My Cable is Out


Well we got up and had breakfast and my wife was out the door to work, I had to hang around the house today to wait for the cable repairman. He was to be here somewhere between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm, you know how that works right. I cleaned up the kitchen from breakfast and then began picking up the rest of the house. I looked up and it was 10:30 and still no cable guy. I kind of figured I would be wasting my day but then I decided to do so in style. You see my wife and I are almost exactly the same size, about 5'5" and weighing 130 pounds, and I have a thing for wearing her clothes. I keep my legs smooth and have almost no hair anywhere else on my body except my chin, so I shaved it off to give me a completely smooth look. I went into her closet and picked out a sexy red and purple silk and lace bra and panty and garter set and a pair of black stockings. I hooked the garter belt around my trim waist and then rolled the stockings up first one then the other smooth leg and fastened it to the garter strap. Next I stepped into the panties and pulled them up my legs and wiggled them over my hips and settled them into the cleft of my firm butt. I fastened the bra around my chest and filled the cups with other stockings. I picked out a pair of black 4" stiletto heeled pumps and stepped into them, admiring how they make my calves and butt look.

I wanted to feel like a sexy secretary today so I picked out a black knee length skirt with a slit up the back and white silk blouse. I went with a shoulder length wig in brunette with blonde highlights and sat down at the makeup table and started with my eyes. I applied two coats of mascara and then eyeliner. I put on a little foundation and then my eye makeup using some grays and plums and finished off my lips in a bright red. After I had finished I pranced around in front of the mirror admiring how hot and sexy I looked. I think I look a lot like my wife when dressed and she is very pretty but I have never gone out of the safe confines of my house for fear of being read or worse caught.

I went back to my cleaning chores, doing the vacuum and dusting. Then I went to my desk to do a little work. As I was typing up a report the doorbell rand and I jumped up and went to the door forgetting how I was dressed. I opened the door and there stood a remarkably handsome well built man in a cable company uniform. I stammered a hello and he responded and asked ma'am, where seem to be the problem? Just then I remembered how I was dressed. Terrified I wanted to slam the door closed but as he looked at the work order and again asked, Mrs. Davis is there a problem with one of your sets. I felt better that he called me Mrs. and said yes it's the one in the living room and walked ahead of him leading him to the living room. I could almost feel his eyes on my butt as I added a little extra hip to my walk. I showed him which set it was and as he went to work I went and sat on the sofa and crossed my legs, hoping he would watch as I did and I was not disappointed.

After a few minutes he said well Mrs. Davis it seems like your box has gone out and I will have to replace it. He had his head kind of inside the cabinet so I got up and walked over to him to better hear and was standing right next to him as he came out of the cabinet. His face was right next to my knee and as he realized this he looked up and I saw him steal a glimpse up my skirt, this turned me on incredibly. As I stood next to him I placed my hands on my hips and said I'm sorry what was that you said? He repeated he findings and said he would have to get one out of his truck. I told him that would be fine and asked if he would like something to drink when he returned. I told him I had lemonade, water or soda. He said some lemonade would be great so off to the kitchen I sashayed to get him a glass. When I returned he was just finishing hooking up the new box and I stood next to him and waited with drink in hand. When he was finished hooking it up as he was going through the boot up process I handed him his drink. As he gulped it down, for some reason I have no idea why I reached out and ran my hand up the front of his pants along the growing bulge and was quite amazed at the feeling of his hard on.

He gasped and looked into my eyes as he pulled me into his arms and kissed me very passionately, and I returned his kiss with such unbridled passion. I could not believe what I was doing, I had never thought of another man like this before. But it was like I had no control over what Amy was doing. She knew what she wanted and she really wanted it. He broke our kiss and as he looked into my eyes, he asked aren't you married? I shook my head clearing my senses a little and mumbled "yes". As he held me my head dropped back and my breathing very erratic, he nibbled my neck and said that it was alright with him. I straightened up and brought my lips to his once again and frantically attacked his lips. Our tongues went after each others like a duel. It was so hot as his hands roamed my body. I broke our kiss and told him I wanted him so bad but that he could fuck me because I was ovulating as I rubbed his very hard cock through his pants. Just then I stepped back and dropped to my knees and unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers to his ankles and watched his magnificent cock plopped into my view. Oh my, I moaned as I wrapped my slender fingers around his girth and brought the head of his cock to my lips, licking a drop of precum from the head and running my tongue around the head.

All the time not knowing what I was doing, having no idea why I was so sex crazed for him but involuntarily doing just that. As I stroked his cock he moaned and I sucked him between my bright red lips, looking up into his eyes he moaned oh yes your lips look so hot sliding over my cock. I pushed him into my warm wet mouth and began bobbing my head on him trying to get as much of his cock into my mouth and throat as I could. I wanted to please him with every fiber of my being. He had his hands on the sides of my head controlling my movement and then he began pumping into me, fucking my mouth. He pushed in all the way gagging me and held it there and just then he began erupting, spewing his hot cum down my throat. He pulled out just a little and filled my mouth with spurt after spurt of his seed and I was loving it. I swallowed and swallowed but some leaked out of the corner of my mouth and dribbled onto my blouse but as I was licking it up he moaned and shot another spurt on my face. I ran my fingers through it pulling it off my face and put them into my mouth licking them clean. He moaned yes and stuck his cock back in my mouth, I continued sucking him milking every drop of his delicious cum out of his cock and then licked his cock and balls clean. As I sat there leaning back on my heels and looking up at him I still couldn't believe what I had just done. He smiled down at me and said thanks that was the best cock sucking he had ever had as he touched his finger to the tip of my nose so lovingly. I smiled up at him with my grasp still on his softening cock, slowly stroking him and told him I had never enjoyed anything so much as I licked a last appearing drop from his cock.

After he left I sat there in all my pretty trying to figure out what I had just done and why. But thinking back to it I was incredibly turned on once again and I called him on his cell and asked him if he could come back I had forgotten something. He said sure and was back in a couple minutes. I opened the door and as I looked at him standing there I could feel my panties getting moist again. I pulled him inside and began kissing him and he kissing me. He asked what I had forgotten and I licked my lips dropping to my knees and smiled moaning how great your cock taste as I unzipped his pants and began sucking him again. He was already hard and wet. I looked up as I licked the underneath side and asked him why he was so hard so quick and oozing already. He looked down into my eyes and said as soon as you called I started getting hard just thinking of your mouth on me again. Well I don't want to disappoint you and devoured his cock. After a couple minutes he groaned and pushed all the way into my mouth holding onto the sides of my head and bucked a huge load into me once again. This time I swallowed it all .I licked my lips and his cock clean and tucked him back into his pants and kissed him goodbye. I told him I think I'm going to have cable problems a lot more often now. He laughed and said next time maybe you won't be ovulating, because as hot as your mouth is I can't wait to get my cock in that hot little pussy.

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I'mm taking a Career as a cable Guy! Ready to Feed anytime Possible! I have a uniform. Loved it!

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