tagRomanceMy Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 05

My Best Friend's Daughter Ch. 05


I'm sure the look in my eyes betrayed my thoughts. My hand reached up to touch her face. When I first saw her last night I never thought it would lead to all this; that we would be in this situation. Now I never wanted her to leave. Was it just the need to be with someone again? Was it the feeling of having shared the passion of the morning with her? Or was it something more?

"Uncle Kyle." Her voice aroused me from the world of questions in my mind. "Shouldn't we get going?"

"No honey. Can we just lay here for awhile longer?"

I wasn't about the sex when I answered; it was about the feeling of lying in bed with someone that I cared for again after all these years. It was about looking into the eyes of a beautiful woman once again and feeling that she cared for me. She smiled, suddenly shy and aware of where the morning had taken us. She started to roll away as she spoke.

"Really, I should ....."

I reached for her shoulder and stopped her movement. She looked into my eyes and fell silent. I pulled lightly on her shoulder, urging her toward me. She knew what I wanted as she leaned in to kiss me.

As many times as we had kissed that morning, this one felt different. It was softer, gentler.. more emotional than the others. When she moved her head to my shoulder, I wrapped my arm around her and pulled her close to me. My other arm moved underneath her and I hugged her tightly. I could hear her breathing .. short, abrupt breaths .. weeping softly into my skin.

"Shhhh Stef. It's okay honey," I whispered into her ear as I kissed it.

She raised her head to face me and I loosened my arms. She kissed me again; harder and with desire. She moved her hands to enclose my face..a gentle yet forceful touch. As we kissed, she moved her weight against me, rolling me over on my back. Her body stretched out on the bed, her feet pointing away from me. She broke our kiss as she moved her arm across me and laid her head on my chest; her face looking up into mine.

"You know I don't really want to leave, don't you?" she said quietly. "No one has made me feel this way since my husband died."

"I know ..... this has been amazing honey. I wish .....". My voice trailed off as I found myself unable to describe my feelings to her.

Her eyes got wide as she looked at me. She turned her head and planted a soft kiss on my chest. She had rolled onto her stomach, kissing me gently over and over. She placed her hand on my stomach and ran her fingers around my belly button. I was moaning as her kisses continued.

As she kissed her way up my chest, her hand moved toward my waist. Her lips found my nipple at the same time her fingers found my cock. Both were soft but became alert the moment they were touched. Her lips were warm as they encircled my nipple; her hand was cool as it encircled my cock. My body shuddered as she touched me. Just before I closed my eyes, I looked to see her staring at me. She removed her lips from me.

"Does that feel good when I suck on your nipples?"

"Gawd, yes Stef. No one has done that to me before. Didn't have any idea how good it would feel."

"Why do you think women like it so much?" she whispered.

She smiled and moved her face back to my chest as I closed my eyes. Her head moved across my chest, finding my other nipple and treating it just as passionately. I was amazed that my nipples actually got hard; the same reaction hers had when I suckled on them. I heard myself groaning my approval.

Her hand was slowly moving on my cock; a soft grip that was steadily working its way from the base to the rim around the head and then back again. Every so often she would release her grip and lay the palm of her hand on me; pressing firmly against my body then moving it up and down my length. When she reached between my legs and held my scortum in her hand, I moaned her name.

I felt her hand move from my cock as her lips released my nipple. I could feel her moving upward so I opened my eyes to look at her. She pulled her knees underneath her and raised her body up so she was kneeling beside me. I was seeing what every man has dreamed of in his life ... a beautiful young woman naked beside him; her breasts free to his view and her smile telling him that she loved being with him. I was unsure what she wanted next ... I was only sure that she was in control and I did not want to do or say anything to spoil the moment.

She swung her right leg over my stomach and settled with her weight down on me. As she leaned forward, her breasts hung onto my chest; her nipples brushing against my chest hair. She moved her face to mine and kissed me; her tongue brushing me to part my lips to her. My tongue found hers as they danced within my mouth.

When she broke our kiss, she leaned forward over me; her breasts hanging invitingly just above my face. I raised my head and licked at her nipples with the tip of my tongue. Each touch from my tongue enlarging them slightly and caused her to produce a girlish giggle.

"That tickles," she said smiling at me.

I continued to flick my tongue at her as she leaned forward until her nipple touched my lips. I reached up to it and wrapped my lips around it, gently pulling downward. Her giggling gave way to a low moaning as her eyes closed. I reached up to hold her breast in my hand as I sucked softly on her, moving from one nipple to the other. As my lips enclosed her, the tip of my tongue licked small circles around the tip of her nipple. She leaned lower toward me and I took more of her breast between my lips; covering the dark circle that surrounded it. As I suckled her again, I could feel her hips moving down toward mine.

She moved her hands to my chest and pushed herself away; her breast leaving my mouth with a soft popping sound as they stretched away from me. She raised her hips and moved lower; her pussy lips on each side of my cock. She was wet with excitement; the warmth enveloping my length. She started moving herself slowly along the surface of my cock; sliding her wetness across it. As she moved she would lean forward; I could feel the hardness of her clit when it touched my excited skin. With every motion, I felt myself growing even harder beneath her. I looked to see her eyes were closed again; the happiness on her face was evident as she moved.

My hands massaged her breasts as she moved. With each motion, my fingers kneaded her flesh softly. My thumb and finger would find her nipples and squeeze them; causing her body to shudder. My hand would expand and cover her softness completely. I could feel the hardness of her nipples in my palms.

As she stopped moving and raised her hips, her eyes opened and a broad smile crossed her lips. Her hand reached between us, grasping my cock in her fingers. She raised me so the tip was pointing up at her soft, swollen lips. Her hand rubbed the tip thru the cleavage between her lips, spreading her moisture on me as my precum spread on her. With a slight motion of her hips, she aligned her opening over me.

Her face looked so eager, I assumed that she would just release all of her weight onto me and take me fully inside her. But, like this whole morning, she did the unexpected. Her hips moved slowly, taking me inside inch by slow, enticing inch. She allowed me only partially insider her before raising herself completely off of me; poised over me she slowly moved down again. I fought my desire to raise my hips and thrust inside her. She was still in control.

With every entrance into her, she whispered "So good baby ... so good."

Then it happened. With one motion, she lowered her hips completely against mine. I was sheathed insider her; the head of my cock against her inner wall. She paused in that position and pushed herself so that she was sitting erect over me. Her only motions were slight movements of her hips forward and back. Her only sounds were moans of passion. My hands found her hips; touching her but not really holding her.

She started to move her hips up and down my cock and I could no longer resist the temptation to move mine with her. With every downward movement of her hips, I matched it with an upward movement of mine. Her movements started slowly but we soon found ourselves moving in an eruption of desire and passion. Her breasts followed the beat of our bodies, their firmness evident as she moved atop me. Some moments they seemed suspended above me, moving neither up nor down. Only the sound of our breathing and our moaning filled the room.

"So good honey," she said.

Her breathing became more labored and I knew that her time was approaching. She looked into my eyes.

"Make me cum again. Please.. make me cum."

My movements beneath her increased; my hips rising to push deeply inside her. Her eyes were neither open nor closed and her mouth showed the intensity of her desire. I increased my pace, entering her as rapidly as I could. Our hips clapped as they met each other over and over. With a continuous low groan, Stef exploded. Sounds, not words, came from her as she squeezed herself around my moving cock. She lowered herself forcefully over and over on me as her orgasm washed through her. I could feel her wetness on my thighs as she released her passion on me.

"Don't stop. Please cum for me ...share this with me." Her voice was hoarse and pleading as her orgasm continued. I needed no further encouragement.

My orgasm felt like it was years in coming. My first one with Stef had been wonderful but the feeling this time was beyond belief. With every stroke inside of her, I could feel her walls milking me. The first pulse of my own orgasm released a flood of my semen inside her. As I continued, I could feel deep inside me each release as it was building.

There were no words to speak between us as the pleasure continued to build. As I pulsed my last, she collapsed onto my chest.

I could feel our hearts pounding in our chests; beating in rhythm with one another. I could feel her warm breath on my shoulder as she slowly sighed against me. I could feel the goose bumps on her skin; probably from the chill of the sweat evaporating from her as she lay with me. I wrapped both of my arms around her; holding her on top of me...not wanting to let her go. I could feel my cock soften insider her, eventually slipping from its confines. That seemed to signal her to roll beside me, her head on my shoulder. My eyes followed her face as she moved. The moisture building in them was obvious.

We didn't speak for the longest time as we looked into each other's eyes. Our hands were busy but not in a sexual way. Her fingers wandered over my skin, gently exploring as if to form a memory for another time. My hands roamed her face, brushing through her hair from time to time and tracing the line of her chin. Our eyes said volumes that our minds could not express. We both knew it was time.

She moved toward me to kiss me deeply. Her hand came to the side of my face, lying there softly. Mine did the same to hers. As I looked into her eyes, they closed. Time seemed to stop.

She eventually moved away, her head on the pillow beside me once again. After all of these years alone, I had forgotten how nice it was to have a loving partner beside me. She opened her eyes and smiled at me, then I watched as her eyes drifted between waking and sleeping as her breathing slowed. The morning's emotions had finally caught up with me and I soon followed.

I did not hear her wake up or feel her move as she left our bed. I did not feel her lay my wife's silk robe on the end of the bed. I did not hear the shower as she got cleaned up and dressed in her clothes from last night. I did not hear the taxi pull up in front of the house or the sound of the front door opening and closing. I don't know if she stopped to give me one final kiss before she left.

When I opened my eyes, all I saw was a folded paper on the pillow where she had been. The whole room smelled of her perfume as I held the note in my hand, opening it slowly. The words were blurred through my tired eyes.

Dearest Uncle Kyle,

Thank you for making me feel alive again. Without today, I don't know what I would have done. You have made me feel loved ...like a woman who is desired by someone again. I am no longer lonely because I know that you will always be there for me. Your kindness and love for me over all of these years only made today more special. I will remember this day forever but I have to go. I hope you understand. I will always love you.

I couldn't believe she was gone. I had not felt this pain since my wife died. I knew I could not bear this pain again but would not have traded today for anything. I wanted to cry but there were no tears .. only emptiness.

I don't know how many times the doorbell rang before I heard it. I didn't feel like company but was expecting a package so I begrudgingly threw my clothes back on and trudged to open it. I felt the sadness in every step as I crossed the living room. I could see a strange car parked at the curb as I passed the window.

She was radiant standing on the porch as the door swung open. Her eyes were bright and her smile was wide.

"I couldn't leave," was all she said as she stepped inside and wrapped her arms around my neck. I used my foot to push the door closed behind her as we kissed.

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