tagMatureMy Daughter's Hot Friend

My Daughter's Hot Friend


They say it's not wise for an older guy to be left alone with a young girl as it what happens may get misunderstood. For me offering my daughters friend a lift home didn't gt me in trouble but it did get me hard.

My wife and I married young. We didn't intend to but a bit of teen fun led to my girlfriend, as she was getting pregnant. So on my twentieth birthday we got married and our daughter Laura was born four months afterwards. As we had married young I had missed out on my days of adventure with my friends before settling down. Little was I to know that at nearly forty I was to relive my teen years with a girl half my age.

Our daughter had just finished school and her and her eighteen year old school friends had gone out to celebrate. At one in the morning my wife and I were woken up by noises downstairs. Going to investigate discovered our daughter and her friend Debbie raiding the fridge. It was clear they weren't sober. It was at this point my life was about to be turned around. Laura smiled at me and asked in that cute way that daughters always do when they want something.

"Daddy can you give Debbie a lift home?"

She went on to explain that Debbie and her parents were going on holiday the next day and Debbie had promised to come home that night so that they could go on holiday the next day.If she wasn't back when they got up she was going to be in deep trouble.

It was clear I had no option but to give the girl a lift home. Either that or put up with incessant nagging from my teenage daughter. It seemed the easy way out. As it was a hot summer night I went upstairs and put on just a pair of jogging pants and a T shirt. In five minutes we were in the car and on the way to Debbie's. She explained the quickest way was via the park perimeter and that way we would save a couple of miles on the journey.

Like all teenagers do now Debbie was wearing not much to go the club they had been to. She was wearing a tight pair of black hot pant type shorts and a sheer top with a black bra underneath. Whilst Debbie was eighteen, like Laura, she had small breasts and a very slim waist which made her look younger. She also had a bum to die for. It was also very clear she wasn't wearing any knickers under her shorts. We were chatting about her holiday, anything to get my mind of her tiny bum and the shorts disappearing up it.

My cock however was having none of this and was starting to create a real bulge in my jogging pants. Debbie clearly noticed this and said

" I see you like what I'm wearing!"

I mumbled something and she said

"It's alright your cock is getting as hard as my pussy's getting wet".

I had to stop the car before I crashed it. She then turned to me and said

"Here's something to get you really hard" and she took her top off and unclipped her bra. As I said she only had small breasts probably little more than 32A's but her nipples were as hard as nails. This girl wasn't lying, she was as horny as hell. She leant over and put her hand down my pants. I thought my cock couldn't get harder. I was wrong! She lent down and pulled down my pants to take my cock fully out. I have always been faithful to my wife but now I was being tempted beyond belief.

I moved the car on a few yards and saw an alleyway and pulled into it. Debbie got out of the car and said she wanted me to fuck her over the cars bonnet. She laid back over the bonnet and pulled me towards her. I pulled down her shorts which were by now dripping with her juices and saw she was completely shaven down below.

My wife had always kept herself trimmed but I had never been with a woman with a shaven pussy. Now this eighteen year old tempress was offering me hers. I lifted her up the bonnet so I could get her pussy closer to my mouth and I started slurping her love juices. The way she was moaning it was clear she was about to come and soon she lifted her head up and moaned in ecstacy as she came like a torrent.

It was clear than she wanted to return the favour and got down and took my hard cock in her mouth. It was clear it wasn't the first she had done this as she seemed to know all the right spots on my cock to get me really going and soon I unloaded a full load down her throat.

She stood up and soon we were french kissing passing each others juices between our mouths. She wrapped her arms around my neck and wrapped her long legs round my waist. She was so light I could pick her bum up in one hand and guided my now hard again cock into her wet pussy. This left the other arm able to play with her nipples. We soon came again. She calmly stood up put her shorts and bra back on and got back into the car.

When I dropped her off she lean over and kissed me goodnight and said.

"When I get back of holiday you can check out my tan lines."

It was clear that the horny teenager wanted more than just a one off.

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