tagRomanceMy Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 02

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 02


Morning was too soon in coming. The hangover did nothing to blur my memory of the night before ... of the show I had put on for Stef and our near miss sexual encounter. I wasn't quite sure what the dynamics would be when I saw her this morning so took my time getting dressed in my weekend outfit of sweats and a t-shirt.

As I walked by the partially open door to the guest room, Stef was still sleeping... the night must have gotten the best of her also. She had fallen asleep with her robe still on but it had worked itself open as she slept. Her breasts with their large dark nipples were exposed to the cool air of the room. Her nipples stood excited against the air. Her legs were arranged so one leg was bent and crossed over the other making a sort of figure four. One arm was across her waist while the other was lying at the top of her dark pubic hair. Through the hair covering her, her outer lips were visible.

I had lots of ideas and visions running through my head after last night about what I should try to do now, but thought the best of things and went out to grab some coffee and go get the paper. I ended up out on the deck in the morning sunshine, trying to let the heat of the day sweat out all of last night's scotch.

I must have dozed off because I was startled by the noise of the patio door sliding open. As I turned my head Stef walked thtough wearing the robe from last night.

"I hope it was okay that I wore this. It was hanging on the back of the door in the bedroom."

"Yeah Stef, that was fine. It's my wife's ..... well, it was my wife's. I forgot it was even hanging in there. You look very pretty in it. You can take it with you if you want to .. not really many women over here to wear it anyway."

"That is a shame Uncle Kyle. You are too good looking to be alone. And from what I remember of last night, you would certainly be able to make any woman happy you brought home."

"Thanks, Stef. Glad you mentioned that ...I'm sorry for the display last night. We were both pretty drunk and all and I haven't been with a woman in a long time and , well ..." My voice trailed off in embarrassment as she smiled at me.

"It's okay really. I'm glad you took care of yourself. I was feeling badly that I had gotten you in that condition... likes kind of a cock tease."

The words coming out of my mouth were reassuring her that everything was fine but my mind was racing as I looked at her standing in the doorway. She filled out that robe in ways my wife would have only dreamed of. The robe only emphasized her petite waist and the large breasts that hung over it. The robe was tied loosely and her cleavage was amply exposed to my gaze. The material was thin enough to show me that she had not found any panties anywhere in the guest room to wear.

I was relieved when she disappeared back into the doorway, thinking that my lust filled mind would get some time to compose itself. My hand was down the front of my sweatpants adjusting my hardening cock when she re-emerged with a cup of coffee in her hand.

"Geez, Uncle Kyle. Doesn't that thing ever go down?"

All I could do was mumble an apology as I removed my hand from my pants.

"Maybe you should get dressed in something else Stef. Seems this thing has a mind of its own when I see you in that robe. I think there some of my wife's clothes in the dresser in the guest room."

She smiled, turned a little more slowly than she should have and headed back through the door. If I thought I could have gotten away with it, I would have jerked off right there on the deck. I had known her all her life but these past few hours I was seeing her as quite a young woman, not a little girl.

I walked in to get some coffee and decided I would be the one making breakfast, even though she had offered last night. I heard her singing softly and though how nice it was to have a woman in the house again. I could see the door to the guest room was open and for a moment the horny old man in me thought of walking quietly down the short hallway to peek inside, hoping for glimpse of your body without the robe interfering. I thought better of that so I called her name and asked her what she would like me to make. Evidently her singing made it impossible to hear me so I walked down and stopped just outside the door.

"Stef ... what do you ......?"

My voice trailed off as she walked out of the bathroom across the hall. She was wrapped in a towel that was not wide enough to totally cover either her breasts or her pussy fully so I got an eyeful of both.

"Oh, sorry Uncle Kyle. Just freshening up a bit. Didn't know you were back in the house. I'll just be a minute," she said as she walked past me and into the guest room. I must have looked like an idiot just standing there staring as her with my mouth open as she went by. As she went through the doorway I noticed that the towel was not wide enough to cover her ass cheeks either. She really was quite beautiful.

I made my way back to the kitchen and broke out the pots and pans while Stef got dressed. I did not know she was behind me until I felt her arms wrap around my waist and her boobs push against my chest.

"It's been a long time since a gentleman made me breakfast after a night out, Uncle Kyle. Thank you."

"I haven't had to cook for anyone in a while either Stef so eat at your own risk."

We took breakfast out on the deck. Stef had found a pair of cutoff shorts and a t-shirt to wear. The shirt was a few sizes too small and did little to contain the breasts that were straining for release. The shorts, on the other hand, were not nearly small enough for her and she spent a good deal of time pulling them back up to her waist.

We picked up our conversation from the night before... talking about our lives and where they had taken us since we had last seen each other. We shared the hurt of losing our spouses and talked about the loneliness that brought us.

"It just seems like with my new job I have been so busy, I never have a chance to meet anyone anymore," Stef said with a level of frustration in her voice. "I'm always working or traveling or trying to catch up on my sleep. The only reason I was out last night was my girlfriends made me go. I'm going to be alone the rest of my life at this rate."

Her voice had gone from frustrated to weepy and I could see the tears in her eyes. I moved my chair over and put my arm around her. I reached my hand up and gently pushed on her head, moving it to my shoulder. I could not hear her crying but could feel her body tremble against me.

"It's okay Stef. You will find someone honey. You're a beautiful young woman and some guy will be very lucky to have you when the time comes."

When she raised her head and turned to look at me, I saw a young woman needing someone to love her. I don't' know what possessed me to do it, but I leaned toward her. I had planned a soft kiss on her forehead but her face moved upward and my lips found her lips instead.

It started so softly, a kiss filled with compassion for the loneliness we each felt in our lives. But the mood changed when she reached around the back of my head and pulled me tightly against her. I felt her tongue against my lips and all of my resistance was gone. My lips parted and our tongues found each other as our kisses went from compassion to passion.

My mind was a muddle of confusion as our lips parted. What should I do now? I had known her since the day she was born and now I had this mind full of lust for her. I had watched her grow up and played in the back yard with her and now I wanted to take her into the bedroom and make love to her. I have never felt more like a dirty old man that I did at that moment.

She looked into my eyes and asked me the question without any words. I reached up and took her face in my hands, using my thumbs to wipe the tears from her cheek.

"Are you sure Stef? Is this what you really want?"

Her next kiss answered my question. It was forceful and filled with lust. Her tongue explored my mouth as her arms reached around my neck. She moaned into my mouth with a desire I have seldom felt in a woman before.

Our lips parted and she stood up from her chair. She reached out for me, taking my hand and pulling me gently; encouraging me to stand. I knew it was going to be obvious once again how excited she had made me. As I stood, her free hand reached out for the front of my sweat pants and the erection that there was no way to hide. We kissed again, my one hand in hers and the other behind her neck. Her free hands squeezed my cock through the cotton material of my sweats and she slowly rubbed her palm against me.

I would have made love to her right out there on the chaise lounge in the sunshine at that moment but she seemed to have other ideas as she parted from our kiss and turned to walk into the house. Her hand still holding mine, I followed her. My mind was racing once again as we walked down the hallway and past the guest room. She opened the door to my bedroom and we both walked inside.

As she approached the bed Stef gently pulled my hand, leading me to the edge. With a grin on her face, she placed her hand in my chest and pushed me down so I was sitting there with my feet dangling off the edge. She reached out and gave my cock a squeeze, the stepped away. Her arms crossed as she reached for the hem of her shirt, grabbed it and pulled it over her head. I don't know if I made a sound but I could feel the air rushing into my lungs as I inhaled deeply at the sight of her breasts.

What I had seen at a glance while she was sleeping I now saw in all their glory. Her nipples were erect, with large dark circles surrounding them. They appeared firm and stood up like young breasts do. She could tell where my eyes were focused and she cupped them with her hands; squeezing them gently with her fingers. Her thumbs reached up and rubbed her nipples. I was hypnotized.

I followed the movement of her hands as they made their way from her breasts to her waist. The jeans, still baggy around her narrow waist, moved downward with only the slightest encouragement. Without the need to undo them, they found their way around her ankles; exposing the dark hair between her thighs. She was trimmed but not shaved with a small tattoo just above. She stepped out of her shorts and made a small step toward me; her nude beautiful young body there for me to behold. She rested her hands on her belly and looked at me.

"Well, Uncle Kyle. What do you think? All grown up, huh?"

I wanted to say something but could not find the words. I think I might have grunted my approval. It was obvious when she look at me that I did like the vision before me. The head of my cock was peeking out of the top of my sweatpants. I started to stand but she stepped forward and placed her hand on my chest again. "Just sit back and relax. I will help you get out of those things," she whispered.

Her hands found the elastic on my pants and pulled at it.

"Uncle Kyle, you have to raise your hips for me if you want me to do this."

I moved my hips off the bed and she had my pants around my ankles. With a harder tug, she pulled them over my bare feet and tossed them aside.

"It looks bigger than it did last night," she said as she reached her hand around it. The coolness of her palm on my cock made me flinch. "Are you cold, Uncle Kyle? Maybe I can warm him up for you."

With that, a dream came true. She moved her face downward and opened her lips. Her mouth slid slowly down the length of my cock until I was totally engulfed by her. I could not see her face but could almost feel the smile on her lips as she held me inside her. She was not moving, just squeezing her cheeks around me. Squeezing and releasing then squeezing again.

Her head slowly moved up and down the length of me. She would hesitate at that spot where the head meets the shaft and move the tip of her tongue around it. She would move until only the tip was in her mouth and suck on it. Her tongue would tickle my opening, taking any precum with it. Then, with one motion, she would take me fully inside her again. I could feel a weakness overtake me as I lay back on the bed.

At this angle I could see my cock sliding in and out of her lips. I could see her smile as she looked into my eyes while she gave me the attention I had missed for so long. I tried to raise my hips to meet her mouth but she pressed my hips down with her hands. It was obvious that she wanted to be in charge.

"Stef, honey ... you are going to make me cum if you keep this up. My gawd, you are so good at this baby."

Oral sex from my wife had always been for special occasions or nights after a lot of drinking and she had never let me cum in her mouth but it was obvious that Stef was not going to stop until I came for her. She was certainly doing everything she could to make it happen. She only stopped long enough to say the words that drove me to finish.

"Go ahead Uncle Kyle. It's okay ... really," she said looking into my eyes. That was all it took.

I wanted to grab her hair and hold her there as I felt my orgasm building inside me but all I could do was grab the sheets in my fists. I wanted to tell her how good it felt being inside her mouth after only having orgasms with my hands for the past few years. But I was speechless as my body tightened and I pulsed again and again inside your warm, wet lips.

As I came and came for her, she squeezed her cheeks around me. I had only seen porn movies where women actually swallowed cum so I had no expectation that she would even think of doing that. I kept filling her mouth as my orgasm reached its peak and slowly subsided. With each small spurt, she smiled.

She moved her lips away from me and crawled up my body. As she straddled my chest she opened her mouth to show me what I had given her. I was unsure of what to say but she silenced any thought I might have had as I watched her throat tense and swallow my cum. With a delighted grin, she opened her mouth to show me her empty mouth. She could see the question on my face.

"My husband always told me how sexy it was to see his cum before I swallowed it. Hope that was okay."

"Gawd yes Stef. That was awesome. I was never even allowed to cum in my wife's mouth. You were wonderful."

"Thanks, Uncle Kyle. You are the first since my husband died."

"I'm glad Stef but I think we have gotten pretty carried away. Are you sure this is okay?"

"Don't feel bad please. I wanted it too. But we aren't done yet are we?" she asked quietly.

(more to come)

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