tagMatureMy Darling Denise

My Darling Denise


I was waiting for her at the security area exit. She was dressed comfortably but stylishly in jeans, flats, and a silky-looking pink blouse. She looked good. Very good. I waved and her eyes found mine. We both smiled and met off to the side, out of the steady flow of Friday evening fliers.

"Hi, Denise.", I said, as I took her roller bag from her. "You look terrific."

She blushed and giggled a little. "Hi, Tom", she replied. "Have you been waiting long? My flight left late."

"I've been waiting a long time to meet you in person. An extra twenty minutes is nothing. Is this your only bag?" She nodded. "Then let's get out of here."


I met the virtual Denise in the online world of Second Life. If you can imagine a sexually-charged masquerade ball with male avatars ranging from brutes to sissies to girls, and female avatars ranging from seductive ladies to bull dykes to men, you have some idea about the essence of Second Life. Denise was a seductive lady who appeared as if by magic one day when I transported into her salon.

Chat is the basis of Second Life, enhanced by avatars and animations that can be surprisingly elaborate and erotic. Denise and I hit it off right away. Beautiful women who will talk or have sex with you for pay or for free are a dime a dozen in Second Life, but it's quite rare to "click" with someone. It was amazingly fun to talk with her.

As the name suggests, Second Life comes second to one's real life. Between work and spouses, Denise and I had only limited time to be in-world together. Some days we might steal an hour together. Other days we might not chat at all. But somehow, it just worked for us. Over many months we talked, laughed, made love, and shared more and more of the details of our lives and experiences. We grew closer. A lot closer. Every morning, when the garage door closed as my wife left for work, I would log on just to wish Denise a good morning. It made me feel so good to do so.

I work from home, and made the time to write erotic short stories involving the two of us. She loved them, and our online love making became more and more intense. She had a lovely private home in Second Life. I used the animations there as the springboards for my stories, and I bought new animations so we could reenact the stories I made up from scratch. Denise had other lovers in Second Life, as did I. I often wished I could be a fly on the wall to watch someone have his way with her. But it somehow seemed like the ultimate invasion of privacy.

I found myself thinking almost exclusively of Denise when I made love to my wife. That extra excitement made me a more aggressive and intense lover, which did not seem to displease my wife. Of course some of that aggressiveness may have stemmed from my knowing how much Denise needed and wanted her lovers to take control....

It took us a long while to develop our trust and affection to the point where we finally exchanged real life names and contact info. We weren't young and naive anymore, and we both had families and careers to protect. Up to that point, she could never be sure that I wasn't a polite, well-spoken reincarnation of Jack the Ripper, and I could never be sure she wasn't some 300 pound guy living in his parents' basement. But it seemed so natural and right at that point, so we did it. The magic of Google convinced us that we both were who we said we were, and our in-world IM chats in Second Life became mixed with long emails. I emailed her daily even if all I had time for was a single line.

We were both completely open about the fact that whatever it was we had together was not the first priority in our lives. It was as clear as day from her words and tone that Denise loved her husband. As for me, my wife came first. We had the normal frictions of married life, but we had been together for many years, and would stay that way if it was up to me. And yet. And yet. Denise was such a delight to talk with, and she became an important part of my life.

One night I broached the question of using Skype to see one another. She was a bit reluctant at first, but I could tell the idea was tantalizing. The stars aligned one weekend afternoon some weeks later, with our respective spouses and kids away. I threw caution to the winds and called her via Skype without asking if it was OK. It seemed as if it took forever for her to answer, but answer she did. It was so nice when her face first came into view. I'm not sure what she thought of me, but I was quite sure what I thought of her. Long black hair. Deep, expressive eyes. A friendly smile. Beautiful. Simply beautiful.

Winter turned to spring. My wife made arrangements to visit her family in China for her dad's 80th birthday, which is a big milestone in Chinese culture. I had been there with her previously, and we knew that it was kind of a burden to drag me along to a family visit, so her travel plans did not include me. I was not upset.

With my wife's travel plans in place, Denise and I sensed that we would never have a better chance to meet. I wrote her a long email, asking her to come. We talked about it over the course of a week. We knew it was a major decision that would shatter the notion that we were just friends. I woke up one morning to find an email from her containing one word. "Yes."

With the decision made, the logistics were easy. Denise had a college roommate living in my area who she visited from time to time. Her old roomie was quite willing to cover for Denise. So Denise told her husband she'd be flying down for the weekend for a few nights of catching up and shopping with her friend. Technically, that was not a lie. I was her friend too.


I took her hand in mine and squeezed it. She squeezed back. We negotiated the airport parking rabbit warren as we chatted merrily away. From the airport to my home is less than twenty minutes, and we were soon there. Denise scrunched down in her seat as we entered the neighborhood. The neighbors knew my wife was away, and there was no point in being indiscreet.

The garage door closed, and I handed her out of the car. I didn't let go of her hand as I grabbed her bag from the backseat and led her into the house.

"Welcome." I said as I put her bag down. "What can I get you? You can freshen up in here if you'd like." I gestured to the powder room.

Denise smiled. "You know what I'd like, Tom."

I smiled broadly. "I do indeed. Good thing I've been practicing."

She powdered her nose while I headed for the kitchen by way of the drinks cabinet. It was time to make a chocolate martini. I mixed enough for two. I was generous when it came to adding the vodka. She emerged looking beautiful, and trailing the scent of Chanel No.5. I stopped shaking her drink and looked at her.

"Oh, God! Do you have any idea how much I like that scent?"

"You told me you did, silly."

"I did? I must be getting old. I'm very very glad I did."

I poured her drink into a glass, and sprinkled it with shaved chocolate. I handed it to her with a flourish. "For you, my lady."

"Thank you, kind sir." she said. I grabbed a bottle of beer from the fridge, and showed her around the house. I eventually led her out onto the enclosed deck. The sun was down, and the faint glow of red clouds in the western sky was all that was left of the day. We watched the light fade as we held hands and sipped our drinks silently. We looked towards the east. A star appeared. A nursery rhyme sprang to mind and I began to recite it.

"Star light, star bright. The first star I see tonight. I wish I may, I wish I might, Have the wish I wish tonight."

She looked at me and smiled. "What is your wish?"

"I want to make love to you." I said as I looked into her eyes.

"Oh, Tom...."

I put my beer down, took her drink, and set it down too. I put my hands on her shoulders, and guided her lips to mine. We kissed our first kiss.

Seven months of pent up desire went into that kiss. The word intense does not do it justice. I have no idea how long it lasted. When we broke the kiss, I lifted her up into my arms and carried her inside. We have a nicely appointed downstairs guest bedroom which I had prepared for us. I took her there, and lowered her onto the love seat. I sat beside her and brushed her hair away from her eyes. I took off my glasses and put them aside. I began to plant soft kisses on her neck and face. I found a sensitive spot behind her ear that yielded soft moans of pleasure when kissed.

My lips found hers again, and my tongue opened her lips. She yielded willingly. Our tongues began to dance slowly. My hand found her left breast. I cupped it, and could feel her heart pounding. Her nipple pressed against my palm through her bra and blouse. I began to tease it with my index finger.

She broke the kiss, and pushed me back a little. She locked eyes with me, and slowly began to unbutton her blouse. It was a seductive strip tease, all for me. It was all I could do to keep from tearing it off her. Never looking away, she slid out of the blouse and tossed it away. Her bra was beautiful, but it wasn't what I was interested in. She reached behind, undid it, and wriggled out of it.

She lifted her arms skywards, bent her hands back, smiled shyly, and asked "Do you like them?"

Her breasts were simply stunning. A woman half her age would be proud to have them. Small and perfectly shaped, with puffy nipples that begged to be sucked. I did not need words to answer her question. I held her in my arms and took her right nipple between my lips. I rolled it there, and then touched the tip of my tongue to it. She reacted as if my tongue was a hot iron. Perhaps it really was on fire with lust for her. My tongue flicked her nipple left and right and up and down. She grabbed the back of my head and held me to her. My lips closed around her nipple, and I began to suck. My fingers found her other nipple, and began to tug it and pinch it hard. I could tell it was very intense for her, and I slowly cycled between tender and rough nipple play. Soon I felt her body start to tremble and she began to rhythmically cry out "Oh .... oh .... oh ....OH ...". As her cries quieted into whimpers, I softly kissed each nipple once before kissing her full on the lips. She nestled into my arms, and I held her tight. Her head settled down onto my shoulder and her breathing told me she had drifted off to sleep.

I looked at her as I held her. Such a beautiful woman, and so relaxed. My arm was beginning to fall asleep, but I would rather have had it fall off than disturb her. After five minutes or so her eyes opened wide. I was glad she didn't scream with horror as my face filled her view. Instead, she smiled at me.

My heart melted. There is no feeling in the world like having a woman look at you like that.

I keep the house cool, and I saw her shiver ever so slightly, I stood and wrapped a small blanket around her beautifully naked top.

"May I have the rest of my martini?" she said shyly.

"You deserve a fresh one. And I want a fresh beer ." I said as I left for the kitchen. I was back in five minutes. I found her looking around the room. She smiled at me and blushed as I handed her her drink. "There are handcuffs and ropes in the bedside table drawer, Tom. Are those for me?"

"They are indeed. Among other things." I said as I sat down on the love seat and patted the cushion. "But all in good time. Come here."

Denise did as she was told. I looked into her eyes and tapped my bottle against her glass. "To us." I said. She looked at me for what seemed like an hour before replying "To us." We both smiled and hooked our arms in the classic style before taking a long drink.


I knew from our virtual lovemaking that she had a submissive streak in her. Truth to tell, I'd always been more inclined to try to please my lover rather than control her. And sexually speaking, my wife was the personification of plain vanilla. But my online experiences with Denise had been intriguing to say the least, and I was eager to explore a darker side. Our town has the kind of adult "bookstore" where they only occasionally sell a book, but I was spared the need to visit by the adult store at Amazon. Everything from A to Z indeed.

I bought an assortment of toys and devices, along with some guides to their use. More or less "Bondage for Dummies." I googled feverishly, seeking advice. My main fear is that I would screw things up and either hurt her or leave marks that her husband might be rather curious about. But complicated ropes and such would have to come later. On our first night together, I simply wanted to fuck her brains out.


Denise started giggling all of a sudden. Her giggles were infectious, and I smiled and asked "What's so funny?"

"It's past my bedtime." she said. I turned around to look at the clock on the nightstand. Eleven twenty-three PM. "Is it now?" I said. "Whatever shall we do about that?"

"Maybe take a shower and go to bed?"

"Works for me."

I slid down onto the floor in front of her, and tickled her feet for a second. I reached up to undo her jeans. She wiggled her sexy butt to help me slide them down. I hung them over the arm of the sofa. I looked at her sexy black panties. There was a noticeable wet spot there that got my full attention. I pressed my nose against it and breathed deeply.

"Oh my. You smell divine. You really are an angel." I stood up, took her hands, and lifted her onto her feet. I ran my hands down her body as I got down on my knees. I lowered her panties to the floor. I looked up at her before running my tongue along the length of her lower lips. She held my head there, with my tongue inside her. After two long, slow laps, I stood again, and admired my naked lover as I quickly undressed. She smiled broadly as my cock sprang free. Once fully naked, I spun her around. I cupped her breasts in my hands as my now-rigid cock pressed against the small of her back. I kissed her neck and earlobe, tongued her sensitive spot, and guided her into the bathroom.

The shower heated quickly, as the water heater was just behind the wall. I brushed her hair away from her eyes. "How hot do you like your shower?" I asked. "I like it hot." she said. I adjusted it, and pushed her inside. I followed, and slid the door shut.

I took her into my arms and spun us around. "Ladies first." I said, and I began to wash her. Her nipples swelled as I made sure they were very, very clean. I washed her face and hair, but got a little soap in her eye that she had to rinse out. "Sorry." I said. She just smiled and said "I'm fine." I got down into a crouch and began to work on her legs, working my way north. I looked up at her as I did. The water was cascading down her body in the world's most beautiful waterfall. My hand caressed her inner thigh. I steered the water to rinse her sweet pussy before I licked it with my tongue.

"Clean as a whistle." I said as I kissed her down there.

"Then it's your turn." she said smiling as I stood up. "Why don't I start right here." She took my cock in her hand.

The next ten minutes was the best shower of my life. Her hands alternated between scrubbing and teasing. She ran her fingernails down the length of my cock, and I thought I might cum right then and there. Her soapy finger found my rosebud, and gently entered me just a little. She soaped her breasts and used them to clean my body with slow circular motions. The water cascaded down her back as she bent before me and cleaned between each toe. She stroked my arms and legs and washed my hair as she massaged my scalp. She was simply magnificent.

When she was satisfied that I was nice and clean, she put her arms around my neck. "Now what?" she asked. My original plan had been to take her to bed and make slow, tender love to her for our first time together. But something came over me at that moment. I looked into her eyes. "There's been a change in plans." I growled in a low voice. I spun her around, gripped her ass cheeks, and lifted her into the air. I held her against the tile wall with the water spraying on my back. My eyes narrowed as I looked at her. I lowered her onto my rock hard cock and buried it inside her with one hard thrust. She cried out "Ahhhhhhhh. Tom! Fuck me. Fuck me. FUCK ME NOW!" and gripped my neck tightly. And then we began to fuck. We were not making love. We were two animals in heat.

Was it a graceful lover's ballet? Probably not. Looking back, I'm glad I didn't drop her. Graceful or not, it was incredible. We kissed as we fucked. Our tongues danced together. This woman was mine, all mine. For those moments there was nothing else in the world but the warm water on my back and the feel of my cock inside my woman.

I don't know how long we fucked. Probably only a few minutes. I'm normally a silent lover, but I was vocal that night. As my cock swelled with that familiar warning, and I exploded inside my woman seconds later, I uttered a "Yessssss" that would make Marv Albert proud.

My legs were trembling with fatigue as I held her in the afterglow. We rinsed ourselves clean, and turned off the water. I stepped out to grab a towel, and turned to face her. With my towel and my tongue, I dried my lover's body, and she dried mine. Her long hair was still wet as I carried her to the bedroom. Our bedroom. There, I sat her gently on the bed.

"Don't leave this bed." I said before going back to grab the hair dryer. I returned and plugged it in. I offered to dry it, but she smiled and took the hair dryer from my hand.

I sat down on the love seat to watch her dry her hair. I never thought that hair drying could be seductive. I was wrong. She looked at me and smiled as she lifted and parted the strands of hair. She took her time, knowing she was the center of my universe.

She finished, and turned off the dryer. I stood and took it from her. She lifted the comforter and slid underneath it. Then she patted the bed.

"Come here.", she said.

I smiled as I sat down on the edge of the bed. I reached under the cover to expose her left foot. I bent down to kiss it. It looked nicely pedicured. I kissed each toe slowly, taking them into my mouth to suck on them one at a time.

"That tickles!" she said as she tried to pull her foot away.

"Are you very ticklish?" I asked.

"Yes. Very."


I stood up and bent down to reach under the bed.

"What are you doing?"

"It's a surprise. Close your eyes."

"What kind of surprise?"

"Close your eyes. Keep them closed until I tell you to open them."

Denise nodded and closed her beautiful eyes. I whisked the cover off of her and the bed.

"I'm cold, Tom."

"No, I think you are very, very hot."

I had hidden a restraint system under the bed, and I pulled the straps into view. I bent to kiss her left nipple before securing her left wrist.

"What are you doing, Tom?" she asked with a slightly urgent note in her voice.

"You know exactly what I am doing. And I know exactly what you want."

I reached across her and secured her right wrist, kissing her right nipple after doing so. I stood, and quickly secured her ankles. I tightened the straps so she was spreadeagled on the bed. Not too tight, but it was safe to say she wasn't going anywhere. I looked down at her and smiled. Talk about having someone exactly where you wanted them.

I reached into the bed table drawer and took out several things. I sat on the side of the bed, and lay my toys there.

"Open your eyes."

Her eyes opened. She looked at me. She tugged against the restraints, testing them.

"I know you know what this is.", I said,

I held up a soft feather. She looked at it. Her eyes widened a little. I tickled her nipples with it before I put the feather down, and reached for another toy.

"Do you know what this is, my love?" I held up a Wartenburg pinwheel. Think of a six inch handle topped with a steel pinwheel with sharp pointy spikes.

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