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My Demise


Hi I'm Shelley, and I have an awful secret to tell, its something I want to write about because I'm trying to deal with my guilt, and the fact that I have found out something about my self that I didn't know.

I am 21, newly married to Paul, Paul Watson my husband, he's a lovely man, and that adds to my guilt, I don't deserve him, but what's happened has happened and now I've got to face the truth, and try and accommodate it into my life and hope it doesn't all fall down around my ears.

I am pretty, very pretty; my chestnut hair is long as is the fashion of young women, brown almond eyes, nice nose, a kissy mouth, and pouty, friends tell me, good chin, nice neck, pert upturned tits that can make me cum when handled in the right way, tight rounded firm arse, and bottomed off by shapely toned legs!

Great sensitive body that is well proportioned to my size. I know that because it's me who's in it, 5 feet if I stretch myself, I've always had plenty of attention as I grew up from boys and men, including some of my dad's friends, I lost my virginity quite early in life, and I love sex, nothing unusual about that,

Then I met Paul, he is 4 years older than me, he literally swept me off my feet, I fell in love with him almost on the first date, it disappointed a couple of boys I knew, but hey ho, I was 18 going on 19 when we met, 2 years later we are now married, 2 whole months! We have a house with a mortgage, and struggling a little for money sometimes as young couples do.

Paul has been lucky enough to be born with a brain that has enabled him to get a good job, so we are never going to be destitute; he is an assistant design engineer at a large consulting company, good promotion hopes and works in the same office as his boss Mr Cox.

He has taken Paul under his wing, he rates him because he is clever, keen, and willing to put the hours in if needed without moaning, he doesn't get paid overtime so it doesn't happen too often, but when it does, Paul is there doing the job.

Our sex life is great when we have it, which isn't as often as I would like really because my sex drive is way higher than Paul's but when we fuck, we fuck!

We love playing games in bed as most young couple's do, his favourite is having me tie his wrists to his ankles, he just loves being wanked that way, and having my middle finger up his arse, I can drive him nuts by taking absolutely ages before I let him cum, I wank furiously at first, then stop just before he can shoot, he tries to fool me into thinking he isn't going to cum, but I always know, because he lets out a little bleat.

I kiss and lick the head of his cock for a while, he begs me to suck it, all I do is shake my head, no, then I'll go back to wanking, then sucking, and after about 20 to 30 minutes later, I make him cum, I run my hands up and down his cock slow, oh so slow, but I continue and he is beside himself with fear that I'll stop, but I don't and he blasts his cum into my waiting mouth, I leave him tied up then and disappear downstairs for a while, making him wait for me, before I return for a great fuck.

I don't work, Paul doesn't want me to, which suits me fine because I don't want to either, at the back of our house we have double French type doors that open onto the garden and I love them except we don't have a patio, and those bloody doors became the catalyst of my problems, I got onto Paul about having a patio laid, and a small wall built to enclose it, so I could sunbathe, or just sit outside.

He eventually gave in during one of our wanking sessions, my patio I told him, or you aren't cumming! Please Shelley he begged, Patio? I said as I raised an eye brow, oh Shell, yes yes he pleaded now; okay you can have it, yes. I made him cum that day as he had never cum!

So we started looking for someone to do it, through local papers, and shop windows that advertised things, we got 5 different quotes, but the one we settled on was cash only, no VAT, or anything else, which could save is a few quid.

The contractor who we agreed the price with came with his 2 partners, all were in there 20s or early 30s, it would take a week, probably a bit more, but the cash price was the price we agreed, we were happy with things. A week later they turned up, they had called to make sure I was home, and round they came, big lorry etc, full of bricks, sand and cement, a mixer, tools paving slabs, all very professional it appeared to me.

And they set to work, as the week wore on, we became jokey with each other, lunch breaks, and tea breaks were taken in my kitchen, I was flirty with them, they were flirty with me, they were Dan, Andy, and Mark, Dan was the boss, Andy was a black boy, and Mark was just plain lovely, they were all good looking and very masculine, I took to having little fantasies about one of them, and sometimes all of them, and I would have to go upstairs to relieve myself, huge orgasms I had.

The problem arose on the Friday night; Paul told me he wouldn't be able to pay them in cash as agreed on the Tuesday of next week, until the end of the month, 2 weeks away. What? I blazed at him, what am I going to tell them I said! I'm sorry Shell; but I haven't got the spare money until I get paid. But we promised them I told him, they'll go mad!

On the Monday morning, Paul went to work, 30 minutes later they turned up, they were great to me, asking about my weekend etc, did I give hubby one they laughed, I giggled, but they could see I was upset about something,

Paul hadn't got one, Paul hadn't got anything, I was so angry with him, he had promised these 3 men, and they were brilliant, the patio was looking a dream, and now I had to tell them they weren't going to get their money for another 2 weeks.

Dan, I stuttered can I have a quick word in the kitchen please, I said, sure honey he replied, and gave me a quick hug, this surprised me because nothing had happened to make him do this, did he have a 6th sense I wondered.

Dan I said, we have a problem. We have a problem? What is it, he asked me. It's the money, I told him. Oh no he said, are you telling me you can't, or aren't going to pay us, he quite angrily retorted Its Paul, I said he has told me he can't get the money for another 2 weeks until he gets paid from work, I cried now, I'm so sorry I wept. Okay he said, the patio is coming up, no pay, no play! Please I begged him don't do that, he went outside for a conference with the other two, and I waited in the kitchen for whatever they decided. 20 minutes later they came in, right he said, this is the offer we are making, it's a one time deal, you agree or we are gone, and your husband will get a beating, and we will still chase him down for the money he owes us.

What is it, I sobbed, not knowing what my fate was going to be, but I soon found out. You are going to be our fuck toy, he said, all day tomorrow, we will finish the job, and hubby can pay us in full in 2 weeks time, Deal?

What, I yelled at them, no way, I am not doing that, find some other way, and you can all fuck off! Okay Dan said, outside now you two, get that patio up, and knock that wall down as well. Please no! I begged, don't do that please please.

You have an option Shelley, Dan said, what's it going to be? I thought for a moment, okay yes, I will I said quietly, I don't seem to have a choice do I? No you don't, unless you want that lot out there demolished before your very eyes.

They all but finished the patio that day, I never went out to them, my heart was burning, I was going to give them my body, I was going to be unfaithful to my husband, I've only been married 2 months I cried to myself, but it was his fault, it was he who had reneged on the deal he had made.

When they bade there farewell's that afternoon, Dan said to me, don't worry too much Shelley, we are all good men, you might even enjoy it, in fact, I'm sure you will, now you be ready for us, and be wearing something really sexy and lacy, and remember, its this way or the patio goes the highway, okay?

That night Paul asked me how it had gone, I told him I hadn't said anything to them yet because I wanted the Patio to be finished first, which it would be by tomorrow.

I couldn't help being a bit withdrawn that evening, Paul asked me if anything was wrong, no I said, it's just women's things below I lied. He accepted that, and we went to bed, he snored his head off, I lay awake most of the night wondering how things would pan out the next day.

To be honest, as the thought of being their "fuck toy" as Dan had so quaintly put it, went round in my head, I started to imagine being fucked by them, it got me aroused, and I hated myself for it, but it did.

Next day arrived, Paul went to work, I stayed upstairs and got out my stockings, suspenders, tiny miniscule mini skirt that barely covered my bum, high heels, a very lacy thong, and a tiny tank top the looked more like a wide belt than a top to hold my tits in place, and no bra.

I had showered and got dressed, I brushed my hair and it was in perfect condition, it looked great, softly hanging down past my shoulders, I did my make up, not too much, just enough to highlight my eyes, I was ready, I checked myself in the mirror, I looked fantastic, totally fuckable, and oh so sexy, even though I do say so myself.

Dan and the boys were going to be very happy with you I thought, as I glanced in the mirror one last time before I went down to wait for them, it was then I realised my pussy was wet, and my nipples were burning like embers of coal!

I heard them arrive, so I stood up as they entered the kitchen, oh my God Shelley you look absolutely gorgeous, how can any one woman look that good, it's unfair on the rest of the female population, Dan said.

His words seemed to heighten my growing arousal, Paul was out of my thoughts now, all I wanted was to get it on with them, I'm so glad you like me, have I dressed the way you wanted me to Dan, I asked, as I pirouetted for them, he took me in his arms for an answer, and kissed me, I lost my breath, I had to back off for a moment.

Then Andy grabbed me, the coloured boy, I had never been any where near a black person before, and his kiss was different somehow, but it was still very nice, I licked my lips as he passed me on to Mark, his kiss devastated me, his lips seemed to lock on to mine. It was as if mine and his had been sculpted for each others, I couldn't break it, it was the most wonderful kiss I had ever experienced in my young life, and I've had a few, let me tell you! He kept my mouth glued to his, and I didn't even try to get away now, how could I not want this soft, gentle, overpowering and overwhelming kiss to go on.

It was Dan who broke it by pulling me away, I was in a daze, and totally turned on now, I wanted cock, I wanted to be fucked, and fucked I was going to be!

Then a mobile rang, it was for Mark my wonderful kissing machine, how I couldn't wait to be in his arms again, but it was his mother, she had taken a fall, and he had to go to attend to her, oh no I thought why couldn't it have been one of the others, damn it!

He grabbed me away from Dan, this isn't finished yet Shelley he told me, and kissed me again, I was in heaven, but he was turning me on and up for the other two, they were going to benefit from his kisses.

He left, Dan and Andy took me into the sitting room, where Dan told Andy to sit down and undo his pants, and then told me to get on my knees in front of him and suck his cock, I was stripped in seconds, all but my stockings and suspenders were off!

I had never seen a black cock before, I had seen photos, but this was a real live black cock in front of me, and it was hard, and it was beautiful, and it was pointed at my mouth, I dived at it, and got sucking as hard as I could, my head was bobbing up and down as fast as I would go, Dan had got down behind me, and was now rifling his terrific prick into and out of my soaking pussy,

If only Paul could have seen this he would be mortified, at watching his young faithful bride being royally screwed by these two hunks, and now being very happily unfaithful!

Dan shot his load into my waiting pussy, Andy came in my hot mouth, and I came too, three explosions all at once, and I got the added benefit of 2 lots of man spunk jetting into me at both ends, I felt my pussy pulling Dan's spunk up into me, and Andy's spunk sliding down my open throat, fabulous. Lets go upstairs why don't we I offered, lead the way Dan said, but I was picked up and thrown over his shoulder, and he slapped me on the arse as he carried me up, making me squeal and laugh at the same time.

Andy, behind us was kissing me and mauling my tits on the way up, Dan fingered my arse, and pussy, I never came down from my orgasm, they both saw to that! I was flopped down onto the bed; Andy got straight on top of me, and rammed his already hardened prick into my sopping pussy, he fucked me like a mad man, my God, he was relentless, I came again, then I came again after that

If only Paul could fuck me like this I thought? Jesus Paul what would happen now, I was enjoying this a lot more than I should be, in fact I shouldn't be enjoying it at all, in reality I was being raped wasn't I? But I've heard a saying some where, that you can't rape the willing can you?

Well I was willing, more than willing, I wanted it, and I wanted more too. I was being fabulously fucked by this young black man, and waiting on the side for another go, was Dan! Andy grunted and held me in a sort of death grip as he came in me again, sending me over the top into another orgasm, how many was I going to have?

He rolled off me, Dan got on the bed, please I begged him, let me rest for just a moment, you can have anything you want, but please just a minute or so. He granted my request, but insisted on us kissing, I was quite happy with that, and we had a real loving kissing session, I felt Andy probing my arse, humph humph, I mumbled into Dan's mouth, I wasn't able to get my hands down far enough to stop him, his finger entered and sunk in all the way in. It was the most automatic turn on I had ever had, I arse was a virgin, and I just knew one of them, Andy probably, was going to get my cheery.

I felt for Dan's cock now, I wanted it where it would do me the most good, and he gladly obliged, he rolled over and made me get on top of him, fantastic! He was fucking me from underneath, and I was fucking him from on top, he pulled me to him as he wanted to kiss me as we coupled. I then felt Andy and his finger enter my arse again; he was driving it in and out in unison with me and Dan. I wasn't going to last long at this rate I thought to myself, and I didn't, I exploded into bits again, how many times have I cum I pondered, I didn't know, but I did know I hadn't finished yet, nor had they finished with me.

Andy seemed to have vanished into thin air, then he reappeared, I felt him again in my arse with his finger, why don't you just get on with it and fuck me there I shouted at him, what I didn't know was, he was smearing me with my own baby oil, and he was just about to fuck my arse when I told him to, I was still on top of Dan, so my legs were split wide apart, I wasn't going to be able to close my legs if I wanted to, Dan had his arms around me so I was laying on him, on my knees and I did want to close them too, but I couldn't, at the first thrust of his cock as he buried it into me right up to the hilt!

My knees were either side of Dan's hips, Andy's knees were inside my calves, I had no where to go, and Andy started a real humping in my now ravaged arse, he drove me mad with it, it was painful, but so arousing, I was screaming into Dan's mouth as he fucked me into oblivion.

I found myself laid out on my bed, the sheets were soaked with their cum and my juices, I was in a dreadful state, but so so satisfied, you have done something to me boys, you really have, I had had the time of my life, I just wish Mark had been here to be a part of it.

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