tagLoving WivesMy Demise Ch. 01

My Demise Ch. 01


It had been a week now since my life altering and shattering day of sex with 2 of the builders that had conned me into being whatever they had wanted me to be, but I had loved it, it had been fabulous to be fucked like that, I had always been a sex loving lady, even when I was younger I had wanted it, but I had no idea I craved it, the way they had made me crave it.

Now my husband was in trouble even though he didn't know it, I loved him for sure, but I needed sex, and more than he could give me, it had taken days for my body to get over the wonderful ravaging that Dan and Andy had put me through, but I was okay now, and my pussy was wanting to get back to work, Paul had benefited from my short layoff, but I was back on the prowl, and he was my target.

I got him that weekend, and because I had left him alone for a while he was up for a weekend's sex with me, that left me satisfied, but I had thought of Dan and Andy while we fucked and that drove me higher in my orgasms too.

He was happy that he had given me what I wanted, and he had, but with the unknown help of Dan and Andy.

I thought now that I could never be satisfied again by just one man, I was a nymphomaniac I was sure of that, or a slut or both, Dan and Andy had seen to that

The following Friday night was the annual office party, it was all free, taxis, hotel everything.

I had bought a beautiful but revealing dark bronze cocktail dress for it, to match my chestnut hair, tiny thin straps holding it up, low cut with a small 2" vent at the front that confirmed my swelling cleavage, high hemmed, with matching backless high heels, no bra, no panties, I was nearly all of 5feet 4" (nearly) Wow!

Paul was almost dumb struck when he saw me in it, my hair flowing and dancing around my shoulders, a little gold necklace topped it all off.

He loved it, and hated it at the same time; he knew I would be getting lots of attention from the men, and scowls from lots of the women, but he was so proud to have me by his side

Though his jealousy would be more than matched by that of the men there, because I was with him, and the women, because I knew I was the best looking woman that would be there.

The taxi came, Paul put our overnight bag in, and off we went.

We arrived fashionably late, but not too late, we were announced, we ate, and drank, the speeches and accolades were given, and then we started to party, I danced with Paul the first few times, but we kept getting interrupted by men wanting to dance with me, Paul wasn't really too happy, but it was a party, and I wanted to enjoy myself with these handsome men, and boys, although I didn't say that to him.

I was groped, kissed, necked, and propositioned by lots of them, all while Paul's back was momentarily turned, I loved it and I was as horny as hell too.

But it was his boss Mr Cox who surprised me the most, he was about 45 years of age, but really not too sure, and he danced like a gazelle, he was brilliant, even Paul was happy watching us, and he is ever so good looking, in an understated way, no airs or graces, what you saw was what you got, and I didn't know it just yet, but he was going to get me next week.

I was now hornier than ever, but back to the party, Paul told me he and some colleagues, were just going into the next room for a chat about work, they don't always often see each other all together, so he would be back in about 45 minutes or thereabouts.

I acceded to him and away he went, I was immediately attended to by one of his younger colleagues, if he was 18 he was day!

He asked me to dance, I wanted a breath of fresh air outside, but I said yes okay, we had one dance, then I asked him to walk with me through the hotel gardens so I could maybe cool off, I thought to myself, I'll be okay with him, he's too young to handle a woman like me.

How was I to know, he was a very experienced young predator?

So out we went, and he was chatty, and funny, he had me laughing at his funnies in no time, and he really was a very personable, good looking boy,

That's when my pussy took over, I could literally hear it calling to me, he has a cock, you want a cock, get his, it told me!

What the hell was I thinking, I'm at a very important do with my husband, and here I am contemplating getting a hold of the cock, of this lovely boy at my side?

As we neared one of those Gazebo things, in the middle of the garden, he said come on, lets dance again, and he took me in his strong young arms, and waltzed me into it.

It was fairly dark, but I felt safe, until his cock pressed into me, I heard my pussy shout, yippee! Yes a cock!

I wondered if he had heard it.

That's when he kissed me, I was undone immediately, I responded, I wanted him, or rather, I wanted his cock, I wrapped my arms around him as we kissed.

He pulled my arms down now, and pushed the straps down off my shoulders, exposing my tits to the cool night air, they were rock hard already.

He bent his head and sucked one, then the other into his mouth, it was gorgeous, I was going to cum and very soon, as he was doing that, I was undoing his zip, and pulling his lovely weapon out, and he pulled my dress up over my hips.

My dress was now a wide belt around my waist!

He spun me around, and he bent me over the hand rail, I grabbed it to steady myself, and that's when he drove the cudgel, that was his cock right up and into me, in this position I felt like I was being split in to two, his hands went around me and played with my burning nipples, he fucked like he did it every day of his life, I orgasmed all over him, it ran down my legs, I felt his prick jump in my pussy, and he came with a loud gasp, his spunk was red hot as it filled me, making me have a following orgasm.

I managed to catch a lot of the spunk, and my juices in my hands, and shook them clean over the rail, he turned me around, held and kissed me, passionately which I returned.

I moaned into his mouth, 'I have to get back, Im sorry but I must.'

'Yes you must.' He replied.

I hurried back, with his phone number in my small handbag, I got to the toilets without seeing anyone, and managed to clean myself up from that fabulous fuck I had just had.

There were various, free body sprays on the counter, so I hid any sex smells that were on me, and went back to the party, but I walked in on wobbly legs.

Mr Cox approached me, he asked where had I been, just for a walk in the gardens I told him, its lovely out there, yes it is, you should have told me, I would have accompanied you, he said as he put his arm around my waist.

'Yes,' I replied, 'you should have.' (Maybe next time Mr Cox).

'Definitely,' he said, 'by the way, I'll be calling you next week; I want to talk to you, about Paul's future.'

I was worried then. 'Why, what do you mean Mr Cox, has he done something wrong?' I asked.

'No not at all, I just need your input, his future is safe, and don't you worry that pretty head of yours, and don't say anything okay?'

'I want this between me and you.' He finished.

'Oh, I'm so relieved,' I told him, 'please do call me when ever you are ready, I'll be waiting for your call.'

I gave him my mobile number; he already had our home one.

Paul, walked back into the room then and joined us, 'How are you Mr Cox, my wife is being nice to you I hope?' And they laughed, but they wouldn't be laughing if he knew his wife had just been gloriously fucked in the hotel gardens 30 minutes ago!

We went to our room in the early hours, I dreamed of my young lover, then realised I didn't even know his name, I couldn't believe it, but I would find out when I called him, wouldn't I?

We returned home on Saturday afternoon, there was a message on the machine from Dan saying he would be around on Monday morning, because there was a small job he hadn't done, oh great I thought, maybe I'll get a good fucking from him.

Sunday was a lazy day for us we went out to lunch, but that was all we did.

Monday came, and so did Dan, I hadn't got dressed; I was just wearing a very short silky nightdress, hoping to entice him.

He was on another job, he said, but he had wanted to see me, to make sure I was okay about what had happened, I told him I was, and that it had opened my eyes to another life, I didn't know existed.

Good he replied, he grabbed me, and carried me upstairs, where we spent the next 4 hours making love, I just wanted his cock in me and I got it, in all three holes, and 2 more loads of his spunk!

I was a happy woman now, I had been better than well fucked this last 2 weeks, I had the phone number of the young lad, that had seduced and fucked me at the party, and now Dan had given me another lovely taster, with a promise of more to come.

I wanted to call my young man, but thought I had better wait, until Mr Cox had called me, I didn't want to double arrange something did I?

He called that afternoon, and asked me to meet him at the Hilton hotel, in town where we had been to the party, 10:00am okay for you Shelley, tomorrow?

He had said.

'Yes,' I replied breathlessly.

'Good and don't forget, you are not to let Paul know okay?'

'No I won't Mr Cox.' I replied.

'Good, I'll see you tomorrow then.' And he rang off.

As morning arrived, I wondered what to wear to meet Mr Cox, shall I wear something sexy, or dress down, after much thought, I decided on a shortish skirt, short sleeved blouse, little jacket, and the usual under wear, stockings, sussies and heels.

I loosely piled my hair up; I did look sexy, coquettish, and alluring I thought to myself, would he like me this way?

I decided that he would, and drove to meet him, when I got there a young man in a uniform took my car off me, to park it, I was flabbergasted, you don't have to do that I said, its all part of the service madam he replied.

All in a sexy foreign accent

Wow, I muttered just to me, and I looked at his bum, Hmmmm? I might see if I can interest him in me I thought, what a sexy guy.

I went into the hotel lobby, and there was Mr Cox, smiling at me from a chair, he stood as I approached, took my hand and kissed my cheek, Oooh I thought, he does look good, rugged, and he was dressed in jeans, and polo shirt, with soft shoes, my I said, 'you look very different from the office.'

I smiled at him, and you look very different from Friday night, he returned.

'If it were possible,' he said. 'I would have to say you look even more stunning than Friday, though I know it's hard to believe.'

'Why thank you kind sir,' I responded, I gave him my most brilliant sexy smile, what a lovely man I admired.

'Shelley, we keep a permanent suite here paid for by the company, so can we go there, it will be more private, and more comfortable.' He said.

Yes I thought, I don't think I wouldn't mind going anywhere with you, I said to myself.

'Yes, that's fine with me Mr Cox,' I offered.

'Please,' he said, 'call me Joe, okay?'

'Yes, Mr, em, Joe,' I laughed, and he did too, a deep baritone laugh, sexy as hell it was.

We made our way up, and entered the suite, wow it was amazing big, beautiful and terrifically furnished, there was a sitting room, and 2 rooms off it, which I supposed were bedrooms, and a balcony, that overlooked the gardens, where I had been fucked, I had a silent giggle about that.

And also, what appeared to be a kitchen.

He rang room service and ordered coffee to be brought up, which arrived in about a minute, power hey?

'Shelley, shall we sit down?' He guided me to a sofa, and sat me down, then he sat next to me, he started off by telling me what a great job Paul was doing, but there was a problem that he hadn't envisaged until Friday night.

'What is it?' I asked.

'Well you remember Tom Simpson and his wife Allison who were at the party?'

'Yes,' I replied. And they were nice, and she is very pretty too, almost as pretty as me, but I was sexier, I knew that, no contest!

'Well,' he said. 'Tom is a rival for the next promotion to Paul, it's between them both, and Tom does have more experience than Paul.'

'But,' I said, 'Paul works with you already.'

'Yes he does, but these big decisions are not made by me, they are made by the board.' He replied.

'I can recommend someone, and that is usually enough.' He told me.

'So you can recommend him then, can't you?' I asked.

'I can,' he said, 'but I was made an offer on Friday, that I will find very hard to turn down, no matter who I think should get the job.'

'You were made an offer?' I quizzed.

'Yes. He said, 'from Alison, she told me that if I were to recommend her husband powerfully, then she would make sure, she would be available to me when ever I wanted her to be.'

'You, you mean she would have sex with you, just to get her husband promoted?' I was stunned.

'Yes, amazing isn't it?' His hand closed onto my knee.

'Ah, I see Joe,' I said, 'so you are putting in a counter offer to me are you?'

He laughed that sexy laugh, and I made up my mind straight away, he wanted me, he could have me!

'Joe, I will do what you want, but I will do it willingly, you can seduce me right now if you want, you don't have to blackmail me,' I told him, 'but now you have, I want Paul to get that job or else!'

Again that laugh, 'Shelley you are a wonderful girl, that's for certain, blindingly beautiful, a walking wet dream, a vision to behold.'

He leaned over to me and kissed me, I kissed him back, 'Joe I said, I really am not, this kind of girl you know?' I laughed inside at that statement.

He assured me, that it would always remain between the two of us.

I got up on his lap, as Im so small, I can be handled easily, he kissed me, and felt my tits, my nipples were already calling for action, and my pussy was positively screaming.

He carried me into a bedroom; this is getting to be a habit, I thought, being carried to bed, by men other than my husband!

We just about tore our clothes off, and I went for his cock, it was a beauty, bigger than any of the others I had had, and I hoped it would do me proud, it did!

I went for it with my mouth, which surprised him a bit, but neither he, nor all the kings horses were going to stop me, his fingers were exploring my pussy, and I was loving it, he found my very sensitive clit, and worked on it, I came in no time, followed by him cascading cum into my waiting mouth, not a drop was wasted.

I crawled up this big man, and went into his arms while we kissed and cuddled, he played, and pulled at my super sensitive nipples, my hands were tucked around his balls, as I waited for him to get hard again.

Which he did, after a while, but in the meantime my tongue would be in and around his little puckered hole as I licked it, probed it, and slid a finger in his tight little bum.

'You little vixen,' he riled at me.

'Come here,' he said, and he grabbed me, 'Im going to fuck you out of this world,' and he did too, I was on my back and under him in a heartbeat, he drove his lovely big cock right into me, no gentleness, just wham and bam!

I was speared, well and good, he just hammered it into me, with my arms and legs about him, he just bounced me all over the bed, I was used to having multi orgasms by now, and this was another set I was getting, I was cumming like Niagara Falls, it was unstoppable, the first blast of my orgasm just about blew me apart, it poured out of me like I was having a piss, It was fantastic.

He shot his second load into me then; he gasped and grunted, his prick was so far in me I swear I could feel it tickling my belly button!

He rolled off me, and said, 'Shelley, you will be pleased to know that Paul has got the job, but it will entail him having to work away sometimes though,' he smiled when he said that.

'Well,' I said, 'I hope I can find something to occupy myself with, while he's away?' I pondered, as I sucked at his cock.

'Oh I'm sure you will have plenty to do baby,' and with that he kissed me tenderly.

We left at 3 in the afternoon, I had his private number in my bag, I was getting quite a collection I thought, hope I can keep them all apart, and I giggled to myself.

As I left, the young man brought my car for me, and I purposely stayed chatting with him, it turned out he was 20, his name was Anton, and he was Italian, he was ever so good looking in an effeminate way, I hoped he didn't bat for the other side. And he told me, that he lived in the hotel.

'Oooh.' I said, 'I would like to see your room sometime, it must be lovely.'

'It is madam,' he said shyly, 'but quite small.'

'When is your next day off?' I asked him.

'It's tomorrow, Madam.'

'Ok' I responded, 'give me your number, and I'll call you tonight okay?'

Yes Madam was his earnest reply, he was okay, he was gagging for me.

But the trouble now was, I was getting into things that I knew, I wouldn't be able to get out of, if I got caught, but my libido was so high now, I wasn't able to control it yet, if ever.

I went home fully satisfied anyway, I had been well fucked by Paul's boss, a real macho man if ever there was one, and I had loved it, and Paul had got a promotion he didn't even know about yet.

He was in the mood that night, but I wasn't, so I just tied him up, and gave him a very sensuous wank, which made him very happy, I spent ages and ages on him, I made him wait forever, before I let him shoot his load into my ever yearning mouth.

The following day I did house work, and spent the day by myself, no distractions, sat on my new patio, just me, a book and a glass of wine, or two!

We didn't do anything that night, but by the morning, my pussy was indicating that it wanted attention, because it was now 2 days since it had last been sorted, I considered using my now nearly defunct vibrator, but I thought, what's the point in that, when I can get a man now to do it, I suddenly felt a little more in control which pleased me a little.

I was about to call Dan or Andy and invite them round, I could always talk it away, if Paul got to know about it.

But I thought, no, I'm going to call my young man from the party, and see if he is around, he answered on the 3rd ring.

'Hello,' he answered. 'Alan Baines speaking.' Alan, his name was Alan.

'Hi Alan,' I said, 'its me Shelley from the party, I just thought I would call, and say hello, and thank you, for the lovely gift you gave me on Friday night.'

'It was my all my pleasure Shelley,' he said seductively, 'where are you?'

'Im just at home sitting around, what are you doing?' I ventured.

'Oh Im not too busy,' he said, 'in fact, I'm just about to take the rest of the day off.'

'Oh were you?' Im at a loose end myself, why don't we meet?' I offered.

'I would be more than happy to Shelley, but I have to go home first.' He said.

That was a bit of disappointment, because I thought, the only thing he would want to do, was meet me.

But then, he said. 'Why don't you come round to mine, meet me there, and we can decide what to do okay?'

Decide what to do, I thought to myself, there's only one thing I've decided I want to do Alan, and that's you!

'Okay, 'I said, 'where do you live, what time will you be home, but do you have you got your own home?'

'I live in a flat by myself,' he gave me his address, and I agreed to meet him there in 1 hour.

This is great, I said to myself, he's got his own place, terrific just right, Alan my boy, you are going to be one very happy young man, and I'll make sure of that.

I wasn't late, nor was he, we met outside at the same time, he must be as keen as me hey?

We greeted each other with a hello, and a kiss.

I had on a long wool coat, and heels, was he going to get a surprise because all I had on under that was a thong, stockings and sussies, nothing else!

I allowed him to show me in, and when I turned to him, his mouth was clamping to mine in an instant, I felt for his cock, it was already hard, oh lovely, were my lewd thoughts, I quickly knelt down in front of him, and unzipped his flies, I didn't want him to know about his surprise just yet.

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