tagRomanceMy Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 01

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 01


(I have noticed an interesting pattern in the feedback to my romance stories. Almost all of the response from women has been positive about how slowly the stories start and how much it helps build the passion. Most of the response from men has been how bored they were with the story and how they never finished it. No wonder women are frustrated with men sometimes).

I ran into Stef at the restaurant. The last time I had seen her she was 12 years old and playing on a swing set in the back yard of my best friend Nathan's house. I had known her all of her life, having been at the hospital with Nathan when she was born. I think I was the first person besides him to see her, smiling through the window of the newborn "display" in the pediatric wing. Since she was old enough to talk, I had been her Uncle Kyle.

She was with a group of girlfriends at the bar, I guess waiting for a table to open. She looked at me curiously; like you do when you think you recognize someone but aren't really sure. I smiled and waved at her letting her know that it really was me. She excused herself quickly and weaved her way excitedly through the crowd toward me. She reached me with a giggle and wrapped her arms around my neck, kissing my cheek.

"Hi Uncle Kyle," she said into my ear over the noise. "My God, I haven't seen you for so long."

"Yeah Stef. What has it been .. 10 years?"

"Well, I'm 25 now so you do the math."

She took my hand and re-traced her path through the crowd to her friends. She introduced them to me but I really wasn't paying attention... you know how it is when you meet people you are never going to see again. I was much more fascinated with Stef. As she talked and laughed through the introductions, I was hypnotized by her smile and her soft voice. It was funny how in a loud and noisy bar, I could pick out her voice so clearly.

Nathan's wife was Japanese and Stef's skin had that beautiful oriental complexion. Her blue eyes were a contrast to her dark hair. Her body had certainly developed since the last time I had seen her. Her dress was tight enough to reveal an ample bosom beneath it and her hips were wide enough to accent her narrow waist. She was not tall but looking at her it seemed that everything seemed in perfect proportion.

I was making small talk with her friends when she leaned toward me ear. I didn't recognize the perfume but it smelled lovely on her.

"I told my friends that I wanted to spend time with you, Uncle Kyle. Let's go find a quiet place to talk."

We walked down the street and found a quiet coffee shop where we sat and reminisced. The time flew as we caught up on our lives. I told her about my marriage and how my wife had passed away a few years back and she told me about college and her search for a job afterward.

"So did you ever find anyone special, Stef? I can't believe a pretty girl like you is alone."

He voice softened as she spoke. "Well, yes, Uncle Kyle I did. He was smart and charming and fun to be with. I thought we would end up together forever." I could hear her voice break and could see her eyes start to glisten.

I reached across the table and placed my hand on hers. I wanted to ask but knew that she would tell me if she wanted. I looked into her face, the question in my eyes. I saw the first tear run down her cheek. She spoke in halting sentences, punctuated with deep breaths as she fought back her emotions.

"He got shipped to Iraq. He volunteered to go into the military. He was on patrol out by the airport in Baghdad when the IED went off."

I squeezed her hand firmly. I knew where this story was going.

"He called me from the hospital and told me he was okay and that I shouldn't worry but he was just trying to make me feel better. He knew then that he would not be coming home."

Her tears started flowing freely. I moved my chair beside her and put my arm around her shoulder. She rested her head on me and wept. She eventually calmed herself and sat up beside me.

"God, I'm so sorry for blubbering Uncle Kyle. It's just that I have been alone for so long now. It has felt so lonely since he died."

"I know Stef. When my wife died I felt like my world had ended. It does get better; you never forget but you learn to move on."

The next few hours were devoted to drinking to the memories of our loved ones. Needless to say, when it came time for last call, we both were not feeling the pain that we had felt earlier. One last round of scotch on the rocks and it was time for us to go our separate ways.

"I have to get a taxi, Uncle Kyle. It's a 45 minute drive home and I am in no condition to get behind the wheel."

"Well, I don't think I would be a good designated driver right now either. Maybe we should split one."

"How far do you have to go?"

"My house is only about 10 minutes from here. You should just come stay at my place tonight Stef. Then we can come into town tomorrow and get our cars. It would be a lot shorter and cheaper trip for you."

"Thanks Uncle Kyle. You always were the gentleman."

The ride home went quickly. Stef slept against the car door with her legs draped across mine. As she shifted her weight, her skirt moved up her thighs. In my drunken condition, I couldn't help but look at them and see a small patch of white showing through. If she had been awake, she would have noticed a stirring on my lap under her calves.

We pulled up to the front of my house in the suburbs and I paid the driver. He came around to the side and helped me Stef out of the car. I wrapped an arm around her waist to support her as she stirred groggily. The driver gave me a wink before heading back into the cab. I walked up to the porch with Stef stumbling alongside me. As I fished for my keys, she sat down on the porch swing. Before I could get my keys in the door, she was laying on her side; sleeping soundly.

With the door propped open, I reached under her and lifted her off the swing. I carefully steered her through the door and up the stairs to the guest room. It was small and cramped but had a queen sized bed. Without much room to maneuver, I stumbled and dropped her onto the bed; following her down before I could regain my balance.

I placed my hands on each side of her and started to push myself up when her hands reached up and grabbed my tie. I looked into you partially opened eyes and smiled. She was beautiful and very drunk and I did not want to take advantage of her or do something that she would be angry about later.

"Uncle Kyle, what are you doing?" she asked with a smile of her own.

"Sorry, Stef .... Just trying to get you into bed," I said and immediately knew that the sentence had not come out of the mouth the way I meant it.

"Boy, you really are lonely, aren't you? Taking advantage of a girl that has had a little too much to drink."

"I'm sorry Stef," I said as I tried to push away from her. Her grip on my tie only tightened as I tried to move away.

"It's okay, really" she said as she pulled me down onto her. As my face approached hers, her eyes closed and her lips parted slightly. That was all it took as I leaned toward her and kissed her.

For two adults in a drunken stupor, our energy levels were suddenly off the charts. Our lips pressed firmly against each other and our tongues busied themselves exploring each other's mouths. Her hands released my tie and held the back of my head tightly toward her as her fingers intertwined with my hair. I pressed my hips against her belly and she pushed her hips upward to meet me; grinding against my obvious erection. My hands slipped between us and found both breasts; large, firm and very excited from the feel of her nipples through the material of her dress. We were two bodies in lust.

When we finally stopped to catch our breath, it was obvious that our drunken state had gotten the best of us. She looked at me shyly.

"Sorry, Uncle Kyle. I don't think I can .... Well, you know."

"It's okay Stef. I understand. I think we are both a little out of control and pretty damn hammered. Good night, sweetie. I will see you in the morning."

It was one of the hardest things I have ever had to do to leave her laying in the bed. I'm sure my arousal was obvious as I left the room.

I couldn't get back to my room soon enough. I lay on the bed, not even bothering to undress completely as I pulled my cock through my slacks. I felt harder than I ever have before as I wrapped my hand around it and began stroking.

"Oh Stef, your mouth feels so good around my cock," I said as I moved up and down slowly. "Oh baby, take me deep."

I could feel the pressure building and knew release was only moments away when I heard the tapping on the door of my room. Before I could say anything, I saw the door swing open and saw Stef standing there in her silk robe, her mouth agape. I stopped what I was doing and covered what I could of my aroused cock with my hands.

"Oh God, Uncle Kyle. I'm so sorry. I just wanted to apologize again for ....." and her voice trailed off.

"It's okay Stef...really."

"But it looked like you had a bit of problem to deal with after you left and now I've stopped you from doing that too."

"Really, its fine Stef ... I'm okay"

As she stood in the doorway, the concern on her face was replaced by a sly grin. I could see she was thinking about something but her next sentence surprised me.

"You can finish if you want to. It's really okay." Her sly grin turned into a wide smile. "I've seen a guy masturbating before but I've never actually seen anyone actually finish. I would love to watch you cum."

Although the alcohol had certainly lowered any resistance I might have had, this cute oriental woman saying the word cum to me was all the encouragement I needed. My hand resumed it motion along my cock. Usually I close my eyes when I satisfy myself but it was impossible not to look at Stef standing there. Her eyes were large and focused on my cock. It almost seemed her head was moving in rhythm with my hand. I knew from the feeling in my hips that this was not going to take long. She was a vision as she stood there in her robe. Her hard, dark nipples and dark pubic hair were clearly visible through the silky maerial. The sight of her was stimulating enough to get me going. Her voice was the last straw to any resistance to orgasm I had.

"Are you going to cum?" she said; her voice husky with passion.

That was all it took. Before I could answer her, that feeling hit in my belly and I spurted onto the top of my slacks and the tails of my dress shirt. It had been a while since I had masturbated or had sex so there was plenty for her to see. The pulses continued as I look at her face. She seemed hypnotized by the experience; her mouth slightly open and her eyes focused on my cock.

"Wow," was said. "That's a lot."

"Yeah," was my weak reply. It was then that I realized she had moved closer to the bed.

She moved beside me and sat on the edge. "I'm glad you feel better," she said.

"How do you know I feel better anyway?"

"You're smiling"

"Well yeah that did feel pretty good. It's been a long time for me."

"Did it bother you that I was watching?"

"What do you think Stef? Look at me. I'm a mess."

"I'll leave you alone so you can get cleaned up. Sorry about before in my room. But I'm glad you could take care of your situation."

She got up from the bed and walked toward the door. She turned slowly as she passed through the doorframe, looking over her shoulder with a smile on her face.

"Good night, Uncle Kyle. See you in the morning . I'll make breakfast before we head back in to get our cars."

(More to come)

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