tagNovels and NovellasMy Career Ch. 04

My Career Ch. 04


After the appointment with Jamie on Tuesday evening, I settled into the normal routine of barbering for men. On Thursday evening, about closing time, the phone rang.

"Hello, Mark's Barbershop."

"Hi, a friend of mine recommended you for some detailed personal grooming," said one of the most feminine and sexy voices I have ever heard. "Would you possibly have a time slot for me tomorrow evening?"

"Absolutely, what time would you like to come?"

"Around 7:00 would be perfect for me."

"Then 7:00 it is. The front door will be locked so just knock when you arrive."

"Thank you. By the way, is this Mark?"

"The one and only. I have a one-person shop."

"Well, my name is Cathy. See you tomorrow night."

Business was starting to look up a bit. My first real reference was coming in. I quickly cleaned up the shop and rest room one more time. It would only need a touch up tomorrow after I closed and before she arrived. I remember trying to imagine what she looked like. If the body matched her voice, she was off the charts.

I was nervous and on edge most of the following day. Who had recommended her? Had Jamie referred someone already? I doubt that Shelley would have.

After closing, I quickly touched up the shop and cleaned the rest room again. I put all the towels and the table in place and set up the light and the curtain. Now I was ready. I walked across the street to a small diner and had a quick sandwich and soda.

Sharply at 7:00, I heard a knock on the door. I could see a dark image of her standing outside so I hurried to let her in. When I opened the door, my heart almost stopped. There stood one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. She maxed out on every comparison scale I could think of. I stammered out "Cathy?"

"Hi Mark, very nice to meet you." That was the voice I dreamed about last night.

"Likewise, Cathy. Please come in."

I locked the door behind her and watched her walk to the rear of the store and behind the curtain that was in place. My goodness, she had the perfect body with a pert and well-rounded ass and killer legs. And, she knew how to walk so that men noticed. I could have died right there with full knowledge that I had seen the best of the best.

I estimated Cathy was about 5'7" tall with auburn hair that was straight. It was a few inches below her shoulders. Nicely tanned face, arms and legs like you see on many women at California beaches. Her face was a work of fine art with dark blue eyes. She wore a light brown top, which revealed a bare midriff; no bra, but her large firm breasts did not need the support. Her nipples were well hidden behind the folds of her top. Cathy's shorts were dark brown and about mid-thigh long. She wore open-toed sandals. I was as close to speechless as I could be.

"Mark, you did some work for my aunt a few months ago. Maybe you remember Shelley?"

Oh my god! Is it possible that the two most beautiful women I have ever met were from the same family?

"I remember her very well. A stunning young lady."

"She also remembers you very well. Like I said, she is my aunt but we are only a few years apart in age. My father is her older brother, some 18 years older in fact. Shelley and I grew up together and are very close. We share each others' secrets, if you know what I mean."

"Of course." I replied.

"After your work on her, she told me that she had the wildest weekend of unending sex that it was possible to have. Her boyfriend just could not keep his hands off. Her exact words that she told me to tell you were 'the plan worked, the gift was really appreciated and that she wants to see you again soon.' What she really meant is that they fucked like rabbits for two days and she wants some more."

We both laughed till tears formed in our eyes.

"Cathy, I can tell now that you are a delightful lady. I had a wonderful time with your aunt and am very glad it worked out as she planned. Now, let's talk about what you would like to have done."

"Basically, I want the same work you did for Shelley. However, if possible, I would also like to have a whole body massage as I have a few sore muscles and need to relax. Do you do massages? Shelley says you have the most amazing hands she has ever felt."

My heart was only pumping about every other beat. How could the most drop dead gorgeous women come to my little shop and ask me to rub my hands all over her body? Only in dreams does this happen.

"The massages I do are for men's faces and necks as part of the shaving experience I give. They seem to enjoy it but I have never massaged a lady, much less her whole body."

"Shelley told me that you massaged her pussy and butt and that it just about drove her crazy with excitement. I think she said that she had two or three orgasms, which was all she could do to control. If you can do that, the rest of my body will be easy. I will help you along if I think you need it."

Lord, deliver me now. I have seen and heard it all. Not only does the most beautiful woman in the world come into my shop and ask me to rub my hands all over her body, but she is offering to help me learn how to do it with full knowledge that she is going to have several orgasms. Can it get any better?

"Sounds like a plan to me. This is not really a massage table but we can make do this time. If you come again in the future, I will be set up properly to make you more comfortable. If you could slip out of your clothes, I will wash my hands and prepare some warm oil to use. If you need to use the ladies' facilities, it is the first door on the right."

She nodded and walked to the restroom, turned on the light and closed the door. After a minute or so, I heard the toilet flush and the sound of hand washing. When the door opened, she was totally naked and in all of her glory. To complement her face was the most perfectly matched set of breasts I could ever imagine. Cathy had areolas about the size of Ben Franklin half-dollars and pink nipples that stood out what seemed like ½ inch. I could easily have crawled into her lap and sucked those nipples for the rest of my life.

As expected, she sported a full bush. Her legs were works of art and the thigh muscles indicated that she exercised often. Cathy's legs tapered down to exquisite, finely chiseled ankles and feet. As she turned, I could see that her ass was round and firm, the shape you only see in Playboy.

Cathy walked over to the side table and laid her clothes on the tray. She looked at me, smiled and climbed on the table. She laid back on the pillows and said, "I'm ready."

I walked to the head of the table with a dish of warm oil. "I'm afraid that any massage I do on your face and eyes will ruin your makeup. Do you want me to skip those areas?"

"No. I am going home after this and will be removing the makeup anyway so don't worry about it. It's dark outside and only you will see me messed up." Again, that easy laughter which was so enticing.

With that, I pulled her hair back out of the way and slowly, with just my fingers, started lightly rubbing her forehead and eyelids. Just small circles and light touches across her facial features and around her mouth, nose and jaw. I thought this was the most sensual thing I had ever done. Repeating this several times resulted in her relaxing and laying her arms on the table beside her.

"Your hands and fingers are amazing. I have never felt a gentle touch like that."

Slowly, my hands continued their journey under her chin and around to the sides of her neck. With my fingers, I kneaded her neck muscles and massaged her ears and lobes several times. I next moved to the top of her chest and shoulders. Here I added several drops of oil and began to increase the pressure to help her relax.

Cathy's arms and hands were next. I wrapped both my hands around each arm and slowly worked down, stretching the muscles that I had lubricated with lots of oil. For a minute or longer, I massaged her hands and fingers. She watched me the entire time with an intriguing smile. I wished I knew what she was thinking.

"Cathy, how about turning over and let me do your shoulders, neck and back."

As she turned, I helped her rearrange the pillows to form a valley where her breasts could nestle. I did not want them squished into the table, as that might be uncomfortable. I am not sure what size bra she wore but it had to be a "C" or "D."

The warm oil dripped on her tanned shoulders, neck and back. I began a firm massage that focused first on her neck, then both shoulders. She was almost purring with low moans. My pressing down hard on her back with the heels of my hands was getting her more relaxed by the minute. I slowly continued working in circular motions across her shoulders and back and approached the base area near her ass. With my thumbs, I traced the full length of her backbone several times as my fingers curved over her sides. The way her skin moved under the pressure of my hands was turning me on.

"Mark, I am really sore in the small of my back. Can you spend extra time there and on my buttocks?"

Did I mention I loved this job?

"Absolutely, did you suffer an injury of some type or just sore from exercise?"

"No injury, just sore from playing tennis." That explained why her shoulder and leg muscles were so well developed.

I walked around from the head of the table to the side next to her ass. I dripped the warm oil over the base of her back and across her butt cheeks and slowly, but firmly, massaged it in. Cathy's butt muscles were very firm and bouncy under my hands.

As requested, I spent several minutes firmly massaging the small of her back around the base of her spine, over the coccyx into the crack of her ass. Afterwards, I went back around the bottom of her cheeks next to her legs and finally pushed up on each one. With each push, I opened her butt cheeks, which gave an unrestricted view of her asshole and pussy.

After a few minutes of this, my cock was at full attention and the restriction of my pants was very painful. I remember not being so concerned about it since Cathy was obviously very liberated and comfortable with nudity and showing her body to men.

"How is the view down there?" she suddenly asked. I was caught. Oh, god. What do I say or do now? But then she giggled, as my obvious discomfort was apparent.

"Uhh, absolutely a world class scenic view." No more honest words were ever spoken. "Are you OK with the massage so far?"

"Your hands feel so good. I don't think I have ever been so comfortable with a man massaging me. By the way, nudity does not bother me so if you want to relieve the pressure on your cock, just slip your trousers off. I won't be offended and promise not to touch."

What to do? What to do? If word got around that I was naked while massaging a client, it would be the end of my new career.

"Cathy, I think I will just struggle through it and learn to restrain myself. But I appreciate you thinking about my comfort."

"OK, suit yourself."

Thinking that it was time to move on, I applied oil to her legs and started the pressure massage at the bottom curve of her ass and moved down and around each of her thighs and calves. Working the oil in with firm pressure and going up and down each leg in slow motion was just pure lusty pleasure. I paid special attention to the insides of her thighs near her pussy on each pass.

"That feels so, so good. Please don't stop."

"I won't but I do need for you to turn over on your back so I can massage the front of your legs and torso." I thought that "torso" sounded more professional than "boobs."

She flipped over and re-arranged the pillows so that she could watch me while I worked.

"Can you put your foot against the center of my chest and push? I want to massage your feet and legs."

"Oh, goody." She laughed quietly. She was definitely playing with my mind.

Starting with her left leg, she bent her knee and raised her foot to rest it against my chest. I wrapped my fingers around the top of her foot and began massaging with my thumbs on her heel and rubbing with pressure up to the ball. I knew that firm pressure was needed as anything lighter might be ticklish to her. After 10 or so repetitions, I moved to her toes and gently squeezed each one between my finger and thumb and slowly pulled up to massage the small tendons and muscles in each one. After four or five repetitions, she was very relaxed and almost appeared to be asleep.

The calf of her leg was next. I began at her ankle and wrapped both hands around her leg and pushed up to her knee with firm pressure. This was followed by a thorough kneading of each muscle with my thumbs and fingers. I noticed that she had done a great job shaving her legs.

Following several repetitions, I moved to her right leg and prepared to repeat the procedure. When I lifted her right foot, she opened her eyes and seemed confused. I realized then that Cathy had been asleep. She soon relaxed and closed her eyes again.

I continued the massage with the front of her legs all the way up to her bush. After several minutes of this, I moved on to her stomach and area above her Mons. Her navel was even perfect-deeply recessed and elongated from top to bottom.

Next, it was on to her breasts. I stepped up to her right side next to the table and dripped oil over her chest. Slowly, as my heartbeat pounded the inside of my chest like a hammer, I laid first one hand and then the other at the base of her right breast. My hands did not fit around the base due to its impressive size.

By closing my fingers and pulling up, I stretched her breast straight up from her ribs and squeezed them slightly as I closed in on the nipple, which was fully extended and aroused. As I reached the nipple, I slowly rubbed it and squeezed it gently between by thumb and forefinger and then repeated it six or seven times. I noticed that she was watching me intently and had a very naughty looking smile on her lips.

"Mark, are you trying to get me excited? If so, it is working. I think my nipples have a direct lines of communication to my clit and the lines are busy."

Well, that was certainly an interesting comment. I just smiled and so did Cathy.

After spending as much time as I thought reasonable on her boobs, I reviewed the shaving procedure and prepared my trimmers, oil, cream and towels.

Cathy was not a modest person. She had her legs spread before I even asked her and it was clear to me that she was ready for the Shelley experience.

The removal of the long hair was quick and I let my hand rest on her pussy longer than was really necessary. Then I switched to the detail trimmer. The contact of it on her pussy, along with my fingers pulling the lips and touching her clit, set her off. She exploded in a very powerful orgasm, even more exciting than Jamie's had been. Water shot from her pussy and drenched me, the end of the table and my trimmer. Her body was shaking from top to bottom and her chest was heaving as she tried to catch her breath. Her left hand grabbed mine and held it against her clit and rubbed it vigorously up and down. She clenched her legs together, squeezed my hand and turned into a fetal position on the table, still trembling.

After at least a minute of this, her climax eased off and her breathing returned to normal. She slowly turned and laid on her back again and opened her legs. The sweat on her face and chest was obvious as her skin glistened under the light. She just lay there and breathed in and out, her quivering breast and nipples going up and down–driving me bonkers.

During all the excitement, I had shot a vigorous load in my pants and could feel the semen flowing down my leg. My shirt was wet and my hands were dripping.

"Cathy, why don't we take a break and freshen up a bit. Here are some towels and the restroom is all yours."

She almost seemed in a daze but took the towels and walked to the restroom without saying anything. I headed to my office to clean up. It was after this episode that I decided to keep several clean shirts and trousers in my office closet.

After we reassembled, she said, "Shelley told me about her orgasm here but I thought she was exaggerating. If anything, she was understating it. That was absolutely mind-blowing. Never, never have I felt one that strong. Can we do it again? You have the perfect touch, not too light and not too hard on my clit." Again, that naughty smile.

"We have a long way to go tonight and I need to do the work you really hired me to do. Can we concentrate on that for the next few minutes?"

"You are a spoil-sport. But OK, let's keep going."

When I applied the oil and then the shaving cream, I could see her becoming excited again. This time, she was able to control it; but there was a lot of lubrication flowing from her vagina.

The razor work brought on a whole new meaning to excitement-mine that is. As I worked around her pussy, I occasionally glanced up and engaged her eyes. Cathy watched every move I made and she was always smiling. I could shoot a load just by looking into her eyes. When my hands touched her vagina, she was obviously wet. How can one describe the experience like this? The most beautiful woman I have ever seen was paying me to do this.

When she turned and raised her ass, my breathing became erratic. Her asshole was impressive. It was also open a bit and seemed to be not as tight as Jamie's. That excited me more as I imagined my cock going in and out of that hole with reckless abandon. I found it was nearly impossible for me to shave the hairs on her ass without my finger touching her rear entrance. At least she seemed to believe that.

When it came time for self-inspection, she rubbed her butt and then her pussy for at least 15 seconds. Finally, she said, "I cannot feel a single hair or stubble. This is fantastic. But your massage is not yet complete, so let me lie back while you finish."

I quickly realized that she wanted my full massage capabilities to focus on her bare pussy and ass.

"You're right, I forgot. I'm not finished. Let's put this pillow under your bottom to change the angle a bit."

Cathy actually took two of the pillows and put one under the small of her back and another under her ass. She then lifted her knees and kept her feet flat on the table. She opened her legs as wide as possible. I still dream today about that view and how I wished I could lay between her legs and massage her vagina with my cock.

After applying oil once again, I began the kneading of her Mons and slowly ran my hands down both sides of her pussy. The soft valleys between her legs and her lips received a lot of my attention. I dripped more warm oil on my hands and slowly began to massage her entire vulva area. Working from the bottom, I pushed up on both the left and right lips, which opened her pussy. Cathy's vagina was gaping and emitting the most exciting fragrance from the fluids flowing out. It was a kind of musty but sweet odor that my cock could smell.

She seemed again to be almost purring. I could tell she was ready for an orgasm.

I moved immediately to her clit and its protective hood. With the outsides of my index fingers, I massaged both sides of her clit and pushed slowly up and down. This popped out the clit even more and it was really swollen and red.

"Mark, you can touch it. In fact, PLEASE touch it."

I then took a small amount of oil on one finger. I touched her clit and worked it from side to side with just the lightest touch. My attention was focused entirely on her reaction. Cathy was again breathing deeply. I then eased my finger and thumb behind her extended clit and into the hood.

I could feel the firm tendon-like back of her clit that was fully erect. One of my early girlfriends taught me about this area and its similarity to a cock. I pulled out and pushed in several times on the tiny erect muscle similar to how a woman would stoke a man's cock. I was milking her to orgasm.

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