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My Darling Husband


A short, hopefully sweet submission. Please, don't email me giving your views about the morality of the situation I describe here. There are hundreds and thousands of faithful wives out there who are paragons of virtue while their husband's are away serving in skirmishes around the globe. I speak from experience on that subject. Just enjoy the tale.

My Darling Husband

Not long now until you come home. It's been so long now, almost six months. I can't believe that you've had to be celibate for all this time. I know it was a war and everything, and you've been so busy, but how can you manage without it for such a long time?

Thank you for giving me the freedom to play whilst you've been away. You're such a kind, thoughtful husband, so understanding. I don't know of anyone else who would entrust such freedom to his wife, and for that, my darling, I thank you. You can rest easy at nights knowing that I love you. I loved you when you left for that horrible little war, and I love you still. When you come home to me I will have a nice surprise for you, I think you can guess. Can't you? I know you have always enjoyed Melissa's company when she visited, and that you would love to get into her pants. Well… let's wait and see.

I had an adorable fuck last night. He came to the house at seven thirty. Freshly bathed, clean shaven and looking as foxy as ever. I met him at the door dressed like a total slut. You know how whorish I can be. Well, I was wearing those black stockings, you know, the hold ups, those wicked spike heeled black shoes, and not a stitch else. His face when I let him in… it was a picture.

I turned away immediately, giving him a great view of my ass as I climbed the staircase. Of course I swayed my hips so my ass wiggled, just the way that gets you so excited, and when I got to the top stair I turned to see him staring up at me, all slack jawed and ogling.

I sat on the top stair and spread my legs wide. 'Come on up, baby,' I said, come and taste me.'

Well, he almost flew up the stairs, I mean, God, he was so excited. When he put his face down between my legs, and I felt his hot breath on my body… well, my clit was just buzzing, and I could feel my juice begin to slide out of my cunt. I used that word on purpose babe. I know how hard it makes you when I talk dirty. I can tell you, my cunt was so juicy… mmm, I love being such a BAD girl.

He licked me and tickled my clit with his fingers and tongue for an age. When I came… wow! My nipples were so long and so hard; boy did they ache. I just had to pull his face up and have him share my juice with me. I couldn't believe how much cum I had pissed onto his face, but I do taste delicious, even if I say so myself!

By the way, so does Melissa (wink).

After that kiss we went to our bedroom. He stripped quickly and soon had his thick cock in front of my face. Well, what's a girl supposed to do when confronted like that? I put my lips around the big, purple dome of his cock head and just slurped on it like a big, fat lollipop. God, he just went wild. He grabbed a handful of my long hair and just started to stuff my mouth with cock. He was fucking my face, and I had to put my hand on his belly to stop him pushing too far down my throat.

Well, I pulled his lovely fat cock out of my mouth and licked and licked at him. It was fantastic, the look on his face when I looked up at him. I was smearing his wet cock all over my cheeks and face, you know how I do that, and all the time I was talking so dirty to him.

I was like - 'Come on baby, I want you to come all over my face. I want to see that hot stuff spitting from your cock. Come on! Splash your goo on my tits.'

Then I took him back between my lips and sucked on him so hard. I was using my hands on the base of his stalk, and cupping his heavy balls in my palm too. I know you love that, so I was doing ALL my tricks.

I hope this is turning you on where you are; it's certainly doing the trick for me. Baby, I wish you'd been there last night to see me sucking his big, fat cock. I can't wait till I see Melissa sucking on yours.

Anyway, as I was sucking and wanking him, he was groaning and moaning so loud… He had hold of my hair so tight… Then, he caught me by surprise. His big cock gave a sort of pulse, and the next thing I knew, he'd shot a thick bolt of cream right into my mouth. I knew instantly that I would never be able to cope with the volume of the stuff he can cum, so I just pulled him from my mouth, and BOOM, I got a face full of the goo straight away. God, honey, it was like he hadn't come for a month! It just kept on spurting from the eye of his cock; hitting me on the face, hanging from my hair, dripping from my chin, God, I must have looked so slutty.

It was fantastic; he didn't waste a second. No sooner had he finished spitting his jizz over me than he had lifted me up off the stairs, and was carrying me to the bedroom. He's so gorgeous; he kissed me when he laid me on the bed. I love that, having a man taste his own semen off my tongue… well – you knew that didn't you?

I knew I was in for a good fucking, and he didn't disappoint me. His thick cock stayed so big and hard – Mmm. I spread my legs for him and just offered my cunt to his mercy. Did he show me any mercy? I'm pleased to say he didn't. He just pushed his big, blunt cock head against me and pushed. I was so wet and ready his thick dick just slid right into me.

The things he was saying! Oh my, I'm getting all juicy now, just recalling… God, my clit is throbbing, and I can feel my nipples are aching too, pulsing in time with my heartbeat and my clit. I'm going to have to stop soon and get my toys out.

He just filled me right up. I mean – I was so full of his meat that it literally took my breath away. He was so thick…

I could only lay there, my thighs wide as I accommodated him, and he just looked down at me, staring right into my eyes, as though he was stripping my soul…

What a sight I must have looked with his seed spattered across my face and my legs wide, but, God, I felt so fucking horny.

He moved as he looked at me, he had that look in his eyes – almost contempt, as though he could control me, and to be honest my love, at that time he did control me. I don't know how you will feel about THAT, but I have to tell you how intense it was. His eyes bored into mine as he bored into my dripping cunt with his big tool, and all I could do was just lie there and take it.

All of a sudden he just picked up a gear, and then slammed up several more in quick succession. Phew – he was soon slamming his cock in and out of me like a machine; like a relentless piston. Honey, it just felt so damn good.

I remember looking down along the front of my body, my tits were swinging wildly and I could see the lips of my pussy clinging to the wet, shining shaft of his cock as he pumped at me. Of course I took the opportunity to take a little time on my clit with my fingers, and wow… I came almost straight away.

You should have seen his face when I started to swear at him. You know how bad I am when I cum!! I could see he was shocked by the language, but I was actually quite restrained. I just told him I was coming, and how good his thick cock felt as it split my cunt. Nothing unusual about that, is there babe?

Anyway, once I 'd calmed down a little he got a little confidence back; or the shock of my filthy talk wore off, and he pulled that hose of his out of me. I wasn't to be without his length for long however babe, 'cos soon after I found myself on my hands and knees with his fingers holding my ass cheeks wide.

At first I thought he was going to try and stuff his big penis into my tight virgin ass, but he didn't. (maybe we could give that a try when you get home?) What he did do took my breath away! I felt his hot breath down there along my ass crack, and then I felt his wet tongue probing around my asshole. Honey, it felt dee-fucking-vine! It was so, so BAD! Having his tongue pushing into such a taboo place… God!

He licked at my asshole for a few moments, and I could feel that my pussy was wide open and gaping - he was pulling my lips apart at the same time he was holding my ass cheeks wide. Suddenly, I felt his big helmet pushing against me again, and his hands were clasped tightly to my hips. I took his length with no problem at all, and very soon he was stretching my insides with that fat, knobbly cock once again.

Damn it felt good to have him fucking me. He was holding me tight and slamming home roughly – just how I wanted him to! His hard stomach was slapping against my ass, and I could swear that the neighbours must have been able to hear the explosive sounds! My tits were swinging below me, and I was pushing my chest low so that I could feel my sensitive nipples brush against the sheets.

It didn't take much of this rampant fucking before I could tell he was close to exploding. I did my usual little trick of talking dirty. I know it always works on you! I told him how good he felt inside me, and how I'd loved his tongue deep in my ass. I asked him to fuck me… hard, and then harder still. I said I wanted to feel his big cock pulse inside me, and to feel his seed gush into my cunt.

I think it was that, that did it, for indeed, I did begin to feel him pumping his second load into me. Fuck, babe. It was so hot. His cum was jetting into me, and it was like lava bubbling inside me. Of course, feeling him pumping into me, and hearing him groan and moan – well, that just sent me off the deep end too.

Eventually, when he stopped gushing what felt like pints of spunk into me, I just collapsed in a sweat soaked heap on the bed. He just got off me without a word, and as his cum was dribbling out of my sopping cunt, he got dressed and left.

Well, honey. I hope this little tale has turned you on. I can't wait till you get home and we can be so filthy together. You must tell me how you want Melissa, and when. I think that a threesum with me and my best friend is the least I can offer you for being so understanding. You truly are a husband in a million, and I do appreciate you.

Well, babe. I'm going to sign off. He's due back here again tonight, and so I need to get ready and make sure I'm dressed (or undressed) for him when he gets here. Your brother is such a dirty bastard, maybe I should fuck you both together when you get back too. How does that sound to you?

Your loving wife, Abi.

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