tagFetishMy Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 03

My Cuckold Fantasy Pt. 03


It was music to my ears. Or at least to part of me it was. My girlfriend, was now the sexual plaything of another man. And maybe even more besides.

Charlotte kept smiling as she walked over to the bed and laid down next to him, kissing him, again, running her hands all over his body, enjoying his masculine figure. She had kept her tights on. He pushed her onto her back and climbed on top of her, kissing her, then moving slowly downwards. Sucking on her nipples, biting them, making her squeal with pain and ecstasy. I could see from where I was sitting just how erect they were. She was in pure pleasure.

I watched intently as he moved yet further down and began to lap at her pussy through her gusset. Then I heard a rip, he was tearing open her tights. He plunged his head into her pussy. God, she sounded so wet. I licked my lips, wishing it was me who was tasting her. She moaned loudly, eyes fixed on me "Ohhh god Chris yesssss, you're so fucking good" she bit her lip and smiled a naughty, dirty smile.

Then she was lost to me, lost to the pleasure. She closed her eyes, grabbed hold of his head, and screamed. I watched as Chris just lapped away as she came onto his tongue. His head gripped between her nylon thighs. I was in some pain now, but my attention was on Charlotte, and watching her writhe around on the bed, finding pure satisfaction from another man.

He climbed on top of her. She kissed him and licked his face clear of her juices. I always loved it when she did that to me. It made me cum pretty much straight away. But Chris was different. He entered her immediately. With one big thrust. I wanted to mention safety but it was too late. He was pounding her already. No slow build up, this was masculinity.

His balls were slapping against Charlotte as he forced his cock deep into her. She was screaming, like I'd never heard before. I watched as slammed into her with all his weight.

"FUCK FUCK AAAHHHH YESSSSSSS" screams filled the room. The headboard banged against the wall.


"Beg for it you whore" was his reply.

"Oh please Chris, please, fuck me hard, I'm all yours, take me."

He pulled out and flipped her over. She got all 4s, her legs were weak. They were facing me. I stared into her eyes as he entered her, watching as they rolled back. He spanked her and started up again.

He seemed to have found another gear. God this guy was good, he was so much better than I was. I felt more than just a pang of humiliation. Compounded by her words to me "Fuck, now this is a man, watch how a man should really treat a woman, you're a fucking joke". Her words rung in my ears as I watched her head get pulled back by her hair and hear her ass slap against his body as he thrust into her.

Charlotte shuddered. She was orgasming. Her eyes rolled back. Her body shook. Her screams went a notch louder.


Grunting met her cries, he hadn't matched her climax. Her face sank into the bed. His hand forcing it down. Then it was his turn.

"FFUCCCKKKKK YEAAHHHHHH BITCHHHHH" he pushed forward with one big thrust. Unloading as deep into her as he could. And he held it there. Emptying deep his balls deep inside her.

I shifted uncomfortably. It had taken at least a year of us dating for her to accept me without protection. This was, in effect, her third date. He collapsed onto her, panting. Pushing his hot body against hers. He kissed her neck. Played with her hair.

They lay like that for a while. Me just sat watching. I felt invisible.

After a while, he climbed off of her and pulled her up to meet him. They kissed passionately.

"That was amazing babe" said Chris. "You're all mine now"

She glanced over and smiled at me, then looked back at him "I belong to you baby" I watched as he went into the bathroom to shower.

Charlotte watched him, smiling. Then she turned to me. "Well, how was it for you?"

I swallowed. My mouth dry. "It, it was amazing, you're so much better with him, he can please you in a way I could never do".

She sat down on the bed facing me. Holding out an outstretched nylon leg, she placed her foot on my chest. "Oh hes a real man alright isn't he? I'm such a lucky girl, having two men to please me. You to please me financially, and him sexually"

I nodded. So this was my place.

"Oh I haven't finished with you yet, there's still so much more fun we can have together!" She kicked me playfully in the balls, I winced, I was super sensitive down there, and she knew it. I nodded. She brushed my cheek with her foot.

She reached to her neck and undid the necklace with my key on it. She reached forward and undid my device. My body tensed to her touch as she slowly removed it. "Now its your turn" she held out her nylon feet and I knew what I was to do. I gripped hold of my now-free cock and wanked desperately. Sharp, fast jerks, I came inside a minute. Covering her black tights in my white cum. She giggled as she massaged it between her feet, letting her tights absorb it.

I fell back in my chair panting. I'd gone soft, which allowed her to refit my cage easily.

She moved to take her tights off but stopped. "You know what, I think I'm gonna leave these on" she giggled and bit her lip.

"You know, I think this could end up working absolutely perfectly for both of us", she winked as she said this.

It felt ominous. I know Charlotte, I know when shes planning something. And shes definitely planning something...

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