tagMind ControlMy Bratty Brother

My Bratty Brother


A stuck up step-sister and her friends find out that sometimes it's best to not make fun of the younger children. If you want to use anything please ask first.


Tiffany yawned as she stretched out on her raft drifting in the pool. She was working on her already perfect tan and was about done. Her step dad was out of town, her mom had died several years back in an accident (actually she was drunk off her ass and ran a red light, but with her step-dad's clout they kept it quiet), so she had the run of the mansion.

So of course she had invited over her click of sorority sisters from UCLA where she was a junior and they were enjoying the place. They had partied late Friday, and had gotten up late Saturday. Tonight was another party, and thanks to a federal holiday they also had Monday off so they were planning on a girls night in with popcorn and movies Sunday night.

Tiffany had her best friend Diana from high school over (a tall natural blonde like her), Melody (an athletic brunette), Lisa ( a fiery redheaded girl with a lot of sass and a body to match), and Amber (an Hawaiian/Japanese mix who rocked a bathing suit with her hourglass body and her long black hair). All were juniors like her at UCLA and members of THE sorority on campus and this weekend looked to be the perfect weekend.

Actually Tiffany was most looking forward to Sunday night. She and her friends were all pretty famous and the attention they got was sometimes a bit much. Tiffany and Diana were reality TV stars who had carried over a series about teen life in LA into college. Melody was a surfer and had won several competitions on the Extreme Sports circuit. Lisa was a pseudo punk rocker who had put out 2 albums and had won several Grammies. Amber was a rising actress who had been lead role in several big hits over the last two years.

All in all, they were all ready to have a great weekend and nothing could ruin it.

Except Joey.

Joey, or Joe as he preferred but which no one ever called by, was her step brother and her stepdad's only child. He was a high school senior, very smart, but an absolute nerd. Thick glasses, poor fashion taste, awkward around girls, no athletic ability at all, collected comics, you name it, he was the poster child. She rode him every chance she had, which was not often as her stepdad loved him and as much as she hated to admit it he was freaken smart.

He was already accepted to MIT, full ride scholarship for a double major in Physics and Mechanical Engineering, had already graduated high school and was only going to kill time until the fall. His nerdom had actually paid off in the literal sense in that he had actually made over $100,000 when he had sold some rare comics. He then invested it on his own and tripled it in a month. He had used the money to buy a tripped out SUV with all the gadgets and it had put her car to shame.

She and her friends constantly gave him grief and sniped at him in petty ways. She had humiliated him a couple of times on her show in high school, but had to cut it out when the producers had told her that her bullying would get the show cancelled and it was making her look really bad. But she still went after him when she could.

But daddy wasn't in town this weekend, and she had let him know he had better NOT be around during this weekend and he had meekly said he had to leave later that night and would let her know when he was leaving. He had made some comment about finally getting a collectible item he had been searching for and he was meeting someone at a convention today to get it. Once he had it and had done a couple of tests on it he would be out of her hair.

"Heads up, geek inbound!" Lisa said in a poor stage whisper and the other girls all snickered except for Melody. She merely rolled her eyes and rolled over on her beach towel. She had been a younger child and she sometimes didn't like how they all teased Joey.

Joey ignored the taunt and walked up near the edge of the pool, being careful to not allow any of them behind him (he had long ago learned that was an easy way for a dunk in the pool regardless of what he was wearing). He looked down at Tiffany with a smirk. Tiffany growled internally, that look usually meant he had done something really smart and was about to rub her face in it.

"Hey, I got my item, I'm heading up to my room to do the tests and then I'll be done and gone. Give me about an hour or so. And I got you something too. Stop on by and I'll show you, it's really rare and quite valuable. I think you will enjoy it once you have seen it." Joey said as he glanced around the pool. He was wearing sunglasses so it was hard to figure out where his gaze was but Tiffany was pretty sure the little perv was checking out her friends.

"Fine. If I have time I'll swing by, but don't be waiting around." She said with a frown. Her step brother smirked at her some more and didn't make any comment about her not thanking him for a gift.

He headed into the house and disappeared through the patio door. Tiffany grimaced and rolled over to finish up her tanning.

After a bit Melody sat up and put on a T-shirt over her bikini. Since she was a surfer chick, her tan was already flawless. She yawned and announced "I'm heading indoors for a drink; I'll see you all in a bit."

She stood and went inside. She poured herself some fruit juice and after a moment started looking under the sink for some vodka. She wasn't a heavy drinker, but a little nip before they got ready and headed out sounded like a good idea. She had no luck under the sink and so she headed into the study where there was a large and well stocked liquor cabinet.

She had pulled out a bottle and poured in a bit when the other door opened and Joey walked in.

"Oh. Sorry, didn't expect to see you here. I'll be outta your hair in a second, just forgot my cell phone."

"No problem. I won't try to give you a wedgie or anything." She replied.

"Thanks. I can tell you are a younger child. You're the one out of the group that doesn't go after me when Tiffany decides to get mean. But I get it that you're friends so sometimes you don't have much choice."

"Yeah, well, sometimes life isn't fair."

"Too true. Hey, since you are here I want to show you something. I got it for Tiffany, but I'll show you first. Check this out."

Joey held up a small golden chain that had a golden colored coin attached to it. She looked at it and realized it was plastic with gold paint.

"That cheap piece of crap? You give that to Tiffany and I'll help her give you a wedgie." She replied. For some reason though she couldn't take her eyes off the coin. It just seemed to glint in such a way that it was attracting her eye. Joey smiled and started to swing it back and forth.

"This is a collectable. Back in the 80's in comic books they used to advertise a hypnosis set for five bucks. I collect comics and saw the adverts and I have always wanted one. The idea of being able to control someone's mind was always a fantasy of mine." He said as he swung the coin back and forth.

Melody kept her eyes on the coin. "Really? So this thing is so rare that it's now worth something? Hard to believe." Her eyes followed it back and forth.

"Yes. But you see my fantasy is really more of an obsession. I have done tons of research on it. I actually found out that properly reflected light can short circuit the brain and give someone the ability to take control of that person's higher brain functions. In the most bizarre circumstance I found out that the exact perfect reflector in terms of size and light refraction was one of these cheap pieces of plastic. The paint is no longer made and the chemical formula had been lost. For some weird reason this tone and color of paint is perfect when set on this coin and used like so. But actually finding a set that hasn't been touched? It has taken me 17 months, but today I finally got one. And now I'm using it." Joey said with a big smile as he kept the coin moving.

"Melody, you hear only my voice. You obey only my voice. You cannot take your eyes from the coin and you must listen and obey." Joey said in a somewhat deeper voice.

"I hear only your voice. I obey only your voice. I cannot take my eyes from the coin and I must listen and obey." She repeated in a monotone voice.

"I will count down from three. When I reach one, you will be in a deep trance. Every order I give you, you will obey without question or hesitation."

"Three, two, one." Joey said.

Melody's face froze in place with a dopey smile on her face and what Joey could only describe as empty eyes.

"Melody, do you hear me?" Joey asked.


"Very good. You are Melody; you are my secret slave and are 100% loyal to me. You want only to help me hypnotize other girls and make them slaves and to satisfy me sexually. Your deepest desire is that once you have helped me I will remake you into something else. I will make all your old memories go away and you will be something completely new. Tell me, what do you fantasize about?"

"I have always wanted to be a beach bunny bimbo slut. I have a competitive streak that never lets me relax so I am always competing against people. I'd love to be able to forget all about that and be a mindless slutty bimbo who is just there to look pretty and get laid." Melody said in a bit of a breathless voice.

"Really? Damn, I would have never guessed that, but I guess it figures. Never had a boyfriend because you are always trying to one up him huh? Well, I'll fix that." Joey said and moved beside her.

"Melody, you are a horny, dumb bimbo. You can't surf, don't care about surfing except that it is a great place to pick up guys to fuck. The only way you stay in college is that you fuck the professors, other guys or girls to have them do your work for you. Your greatest desire is to please me, and when not doing that, to party and fuck." Joey said as he rubbed her thighs.

"Yes Master, I hear and obey. I am a mindless beach bimbo who lives only to serve you and to party and fuck." Melody replied.


Joey snapped his fingers and held his breath. Melody blinked twice and then looked at him. Joey grinned when he saw her dull glazed look and huge smile. Melody giggled and licked her lips and said "Like hi Joey! Mmmmmmm, I'm so fucky horny! Can you fuck me? Take me from behind like the bimbo trash that I am? Pleeeeeeeaaaaassssseeeeee?"

"Well, when you ask so nicely I just can't say no." Joey said as the bimbo squealed and clapped. Melody jumped up and dropped her bikini bottom as fast as she could and then bent over a couch. She giggled and wiggled her ass at him. Joey walked up behind her and gave her ass a big smack.

Melody gasped and then giggled again. She wiggled her ass again, and gasped again when Joey slapped it again. He then pulled his cock out and slid it in the nice tight wet pussy and moaned.

"Damn bitch! That is one nice snatch! Tight, but nice and lubed. Feels like a custom made dick pillow just for me." Joey said as he began to pump into the bimbo from behind.

Melody giggled and moaned and ground back into him hard. This was actually Joey's first time and Melody's bimbo makeover had made her and Joey horny as hell and ready to go. Joey came quickly and sighed.

"Nice. Oh I am going to enjoy you as a bimbo. But first we need to get the others. Tell me Melody, how can we get them one by one?"

"Oooooooo, like, I knows how to get Lisa and Amber! Like they are secretly lesbians and lovers! Lisa is like the doma, uh, dome, uh, the dom? The one in charge? Yeah, like that! Amber is a, uh, the other one! If you tell Amber that Lisa says to meet her, she'll like do it!" Melody said as she began to play with herself and lick her fingers as she dipped them in her pussy.

"Really? Damn, they hide it well. Figures Lisa is the dom though. Hmmmm, maybe a change is in order then..."


"Hey Amber! Hey, you in there?"

"Yeah, I'm in here! Cripes keep it down; you don't need to pound the door down! What's up?"

Amber was drying off and getting ready to change. Lisa had gone inside and Tiffany and Diana were on a conference call with their manager over some product thing. She was mostly dry and was getting ready to change into a sun dress.

Amber sniffed the air and looked at Melody. For a second there she could have sworn she smelled sex off of Melody, but before she could ask Melody had launched into an excited ramble.

"Hey! I was inside and ran into Lisa! She was, uh, well, kinda worked up, you know? She asked me to tell you that you are required in the study NOW!"

Amber was trying to get a good look at Melody's eyes which seemed very glazed when she heard the last part. She stopped and blinked. She had to concentrate to not let her hand reach down between her legs. She LOVED it when Lisa ordered her around. And sending a messenger was even hotter.

"Oh, okay. Uh, thanks Melody." She picked up her bag and headed out the door leaving a smiling Melody grinning at her. As the door closed Melody sat down on a chair and began to play with herself while she giggled.

Amber entered through the kitchen and went down the hallway and entered into the study.

"Hey Lisa? You in here? Melody said that..."

"Look at the golden coin. You cannot take your eyes off it."

Amber jumped and spun around to see Joey standing off to the side of the door. He held up his arm and something glinted. Amber's eyes were immediately drawn to it and she couldn't take her eyes off it.

"What are you doing? Where is Lisa?" Amber said as her eyes followed the golden coin.

"Shush. You must watch the coin. You cannot take your eyes off it. You can only hear my voice and can only obey my voice." Joey said.

"I must watch the coin. I cannot take my eyes off it. I can only hear your voice and can only obey your voice." Amber replied in a dull monotone voice.

"I am going to count down from three. When I say three, you will be in a deep hypnotic trance. Whatever I tell you, you must obey. Whatever I say you are, you are. You cannot resist and you don't want to resist."

"You will count down from three. When you reach three I will be in a deep hypnotic trance. I will obey you. I will be whatever you are. I cannot and do not want to resist."

"One, two, three."

Amber's eyes glazed over and she got the same dopey grin that Melody had when Joey hypnotized her.

Joey grinned and said "Very good. Amber, go around that chair and sit in the opposite one."

"Yes Master." Amber walked slowly around the large high backed chair and sat on the opposite one. In the chair she passed sat Lisa with the same glazed eyes and dopey smile.

"Girls. I am told you are lovers and that Lisa is the dom in the relationship. Is that true?"

"Yes Master." Both girls answered as one.

"Good. Now listen closely. Lisa, you are no longer a punk rocker. You are a very conservative, very proper young lady. You dress very conservatively, with pearls, and white gloves, and hats. Very little makeup. You play the piano and sing old fashioned songs. You hate rock and roll and especially punk. You think girls who like that stuff are very improper and not good girls. Do you understand?" Joey said.

"Yes, I am a good girl. I am very conservative, and very proper. I am a nice young lady who plays piano." Lisa said with voice that was somewhat prim.

"Very good. But you are secretly a submissive who has been taken by a dominant, fiery, hot young bad girl. In public you are horrified of how she acts and can't stand to be around her. But when she gets you alone you are her absolute slave. You have no will when she has you; you are her complete slave willing to do anything. She makes you do live sex acts on a webcam and makes you wear a mask. She made you get a nipple piercing and she makes you wear slutty underwear that would kill you of embarrassment if you were ever found out. Your dom, your mistress is Amber." Joey said with a big smile as he watched the punker. Her empty eyes didn't change, but her body language did. She stopped slouching and sat up straight and proper. Joey could have balanced a book on her head. She flushed when he told her about being the submissive slave of a Dom.

"Oh I am enjoying this." Joey thought to himself as he closed on Amber.

"Amber, you are a trouble making little wild porn star. You smoke, drink, swear, and cause tons of trouble wherever you go and fuck men and women with abandon. You do drugs sometimes, and you enjoy the attention you get causing problems. You are bi sexual and a big dominant in bed. You like to humiliate people, and control them. Lisa was your special project. She was always so prim and proper and looked down her nose at you. You dominated her and made her your slave. You leave her alone in public so you can hold it over her. You make her perform all kinds of deviant things on you and for you. You make her perform on live webcams in a mask, and have taken her as your slave on a lease to S and M conventions with a full mask on. You love making her perform."

Amber replied she understood everything and Joey smiled as her body changed. She started to slouch down, her eyes took on a subtle meanness to them, and her smile grew into an evil looking smirk. Joey could almost hear the gears grind in her head as she switched up her personality.

"Both of you are my slaves. Amber, you consider me to be a superior Dom and you serve me to learn more from me. You enjoy helping me enslave others and you love being my slave as I am truly a master worth having. Lisa, you consider it proper to obey men as that is what proper ladies do. You are disgusted that I am so sexual and not at all a gentleman, but my strength and roughness turn you on. You understand that I am a MAN and I must be obeyed. Do you both understand?"

"Yes, we understand Master." The two girls echoed each other as they replied.

"I will snap my fingers and you will awake. You will both take the bags at your feet and change right here. When you are done you will sit down. Once you are both sitting, I will snap my fingers again and you will fully awake and be what I have made you."


Joey sat in his dad's big office chair and watched the two girls change. Lisa stripped naked and proceeded to put on a white pair of lace panties, white lace bra, garter belt with white stockings, a light blue dress with long sleeves, white heeled pumps, white gloves, a white clutch purse, and a white hat with a bit of lace. She did up her hair in a proper bun and applied some light make up. She sat down primly and held her purse in front of her. She looked absolutely nothing like she had before and Joey doubted her own mom would recognize her.

Amber was even more pronounced. She let her long hair down and sprayed in some streaks of purple and red. She then took a needle and actually punched a hole in her right nostril and put a little ring in it. She shaved her pussy where she stood and applied black polish to her finger and toe nails. She then put on a leather halter top, and a pair of tight leather pants, both black, and no underwear. She finished up with a set of knee high boots with big buckles and platforms. She put on a beat up black studded leather jacket and lit up a smoke.

"Oh, you are going to rock the porn scene with that look." Joey said as he held up his hand and...


Both girls blinked twice. Lisa looked around and frowned at Amber who took a long drag on the cigarette. She opened her mouth and Amber cut her off.

"Not one word bitch. I'll tell you when you can say anything."

Amber looked at Joey and grinned. "Hey Joe. How's tricks?"

"Oh just fine. I just hypnotized Melody and turned her into a beach bunny bimbo and fucked her from behind."

Lisa sniffed loudly and dropped her eyes when Amber looked at her.

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