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My Christmas Gift


Jim and I have been "secretly" seeing each other close to seven years now and I have to say I've never been happier. We have been caught twice - only caught by text messages and picture/video messages on my cell phone that were found by my white jealous/hurtful/degrading/cheating/lying/scumbag husband. If I didn't give him my phone to roll over my pictures from my old phone to my new, he would never have known about my affair. Jim and I have to be extra careful now and it does become stressful sometimes for me, but I go and meet him whenever I can.

I love Jim with all my heart. I told him that I would never ask him to leave his wife and family for me because that isn't what I am all about. We share a wonderful relationship and he is all the things that my husband is not beginning by being compassionate and understanding, supportive and always there when I need him the most.

It was love at first sight for me and Jim. We flirted with each other for many years via the telephone, but once we met face to face it has been heaven on earth for me. I had to face a few deaths in my family and a few friends and his comforting arms and his support got me through it all.

For all the holidays, I am always buying Jim a gift; sometimes it is just a little thing and sometimes it is quite pricey but he his so worth it. He's not a gushy kind of guy and doesn't throw the "I love you" into our conversations but as he told me from the start that when he feels something for someone, he doesn't say it, but he shows it in his own ways. He shows me when he makes love to me, goes down on me and lets me do my own thing when I go down on him.

Kissing is wonderful and some intimate when we engage in it. I love to french kiss and the first day I met him, I stuck my tongue down his throat first and he followed and I loved every minute of kissing him. His touch may be as gentle as a lamb and then sometimes we engage in a little rough but not hurtful foreplay before he bangs me into heaven. I love sucking his extra large black cock and when he cums all over my face and all over my titties.

I'm the kind that loves to tell people I love them and I tell Jim all the time and he agrees that he loves me but doesn't actually say the words "I love you". A few times early on in our "affair" I asked him to tell me and he would say it but it was forced. He told me that no one makes him say or do anything unless he wants to. I felt uneasy for awhile but then I realized how much he must because it shows at all the right times.

Jim was having major surgery several years ago and that meant I wouldn't see him until he got home from rehab but we would text and call each other every day. When he was up to driving again, we arranged a meeting and it was intense and was something we were both looking forward to. I asked him before he went for his operation to tell me how he feels about me and he told me after his surgery he will.

That was two years ago and I haven't asked him about it and figured he must have some kind of feelings for me or he wouldn't still be seeing me after I was caught with pictures and texts on my cell and my husband threatening to call his wife and go to his job and tell them what he has been doing with me. He never went through with it; he didn't do it and I think he was a coward for that but happy he didn't because I don't want to cause any problems at home for him, even though I have problems.

This past Christmas I asked him what he wanted and he said he wasn't sure yet and would let me know, even if it was after the holidays are over and we've gone down that route before. I was sitting at home after work one day sending him a text when he called. He asked me if we could meet the next day and I said we could because I wasn't working. I asked him if everything was alright and he said it was and he told me he wanted to give me my Christmas present early.

That night I was trying to think of what he would be giving me as I know he was always short on cash and asked him to not buy me gifts because the days I get to see him are my gifts from him and they are so special. I had a really bad night's sleep and worried. He said everything was alright but I don't know why I kept thinking that he was going to end it all with me the next day.

I got my hair done that morning and put on a new sweatsuit I bought and new sneakers as I went to one of our meeting place to see what he was giving me. I was so nervous I actually ran a red light and was driving faster than normal and shaking in my new sneakers.

As I pulled up, I saw him parked already there and usually I beat him there. I was so nervous. I got out of my car and approached his truck shaking like a leaf. I opened my door to get in and he had a huge smile his face and gave me the usual bear hug and we kissed passionately. He first told me that he had two gifts for me and he noticed I was shaking and told me not to be nervous that all was good.

Part one of my gift he told me that he arranged to have us meet at a hotel one day when I was free at night when my husband would be out and about and he would tell his wife that he was going out with his friends or maybe just his best friend who he is due to go out with. I was so excited to say the least and told him I could do it the next Wednesday night. He said that would work because his wife had her holiday party that night and he would tell her that he was going out too. He told me that I had to wait until then for part two of my gift.

We kissed and made out and I went down on him and I love giving him blow jobs and sometimes we can meet him my dad's old house and we didn't have to worry about being seen or got caught. It was like heaven and each time it gets hardier to leave him. We talked about our meeting every day until that day and on that day and couldn't wait to be together.

After my husband left, I got out my overnight bag and packed it with a new sexy night gown that I knew wouldn't be on my body too long but it was red and that is his favorite color.

I got in my and drove to the hotel. Jim was there ahead of me and I called him to tell him I was there and he came out to bring me to our room. The room was awesome with a hot tub and all and he had a single yellow rose for me. He knows how I love my yellow roses.

I went into the bathroom and came out with this very sheer night gown and he loved it. We started with kissing each other and touching each other and then the night gown came off. He starting to squeeze one of my titties while sucking the other while I played with his huge black cock and balls and I could feel him getting harder. We were in the 69 position briefly and then I wanted to go down on him alone. I sucked and I jerked his cock and he played with my titties. I got him so hard we briefly stopped so he could fuck me like he always did, long and hard and with such passion. He flipped me over and we did it doggy style for a while and then the anal sex started and he was pounding me hard and thrusting me that I was in heaven. He never wore a condom and he flipped me over on my back and squirt his hot load all over my face and hen allowed me to swallow the rest of his juices that I loved.

We showered together to clean me up and him and lied down on the bed and just looked at each other and smiled. Jim pushed my hair aside and said he needed to tell me something. The butterflies started in my stomach and my eyes filled with tears. Jim told me that I shouldn't cry because I would be happy to hear what he had to say. Jim told me for the first time that he loved me very much and would never ever hurt me. He wants me to know that his love is real and wants us to keep seeing each other and meeting each other and will try to meet me like this more often. I was so happy and relived because I thought the worst. I told him I loved him and I always will. "Merry Christmas to me".

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