tagGroup SexMy Dearest Amber

My Dearest Amber


I have been friends with Amber for as long as I can remember. Even though I find her very attractive, nothing has really ever happened between us. She was the first girl I ever kissed, but that was when we were in elementary school. Neither of us has married yet, and we are now in our late twenties. Many of our other friends have told us that we should get together, but we've always just kind of laughed it off. When we were alone though, the topic had come up a few times. We had agreed that all it could ever really do is hurt our relationship. We both have known each other too long and know too much about each other for a romantic relationship to succeed.

Amber is a very attractive woman. She stands 5' even and is very thin. I'd be surprised if she weighs even 100 lbs. She has shoulder-length light brown, curly hair. Due to her petite frame, she has very tiny tits. I have seen her in a bra and I could barely even make out the shape of them.

Neither of us has ever had any problems meeting people, but we haven't met the right person. We'd both been involved in what would be considered long-term relationships over the years, but they'd never led to anything of consequence. We have discussed our sex lives with each other, but have never really gotten in-depth.

Amber and I have an open-door policy with each other, meaning that we just walk into each other's homes without knocking. It was just this policy that led to an event that changed our relationship forever.

It was a Tuesday evening, about 8:00pm when I decided to pay Amber a visit. I had run a few errands, and her house was on my way home, so I figured I'd stop in and say hello. I noticed a car parked in front of her house, but since it wasn't in her driveway, and it had Virginia plates when we live in Maryland, I assumed it had nothing to do with her.

When I walked in the door, I could hear muffled voices coming from one of the side rooms. I don't know just why I didn't call out to her, but something inside me must have told me not to. As I followed the voices down the hallway, I realized that they were coming from her master bedroom. Her bedroom has double doors, and I could see that one was closed, while the other was wide open. I stood behind the closed door, and peeked through the open doorway.

What I saw shocked the hell out of me. I saw Amber sit down on the bed, and a man and a woman standing over her. All three of them were dressed up. Amber had on a black dress, the man wore a shirt and tie, and the other woman wore a button-down dress shirt and black pants. The woman was very attractive. She was average height; maybe 5'6" with a nice build, not too thin, but not big by any means, just soft. She had long brown curly hair that fell upon her large breasts. The man was around 6' tall with a muscular build, and short brown hair.

Amber reached up and grabbed the man's tie, pulling his lips into hers. They kissed passionately until they were interrupted by the other woman. She pushed her husband away and placed her lips on Amber's. As I saw Amber's tongue enter the woman's mouth, I heard the woman let out a low, soft moan. The woman pulled her lips from Amber's, and they both looked to the husband.

"Get back here, Mark." Amber said.

Amber stood up, joining the other two.

"Kathy, do you mind if I undress your husband?" Amber asked.

"Not at all", Kathy replied, "As long as you undress me next!"

Amber reached up to Mark's collar and undid his tie, throwing it across the room. As she unbuttoned his shirt, she kissed her way around his stomach, paying close attention to his nipples. She threw the shirt to the ground, and took hold of his belt. She undid the buckle then slowly pulled the belt through the loops. She then reached up and pulled Mark to the bed. Amber got up from the bed and knelt in front of him. She removed his shoes and socks first. She then reached up and undid his pants, then pulled them down and off. Mark's erection was clearly poking through his briefs. Instead of removing them, Amber turned to Kathy.

"I believe it's your turn." Amber said, seductively.

The two women stood and joined each other in front of Mark. Amber started to unbutton the top button of Kathy's shirt. As she had with Mark, Amber kissed every inch of Kathy's flesh as it became exposed. Kathy wore a black see-through bra that Amber ignored. Again, Amber pushed Kathy to the bed, next to Mark. Amber went to remove Kathy's black shoes, but discovered they were boots. She pushed her pant-leg up until the top of the knee-high boot was exposed. She unzipped the boot and pulled it off. As the boot came off her leg, her pant-leg slid back down. Amber then repeated the process on her next foot. Amber removed Kathy's socks before reaching up to her waist. She undid the tight black pants and shimmied them down Kathy's legs. She wore a matching black see-through pair of bikini panties.

As Amber stood up, Kathy joined her. "Now it's your turn." Kathy said.

Kathy's job was much easier. She placed her fingers on the spaghetti-straps of Amber's dress and pushed them off her shoulders. The dress fell straight to the floor, exposing Amber. She was wearing no bra, so her tiny tits were now in plain view. They were the smallest tits I'd ever seen. She had tiny little nipples that almost covered the entirety of her tits. Amber had earlier kicked off her shoes, so she stood there in only a tiny black thong. She had an amazingly tight little ass that looked incredible, barely covered by the little thong.

Kathy and Amber joined Mark on the bed. Amber was surrounded by the couple. She turned and kissed Mark, then Kathy. Kathy and Mark knelt up, hovering over Amber. Kathy kissed Amber on the lips, then started moving slowly down over her body. Mark did just the opposite, kissing Amber's feet, and then started moving slowly up her body. As Kathy kissed and sucked on Amber's nipples, Mark kissed and sucked her calves. As Kathy kissed and sucked Amber's stomach, Mark kissed and sucked Amber's thighs. Eventually Kathy and Mark met each other at Amber's crotch. The husband and wife kissed each other before smothering Amber's panties with licks and nibbles. I could see the anticipation on Amber's face as they played with her panty-covered pussy. Kathy and Mark each placed a finger under the waistband of Amber's panties, and then slowly pulled them down. When they got to her sex, the panties clung to Amber's pussy for a second, then came free and down over her feet and finally to the floor. Amber's pussy was shaved completely bare, and even from where I stood, I could see that she was sopping wet.

Mark moved up and took Amber's left breast in his mouth. Kathy, on the other hand, placed her hand over Amber's sex. She began moving her hand around Amber's crotch, rubbing her moist lips. After a few moments of teasing, Kathy slipped one of her fingers into Amber's love-hole. Amber moaned her approval as her friend penetrated her. As Mark continued playing with Amber's little breasts, Kathy increased her frigging of Amber's snatch. Amber seemed to be enjoying Kathy's actions and began guiding Kathy's hand. Amber pulled her friend's hand from her crotch and moved Kathy's moist finger into her own mouth. Kathy licked her finger clean. Amber pulled her up to her mouth and shoved her tongue into Kathy's mouth. As the two women explored each other's mouths, Mark moved down Amber's body.

When Mark reached Amber's crotch, he placed his lips over her pussy. He stuck out his tongue and began licking her pussy lips. Amber yelped when she felt Mark's tongue on her, but Kathy just continued kissing her. As they kissed, Kathy reached down and started pinching Amber's nipples. Amber reached around and placed her arms around Kathy. She pulled her friend towards her and unhooked her bra. Her large tits sprang free and Amber's mouth was soon covering Kathy's left nipple. Mark was now devouring Amber's little pussy. Kathy by this time had pulled her hand from Amber's breast and placed it over her own crotch, rubbing her pussy through her panties. It wasn't long before Amber noticed what she was doing.

"Why don't you let me help you with that?" Amber asked her. Amber placed her hand over Kathy's and pulled it away. She then slid her tiny hand under Kathy's panties. Kathy gave Amber a helping hand and shimmied her panties down her legs. Unlike Amber, Kathy's pussy sported a full brown bush. Amber resumed fingering Kathy's pussy, but apparently Kathy longed for more. She swung her right leg over Amber's head and squatted over her mouth. Amber reached up and placed her hands on Kathy's hips, and then pulled her down onto her mouth. Kathy let out a low, guttural moan as Amber lapped at her pussy. Hearing his wife's moan, Mark pulled his mouth from Amber's crotch. He reached up and grabbed a pillow, then placed it beneath Amber's ass, lifting it into the air. Mark gave his cock a few tugs, and then moved it towards Amber's pussy.

He hesitated as he placed it at the entrance to her pussy. He then plunged himself into Amber. This was completely unexpected for Amber, since her view was obstructed by Kathy smothering her face. As Mark entered her, I could hear an unmistakable cry escape Amber's lips. This didn't deter Mark one bit as he began plunging in and out of her. Kathy was riding Amber's face rubbing her crotch over Amber's mouth. Kathy's rubbing increased its pace as she began to cry out in pleasure. She got louder and louder until she cried out one last time as she shuddered and climaxed onto Amber's face. Kathy rolled off of Amber and collapsed onto the bed next to her. Amber now turned her attention to Mark.

She reached down and rubbed her hands over his firm chest. Mark was slamming into her with abandon. Amber reciprocated by thrusting her hips up towards him. Just as Kathy had, Amber began to cry out her approval. She dug her heels into Mark's back, trying in vain to pull his length deeper into her.

"Oh shit!" Mark exclaimed, as he emptied his load into her. Mark stopped his thrusting, but Amber wasn't finished. She still was thrusting up into him. Mark eventually realized what she was doing and began slamming back into her. Amber's face was becoming a dark shade of red. She bit her lip and cried out with pleasure. She then fell back onto the bed, lying motionless. When Mark's cock slipped out of her, her pussy made a slurping noise. When he was totally out, his come dribbled down her thigh.

As Amber lay on the bed, she opened her eyes, and looked towards the door. She was startled to see me standing in the doorway, wiping my own come off of my cock. I simply placed a finger over my lip, letting her know she needn't react. Mark and Kathy were gathering their clothing, so I slipped into a side bedroom. I heard them say their goodbyes, and waited to hear the front door closing. As soon as it closed, Amber yelled out for me, "Mike, where are you?"

I walked into her bedroom to find her hiding beneath her sheets. "What are you doing here?" She asked sheepishly.

I explained to her the chain of events, and she seemed to be understanding. I then continued further, "Amber, I need to tell you, I was incredibly turned on. You looked so beautiful with them. I love you Amber, I always have, and I want to be with you." As the words escaped my lips, I couldn't believe that I was finally saying them.

"Wow, I don't know what to say!" She replied. "I love you too Mike, I always have. I'd be more than happy to be with you, but I don't know if I can."

"What do you mean by that?" I asked.

"I mean that, I love you, and I'd love to be with you, but I've never been able to be with just one man." She explained. "Sexually, I need to be with many people. I've been doing this for a few years now, and I need it. I doubt that you could handle that."

Regrettable, I answered, "You're probably right, I don't know if I could ever be in a relationship like that, but Amber, I need you, I need to be with you right now!"

"Mike, I want to be with you too, but not like this, I want to do it the right way." She told me.

"Amber, I'm sorry, but I don't care about all that!" I said, as I moved closer towards her.

"Listen," she said, "Let me take a shower and freshen up, okay?"

"No problem, I'm not going anywhere." I answered. I gave her a kiss, and then headed for the living room to give her space.

As I waited, I stripped down to my boxers and sat on the couch waiting. After about an hour or so, I heard her bedroom door open. I looked up to see a beautiful vision. Amber was standing in front of me bare-ass naked. She extended her hand and led me to the bedroom. When we walked inside, I saw that she had placed at least a dozen candles around the room, and the air smelled of fresh perfume. I also, noticed that she had changed the sheets, and replaced them with light blue satin sheets. She sat down at the foot of the bed and pulled me down on top of her. We rolled around the bed for a few moments, before our faces met. I looked deep into her eyes as my lips moved towards hers. Just as our lips met, I shut my eyes and savored the moment. I still couldn't believe that my dear friend Amber was laying there naked as we kissed passionately for the first time. I had wanted this moment to happen for so long, and finally it was becoming reality. Amber rolled on top of me and ground her crotch over mine.

Each time she moved her crotch, she slid lower down my body. As she slid her way down she kissed her way over every inch of my lips, then my chin, then my chest, then my stomach, until she stopped at my belly button. She then tore my boxers from my body, freeing my manhood. She wrapped her hands around my length and began stroking me up and down. She wasn't wasting any time though and her pussy was soon rubbing against my scrotum. She removed her hand from my cock and slid her hips up until she was straddling my crotch. She looked up at me and smiled, then sighed, "I've wanted this for so long. I've always imagined feeling you inside me!"

She closed her eyes and sank down onto me, my length disappearing inside her. Her pussy was incredibly warm and inviting. It took her a few moments to grow accustomed to my size, but after a few bounces over me, she began working up a rhythm. For all the fuckings she must have had, she still was pretty tight, and her muscles strained to allow me into her. I flipped Amber onto her back and fucked her in the good old missionary position. I looked at her beautiful face as I pistoned my cock into her pussy, fucking her like an animal. She threw her legs over my shoulders allowing me to penetrate her deeper. She was crying out each time I plowed into her. I could feel that familiar sensation building up inside me and I knew I couldn't hold out much longer. All of a sudden, her muscles tightened around me and I could feel her pussy walls shuddering over my cock. That was all I could take, and I lost it, my juices spewed from my cock as we climaxed simultaneously.

Amber and I collapsed onto the bed next to each other, our sweaty bodies entangled, both of us savoring the unbelievable excitement we'd just shared.

"I can't believe we just fucked!" She exclaimed.

I laughed and said, "Amber, I don't think I'll ever be able to be without you now!"

"Mike, I'm sorry, but I'm not a one-man kind of girl." She reminded me.

"I know Amber, I know." I answered. "I don't need to marry you; I just need to be with you. It would be perfect; we could share our lives with each other, but share our bodies with others. Isn't that the ideal relationship?"

"Are you sure you can handle that?" She questioned me.

"Absolutely," I replied enthusiastically, "I think I could get used to fucking anyone I want, then coming home with you! It'll be great."

Amber looked at me and smiled, then flung herself into my arms. "I can't believe you feel that way, I'm so happy, I love you Mike, I love you, I love you, I love you!"

We were both giddy with delight. We fell asleep together that night, and I started moving my things into her place the very next day. We had come to an agreement, and I was anxious to start our new life. In the back of my mind, I was a little unsure, but I was also ecstatic knowing that my new incredible girlfriend would allow me to fuck anyone I wanted, and I'd be able to watch her with others as well. I couldn't believe my incredible fortune!

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