tagLoving WivesMy Best Friend Gets Inside My Wife

My Best Friend Gets Inside My Wife


It was a warm summer night. Where we live the sun doesn't set until late in the summer. The last few hours of light had began to throw their golden glow through our apartment window as I washed up the dishes from our dinner.

Later, our friend would be coming in from another city. He was driving up by himself and he'd be staying with us for a few days. He was a great friend of mine. We had been through a lot together and we could always depend on each other for anything. When his marriage was ending, I let my wife fool around with him a bit. I didn't let them go far, just some oral and petting. Tonight I wasn't sure what would happen.

My wife was positively aglow with excitement. I could see it in her face and the way she flitted around the house, cleaning up and making things look comfortable. I knew what she was thinking about was what she would wear.

I smiled at this and followed her into the bedroom.

"Hey hun," I said.

"Hey! What should I wear?"

I watched her rummage through a duffle bag full of lingerie.

"Well, my favourite is the schoolgirl skirt, as for the top, maybe just a regular work blouse would be fine."

She looked at the handful of vinyl and lace in her hands.

"You're probably right" she replied. Guys, we love that schoolgirl thing.

I went back into the kitchen and finished up the dishes. I put a few more beers in the fridge. I was just going to holler for her to make sure she hikes it up nice and high when there was a knock at the door.

"I got it!" She says. I see her fly by the kitchen. She looks immaculate. My wife has beautiful legs. They're toned and long and they lead up into a plush and shapely ass. She's got perfect rounded breasts and hair that falls down around her shoulders. The red schoolgirl skirt is much shorter than I remember. The blouse is undone low and I saw a flash of a lacy black bra underneath. I poke my head around the corner just as she's opening the door.

"Hey guys" he says, then "woa!" As he catches sight of my wife. She goes up on tippy toes to hug him deeply and I can see her cheeks peeking out from under the skirt. I can tell my friend is surprised, but not for long, he returns the embrace and plants a big kiss on her neck as he does so. "Damn you're looking good!" I know this is exactly what she needed to hear.

I chuckle and say, "cmon in man, I've got beer. How was your trip?"

"Not bad! Happy to be here though!" She took him by the hand and lead him into the living room. I know she's embarrassed to be dressed up like she is. Ever since we got married she stopped dressing up for sex. Yet, I know how important it is for a woman to feel attractive to other men. It did wonders for her confidence the way he looked at her as she answered the door.

I headed back into the kitchen and got some beers out of the fridge. I heard them talking but the talking soon died out. As I walked back out into the living room, I thought I heard the smacking of lips.

Sure enough, she's on the couch with our friend, practically kneeling on top of him, and as I come in she sits back beside him abruptly, like she had been caught in the act.

"Haha, wow, you don't waste any time do you?" I said.

She blushed and said, "I'm sorry, I'm just-"

"Don't worry about it!" I said, "just relax. You want something to drink?"

She shakes her head.

"I'll have a beer, though, if that's cool" he says.

I hand one over to him. His other arm is around my wife's shoulders. Her skirt is hiked up so high that I can see her panties, even with her legs crossed as they are. I recognized them as the panties she wore on our wedding night. This should be interesting.

"Is this happening then?" he asks.

"Knock yourself out."

He gives himself permission to put his hand on my wife's leg. I think I see her quiver slightly. Her chest is getting red. He starts to kiss her. He's a tall guy so his legs angle up slightly as he's sitting on the couch. He has a slender build and he's prematurely greying. He has a muscular physique and you can see his pecs clearly under his white tshirt.

I see my wife's hand stray to his leg. He's wearing jeans. I see her tentatively slide her hand up his leg. He stops

"Oh yeah, are there any groundrules as of yet?"

I wonder about it. I've been thinking about it for a while. "Not as of yet. I'll tell you if I get uncomfortable."

The way my wife looks over at me as he and I are talking is indescribable. It's lust and appreciation at the same time, also I'm guessing nervousness about whether she'll be able to do everything she wants.

"Awesome" he says "jesus, your wife is so fucking hot...I'll make her feel good and I'll be respectful"

As he says this her hand reaches the bulge in his pants. The man has a really big penis. Last time I saw it I was astonished. I thought, I don't want that going in my wife! She could barely suck it when it got erect. "ahhhh"

She takes off her blouse and her breasts are right in his face. He grabs one cautiously and kisses it. Another hand goes to her legs...which she promptly uncrosses.

All this time I'm plunked down in an armchair across from them, drinking my beer. I'm starting to get hard at this show. He struggles a bit to unfasten her bra but when it comes off and he can see the full roundness of her breasts he says "I fucking dreamed about these."

She gets up on her knees and leans over him so she can start undoing his belt. I can see her sexy bottom and her panties just covering her pussy. They're wet.

He reaches over to grab a cheek as she works at his buckle. She gets it undone and then she unbuttons his jeans. He lifts his bum to help her slide them off. She slips to the floor and pulls them down. She's kneeling between his legs as his monster cock pops up, happy to be freed from his pants.

She grins as she reaches out for it. She holds it in one hand, then in two and she gives a quick glance over her shoulder at me before she pushes his legs apart and dives in to put her tongue on his balls.

"Ah god that feels good" he says. Its incredibly hot to see my wife on the ground in front of him, worshipping his dick as he relaxes on the couch. She licks up and down the shaft before slipping the knob into her mouth. She has to stop to put her hair in an elastic.

I get up and slip my own pants off, sitting back down into my chair to have some more beer. I start to play with my own hard cock as I watch.

She returns to it with a gusto. I've never seen her suck dick like this. She's alternating fast and slow, she's twisting with both hands as she takes more and more of it into her throat.

"Christ..." and then he laughs, "dude your wife is sucking my dick"

"How does it feel?" I ask.

"Fucking amazing, ah god"

"Having fun, babe?" I ask.

"Mmmhmm" she mumbles with her mouth full of his rigid dick.

I watch this for a while, her head twisting and bobbing up and down. Since her ass is facing me I can see how soaked she is. I really want to go over and sink my dick into her, but I know that this is her time and I don't want to interrupt.

"Let me eat you for a while." He says, and she stands up, flopping down onto the couch beside him. She spreads her legs for him as he stands up and then kneels down on the ground between her legs.

"Be my guest" she giggles.

He pushes her legs back together and pulls her soaked panties off of her. Then he spreads them again and I watch him kiss her legs. Further and further down he goes until his tounge begins to circle around her pussy. I see her try to push his head down but he's resisting.

"You wait" He says. She's going crazy as he dances around, teasing her. Finally he caves and sinks his agile tongue into her slit. She moans loudly.

It doesn't take long before she is squirming.

"Are you gonna come?" I ask. She nods as her face contorts in pleasure. Her eyes roll back in her head and her legs begin to kick out. He remains firmly in control with his hands on her hips under her legs, forcing his tongue into her.

"I'm cumminggggg" She cries and I watch her body flood with endorphins. Wave after wave of pleasure wash over her. My friend is a gentleman and lets her recover. He finally takes a sip of his beer as he sits down beside her. She kisses him strongly on the mouth as they french kiss passionately. His dick is throbbing between his thighs, standing high and erect. She drapes one leg over his and strokes it as she kisses him, her breasts pressed against his chest.

"Well, what now?" he says carefully.

My wife looks at me. "I want him to fuck me" she says with her hand still stroking his hard cock.

"I'm not sure..." I say, taking another sip of my beer.

"You'd have to be 100% OK with it" he says, "I really value our friendship."

Then my wife says. "Ok, just lay down then on the couch."

She stands and he lies on his back on the couch. His dick is hard, pointing up to his face. She rubs her pussy as she straddles his legs. She reaches forward and pushes his cock down against his stomach. I'm breathing shallowly as she slides up to have her pussy touching the base of his cock. "Just watch this, hun. You can tell me to stop whenever" I watch her press her hips down against him. Her pussy lips spread out around his cock. "I'm not gonna put it in, I just wanna feel it against me." She puts her hands on his chest and slides slowly up. It's so hot to see her pussy touching his dick, even if it just rubs. She's soaked and I can see his dick is getting well lubricated from this action. She looks at me and slides a little further forward. From the back I can't tell if his head will be inside her when she slides back, but sure enough I see the head come out again in front of her.

Both of them are groaning in pleasure. I can see it takes every ounce of willpower for my friend not to grab her hips and angle himself up into her.

"God," she says "I really can't stand it. Is it OK if he fucks me with a condom?"

I am so turned on by this recent display that I say "I suppose so, did you bring any condoms, man?" I know I don't have any big enough for him.

"I did!" he says, and so my wife hops off as he rummages through his pants. He finds one and hands it to my wife.

She begins to unwrap it but I notice that as she's rolling it onto him, his cock begins to get soft. He apologizes but this only makes it worse. As she climbs on top of him and begins rubbing the head against her pussy he's gone completely flacid and she can't put it in.

"I'm really sorry, this always happens to me when I use condoms" he says.

She frowns and yanks the condom off. She begins to rub and suck again and soon its hard.

She doesn't even look at me this time as she shimmies over to position herself over his cock. The prospect of putting it in my wife with no condom has him hard as a rock.

She rubs the tip against her pussy lips a few times. Then she slides a little inside her. I can see him groaning and looking at me nervously but I'm busy wanking my own dick in the chair. This time she does look over at me as she allows her body to relax. She closes her eyes and I see his giant shaft parting her lips. She sits down and I watch his cock go up, up up inside of her, not an ounce of protection in the equation. I just about cum right then. But I want to hold on. With that big dick inside her my wife sighs and then begins to slowly ride. My friend's hands grab tight to her ass as he controls her, slowly sliding her up and down on his dick.

"Dude, I'm inside your wife. Is this really OK?"

I just nod.

He frowns. "I keep bumping something... Is there something in your pussy?"

"Oh! My ring" she says and gets off. She puts a finger in her pussy and pulls out her birth control ring. "Sorry about that." I'm astonished. Is she really gonna fuck him with that thing out?

No condom is one thing but with that ring out she's completely exposed.

She bends over on the couch. "Do me doggy"

He gets up and I see him position his dick against her. He slides in with no fuss. "Ah that's much better." He says.

She rocks her hips back against him. His dick disappears to the hilt and I know its deep inside my wife.

I think about how much I've compromised already. I wasn't even sure I was going to be ok with fucking, and now I'm watching my wife get pounded doggy style by my friend with no condom on. Just flesh against flesh with his hard cock filling up my wife's pussy with every punch. I again see her birth control ring sitting there on the coffee table. They're fucking like Adam and Eve would have done it. The idea makes me really hot in spite of myself.

I don't know how long they fuck. It seems like forever. Now she's bent over the arm of the couch. Now they're lying together and she's behind him, cupping her breasts and kissing her neck. She's cum god knows how many times.

"Hun" she says, "I want him to cum inside me"

This fills me with lust when she says it but also with fear.

"Oh god yes" he says, and he has to stop thrusting for a minute. They're both looking at me, soaked in sweat.

"I'm really not sure about that, sweetie" I say hesitantly.

"But I really REALLY want to feel his hot cum inside me... I only know what yours feels like. Don't you want to see another man just unload inside me?"

To be honest, I really do. I've always had a thing for creampies. He has resumed pumping slowly in and out of my wife.

"Ah man it would feel so good if I could cum inside you" his fingers trace around her stomach.

I imagine what it would look like. I know they're both on the brink of exploding. Who am I to deny my wife that kind of pleasure?

"Just imagine, she says, "we go at it and you see his dick pulse shot after shot into my pussy" then she groans "god I want that SO BAD."

She turns him over and starts riding him cowgirl. At this point I think I know what's going to happen.

He's got a firm grip on her ass, and he's licking her tits as she rides his taut cock.

"I'm really close" he says "any second now I'm gonna bust." She doesn't slow down at all. She's got her hands pressed against his chest and she's rocking her ass hard on him. I know his dick must be 8 inches inside of her. Is he going to erupt?

"Don't you dare pull out" she says as she starts working frantically at him.

"Oh jesus I'm gonna CUMMMMMMMMM" he screams and she holds on for dear life riding him as he bucks wildly. I see his balls pulse as they fire a massive load deep into her pussy. One, two, three....six, seven pulses of jizz shooting inside of her. His hands are hanging onto her ass so tight I worry that he's going to hurt her.

"Oh yessss, shoot it inside me, oh my god" there's so much cum that it begins to drip out even while he is still inside her.

"Jesus Christ this orgasm goes on for-eh-eh-ehver OH" he says. I can see she's tightened up her pussy muscles to milk the last drop out of him.

"Wow, your load is so hot"

When the throes of passion begin to settle down my wife looks back at me guiltily. She rises up off of his huge rod and some cum spills out of her pussy and down his shaft.

"I'm sorry hun, I really wanted this."

"It's OK I knew you would go for it." She sits back and is playing with the cum in her pussy.

"Why don't you get inside me now" she says. I get up and go over to her. The couch is soaked in their sweat. She spreads her legs and I push my hard cock against her pussy entrance. I slide it in easily, there's so much cum from both her and my friend. "I want to feel your cum in here too" she says and just as she does I can't hold it any longer and I unload a stream of jizz into her already full pussy. My sperm mixing with my friend's in my wife's unprotected pussy.

The three of us fall back on the couch, panting. My wife has her hand on both of our dicks, stroking slowly.

"Next time let's all do it at the same time" she says.

We all laugh...

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by Anonymous

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by Nexttimeround05/06/18

For some reason

the non-husband's cock is always bigger than the husband's. Somehow this is a fact of life. How this works in fiction seems obvious enough, but is it true in fact as well? Why does it work out like this?


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by Anonymous04/29/18

I love it

I've watched mty wife get that many times and i love her having it. She doesn't ake precautions and she's had 6 babies so far. I love them all, even the 2 black ones.

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by Anonymous02/03/18

Perfect tale

Well done! 5 stars!

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