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My English Teacher


This is a true story about the most special woman in my life. Some people may be offended by this material, or my think it belongs in another category, or just want to gripe about grammar or that I used the wrong tense in a sentence on page 3. Keep those comments to yourself and move on.

However, if you would like to make a comment about the events in the story, or relate a tale about your experiences, I genuinely welcome your feedback and look forward to replying to you. Finally, all people participating in any sexual acts in this story were over the age of 18. Enjoy.


As a high school sophomore I was definitely becoming aware of the other sex. There were many budding young girls to pique a young man's interest, but the person who really attracted my attention was my English Teacher, Mrs. Collins. As you will see she played a key role in my sexual development.

Simply put, Mrs. Collins was a very elegant woman. She always dressed in a striking manner and each day I looked forward to see what she was wearing. She never wore slacks, always a dress, suit or skirt and blouse, which was perfectly fine with me as her legs were slender, shapely, were always accentuated by high heels. Her dresses and skirts were usually snug fitting, nicely displaying her curvy rear, shapely hips and pert breasts, which stood out prominently. Her blouses, although not tight, would gap open enough to allow me glimpses of her lacey bra. She carried herself in a regal manner, showing she was proud to be a woman and her movements said she enjoyed displaying that fact. The sway of her hips is a memory forever etched in my mind's eye. I watched and enjoyed Mrs. Collins for a year and she became my feminine vision in many wet dreams. I never gave any thought about her age because she was so much more beautiful and sexy than any younger woman. Many years later I learned she was 51 at the time. She certainly looked much younger.

My junior year I attended a new high school that just opened closer to my home. On the first day I was very pleased to see Mrs. Collins was also teaching there. Seeing her in the hall I stopped and told her I was glad she was teaching at the new school, but added I was disappointed I was not in any of her classes. This meant I got to see her every day and continued to enjoy her elegant appearance. The new school was only a 15-minute walk from my house. While walking home one afternoon during the first week I heard a car horn and looked to see Mrs. Collins wave to me. This became a regular occurrence and I began thinking she must live in the area. One rainy morning while on the way to school I head the horn and Mrs. Collins pulled over to offer me a ride so I would not be soaked by the time I got to school. While chatting along the way she said, "I only live in the next block of your street and I'm more than happy to give you a ride to get you out of the nasty weather."

"I appreciate your thoughtfulness," I responded as I enjoyed the view of her legs as she drove. I wanted to tell her how much I appreciated her as a woman, but thought better about blurting out such a thing as it could ruin the wonderful visions I enjoyed of her. We shared numerous rides throughout the year as she, "Looked out for my well being."

In February my dad passed away. I had barely arrived at school one morning when I was called to the Principal's Office where I was told my Dad was sick and the Doctor had called asking for me to come home right away. As the Principal gave me the news, Mrs. Collins was standing near by and heard the conversation. She immediately told the Principal she did not have a first period class and would be willing to give me a ride home as it was an icy cold day. We rode in silence as she sensed my worry and deep thoughts, but on arriving at the house, placed her hand softly on my arm and said if I needed any help or just wanted to talk, she was available. Thinking back, I'm sure the principal had told her my Dad had actually died in order to prepare her. I looked directly into her eyes for the first time and saw a very special woman and friend. I quietly said, "Thank you. I will."

The next month or so when we shared a ride, we rode in near silence as compared to before my Dad's death. Finally, one day Mrs. Collins asked how I was dealing with everything. When she did not get a meaningful response she shared some details of her life, telling me her husband had died suddenly at a young age. She went on to tell me how she coped with her loss and turned her life back in a positive direction. I told her I truly valued her words and finally began to open up to her in the ensuing weeks. One question kept nagging at me and finally I came out and asked her, "Why didn't you ever get married again? You are such a beautiful woman and a special person. I'm sure there are a lot of men who would love to make you their wife."

She told me that although she adjusted to the loss and had many friends, she never found a man that met her expectations and she was not going to settle for just any man. She had a large circle of friends and enjoyed a variety of activities and functions. One of her biggest joys was golf, which her husband had taught her. She felt continuing to play kept her in touch with his memory in a positive way.

After a pause she touched my arm and asked, "You said earlier I was beautiful woman. Do your really think so?"

At first, I had a terrible fear I had said something I shouldn't have, but looking into her eyes I could see she asked with genuine sincerity. Hoping the words would come to me I began speaking very slowly, "Y, y, yes."

She interrupted seeing I was having a hard time answering, "I'm sorry, I should not have asked you that. I didn't mean to embarrass you." As she spoke she squeezed my arm

"That's OK," I responded, "I know you honestly care about me, which I truly appreciate. You are also very pretty and because you are so considerate that's why I think you are a beautiful woman."

"Well then I must say thank you very much for the lovely compliment. It is nice to know I can still turn a man's head, especially a young gentleman like you, Peter. I know that was a very difficult question for you to answer." As she replied, her chest swelled, emphasizing her beautiful breasts and for the first time I could make out the outline of her nipples poking out. She then put her hand on her chest and ran it down over her body seemingly to smooth her clothes, but actually the gesture emphasized her lovely feminine shape.

This conversation stuck in my mind. I sensed she really enjoyed my calling her a beautiful woman and wanted me to enjoy her body as she "showed" it off. I knew I didn't really give a good answer to her question, so I wrote the following note:

Mrs. Collins,

I know you felt you embarrassed me when you asked why I thought you are beautiful. Yes, for an, instant there was some embarrassment, but I know you did not ask the question intending to embarrass or upset me. You had an honest and sincere reason for asking. I owe you the same honesty and sincerity in response.

What I find most beautiful about you is your caring heart. You have taken a genuine interest in me as a person and I feel I am better for that. You are a very attractive woman and quite frankly, I noticed that immediately when I was in your class last year. You exhibit a lot of pride in your appearance, have a trim figure and carry yourself with elegant dignity, unlike a lot of younger women and girls. Your clothes always flatter your figure, and coupled with your lovely eyes, beautiful hair and perfectly accented jewelry, complete a picture I can only describe as stunning.

I hope this is a more complete answer to your question.



It was a week until I had the opportunity to give Mrs. Collins the note during a ride home from school. As we arrived at my house, I gave it to her as I left saying, "I wrote something I would like you to read later when you have a chance."

She looked at me a bit quizzically, but took the note and smiled saying, "I'll be happy to."

The late spring weather was turning nice so our rides became less frequent, but she did rescue me from an afternoon shower one day. We shared our usual conversation and when we arrived at the house she reached into her purse and handed me an envelope. "I enjoyed your note and wanted to respond in kind." I was very pleased to see her pretty smile as she spoke.

I accepted the note with a similar smile saying, "Thanks!" I tried not to run into the house, but I was very anxious to read her note.


I greatly appreciated your note and want to sincerely thank you for your very kind words. I was indeed worried I had offended you, but your note allayed my fears. I am pleased to know I have been a positive influence in your life and helped you through a rough time.

I am also very pleased to know you find an older woman like me so attractive. I have often noticed how you look at me, and, thinking back, I recall your admiring looks when you were in my class. You are precisely correct in noting I do take pride in my appearance. I have always tried to keep my figure pleasing and I very much enjoy wearing stylish clothes. Being completely honest, I must say I enjoy receiving admiring looks from a man and have always tried to dress to encourage those looks, while still remaining elegant and lady-like. For me it is just part of being feminine, which I very much enjoy.

I appreciate your admiring looks as it lets me know all the curves are in the right place. More importantly, thank you for being a special friend and allowing me to be the same to you.

Very sincerely,

Beatrice Collins

I re-read her note many times and kept it to this day. At the time I did not pick up on the innuendo, but looking back, she was sending me a message. My dreams became more vivid as I imagined what Ms. Collins would be like as a lover.

One rainy afternoon near the end of the school year Ms. Collins stopped to give me a another ride home. She asked about my plans for the summer. I told her I really hadn't thought about it, but more than likely I'd enjoy summer sports and swimming. She recalled, "That's right, you were on the swim team and swimming a lot over the summer will get you in better condition for next year." After a brief pause she asked, "Are you interested in earning some money over the summer?"

I said, "Sure! What do you have in mind?"

I need someone to take care of my yard and some other minor chores around my house. I always like to keep it in nice shape." Simultaneously she smoothed her blouse and skirt as if to remind me how nice she has kept her shape. I certainly did notice her shape as well as her smile. As I was getting out of the car she said, "If your Mom approves you could come by on Saturday and I'll show you what is needed."

At dinner I told my Mom Ms. Collins had asked me to do her yard work this summer. Mom was pleased to hear I had the opportunity to take on the responsibility of a job. To her that was more important than the money. I was just happy for the opportunity to see Ms. Collins regularly throughout the summer.

That evening I called Ms. Collins and told her, "My Mom said there is no problem with me doing your yard work. You said earlier I could come by Saturday, what time would be convenient for you?"

I detected a note of excitement in her voice as she responded, "Wonderful Peter. I have an appointment to get my hair done Saturday morning, but I should be home by 1 PM. Would that be OK for you?"

Trying not to sound too excited I said, "Perfect. I look forward to seeing you then."

I wanted to dress nicely, but the job was to care for her yard so wore a polo shirt and cargo shorts with my best pair of running shoes. As I walked the short block to her house, I tried to control my excitement.

With as much confidence as I could muster I rang the door bell. I heard the sound of her heels on the floor as she neared the door. The sound suddenly stopped and several seconds later continued approaching until she opened the door. With a big smile she said, "Please come in Peter, you are right on time. I'm already impressed."

I could not help but notice her appearance. Her ash blond hair was perfectly styled, having just been to the hairdresser, but her outfit was even more stunning. She wore a white silk blouse with a couple buttons open showing some of her cleavage, something I had never seen before. Below, a tight royal blue skirt with the hem about 8 inches above her knees and beautiful high heels. Quickly shaking myself out of my reverie, I said, "Good afternoon." In a concession to my thoughts of her appearance I continued, "I really like your hair, it is beautiful."

"Thank you Peter, I'm pleased you noticed. Continuing she said, "Come in so we can discuss this job. As she lead me into her home I noticed a full length mirror a short distance from the door and realized the brief silence I heard before she opened the door was because she was making a final check of her appearance. I felt honored that she wanted to look just right for me. She took a seat on the sofa, offering me a seat on the opposite end, the turned to face me and crossed her legs. Her tight skirt rode and allowed a wonderful view of her shapely thighs. She noticed my gaze and tried to pull her skirt down but did not have much luck as it was so tight. She smiled and said, "I'm sorry, you are not used to seeing me dressed so casually.

I replied, "I understand, but it is nice to see a different facet of you."

We got down to business as Ms. Collins detailed what she expected of me. It was nothing difficult, but she made it clear she expected the work to be completed on a regular basis as she would plan her schedule around it. We then went outside to tour the small yard so she could point out some special details. It was wonderful following her and watching her very feminine wiggle. As she stepped onto the grass in her high heels she started to lose her balance. I was close enough so I was able to reach her and prevent her from falling. She then grasped my arm with both hands and said, "Maybe I should hang on as we walk. Thank you for rescuing me." I enjoyed her hips rubbing against me.

Her yard was surrounded by a high, thick hedge, which made it very private. There was a lounge chair in an area between the back of her garage and the hedge, but the area still got plenty of sunlight. It looked like a very peaceful spot. Ms. Collins saw my interest and indicated she often sun bathed and read there as it was very serene. As she bent over to point out some flowers she wanted me to be careful around, I was treated to a lovely view of her full breasts and lacey bra. In another location I was standing behind her when she bent over at the waist which caused her tight skirt to ride way up and I could clearly see her stocking tops and creamy thighs. Standing up, she turned to me saying, "I think I have shown you everything, do you have any questions?"

"No Ma'am," I responded.

"Peter, while working here this summer I think we can be a little less formal. Please call me Bea or Beatrice. Is that OK with you?"

"Yes Ma'am…Bea," I said, catching myself.

"I can understand your being nervous, but I'm sure in no time you'll be fine with it. Now, let's go back in and discuss the financial arrangements."

Bea wiggled slightly and pushed her skirt back down, and gave me a knowing smile as I enjoyed the view. She again tightly held my arm and snuggled against me as we walked back to the house. She asked if she could get me a drink as she was getting one for herself. As I waited in the living room I looked around the room and noticed a large number of photographs. When she returned I said, "I love all the photos. I particularly like those," as I pointed to some fall mountain scenes. "Did you take them?"

"Yes, I did. I have always enjoyed photography and take a lot of photos when I travel. I actually have a small dark room in the basement and develop my own pictures."

"They are beautiful. They allow your mind to wander and get lost in the scene."

"My, you have quite an eye for them." Seeing my enthusiasm she continued, "If you are interested in photography I would be willing to teach you more about it. Maybe you would discover a new hobby. I have also taken a number of photos of other subjects too. Let me know if you want to pursue it. I'd love to help you appreciate photography as an art form."

We returned to our business and Bea told me how much she would pay to start, and indicated she would consider a raise as my performance warranted. "Do we have a deal," she asked?

"We do," and agreed I would start the following Friday as school would be out. She thought by working on Friday's it would not ruin my weekends.

To seal our contract she leaned toward me to shake hands. This allowed me another view of her breasts. As she sat back she noticed my gaze and asked, "By your look, am I to assume you still think I'm beautiful?"

"Yes Ma…Beatrice, I certainly do. I hope you will not be upset if I also tell you your legs are very lovely."

"Not at all Peter. I always enjoy your compliments." As she said this she caressed her thighs and smiled. "I'm sure you'll see much more of them as I plan on playing a lot of golf this summer and I always wear short skirts for that. Have you ever played golf?"

"No, my Dad never had a membership at any of the country clubs."

As she walked me to the door she added, "Well, I'll have to take you sometime. I enjoy it because it is both relaxing and good exercise." With a big smile she said, "That's one thing that keeps my legs in shape."

Throughout the week visions of Bea in the outfit she wore Saturday filled my head and fueled my dreams. It certainly looked like I had a very enjoyable summer ahead of me.

Friday I arrived right on time and rang the doorbell to tell Bea I was starting so I would not surprise her. She was dressed in only a short, light robe as she welcomed me and said it was alright to go ahead and explained she was getting ready for an appointment later. As always her breasts stood out prominently and she smiled, knowing I was enjoying them.

I was about half finished when she came out to offer me a cool drink. It was unseasonably hot for early summer so I had taken my shirt off to be comfortable and begin working on my tan. As she handed me the drink I noticed her looking at my chest. Somewhat embarrassed I said, "I'm sorry, I hope you don't mind me working without a shirt on."

"That's not a problem. It is hot today and I'm sure you want to get a nice tan.

"Yes Ma'am, I mean Beatrice, that's the real reason."

"I thought so. Besides, I don't mind looking at a young man with a nice physique. You can do it anytime you are here," she said with her wonderful smile.

At the same time I was enjoying her beautiful physique which was nicely displayed in a light form fitting sleeveless knit top that clung to her tits and showed her thin lacey bra. Her tight skirt appeared to be part of a suit and of course she wore high heels. As much as I wanted to compliment her appearance, I thought it better not to say something I'd regret later and just enjoyed the view as we chatted. I thanked her for the drink and returned to my work.

As I was finishing putting the tools away Bea came out on the back porch and told me to just come in the kitchen when I had everything put up.

As I entered, she had already poured another drink for me and motioned for had me to sit at the table with her. She had arms folded on the table which pushed her breasts straight out toward me. A man would have to be blind to miss her nipples standing out. She indicated I had been there for four hours and handed me my first payment saying, "I watched you and was very impressed with how steadily and efficiently you worked. The yard looks just the way I like it. You have done a fine job."

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