and made my nipples hard, something that his eyes did not miss as they moved down my body.

I introduced myself.

"I thought you weren't coming for a minute", he nodded in the direction of where I had just come from.

I looked over my shoulder to where Quinn stood.

"Oh nah he's my friend, I've known him since forever."

"Well cool" Josiah said as his eyes began a little more perusing of their own then, "I like your shirt."

He grinned a very sexy grin that jack hammered my libido.

"I like it too" I agreed with him letting him do what he wanted with that statement.

So what are you drinking?" he asked me a second later still smiling.

Was that a real accent? I couldn't help smiling back at him. Damn I was burning up. I wondered how long it would take to get him inside me. He introduced me around and then made room for me to sit down.


Meanwhile Quinn, Kaleb, Dylan, and John had taken over the table where my friends were. I tried not to notice the skanks that were pushing up on Quinn as he played pool, but it was difficult.

I'd always been annoyed by the amount of women who tried to get Quinn's attention in a single night but tonight I noticed it in a slightly different way. It felt almost like anger as I watched.

I sent a silent prayer upward that I wasn't starting to get jealous and tried once again to focus on the sexy male that I had been chatting up for the past half hour. Still I couldn't help feeling like I was heading towards a crash that I couldn't stop from happening.

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