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My Daughter's Friend


I was in the kitchen preparing a meal for later, when my daughter Becky came in.

'Hi mum,' she shouted.

'Hey babes, how are you?'

Good day at college?' I replied.

'So so,' was her usual response to my usual question?

I'll have to change my greeting, I thought to myself.

'Mum, Laura's mum is going away for a few weeks in the holiday, can she stay with us while she's gone?' Becky asked.

'Laura?' I said. 'Who is Laura?'

'She's a friend in my class, we share in biology, among other things, she's really nice, and you will love her.'

'Oh I don't know hon, it will disrupt things here won't it?' I said.

'Don't be silly mum, it will be great, and I know she wants to meet you, I showed her that photo of me and you on the beach!'

'You didn't!' I gaped, 'I was almost naked in that.' We both laughed.

'I did, and she said you looked sexier than I do!' Becky said indignantly.

'Still life in the old dog yet then, eh?' I giggled.

'Mum! You are not an old dog, you are beautiful, you are sexy, just because dad can't see it!' She told me.

I thanked her for that, she disappeared upstairs, and reminded me to think about it, and that she wasn't taking no for an answer.

I had already decided, or rather Becky had decided, that her friend Laura was coming to stay and I had to like it, or lump it.

My daughter is 19, and at the local college, she refused to go to any others, as it meant leaving home, she didn't want to do that, I was immensely pleased by her decision to stay here with me.

I'm Lisa, Lisa Franks, I am 39, housewife, husband Dirk works at a processing food company, where he is national sales manager, which means he travels here and there, though not for long periods, we are happy (ish) have a good life, no money worries, nice house, etc etc.

I am 5ft 4" tall; still have a fairly good figure, though I do worry sometimes, about my body heading south!

Auburn shoulder length hair, brown eyes, nice face, usual stuff, I have to confess I have been "naughty" twice in my marriage, once with an old school friend, (a woman!)

And a few times, with a colleague of my husbands, but because it was the same man, does that constitute once?

Really, I'm not too sure.

But that's finished now anyway, I was frightened of being discovered, as we nearly once were.

So now I lead a housewife's life, and am generally quite happy with the way life has shaped for us all.

The following week, Becky and Laura appeared in my home, I nearly fell over when I saw her, she was the reincarnation of Jennifer Lawrence who I had gone to school with, and shared my first taste of proper love between two people, even though were females.

I had loved her with all my heart, but we knew it couldn't go on for ever, so we parted, I tried a couple of other female affairs, but nothing could compare to that, but then I found out how much fun a boy's cock could be too!

So I unconsciously went the "other" way, i.e. heterosexually, and I was quite happy with it too, I had tremendous fun, then I met my husband, and my life moved on to another dimension.

The woman I had an affair with was an Avon lady; who I knew from old, she had called, as they do!

And I sensed something about her, the way she was, and behaved, so after a a couple visits from her, I asked her if she was inclined towards women, she said yes, and it developed into a one off, all day session, which was fantastic.

It took me right back to my lost love, Jennifer.

I realised that I missed her, and wished I could contact her again sometime, but that would have to wait for a time, if not forever.

But it was, and remained in the back of my mind.

'Mum, this is Laura,' she happily introduced us.

Laura took my breath away; I immediately knew she was one of those women/girls, that when she walked into a room, everyman's head would turn to look at her, even women would, and those men that didn't want her, would be gay men!

'Hi Laura, I have heard so much about you, I feel I know you already.' I welcomed her into our home.

'Mrs Franks, great to meet you at last; I have been looking forward to it for ages.' She told me.

'Aargh,' I groaned, 'please, call me Lisa, or mum if you prefer, but do not call me Mrs Franks okay?'

She laughed and agreed. 'Okay, I'll call you Lisa, right?'

I have always been quietly impressed with Becky's beauty, she is taller than me, and better proportioned than I ever was, but Laura out did her by a long way, I hated to admit it to myself, but she was way more beautiful than Becky.

Laura was about 5' 10" tall, and was wearing flattish shoes, ash blond hair, down past her shoulders by about 4", parted in the middle, and a fringe that caught her eyes.

It danced and swayed its way around her head, even in the slightest of movements.

Big blue/azure piercing eyes, that looked more like car headlights!

High cheekbones, squarish chin, creamy lips, and a pert nose.

All on top of a fabulous body, large proud breasts, slim waist, narrow hips, and long legs that went on forever.

She was slender in build, rather than slim.

'Mum!' Becky elbowed me, 'you are staring at Laura, and you are being rude!'

I stammered an apology, and said she had reminded me so much of an old very dear friend.


'Its Okay Lisa,' Laura said quietly to me, 'I understand.'

She fixed me with a knowing stare, and then she and Becky were gone, dashing upstairs together.

Life in the house was a blast, having them around was great fun; even her dad enjoyed it, when he was around.

But I couldn't get Laura, or Jennifer out of my mind, I spent quite a bit of time studying her, and reminding myself of days gone by that I had spent in the arms of Jen.

What I didn't realise is, Laura knew I was watching and looking at her, I knew every turn, every move of her by now, I was enthralled by her, and in her presence too.

She was just so naturally graceful, gorgeous, and sensitive, she knew what I liked, what I wanted, what I wanted to do, her timing around me was perfect, she was there whenever I wanted something, it was uncanny.

Then came the day my walls came down, crashing down too!

I can't remember why, but Becky went out for some reason, it was early morning, and I was at the table in the kitchen having a cup of tea.

Laura came in, wearing a white sleeveless top, low necked, short at the waist, black slacks, and high heels, hair in a loose pony tail, she looked so good.

'Good morning Lisa.'

'Hey Laura,' how are you?'

'I'm good thanks,' she replied. '

'Lisa there is something I want to talk to you about, if you don't mind?'

I was sat at the long end of the table; Laura sat near me on the side of it.

'Not at all, what is it?' I asked her.

'Well I have seen you looking at me, a lot,' she said, 'and I was wondering if you liked what you see?'

I was stunned, I never expected her question come statement, I started to stammer and stutter.

She laughed and said. 'Hey, its okay Lisa, don't worry, I understand why.'

'What do you mean? You understand why?' I said.

'You like me, you think I am beautiful, and you get turned on looking at me, don't you?' She told me.

I gasped now, I couldn't believe that she had nailed me right on in this way, she was dead right, but I would never have said it!

'Come on now, I'm right aren't I?

'But, but, but you're Becky's friend?' I looked away from her now.

'Yes, I know I am Lisa,' she said.

'But you keep looking at me surreptitiously don't you?'

'You keep checking me out.'

'When you think I don't see you looking?' She said.

'Do I make you hot Lisa? Am I making you hot right now? Do you think I'm hot?' She asked me.

Before I could reply, she got up off her chair, walked behind me, and started massaging my shoulders, it was lovely, and I gave out an involuntary moan.

'That's it Lisa, go with it.' Laura said to me.

I know my eyes were closed, because I was away somewhere, somewhere I didn't know of.

'You like?' she whispered in my ear.

Her sweet hot breath washed over me, I could smell her nearness to me.

Laura's hands slid down my breasts, over my nipples, which immediately twitched and jumped to attention, I felt them expand, then her hands went back up, and continued massaging me.

I opened my eyes slowly to see her swinging a very long leg over me, and suddenly she was sitting in my lap facing me, and as she was already taller than me, her height was even greater sat on my lap like this.

I couldn't get my breath, she was massaging my shoulders still, I was in heaven, but not yet knowing that my fate was in this girls hands at this moment.

I felt her finger under my chin, lifting my head up, and her voice saying. 'Look at me Lisa.'

I did, I had to tilt my head right back to do it, and then, staring right into my eyes now. 'You think I am hot and sexy, don't you Lisa?'

My reply was utter rubbish, I could only blub, 'I, I, I, I.'

I tried to look away, but her face tracked mine in unison, left or right, her beautiful smile was there in front of me, I was trapped.

She laughed, and said, 'It's okay, I know what you are feeling for me babes.'

'You do, how?' I quietly asked.

'You have thought of what it would be like to kiss me haven't you Lisa?'

Again I stammered. 'I, I, I, I.'

She interrupted me there, and said. 'No, I've got that wrong haven't I?'

'You have been wondering what it would be like if, I were to kiss you, yes?'

'Please Laura,' I whimpered now.

I was trapped in her eyes, those big blue headlights!

I wanted nothing more in my life right now than her to kiss me, with those beautiful soft, firm inviting lips.

'You have imagined my mouth on yours, haven't you?'

'Having my little pink tongue, in your mouth, tickling your own?'

'Imagined me kissing, and biting your neck haven't you?' She questioned me.

She was taunting me?

She kissed me; I was totally lost, if my life had depended on stopping her, I would have died right there!

'Can you resist me Lisa?'

'Can I do what I want with you; will refuse me, Lisa?'

'Am I wrong Lisa? Am I?

'Answer me right now!' She said into my ear.

'No, no, no you are not wrong, you can do anything Laura' I pleaded.

'Good girl, now do you want me to take you upstairs Lisa?'

'Yes,' I bleated.

'Come on then, let's get going, I am going to do you big time, my little love toy!'

But before she got off me, she nipped my nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

Oooh my, I trembled at her touch, my tummy churned like it does when I am really sexually aroused, and then she made me cum right there on the chair!

Laura laughed softly, and said. 'Just wait until I get you in bed, I'll show you what an orgasm is!'

She leaned in then, bit my neck, and sucked on it, it was bliss.

I managed to blurt out. 'How did you know about me, what gave me away Laura?'

'Like I said, you can't keep your eyes off me, you've been looking at me since the day I got here, even Becky has told me, that you "look" at me, she has wondered why too, and me, being who and what I am, I knew what you were looking at me for!'

I asked. 'Knew what though?

'That you were hot for me, that you wanted me, you needed me, and would give yourself over to me, right?'

'Yes.' I conceded, 'but I didn't want this to happen either, not really.'

'Yes you did, yes you do, and yes you are, understand me Lisa?' She said to me.

She was still murdering my nipples, and driving me to distraction.

'Laura, please!' I moaned. 'Stop'

'You really want me to stop?

'Yes, no, oh I don't know what I want?' I moaned again.

'I do, I know what you want!' She said knowingly, her hair brushing my face, her sweet breath filling my mouth; I wanted to breathe her breath so badly.

'Get upstairs right now!' she ordered me.

'Yes okay,' I said meekly, she rose up off me, and let me off my chair.

'Go on then!' she ordered, and swatted my backside quite hard, it made me jump, and gave me the impetus to move it.

As I got to the bottom of the stairs, she told me to wait, I did, she came to me, and said. 'I think a little order of leadership is required here Lisa, don't you?'

'Yes,' I replied not knowing what she meant.

She put her hand to the back of my head, took a big handful of my hair, and walked off up the stairs; it naturally bent me over, and gave me no option but to scuttle after her, in her wake.

It completely overwhelmed me; I was totally, fully and whole heartedly aroused now by this young beautiful goddess that was my daughter's friend.

She headed straight into my room, the one I shared with my husband, walking to the bed, she stopped at the side, but kept me in motion so that I had to climb on using my knees.

Keeping hold of my hair she made me turn around, I was now kneeling on my bed, my hands at the edge, my knees towards the centre, Laura let go of my hair, and I was able to move my head now.

She took off her top and bra, and I got my first look at those magnificent breasts, her nipples were things of wonder.

Keeping back from me so I could see her beauty, she undid her slacks, and let them fall to the floor, her body was a sight to behold, it was wondrous, beautiful, slender, and perfect in every way, my pussy was heating at the view.

Down slid her thong, and her little golden haired pussy was there in front of me, I was almost at the point of cumming just looking at it, I shuddered, trembled, and my stomach churned again.

'No!' she almost shouted at me.

'Don't you dare cum again, until I say you can okay?'

How did she know I was going to cum?

'Laura, I need to cum, I really do honey.'


I don't know how I did it, but I held myself in check, it was going to be hell, wanting to cum this badly, and she hadn't even touched me yet.

She stepped towards me, and told me to kneel down on my haunches, and keep myself up on my arms, which I did.

This brought her pussy into plain eye level view to me.

She stepped up to me now, and her pussy was millimetres away from my waiting lips, open mouth, and tongue.

Putting her hand on the back of my head she said to me.

'Tell me what you want Lisa, tell me what you want me to do for you baby.'

'Please Laura, let me lick you and kiss you my darling.' I begged her.

'Beg me nicely Lisa, or you will never get to taste my pussy ever!'

'Oh Jesus Laura, please I beg of you, please let me, please allow me to worship you, please?' I almost sobbed out the words.

I was beside myself with lust for this 19 year old beauty before me, how had this happened, I was completely under her spell, she had worked me under her command brilliantly.

I am a 39 year old married mother, and besotted now, helplessly, I just so wanted to be hers.

She reminded me so much of Jennifer, my lost love, was I trying to recreate that?

No, I thought, this was different; I knew that, this was new, so new.

I had always known I was bisexual, and even been in love with another girl in my youth, but I can't remember it being like this, I would sell my soul if it meant having Laura loving me.

She pulled my head into her groin; I inhaled her aroma, sweet nectar, love, pure love was in my face, mouth, tongue, and it assailed my senses.

I began licking and sucking as best as I could from my kneeling position, Laura weaved her hips around on my face, then started pressing forward, pushing me back, I crouched as much as I could, as I began falling backward, and sideward, she continued herself over me, and climbed on to the bed, and me.

I was now on my back, her over me, Laura pushed herself down on me, grabbed my hair and pulled me willingly up into her slithery pussy, and holding my head between her strong thighs, her vagina lips encased my face, I was in heaven now, as I attacked her sweet hole with all my might and vigour, she was going to cum, I knew it, so I continued my loving assault on her, lapping at her clit which was sticking right out.

Laura had her hands behind her, mercilessly twiddling my burning nipples, I was going to cum, and my stomach was churning again.

'If you cum, this will end right now Lisa,' she threatened me.

I couldn't respond as my mouth was enveloped in her vibrating pussy.

I forced myself to obey her; I looked up into her eyes, mine pleading release, please?

All she did was shake her head, no!

She came on me, her juices washed out of her into my waiting mouth, I licked, lapped, and swallowed it all, it was the most momentous moment ever in my life, never had I ever been here.

Laura crouched and hunched herself over me, as she came on my face, holding my head tight against her sweet pussy, her knees clamped around my head, holding me there, I never wanted to be freed from this ever.

Eventually, she calmed down, and began to gently rotate herself on me, as she came back to life, softly moving now, she slid down me, lay at my side, took me in her arms and kissed me, my face still soaking with her love juices.

It was the sweetest, nicest, and softest most loving kiss, I had ever received, I couldn't remember if Jennifer had kissed me like this.

'That was fantastic Lisa, you are a terrific pussy sucker and licker, that for sure,' she giggled.

Oh Laura please, make me cum, I'm so desperate for it, and for you honey.' I kissed her back intensely.

'Maybe I will, you think you have earned the right to cum Lisa?'

'Laura, please.' I begged her now.

'Okay baby, get your clothes off and let me have a look at you, to see if you are worth my attention!'

That put the fear of God into me, what if she said I wasn't worth it, that I was too old for her to bother with.

I got up, and undressed slowly now, I was dreading any negative comments she might have of me.

'Stand there Lisa, let me have a look at you, turn around nice and slow, so I can see if you are in shape, and if you could handle being done over by me,' she told me.

I can never remember feeling like this, so in fear of something I wanted so badly being denied me, and nothing for me to do about it.

If she refused me, what could I have done about it?

The answer was. Nothing!

'Mmmm' she said, 'not bad for an old broad,' she laughed at me.

I laughed too, but only to try and gain her consent.

'Come here Lisa.' She said.

I threw myself at her, and onto the bed.

I grabbed her in my arms, I wanted to hold her and kiss her so bad!

'Whoa there tiger,' she said.

'Take your arms off me now.' It was an order, I obeyed.

She got up off the bed, turned and dipped her fingers into my boiling, raging hot pussy, 'Want to cum Lisa?' she asked me.

'Yes Laura, I want to cum so much, please Laura, please do me,' I begged again.

'Wait right there,' she told me, and left the room.

She came back in a moment, I was shocked, stunned, stupefied all at the same time, she was fastening on a double strap on dildo!

Her end of it was already in her pussy.

She climbed onto the bed, pushed me flat, climbed over me, propped herself up on her elbows, and drove the dildo right in, and up me.

'Don't you dare cum Lisa; you know what the consequences will be!'

'Laura,' I moaned, 'please?'

'In a moment pet don't worry; you will cum very soon, just hang on baby okay?'

My arms were around her shoulders, my fingers digging into her, and holding onto her back, as she fucked me hard with the dildo, my legs tight, and feet crossed around her waist, I hung on for grim death awaiting her word, my release was hers to give.

She smiled down at me, as she copied the grimaces and contortions on my face that reflected the torment I was being made to endure.

Her kiss enveloped me.

'Cum for me Lisa, let it go,' she whispered into my ear now.

A bomb went off in me, I exploded into a million pieces, it shattered me, never has an orgasm blasted its way through me like that.

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