tagLoving WivesMy Brother-In-Law's Big Surprise

My Brother-In-Law's Big Surprise


My husband David and I have been married for seven years. From that union we have one child, a daughter, 4, who is a precocious child and the light of my life.

David, my husband, is almost 6' tall. He has brown hair, weighs 185 pounds, and is an insatiable flirt around the women. I have always given him a long leash, because there is little I can do, being a mother and housewife pretty much keeps me at home. David is a very handsome man and I know that if I act too possessive, he would do something just to spite me. You see, I met David when I was 20 and we lived together for two years before I got pregnant. It was an accident. David urged me to have an abortion but I refused. I wanted a child. When he found out that he couldn't talk me out of it and we married in a civil ceremony when I was six months pregnant. After that I was pretty much on my own. The only time we spent together is when he is home and generally we do nothing special together.

David maintains a close relationship with his older brother Alan. Alan is a gentle giant. The first time I met Alan I was a little intimidated by his sheer size. My first impression of him was that he was a rough, tough man. But once I got to know him, I saw him for the pussycat he really was. Alan is 6'4" tall weighs well over 250 pounds and has a huge chest and arms. Alan is a very handsome man, in a primitive sort of way. He has sandy brown hair, a pronounced, jutting jaw, but his blue eyes are soft and tender. He is rather like a cuddly Neanderthal with blue eyes, a soft voice and a very mild temperament.

Alan and his wife Katherine recently went through a divorce and David spent a lot of time, energy, and effort trying to act as an intermediary to try to work out a reconciliation between the two of them.

Now I always thought of Katherine as a rather prudish woman and I frankly had very little to do with her. She always seemed to be whining about this or that and poor Al was tossed to and fro by her every whim.

One more then one occasion I had commented to my husband that it was probably a good thing that those two had never had any children, Katherine would probably have them so screwed up that they would end up an emotional mess by the time they reached adulthood. But David, of course, took the high and moral road and told me I should not say things like that. He was probably right, but still, Katherine was a waste of human flesh in my opinion. Something about her really irked me to no end and there were many times I told her about it.

So as Al is served papers and is forced to move out of his home, David informed me that he would be staying with us.

"No problem." I said. I had always liked Al. He was a gentle giant and had always treated me with the utmost respect since I had married his baby brother. They are four years apart. Al is 35 and David, 31.

Being that their parents died several years ago, before we were married, I knew that Al had no one else to turn to.

So no sooner does Al take our spare bedroom, then the phone is ringing off the wall. It's Katherine. She wants to talk to Al about something. She wants to bitch to me about something Al did to her, etc. Finally I told her to cut the shit and get on with her life. She was the one, who threw Al out of the house, get over it.

"Well! If that's the attitude you have!" Was all she could say.

"Yeah. Damn right. Katherine, I am so very sorry that things haven't worked out for you two. But you must understand that I have a life. I have a child and I don't really care for the fact that this is the eighth time you have called today. Now if you really need something, then I will help you. But if you want to call here just to complain about Al or to him, then I suggest that you meet someplace and discuss it. But I am not going to jump up every five minutes just to answer the phone!" Then I hung up.

"Sorry, Molly. She can be a hand full." Al said to me. He had heard parts of my conversation with Katherine.

I nodded, tense from having to say the things that I did. But still glad that I had said it.

"She used to be a good woman, Molly. Since she found out that she could never have kids, she sort of...well, she changed into a nervous shrew." Al explained.

I didn't know that. I felt sorry for the two of them.

"How long ago was that?" I asked.

"Before you and Davie were married. I guess that over time, she became more and more depressed. It changed a lot of things in our marriage. Our sexual habits, her eating habits, finally her attitude towards me. She's really jealous of you. You have what she can never have. You and Dave have Lisa." Al said.

I could tell that he was getting depressed talking about all of this, so being that David was at work, he worked nights for the city's road maintenance department and would not be home until the morning. So being that Al and I were alone, Lisa was asleep, I suggested that we watch a movie and I'd make some popcorn.

As I was busy making the popcorn, I told Al to pick out a movie from our collection and turn on the TV.

As soon as the microwave popcorn was done and I had put it all into a bowl, I joined him on the couch. He had chosen one of my favorites, "Legends of the Fall" and we settled down on the couch and began to watch it.

I had placed the bowl between us and was reaching down to grab a handful of popcorn. I wasn't watching what I was doing, being that my eyes were fixed on the TV. And placed my hand on Al's thigh.

"Oops!" I said. I must have turned beet red, because he smiled at me but said nothing but turned to look at me.

"Molly. Dave is really lucky to have you. I just wish he realized it." He said cryptically. I was going to ask him what he meant, but my attention was diverted by the movie.

"I think he does." I said instead, and grabbed some popcorn. This time I watched what I was doing when I grabbed it.

Well we watched the whole movie. I cried, then laughed and cried some more. As I said, this was my favorite movie. I must have watched it ten times before, but it always gets to me.

It was close to midnight when the movie was over. I went into the bathroom to get myself ready for bed. Al was taking a quick shower.

"Molly!" He called out to me from the other bathroom.

I went to the door.

"Yes Al?" I asked him.

"Molly. There is no towel in here." He said.

He was right. I had done the laundry that day and the towels were still in the dryer. Katherine's phone calls had interrupted me to the extent that I had forgotten about folding the laundry.

"I'll get you one." I said and went to get a towel out of the dryer.

After I had taken out the clothes from the dryer and put them into a basket and placed the basket on top of the dryer, I chose a large towel for Al.

Going to the bathroom, I knocked on the door. Al opened it part way and stuck out his hand to grab the towel.

He had opened the door just enough for me to see part of his nakedness. In just a moment, I saw him in all of his glory. Including the largest male organ I had ever seen in my life.

"Thank you." He said and closed the door to finish up.

I stood there at the door for a moment in utter amazement at what I had just witnessed. I was dumbfounded.

'Size really does matter.' A voice from the back of my mind spoke, "Damn right!", I muttered to myself and padded off to my room.

Now I am not overly experienced in the matters of sex. But I was not a virgin when I married David either. I had three lovers before I met him. David is fairly well endowed in that department, more so then any of my former lovers. I would guess that he is somewhere between 7 or 8 inches erect. But his brother, I swear on a stack of Bibles, was as big limp as my dear husband was fully aroused! No matter how hard I tried; I could not get that monster between his legs out of my mind. Then I thought about Katherine and I truly hated her for what she had just thrown away! I would give anything to have just one chance to have something like that inside of me, hammering away at my pussy!

I went to bed and got under the covers, but my mind was still fixed on the sight I had seen earlier. So much so that I was way too aroused to go to sleep and got up and went into my closet to fetch my vibrator where I had it stashed away then to my dresser to retrieve the bottle of feminine lubricant I had hidden away for just this purpose.

Crawling back under the covers, I lifted up my nightgown and rubbed myself with the tip of my vibrator. I was wet! The vibrator hummed quietly as I pushed it deeper and deeper into my throbbing, wet pussy.

No sooner did I have it in as far as it would go; I closed my eyes and imagined Al's huge cock as the source of all this pleasure that I was feeling. Now I have never been one for fantasies, but this really had me going!

Within two minutes I was gasping for air and humping the vibrator for all I was worth. A big one was threatening to catch me at any moment. I had to bite my lip to keep from screaming out. My nostrils flared as the climax hit me and I sank back into the mattress in ecstasy.

By now my hands were very slick with my own juices and I had a hard time trying to pull out that damned vibrator. I had imbedded it so deeply in me that my fingers had a hard time pulling it out each time I thought I had a grip on it. That and the damned thing was still going, and so was I, as another orgasm hit me. I was not ready for that one and yelped out and then screamed softly.

Al must have heard me just as I screamed and there was a knock at my door within a few moments.

Fumbling about, I was able to finally get that damned thing out of me and shut it off.

"Molly?" Al's voice said through the door.

"Yes Al." I said.

"You all right?" He asked.

I went to my bedroom door and opened it. My knees were weak from the intensity of the two orgasms and I had a hard time walking.

"Yes. Why?" I asked.

He looked at me for a moment when the door was open and just nodded at me.

"Sorry. I thought I heard something." He said.

"Yes. You did. I stubbed my toe in the dark." I lied.

"Good night then." He said and turned to go to his room.

"Good night Al." I said and went back to my own bed.

I had no problem sleeping after that and was soon dreaming of Al's monster.

For the next week, it seemed that I could hardly wait for my husband to get out of the house and to work. All I wanted was to be with Al alone. Even though I had made no plan to seduce him, one was forming in the back of my mind. I soon had my chance and it was entirely by accident. But as any hot-blooded woman would tell you, I could not allow this chance to slip through my fingers.

David was assigned to the state road crew for a period of three weeks. There had been some severe flooding in the southern part of the state and several roads had washed out. He would be gone during the whole period, or so I thought.

Al asked me if I'd be willing to go out with him and look at apartments after he got off of work. He was a heavy equipment operator for a large contracting firm and made very good money and he figured it was time for him to give us our privacy back.

I had just finished talking to Katherine, or rather, she had just finished talking off my ear. Complaining about Al, complaining about her own life, etc, etc. Politely I told her I had to go and hung up.

Al walked in holding Lisa's little hand. He had picked her up for me at her preschool. She went for four hours in the afternoon, three times a week. We thought that her going to preschool would teach her social skills, and it would give me a break in the afternoon so I could catch up on house work and time to go shopping.

Being that the preschool was on his way home, Al asked if he could pick her up. He wanted to spend as much time with his little niece as he could. After he moved out, he wouldn't get to see her as much.

"Molly?" He called through the front door as he and Lisa walked in.

"In the kitchen!" I replied just as the phone rang again. I picked it up, "Hello." I said.

"Molly, is Al there yet?" It was Katherine again.

"Alll!" I yelled, and he stuck his head into the kitchen, "Katherine." I said.

He nodded; "I'll take it in the front room." He said.

I waited until I heard him pick up and hung up the receiver.

Lisa came into the kitchen just as I was deciding what we were going to have for dinner.

"Mommy, Jessica asked if I could stay the night with her." My daughter asked. Jessica was another girl who was in Lisa's preschool class. She lived two blocks from us and I knew Jessica's parents. Jessica's father worked with my husband, Dave.

"I'll have to call her mommy." I said as I knelt down to talk to my daughter.

"Okay. I'd really like to go over to Jessica's." Lisa said and ran into my arms and hugged me as hard as her little arms could.

"Please mommy...please!" She begged me.

"I'll have to call to see if it's okay." I said to her and kissed her in the cheek.

I went to the phone and looked up Jessica's parents phone number and picked up the receiver. Al was still on the other line with his ex-wife. Just as I was about to hang up the receiver, I heard Katherine speak.

"...And he bent me over and then you know what he did?" I almost hung up the phone, but something in Al's voice bothered me. I listened. "No what?" Al said. His voice was very sad.

"He stuck his big hairy cock into my ass and he fucked me until he came. You want to know why he did it?" She asked.

Al remained silent.

"No? Then I'll tell you why. Because I begged him to! You are such a naive asshole, Al. All of this time you thought that I wasn't interested in sex. You poor ignorant fool. I was sleeping with your brother. At least he knows how to take care of a woman's needs!" She laughed cruelly and then moaned.

"Know what else you simpleton, he's got his big hairy cock in me right now!"

As quietly as I could, I hung up the receiver. My hands were shaking, and my mind was reeling from this revelation.

I had never intended to eavesdrop on this conversation. But the cruelty in her voice, and the context of the conversation had my curiosity right from the start.

Tears were beginning to fall down my cheeks as I realized that Katherine had referred to my husband as her sex partner.

"Mommy?" Lisa asked.

I was pulled back to reality by my daughter. I wiped my eyes and looked down at her.

"Uncle Al is still on the phone." I said, "Why don't you tell me what you'd like for dinner tonight?"

"Pizza!" Lisa said and clapped her hands together and jumped up and down.

"Okay. Let's see if Uncle Al wants to go out to pizza. But if we have pizza, then you can't spend the night a Jessica's." I said.

"I want pizza." Lisa said and clapped her little hands together.

We would go to a fun pizza parlor. While Lisa was playing, I could talk to Al.

Al was shook up but willing to go out with Lisa and I for pizza. We made placed our order got our drinks and found a table near a play area where we could keep an eye on Lisa.

"Al...I was going to call the parents of one of Lisa's friends. I heard part of your conversation with Katherine." I began.

"Oh Molly...I'm so sorry! I wish you hadn't!" He said. I could tell that he was about ready to cry.

I took his hand and held it.

"It's all right Al." I said.

He nodded. I could tell that the emotional toll that that bitch Katherine was beginning to take its effect on him.

"I thought I heard you pick up the phone." He said. This conversation was taking a painful turn for him.

"Yes. I heard more then I wanted to hear. Al...Let me ask you a question. Is David screwing Katherine?"

"Molly...wait. David is a good husband. He tried very hard to keep Katherine and me together. I..."

I didn't let him finish.

"Al! Is it true?" I asked him. Insistent.

"Yes." Al said. A defeated look was on his face.

"The bitch!" I said.

I was still holding Al's hand on top of the table. He squeezed it.

"Yes. She is." He said. His voice was a whisper.

Tears were beginning to run down my face.

"Molly. Don't cry. David really was trying to help. Then it all went wrong and they began to sleep together. I think it was her way of punishing me because of the divorce and because she couldn't have children." He said.

"How? By sleeping with my husband?" I asked, amazed at the developments.

Al couldn't reply to my question. He was just as much a victim of this as I was.

"Al. I'm not taking him back. Now or ever. Ever since he went on night shift, our marriage had suffered. It's over for us." I said.

"Molly...think about what you have just said." He tried to persuade me.

I had thought it over. If David wanted to sleep with his sister-in-law, he could. Now I was determined to prove to him that I knew the truth.

We finished our pizza, and headed back towards home. By now Lisa was tired and she had forgotten about spending the night with her friend. She was fast asleep in the back seat of Al's king cab pick-up truck.

I wasn't tired. So many things were attacking my mind that I asked Al if he would pick up a bottle of brandy so I could sleep the night and he stopped by the liquor store on the way home.

I knew that if David and Katherine were indeed having an affair, then I would have to catch them in the act.

"Al. Do me a favor. Swing by your house and see if David's truck is there." I said. If he was sneaking around, then I was certain that his 'trip' to the south was just a ruse, then he would be over at her place.

"Are you really sure you want to know?" Al asked me.

"I have to know. I have to confront him when he is with her." I said.

David's truck was indeed parked over at Katherine's house. Right in the driveway.

"What balls!" I said.

Lisa was still asleep in the back.

"Go down the street a bit and let me out. Keep an eye on Lisa. Drive around the block or something till I meet you up at the corner." I said as he slowed down his truck.

I got out two houses down from Katherine's house and walked up to her door and rang the doorbell.

"Just a minute." I heard Katherine say as she walked towards the door.

The door was unbolted and opened. I pushed the door as hard as I could and Katherine was pushed backwards as the door flew open.

"Where is he, you bitch!" I screamed as I walked into her house.

Katherine was too stunned to say anything as she recognized me and cowered in the corner.

I walked in to the front room of her house and there he was. My dear husband in his underpants, scratching his balls. A stunned look was on his face as he saw me.

"Ah....Molly! I can explain." He began.

"Don't bother! You want her, you can have her. If you haven't picked up your things by tomorrow, they will be out in the driveway. I don't want you to call me or to stop by the house. From now on, anything you have to say to me will be directed through my lawyer." I shook my head and walked out of the house.

Katherine remained by the front door, still cowering on the floor.

"You bitch! Don't bother calling my house again. Ever!" I stared at her, hate in my eyes. She couldn't look me in the face.

Al was waiting for me right where I had asked him to meet me.

"David was in his underpants and Katherine was wearing her robe. It's over. David and I are history. Oh...Al!" I cried out and buried my head in his big burly chest and broke down and cried.

"Molly. You don't know how much this hurts me to see you caught up in all of this." His voice was sympathetic but gentle as he wrapped a big arm around my head and held it.

"Oh...why?" I asked him as heavy sobs wracked my body.

We finally got home. Al gingerly carried Lisa into the house and placed her into bed. I showered and got ready for bed. I was sitting on my bed, still crying when Al knocked on the door.

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