tagIncest/TabooMy Cum Bucket: My Nerd Sister

My Cum Bucket: My Nerd Sister


Summary: Brother learns his sister fantasizes about sucking him.

Thanks to: Tex Beethoven, Dave, Robert, goamz and Wayne for editing this story.

My Cum Bucket: My Nerd Sister

Okay, call me a snoop! I used my sister's laptop recently and the first thing I found was an open word document. I didn't walk away because it was titled 'Benefits of Cum'.

Was I shocked?


Did it make my cock harden?

Of course... I'm a guy.

Before I go any further I should note that my sister was eighteen, sweet and nerdy... in a classy way (imagine Audrey Hepburn with glasses). She wore skirts and dresses every day and I'm pretty sure she actually wore pantyhose as part of her fashion statement. She was also super smart, had already been accepted to some colleges, but was striving to get into Harvard.

This dream definitely kept her busy and caused her a lot of stress, while I was going to community college on a basketball scholarship and still living at home. So even though I was in college and she was in high school, she was the one doing tons of homework while I did what I did best... I got by.

I noticed the document was stored in a folder called 'Mydiary', so it was personal, and a considerate gentleman would walk away without reading another word. But of course with a title like that, I couldn't resist. I mean I was curious as hell. So I went ahead and read it. As I said, call me a snoop. And get over it. I did.

After reading a lot of websites, it seems that ingesting male cum could actually help give me a mental advantage. Male cum has quite a few benefits to it and very few risks (disease of course being a pretty big one). Now not all the benefits would actually help me, although I find it fascinating that swallowing cum can actually help keep pregnant women from getting preeclampsia, a medical condition that can raise blood pressure and affect organs like the kidneys. And although cum contains oxytocin, a peptide hormone that helps increase trust with your man (and bonding with your newborn baby), I am not looking for a boyfriend (or a baby), since I want to focus on my studies and become a lawyer. That said, cum does have the following advantages that might be useful to me personally:

1. Research indicates that swallowing cum regularly will actually help the functioning of your brain. Cum contains lots of nerve growth factor which is a key compound for growth of neurons in your brain, and neurons are the little buggers that flash each other so you can think. The more neurons you have, the faster and better your thoughts become.

2. Surprisingly, cum contains antioxidants which are very beneficial to the body, including: superoxide dismutase, glutathione, catalase, vitamin C, vitamin E, pyruvate, carnitine and citric acid.

3. Cum also helps keep you healthy, as it contains such electrolytes as salts of calcium, magnesium, potassium, sodium, zinc and chloride... all which are vital for staying healthy (If this becomes common knowledge, the familiar slogan could turn into, 'a load of cum a day keeps the doctor away').

4. Although irrelevant to instant gratification, cum nevertheless contains a compound called spermidine that research has proven helps in anti-aging... which is a nice side perk along with the others, as I obviously want to live as long as humanly possible.

5. Lastly, although pretty minor, and not enough for the energy boosts I need most nights, cum contains a little bit of fructose and glucose; also, semen provides protein, which I don't get enough of.

Remaining questions:

1. Is girl's cum as healthy? (although I could never do that)

2. Could I actually suck a guy's cock just to get a dose of cum?

3. Why isn't there a CUM store down the block??? (LOL)

Future research:

Do more research on applications of cum to the face... does it really help the complexion?

I couldn't believe what I was reading. I had thought all those assertions about a man's cum being good for a girl's skin was simply bullshit made up by men for obvious reasons, but if Amanda had researched it, she would have researched it well.

I searched her computer and found a few more intriguing items, including some porn videos of oral sex, scholarly articles on oral sex, and another diary entry (after a few that were generic girl babble) where she talked about practising on a carrot, then a popsicle, and finally a cucumber.

Then I found another document called 'Tips to Sucking Cock'. Of course, I couldn't help but read this one too... curious about what she had learned. I had gotten head from probably a dozen girls in my life, and only a couple of them had been any good at it, and none of them qualified as amazing. My only amazing blow job had come from a gay guy at a college party when I was drunk enough to let a guy blow me (and once I stopped looking down and reminding myself I was being blown by a guy, I really enjoyed it; he knew exactly how to worship a cock.. sucking my balls, deep throating me, swallowing my load and then continuing to nurse on me until I finally pulled out). That was a good couple of months ago, and although I didn't want to keep relying on getting sucked by queers, I sure hadn't enjoyed the two following blow jobs from inept girls.

Tips to sucking cock:


a. Take it in your hand.

b. Stroke it.

c. Kiss it... the head, the shaft and down to his balls.

d. While doing the above, gaze sexily into the guy's eyes.


A great way to start a blow job is by licking the entire shaft of the penis (it's good whether the penis is soft or hard). This beginning has multiple purposes:

a. It can get a soft penis hard.

b. It is a great teasing promise of things to come.

c. It will often have him begging for you to take it in your mouth.


Although the entire penis is chock full of pleasure points from the ball sack, up through the shaft, all the way to the mushroom top... the head is definitely the most sensitive area (this is particularly true if the penis you are pleasing is uncircumcised).

You can tease the mushroom top in many ways:

a. Swirl your tongue around it.

b. Flick it.

c. Suck just the top into your mouth and create enough extra saliva that it will literally cascade down his cock.

d. Clamp your lips around his mushroom cock, suck steadily and slowly back off until you both (and any others present) hear a loud pop.


Although everyone assumes the mouth is the key to the blow job, and it is, the importance of the hand is often neglected. The hand is a critical implement for enhancing the full pleasure of a blow job. Using your hands is what can turn a good blow job into a great one. You can:

a. Stroke it to get it hard.

b. Use your hand to hold it in place for sucking, insertion or display.

c. Stroke it with one or both hands while you tease the head with your lips or tongue.

d. Caress the balls... oh so gently, please.

e. Pump and suck.

f. Stroke it until he comes.


The balls are another aspect of a man's primary erogenous zone. A man's testicles can be fondled, caressed, tickled and massaged with your hand. The balls can also be pleasured with your mouth or tongue.

a. Use your hand to gently caress them, possibly while using the other to stroke the shaft of his cock.

b. Kiss and lick them.

c. Gently suck each ball into your mouth (remember they are super sensitive and fragile, and thus be extra cautious and tender).


It's time to get to the main course. Take the cock into your mouth and begin bobbing:

a. Start slowly, taking more and more with each forward bob as you get used to having the cock in your mouth.

b. As you get comfortable, begin moving faster.

c. Always listen to his moans to assess how much he is enjoying your activities and how close he is to climax.


You have a lot of accessories available during a blow job. We have already discussed your hands, lips and tongue. You also have the ability to create excess saliva. This saliva can do a few things:

a. Get him hard.

b. Create a whirlwind of pleasure.

c. Create lubrication.

d. Enhance the pleasure of the blow job.

e. Create an exciting visual impact.


Although men want a sweet woman in the outside world, they want a slut in the bedroom. They are stimulated by verbal excesses and will more likely come quicker if they are given evidence that you are enjoying yourself.

a. Moan while you suck his cock.

b. Play with your tits or pussy with your free hand.

c. Tell him how much you love his cock, how much you want his cum.

d. Beg for his load.


No man will ever be flattered if you spit out his cum or make him come on himself. If you have 'become the slut' you will be willing to take his load in any of a few ways:

a. Swallow of course... just keep sucking until every available drop is in your belly.

b. Facial... many men will love the dominant power of coating your face with their sticky seed.

c. Open target... this is a mixture of swallow and facial... open your mouth wide and wait eagerly for your treat (some will go in your mouth and likely some on your face). Afterwards clean your face with your fingers and tongue and feed yourself his cum. Don't waste a drop.

d. Titty Lubrication... men love tits... all tits... so offer yours to his load (double points if you beg him to shoot his cum all over your tits, triple points if you're flexible enough to lick them clean afterwards).


a. Eye contact: make sure he knows you are loving his cock in your mouth.

b. Deep throat: after sufficient practice to gain experience... go balls deep and hold it as long as you can.

c. Stop and go: suck his cock, pull it out, say something nasty... repeat.

d. Vary the depth and timing: shallow, shallow, shallow, deep and hold.

e. Face fuck: when you get good at swallowing, allow him to face fuck you... allowing him to take control gives him full power over you, and his thrill of conquest will make him come faster.

f. If you gag on his big cock, make it loud. He'll love the compliment.

g. Prostate manipulation: if you know your man, surprise him with a finger in his ass right as he is about to come. WARNING: the first time he experiences this, be ready for a powerful eruption almost immediately.

h. Lastly, always take his cock back in your mouth after he comes. As mentioned before, coax out every drop.

I couldn't believe what I was reading; she had really researched this. Yet, as far as I could tell she hadn't actually done any of it yet. It was all theory and no practice.

Noticing the clock and realizing I didn't have a lot of time left, I grabbed a USB and saved her diary entries for further reading, erased today's history, and shut her laptop down.

That night, I stared at my supposedly sweet sister in her usual conservative attire, a blouse, a long skirt and pantyhose. Having a nylons fetish, I had always enjoyed the fact my sister usually wore them... even though since she was my sister I hadn't thought much about it... until now.

I gazed surreptitiously at her lips and couldn't help but imagine them wrapped around my dick.

I imagined her following the procedures she had learned to get her daily dose of brain food or facial cream.

I imagined her begging to suck my dick.

Fuck! No matter how much I kept reminding myself she was my sister, I couldn't stop thinking of her giving me a blow job.

My dick hard, I went to my room, and decided to read more of her diary. Unfortunately this cock sucking thing was a relatively new idea for her, so there wasn't a lot there. Nevertheless it was worth examining.

There were a couple of vague entries like:

I can't stop thinking about it.

Why can't I get the picture of it out of my head?

As I kept scrolling down, I finally figured out what she couldn't stop thinking about and what picture seemed permanently implanted in her head. And WOW did it shock me to the core.

Oh my God I just saw Jason's penis as his girlfriend was sucking him. I should have been aghast but I was utterly in awe of the act. Tamara on her knees, bobbing back and forth. I should have left ASAP, but I was completely transfixed by what I was witnessing.

And when he ordered, "Get ready for my cum," and Tamara moved her mouth off his penis and opened up, I just stared even as I felt my own mouth open, mirroring hers.

"Want my cum, my little slut?" he asked, and I felt a gush in my panties at his dominant treatment of her, even though I should have been mortified by his chauvinistic attitude.

I expected her to snap at him for calling her such a name, but instead she responded, "Yes you stud, cover your slut's face with your hot cum."

I watched Jason stroking his really big penis (way bigger than the one I'd jerked off once at camp), in awe of its length and girth. "Oh yeah, get ready, my little cum slut," Jason groaned, as he furiously beat his penis. I was confused at my body's reaction as my vagina got tingly and I felt wetness flood my panties.

Tamara demanded, "Give it to me baby. Coat my face."

I couldn't believe that someone like Tamara would talk so nasty, nor could I believe how much it turned me on... even though I should have been appalled by such derogatory treatment of a woman. I mean I had written my college prep essay on the evolution of feminism and the female heroes who overcame sexism to lead the way to gender equality.

Yet at the moment, I was horny as hell... way hornier than usual.

Then it got even hotter as I heard Jason grunt and watched his cum shoot out of his penis and splatter all over Tamara's face.

I couldn't help it. At that moment I wanted to suck that penis and to feel that cum landing on my face as I forgot who was attached to that penis.

Knowing I could get caught any moment, I crept away and scurried to my room where I masturbated like I do most nights... with the dildo I'd bought on eBay.

After I came, I felt incredible guilt because I had watched and gotten horny by staring at my brother's penis in action. Yet three hours later I'm still replaying the sight in my head.

I don't want to have sex yet... that I'm saving for marriage... but the idea of sucking a penis... well that I may have to do some further research on.

The first cock that intrigued my sister Amanda was none other than MINE!!!!!




Holy fuck!

I reread all her diary entries, now incorporating the new information that the cock she was talking about was mine, but although I now felt it more personally, I didn't learn any new information.

My cock rock hard, I wished I hadn't broken up with Tamara a few days ago. She had been way too needy, although she was a hot little slut and one of the more talented girls ever to blow me... although not amazing by any means. A front runner in an unimpressive field.

So I jerked off and came in under a minute... the idea of making my sister my own cum slut was suddenly all I could think of.

That said, I really had no idea how to make such a thing a reality... it was one thing to jerk off to it in fantasy, it was another to commit incest with a living person.

Yet, as I logged out of my computer I'd be lying if said I wasn't thinking about it.


After a couple of days I couldn't handle it anymore. I knew it was wrong, but I wanted... no, I had to have my sister as my cock sucker. Somehow I just knew she would be a natural... she was good at everything she did and I imagined with a little practice she would become an amazing cock sucker... plus, according to her research it was healthy for her, both academically and for her complexion. Sucking my cock would help her get into Harvard! (But only if she swallowed.)

So really... If I let her suck my cock I would be doing it for her... I would be an altruistic benefactor of her desires and needs. What a guy!

Yet, I had to be sure she wouldn't freak out if I offered her my cock and cream.

So the next day when she was at school, I skipped my college classes, which truthfully if you can read a textbook you can easily afford to do, and I went back into her computer looking for more evidence and hopefully an update to her diary.

I clicked on the diary first, as I saw it had been updated, and my cock rose as I read it:

It's getting worse. All I can think about is sucking cock and every time I see him I glance at his crotch... which always seems to be bulging... and I crave it. I want to be a cum bucket.

Reading stories online is making me feel less resistant to breaking the taboo about what I am fantasizing about. It seems that incest (especially between mom and son or sister and brother) is a rather common fantasy, and is also played out in reality a lot more often than society would like to admit).

I'm not sure I could EVER actually do it, but my sudden obsession with it is making it hard to focus on my studies. It's one thing to fantasize, and completely another to actually become your own brother's cum bucket!

God, do I need a boyfriend!!!

That was written last night. Probably while I was jacking off thinking of her!


I skimmed down the screen, but the only other new entry was about her Calculus test. She'd gotten 98 percent on it and was obsessing about what she'd gotten wrong.

Curious, I searched her internet history for what kind of stories she was reading. There were quite a few, including: Cocksucking College Sister; Brother's Dick: A Virginity Lost; A Mom & Son Affair: Accidental Orgy; A Sibling Love Story; Best Present Ever: Bitch Sister; Blackmailing Bitch Sister; Family Affair: Backseat Sister; Journey of a Submissive; Musical Dicks: A Sibling Fuck Story; Revenge of the Nerd: Bitch Sister; and Tricking Twin Sister. I read each one, noticing that she had bookmarked Cocksucking College Sister, Family Affair: Backseat Sister, and Revenge of the Nerd: Bitch Sister.

I found this interesting, as one was obviously about simple cock sucking, but Family Affair was about a nerd girl who had a crush on her brother (just like she seemed to have on me). While Revenge of the Nerd was a mind control series where a sister is mentally transformed into a sister slut.

Not surprisingly, this made me horny as hell and I pulled out my cock and jerked off, coming quickly into a Kleenex. Once done, I went to toss the Kleenex in her garbage when I saw a cucumber in the basket.

Instantly, I wondered... had she used that for what I thought she used it for? I pulled out the cucumber and although this may sound kinky, I brought it to my nose and took a big sniff.

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