tagLoving WivesMy Dare Turns Into More

My Dare Turns Into More


My name's Pam, I'm 34. I am an advertising consultant and have been married to Barry for 9 years. Barry's my second husband he's 43, Steve - my first was killed in a car accident. Barry's a freelance architect working mostly from home, we don't have children - medically I can't. The reason for me putting my fingers to the keyboard and telling you my true story...reading the stories on the Literotica site!

Some of the stories I've read have been fantastic, sure, probably most have been made up but some of them do sound real and true to life. I suppose I'm oversexed, sometimes when I'm alone in my office I log on and end up getting horny as hell reading them. I guess for the last year or so I've sort of wanted more sexually, I introduced Barry to reading the stories - in particular the ones involving threesomes, I secretly hoped that Barry might suggest something but...

While I was married to Steve our sex life was fantastic, we tried most things and even talked about 'swinging' although we never got around to it. I really wanted to do more things with Barry, it was my suggestion to sometimes try to adopt the roles of some of the characters we read about - it makes for great sex! One we recently read got me thinking, Barry thought it too 'far fetched' I disagreed. It was about a wife being instructed by her husband to dress provocatively and to visit a shopping mall where her husband was waiting in disguise, observing. She was told to try on clothes in the changing room with the curtain open wide enough for the assistant to see her. Unknown to her the assistant was in on the plan and they ended up having sex.

"There's no way that would happen in real life," Barry argued.

"No...maybe not exactly like that but I would imagine a lot of wives get turned on by the thought of going out dressed sexily, openly flaunting themselves to strangers without their husbands being there" I replied, really wanting to say it would be something I'd like to try.

"Yeah, sure! So you would do that would you? If I dared you to you're telling me you'd do the same as her?"

I couldn't believe it, it was as if Barry had read my mind! "I might...would you want me to?" I asked trying to make myself appear unconcerned.

Barry looked at me quizzically, "Ok...I dare you," he said, "I dare you to wear something really sexy and go shopping...make a pass at a stranger."

He must have thought he called my bluff as he sat there grinning, he probably thought I was joking, he seemed a bit shocked when I replied "Ok...you're on, I'll do it!"

Over the next half hour we made plans for my dare, we both agreed on one thing, there was no way I was going to have full sex with a stranger...I told him I wouldn't mind the thought of a bit of 'fooling around' though! The next day - a Saturday, would be my 'dare day'. That night in bed we had great sex fantasising about the different scenarios that might unfold.

After lunch I bathed, fixed my hair and put on makeup - probably too much, then I rummaged through my wardrobe to find suitable clothes. I found a shortish black skirt, it was quite tight fitting and suspenders would have shown through so I wore black hold-ups and tiny panties. I didn't have a see through blouse but picked out a very thin, white vest type top, quite low cut and buttoned at the front, I left the top three buttons undone so it showed a good cleavage. Being bra-less made my nipples poke out through the thin material, I put on a pair of heeled shoes and picking up my jacket I went downstairs to show my efforts to Barry.

"Well...what do you think, do I look any good, think I might get 'chatted up'?" I asked doing a twirl around.

"Wow! You look great, you're really getting into this aren't you" he replied. "You sure you want to do this?" he asked walking over to me and taking hold my hand.

I smiled at him, "Well...you did dare me didn't you darling" I smirked. "You know something Barry...I feel so nervous and at the same time so excited, I haven't felt this excited for ages" I told him.

Barry slid his arms around my waist and pulled me tightly against him, his hands slipped down and he squeezed my ass, he stood back, "Lift your skirt," he asked, I did as he wanted. "The girl in the story didn't wear panties," he said probably thinking that the more obstacles he put to me might make me change my mind - no chance!

"Ok...If that's what you want" I said and took them off, I twirled them round on my finger and spun them in his direction.

"And another thing...the jacket, you only can wear it when you leave the house, then it stays in the car," he grinned. "Oh yes...whatever you want master!" I laughed.

The store we had chosen was a 'sex boutique' downtown, Barry had been there a few times to buy a video. He said that Saturday afternoons would probably be their busiest times. We would drive there together, he would enter first, I would wait for five minutes then go in, I had to spend at least 30 minutes looking around before picking out and buying one of the biggest dildos I could find. While browsing I was to act in as sexy a manner as I could and basically see what - if anything, happened...take it from there!

When we got there and parked up Barry leant across and slid his hand up under my top, he tweaked my nipples making them more pronounced than ever, "Last chance to back out" he grinned, "No way lover, you just make sure you get us a decent tape to watch for later," I told him. He got out and I watched him enter the store, while I waited I noticed three other men enter. My 5 minutes were up; I left my jacket on the seat and walked to the entrance. The stores windows were blacked out giving no indication as to what or who was inside, nervously I entered trying to act as casual as I could.

"Can I help you, lady?"

I turned to see an assistant standing behind his counter, "No...not at the moment...I'm just looking" I told him. There were at least a dozen guys inside the store, a couple had female partners with them and it seemed as if they all turned and stared at me as he spoke the 'Lady' word. I saw Barry over at the videotapes section, not sure what to do or where to go I found myself walking over to the racks displaying lingerie and sexy outfits. I browsed for a few minutes, looking around I noticed a door marked 'Private viewing' and another marked 'Members Cinema Club'.

Barry walked past and as he did he smiled and quietly said "C'mon Pam...get sexy!" I continued to look through the lingerie items, I noticed a guy move closer to me, I held up a white lacy bra. "I bet you'd look great wearing that" he told me, I gave him a very sexy smile as I answered "Oh...I don't know, I don't wear them very often."

"Yes, I did notice," he grinned. I bent to a lower shelf determined to give him a good view of my legs, I knew my skirt had risen up...how much I didn't know...I didn't care! I was not ready for this and didn't expect him to move closer and blatantly rub his hand over my ass, startled by his action I simply stood up and moved away. I noticed a guy and then, shortly after him a couple enter the cinema door, I saw a selection of vibrators and dildos and made my way over to them, I was looking through the selection and had in my hands one of the biggest, fattest dildos imaginable when a familiar voice behind me made my heart beat quicken and my face flush with embarrassment.

"Pam!...I thought it was you, what's up? Husband not satisfying you lately?" I turned and was face to face with my boss - Roger.

Trying to compose myself I said, "Oh hi, Roger!" then quickly thinking I smiled and told him the dildo was going to be a 'Naughty' present for a girl friend who was getting married. Roger was I guess about 50, he was fairly good looking and always the 'life and soul' of the office, often skylarking and joking around. Roger stood staring, taking in the way I was dressed, he stared at my tits.

"Different look for you Pam...I'm more used to seeing you wearing more, well...conservative outfits" he grinned. "I thought it was you when I came in, I saw you over looking at the lingerie...that guy over there, that's not your husband is it?"

"What guy?" I asked.

"The one I saw with his hand on your ass as you bent over" Roger replied.

Again I felt my face redden, "Oh him...no, that's not Barry. I guess he got the wrong idea, I thought it best to simply move away from him...not make a fuss." I felt so stupid standing there with this monstrous rubber dildo still in my hand.

Roger was still smiling as he said, "Well, if I was him I would have probably done the same, I mean...it's not every day you see a sexy woman wearing no underwear bending over next to you is it? Did you forget you panties today Pam?" He laughed as he saw my face go even redder. "I'm only teasing you Pam...Hey, what you get up to is your business, nothing to concern me." He took the dildo from my hand, "Some size you got there Pam, I hope you...I mean your 'friend' will get a lot of pleasure from it!"

I laughed and told him, "Yes Roger...I'm sure she will." Out of the corner of my eye I spotted Barry, I guess he was wondering what we were talking about, after all, he had never met Roger. "So...what brings you here you dirty old man? Let me guess...Porno video tapes I bet."

"No, wrong guess...actually I like to visit the cinema they have here, they show some very good films, Hey...how about you joining me? We could watch the film together," I glanced over again towards Barry, I thought about Roger's offer.

"Well...maybe for just a half hour or so, I can't stay too long," I told him.

Roger smiled, "Ok, c'mon, let me buy your, sorry your girl friend's present for you," he grinned. Taking hold of my hand we went to the counter, he paid for my purchase and bought two tickets for the cinema. The cinema room actually was not that big, about forty seats I guess.

As I glanced around I made out about ten people there - one other couple! We sat down; there was a guy in our row, three seats across, one in front and another sitting behind. The couple were a few rows in front. The movie showing was total porn - real hardcore, three black guys were forcibly taking a very young, innocent looking girl, she had a huge dick in her mouth, and the two others fucked both her cunt and ass. Roger still had hold of my hand, I hadn't really noticed until he started gently squeezing it.

He leaned close and whispered "So...what do you think of the movie, do you enjoy watching porn films Pam, do they excite you?"

"Yeah, sure...Barry and I sometimes watch videos at home," I quietly replied. Roger let go of my hand and casually rested it on my thigh, I should have stopped him but,...well, this was part of my dare after all. I guessed Barry had followed us in and was sat somewhere behind us, I wondered if he could see what was going on.

Roger now was rubbing his hand over my stocking covered leg, getting no sign of objection from me he worked it higher until I felt his hand reach the bare skin above my hold-ups, I placed my hand on his in an attempt to stop it going any higher. Roger leant close and whispered in my ear, "You know Pam, I've always thought of you being a very attractive, sexy woman."

I simply smiled at him and whispered back, "You dirty old man...I bet you say that to all the women who accompany you to watch porno films" while I was turned facing him he slid his arm around my neck and pulling me to him he kissed me, again hoping Barry was watching I responded and we kissed deeply for what seemed like ages. I felt his other hand cup one of my tits and he gently started to tweak my hard nipple though my thin vest, then getting bolder he slid his hand up under my vest and played with my bare tits, squeezing them, pulling, tweaking at my nipples.

We continued to kiss, he stopped playing with my tits and I heard him undoing his zipper, then he took hold of my hand and the next thing I knew he had placed it on his hard dick, quickly returning his hand again to play with my tits. Not caring or thinking about my surroundings I began to wank his dick, it was hot and very hard...about the same size in length as Barry's but a lot fatter, I couldn't help myself moaning out loud as he slipped his hand under my skirt.

He soon had a couple of fingers poking into my wet cunt, I opened my legs as wide as I could and sank down into my seat, still working away with his dick After a few minutes I noticed that the guy who moments ago had been sitting three seats away got up and move to the seat next to me, then he blatantly took out his dick and openly started to masturbate himself, he looked at me and smiled before I turned away.

A noise behind me made me glance around, another guy was leaning over - we had an audience and I couldn't care less. Roger had my vest up over my tits and was now sucking on my nipples as he poked my cunt, I felt horny as hell lying back in my seat with his dick in my hand, I felt his dick start to throb as his spunk shot out covering my hand, his dick twitched spasmodically as the last few drops dribbled out. I lay back with my eyes closed, my skirt up around my waist, my tits exposed as Roger cleaned himself up, a few minutes later I straightened my clothing and then hand in hand we made our way out.

Outside in the car park Roger and I talked, "I would like to see you again Pam, maybe we could have dinner and then, well...you know I guess, I want to fuck you Pam."

He looked a bit puzzled when smiling I replied, "Oh I don't know Roger...you'll have to ask Barry first!"

The look on his face was priceless, "What?... I don't understand." I saw Barry walking towards us, I waved to him and when he reached us I caught hold his hand, pulled him tight into me and gave him a big kiss. "Barry, I want you to meet my boss - Roger... Roger...my husband - Barry!"

Roger looked very tense and nervous as he shook Barry's hand, turning to Barry I asked, "Well...did I complete my dare to your satisfaction?" Roger stood there with his mouth open, he seemed to be trying to make sense of what was going on, I saw a bar on the other side of the street, taking hold of their hands I said, "I think you need an explanation Roger, let's go and get a drink, I need one, then I'll tell you the whole story"

We found a secluded table and I explained to Roger my dare set by Barry, when I finished he turned to Barry and asked how he felt seeing his wife with another man. Barry admitted that at first he felt a bit uneasy but in fact he found himself getting turned on, then turning to me he said, "So...I guess that's it then, you two have had your fun, I think I'd better leave." He stood up.

"No...don't go Roger, why don't you go and get some more drinks, I need to talk to Barry." While he was gone I asked Barry if he really found it a turn on...seeing me dressed sexily, watching me with another guy, he told me he did.

"So...what would you say if I was to invite Roger over to our place one night, would you want to see him fuck me...me sucking on his dick? Would you want to join in...both of you taking me at the same time?"

Barry didn't answer for a while then said, "Would it surprise you if I said I'm not that bothered Pam, the thing is...you seem to be! I guess if it's what you want then I'm not going to stop you, you do whatever you want, I love you Pam...just remember that, okay."

I leaned over and kissed him, "I love you too, Barry, I always will but this is something I've thought about for some time...nothing serious, just pure and simple fun, I promise you Barry, nothing will ever change between us, you do believe me...don't you?"

Barry smiled, "Of course I believe you and I guess you're right...it might be fun" Roger returned with our drinks and sat down, I discreetly put my hand over his dick.

"So Roger...what you said to me just now, before Barry showed up...something about you wanting to fuck me wasn't it! If you're still interested how about joining me and Barry next Saturday?" The only stipulation I made was that things at the office had to carry on as normal.

To Be Continued...

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