tagRomanceMy Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 04

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 04


She awoke to my touch...my fingers brushing the hair away from her forehead. I have always loved watching women sleep when I am with them. He eyes opened slowly, sleepily as I uncovered them. Her mouth formed a soft smile.

"Have I been sleeping long?" she asked drowsily, stifling a yawn.

"Not too long Stef, but really soundly. I was just about to get up and let you rest a while longer."

"Please don't Uncle Kyle. It feels so good to wake up next to someone again."

I smiled at her, assuring her that I felt the same way. The moments of silence that followed were only filled by our breathing until she reached over and put her hand behind my head. Her slight pressure moved me forward and I leaned in and kissed her. Her lips were dry from sleeping and I moistened them with my tongue. She parted her lips and our tongues met again, playing slowly. I could feel her inhale deeply as she pulled my mouth more tightly against hers. The kiss seemed eternal and ended too soon. I could feel the stirring within my body again... the same ones that she had awakened in me last night when we kissed on the bed in the guest room.

"Uncle Kyle, can I ask you something?"

"Sure Stef, what is it?"

"You didn't cum before did you? In the bathroom I mean, you didn't cum while we were....."

"No honey, I didn't but that's okay. What you did to me before... it just takes us older fellas a little more time to recover after something like that."

"I just wanted to be sure you enjoyed it as much as I did."

"Stef dear, making love to you was very special and it felt wonderful. Like I said, it had been a while."

She smiled and moved upward to kiss me again. This kiss was filled with passion; her lips pressed hard against mine. Our tongue were again finding each other but moving this time. almost dueling for position. My body began responding once again to her presence and desire.

I broke our kiss and moved my lips to her chin, first kissing the point then moving underneath as I used my lips to trace a path down her throat. My lips continued their journey until they found the ample valley formed by her breasts. I could feel her breathing speed up as I kissed the inside of first one breast, then the other. With each kiss, I moved outward; slowly approaching her hardening nipples. As I reached the dark circles that surrounded them, she put a hand on the back of my head.

As I finally reached my goal, I widened my lips. As I found the tip of her nipple, I moved my tongue to lick the underside. I felt Stef's body tense and her back arched slightly. I licked her nipple again, this time using the flat of my tongue. The sound she made came from deep within her. I surrounded her nipple with my lips and closed them gently around it, suckling her softly. As I raised my head, I extended her nipple upward then released it with a soft popping sound.

I looked up at her to see if what I was doing was okay; her eyes were closed as before but she had her lower lip between her teeth. I assumed that meant I should continue. I set my lips loosely around her other nipple and tickled it with the tip of my tongue before suckling it as I had with her other one. I moved my mouth up and down on it, giving her nipples a miniature version of the blowjob she had given me earlier. They were already large and hard but kept getting harder with my attention to them.

While her hand held my head, my hand moved down her belly and through the soft hair covering her pussy. I covered all of her with the palm of my hand, feeling the warmth coming from within her. As my hand moved upward toward her belly, my middle finger traced a path along the slit between her outer lips. As I reached the top, my finger felt her clit; it was hard and eager for attention... more than just my finger could apply.

As I moved my hand from her pussy, I planted one last kiss on her nipple, and then my lips started kissing a path down the midline of her body. From the cleavage between her breasts to her belly button, I planted kisses along the way. I tickled her belly button with my tongue, licking small circles around its edges before moving further downward. As I reached to top of her hair, I saw the angel tattoo I had noticed earlier. It had her husband's name under it. I kissed it gently.

My hands massaged her thighs as my lips kissed their way down the length of the soft hair covering her pussy.

"Oh gawd," she whispered. "No one has done this to me before." Her voice was filled with a mixture of excitement and concern.

My hands moved to the inside of her thighs; pushing them gently to encourage her to spread them wider for me. My body was now between her legs, my hands moving up her inner thighs toward her pussy. I placed my fingertips on her outer lips and slowly separte them, exposing her to me. I again found her clit but with my lips this time. I covered it softly and squeezed it between them. Her sound was guttural, almost primal as she raised her hips off the bed toward my mouth. I moved my hands beneath her ass, supporting her, as I closed her clit firmly between my lips.

I sucked gently on her, the traced circles around her with the tip of my tongue; stopping to lick the underside each time. With a last kiss, I ran my tongue slowly down her slit, ending at her wet opening. I could taste her desire as I moved my tongue up and down between her parted lips. With every stroke, I spread her juices across her. I flattened her tongue and stoked its entire width over her and her body raised and lowered underneath it. I moved to the bottom of her pussy and folded my tongue; slipping the tip inside her moist, warm opening. Her body shuddered as her hips pressed against me; wanting me deeper.

When I looked up at her, I saw her eyes were only partly open. Her face was a picture of passion, still biting her lower hip. As I removed my tongue and licked up toward her clit, her eyes opened and looked into mine. Her teeth released her lip and she smiled softly at me. She didn't have to tell me what she wanted as she sat up slightly and reached for my face. Her hands were gentle but encouraging as she gently pulled me up toward her.

My chest hair brushed across her belly, then her chest. I could feel her hard nipples running through it as my body moved above hers. Her legs moved beneath me as she raised her knees off the bed so her feet were flat on the bed. I could feel my cock lying against her belly as I leaned down to kiss her.

Our kiss had a patience that I still could not believe. I wanted Stef so badly and could tell she felt the same but this was going to be more than just sex and lust and we both knew it. We were forceful but loving as our lips brushed each others over and over. When she reached underneath us, placed her hands on my chest and nudged me gently, I knew our time had finally come.

As she placed her hands behind her knees and pulled gently, I raised up on my knees between them. The tip of my cock was against her lips; being bathed by the warmth coming from her. I moved slowly and placed it at her opening, looking into her eyes.

'Yes," was all she said.

I moved slowly toward her as her hands reached down to guide me, although there was really no need. As I moved my weight toward her, I could feel her lips part as they invited me inside. As the head of my cock was captured by her, I stopped. I wanted to remember this feeling forever. Her fingers wrapped around the exposed part of my cock and pulled gently toward her. She was not as patient as I.

"Deeper please," she moaned as I moved forward to fill her completely. I stopped again and lay my chest against hers as her legs wrapped around my waist. As her heels pressed against my back, she pushed her hips against mine. Neither of us were moving, just lying there with me deeply insider her.

Her legs relaxed their grip around me; I took that as a sign that she wanted more from me. I moved to my knees again and I moved my hips slowly; stroking myself inside her as she pressed back in rhythm with me. Her breasts moved in time with our bodies. As I looked at her, her eyes smiled widely then closed.

"It's so good ... so good," she whispered as my pace increased. My hands reached under her knees and held her legs open to my desire. Every stroke inside her was a warm and passionate experience. We made love to each other, not sex or lust but passion and caring as we moved again and again. I was lost in the moment, listening to her breathing more deeply and rapidly...knowing that she was approaching the orgasm I desperately wanted to giver her again. As I felt her body signaling her approach, mine responded in kind. As her pussy walls tightened their embrace around me, I knew her time we near.

"Cum with me ... cum with me ... I want to feel you cum ......" she pleaded as I felt her body tense around my cock. As I looked at her face, she smiled. "Please cum inside me."

As her eyes closed and her head tilted backward, I felt myself building to a release like I had never experienced before. I looked down on the beauty beneath me as I felt her body writhing in pleasure. I felt my orgasm building as I moved inside her. She squeezed her inner walls around me. "Now!" she said.

I could feel the passion wash through her as her warm juices washed over my cock. Her arms reached up to me as I leaned toward her and they wrapped around my neck, pulling me onto her chest. I tried to keep my hips moving as the first wave of my own orgasm filled her but the pleasure was almost too intense. I was fully inside her as my body stopped; motionless except for the pulsing of my cock as I shared myself with her over and over again.

"Oh yes, Stef! Gawd, it feels so good."

Our orgasms ebbed as her arms released my neck. I propped myself on my hands, not wanting my weight fully on her delicate frame. As her eyes opened, I again saw her tears building. I leaned forward and kissed her eyelids as her eyes closed to my approach. As I rose to look at her face, she opened her eyes again and smiled.

"Uncle Kyle, that was so beautiful... so wonderful. It was ... just ..."

"Shh, Stef. It's okay baby." I said as I slowly pulled my softening cock out of her and lay beside her on the bed. She rolled onto her side to face me. Our eyes were saying things that our mouths could never express as we looked quietly at each other. I reached up and lay my palm on her cheek.

Then the moment I had worried about all morning came. She sighed deeply as she exhaled. I could almost read her mind before she spoke.

"I suppose it's time for us to get dressed and go get our cars, huh?" Stef said softly as she turned her head and kissed my palm.

The disappointment must have shown in my eyes. She smiled and leaned to kiss my cheek.

"I really should head back to town ... lots of work to do before Monday. This morning has been wonderful but I think I had better get going. Don't you?"

(more to come)

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