tagLoving WivesMy Cuckold Beginnings Ch. 01

My Cuckold Beginnings Ch. 01


When I arrived home and saw the red BMW in the driveway my heart skipped a beat. Only two weeks after I was made to select him from the escorts portfolio, this was going to be the night he would transform me into my wife's cuckold. As I entered the house I was greeted with the smell of perfume and the stern voice of my wife from upstairs "Remove all of your clothing and meet me in the hall bathroom."

After I had removed my clothes and began to climb the stairs I felt a weakness in my knees and a twinge in my groin. When I rounded the corner an entered the bathroom a sigh escaped my lips and I felt my shaft begin to rise. Standing there in front of the vanity mirror was my sexy wife applying the last of her lipstick. Her five foot eight inch frame looked incredible in the outfit I was required to purchase for her for this special evening.

The black thigh-highs covered her sexy legs, accentuating every tight curve. She wore the sexy satin thong panties from Victoria's secret along with the matching black bra, which showed clearly her hard nipples. Without looking my way she firmly told me to kneel and place my hands behind my back as finished placing her hair up. I sensed that I dared not speak.

After following her command I let out a soft moan as I first saw the diamond anklet she wore. Glancing at me through the reflection of the mirror she posed and asked " do you think I look sexy?"

"Yes", I responded with desire. She continued "Do you think he will want to... Fuck me?"

"Yes, I do" I replied, shocking myself. Without anything further she opened the vanity drawer and removed a few objects. Walking behind me she tied my wrists behind my back with palms facing upward. I nearly fainted from the smell of her perfume and the sense of her heat.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, legs crossed to my disappointment, she beckoned me to stand in front of her. She quickly tied a leather cord around my balls, making them pull away and out from my crotch. "Is that uncomfortable?" She asked. "A little" I sighed. "Good" she responded as she ran her fingernails across them an up the underside of my now fully erect 4.5 inch member.

She then placed a leather band under my balls and buckled it in place over my cock. To this she attached a thin leather leash and then stood up. Grabbing the leash firmly she said "Tonight is all about my pleasure. You will not be allowed to cum. If you speak or in anyway interrupt my evening you will not cum for a month. Nod if you understand."

I slowly nodded as she grabbed the head of my cock and smeared my flowing pre-cum with her fingers. She then turned and led me by the leash into our bedroom. As we entered my eyes must have jumped out of my head. The room was adorned with perhaps two dozen candles and the bed (our bed) was covered in satin sheets. Standing by her nightstand was the stud escort. Dressed only in boxers he was intimidating. Very sharp facial features and a well-muscled physique. My eyes were drawn to the bulge in his boxers, as were my wife's.

Before I realized it my wife was leading me to the foot of the bed to one of the four posts. Never taking her eyes off of him she fastened the leash to the post in such a way that I was forced to stand facing the bottom of the bed. I could not believe it. I was going to be forced to watch another man take my wife while tied and unable to resist or climax.

My wife and the escort approached one another and quickly embraced in a deep passionate kissed. I felt my arousal grow as I watched my wife make out with another man. I could here gentle slurping sounds as tongues were shared and he ran his hands down her sides. I thought I would faint as she placed her hands around his neck and raised her long leg to rub up and down his soon to be growing manhood.

His hand continued down to cup her ass and gently separate her she moaned and rubbed her crotch on his leg. His hand moved to the front of her panties. Through the mirror on her dresser I could see the palm of this hand cup her pussy. I shivered with the thought of only the sheer satin separating his hand from my wife's most private place. The place of her pleasure and my current longing. She caught my eyes in the mirror and moved vigorously against his hand.

After what seemed an eternity she stepped back and dropped to her knees. Ever so slowly she moved to her knees and pulled away his boxers as they slid down his legs she let out a quiet but audible " ohhh my god... its so big." She, and I, could not take our eyes off of his massive member. I felt so inadequate as I gazed upon his 8 inches of thick manhood. I felt myself ooze further with the thought of my wife receiving that cock. I could not believe her reaction as she hungrily devoured his mushrooming head, now oblivious to her husband watching. She was letting out strange animal sounds as she moved her mouth up and down his massive erection.

The tightness in my sac... the humiliation of being tied and made to watch this young stud with my wife... her reactions of pure lust all made me crazy with the need to cum. I began to rub against the bedpost regardless of the discomfort the tension on the leash caused. The bed began to move slightly and for the first time I heard him speak "That feels amazing but I can't relax with him trying to get himself off."

I stopped short of orgasm as I saw my wife stand and look angrily my way. Without taking her eyes off of me she told him "He should know better. Don't worry, I'll take care of this... lover." I stiffened at her words as she went behind me into my closet. I could see her reflection in the mirror as she moved behind me carrying my leather belt. She leaned over, kissed my neck and whispered into my ear "You were warned. I will not have you deny me the pleasure of having a real man this evening"

She stepped back and without further words began to rain stinging blows across my ass cheeks. I let out a moan with each smack, never loosing my erection, as I watched the reflection of my possessed wife whipping my ass and rubbing herself through her panties. All the while her "lover" watched with a grin as he slowly stroked his long shaft.

After she was finished she simply dropped the belt and walked passed me, her bound husband, and into the arms of another man. I was on the edge of insanity as I was incredibly aroused, burning ass and all. My grabbed a hold of his shaft and began to suck his nipples. He looked my way a flatly stated " I'm going to have your wife" as he removed her bra. As if on cue, my wife stepped back and began to remove her panties. The candlelight was enough to show the deeply wet crotch, glossy with a thick off-white. I have only seen my wife "cream" twice before and I knew see was horny as all hell. She lifted the panties to her hand with one foot and walked over to me.

Facing me I could see the look of desire in her eyes and feel her panted breath on my cheek. She reached around me and placed her wet panties into my upturned hand. I instinctively made a fist, feeling my fingers slid through the thick moisture, and she grinned at the response. "He is going to fuck me now." She said. "You are going to watch another man fuck your wife... and she is going to enjoy it like she never could with your small size."

The humiliation at the hands of my wife, the pure look of erotic pleasure on her face and the man now moving to lay on our bed made my whole body ache with sexual desire. My wife turned and crawled slowly up the foot of the bed to his upright shaft, intentionally showing me her sexily swaying ass as she moved. Once she was on top of him, he reached around and spread her ass wide. My eyes were fixed intently as this man was about to enter my wife. She reached under herself and aimed his cock at the lips of her pussy.

Her lips were so engorged that they hung down wide open. I could see the wetness, the thick lubrication. Her anus winked at me, teasing me. She let out a moan as the head of his cock rubbed around just inside her lips. "Fuck me now... please" she moaned. "I need it bad."

To Be Continued...

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