tagIncest/TabooMy Family's Cabin

My Family's Cabin


Today is Saturday and everything has changed....everything. Last Wednesday Jeff, my husband, called and said we were going on vacation. Two weeks at a cabin that a buddy of his has in the mountains. It was on a lake and the cabin and the boat were ours for two weeks. He and his wife couldn't go because of a family crisis but we could have it if we wanted. Jeff jumped at the chance, cleared it with his boss and called me. We were to leave on Friday. I called the kids, Jimmy who is 20 and Fran who is 19 at college and told them of our plans. Both kids wanted to go as soon since their classes were over for the semester the next day. I thought it would be good for the four of us to get away so when Friday morning came we packed the car and headed into the mountains. It was early December and they were calling for some snow but the cabin had its own generator with a hot tub, a fireplace and plenty of wood stocked so we were all set.

The drive up was beautiful. We took our time and enjoyed the scenery. The snow had just started falling which added to the atmosphere. Just as we arrived it started snowing heavily so we quickly unpacked the car and took everything inside. Jeff started a fire and the place quickly warmed up. It wasn't an extremely large cabin but it had all the room we needed. There was a bath, a kitchen and one very large room. At one end of the room were two queen size beds. Jimmy and Fran were going to share one of the queen size beds and Jeff and I would share the other. There was a large U shaped couch in front of the fire place along with a TV, stereo and a full bar. It was rustic but beautiful. After we unpacked Jeff and I started dinner as the kids watched some TV and talked.

Let me tell you a little about all of us. Jeff is 6' tall, 195 lbs and in great shape. He has a 9 1/2" dick that I'm just in love with. Since the children are at school most of the time it is open season at home and Jeff seems to be on the hunt for my pussy all the time. Jimmy is on the football team at college and will be starting next year. He is a handsome young man and he stands 6' 1" and is 190 lbs. I haven't seen his cock since he was about 10 but I suspected he is built like his father. Fran is a beautiful and very sexy girl, blond, green eyed, 5' 3", 112 lbs and a perfect 38D/22/34. She takes after me. I'm also 5' 3", blond, blue eyes and 38D/24/35 and 118 lbs. I guess you would consider me attractive. At least that is what a lot of the men I run into tell me. By the way my name is Brenda but Jeff just calls me Bren.

While we were making dinner Jeff and I started talking in the kitchen.

"Bren, Bob make a joke about this place when he offered it to me."

"What kind of joke honey?" I said.

"It was strange but I guessed he was just kidding around. He said if we stayed here our lives would be changed forever. This place has an effect on people that brings them closer together."

"That's a strange way of putting it but if it will bring us closer to Jimmy and Fran then I'm all for it. It seems we have lost touch with them since they started college."

"I agree. Having them around for the next two weeks will be great."

We all ate dinner together for the first time in months. It was great having the kids around again. After dinner we all helped clean up and decided to sit by the fireplace and get reacquainted. We all relaxed, turned on some music and relaxed. Then Jeff suggested we break out a bottle of wine and toast the next two weeks. Letting the kids drink was unusual for us but since both are in college and they weren't going anywhere I thought it was OK.

"Here's to the next two weeks."

We all toasted and downed our wine. Jeff refilled our glasses as we talked and started catching up on each other's lives. Jimmy and Fran had brought some pictures from school and started passing them around telling us about all their friends. Jimmy was sitting with me at one end of the couch while Fran and Jeff were sitting across from us at the other end. I could see Jeff sneaking glances of Fran's rather large bosum from time to time. I knew that the wine was relaxing everyone. I could also see that Fran's dress was riding up her legs and her full tits were bulging out from the top of her short dress. It wasn't long before Jeff started to get an erection. I could also see that Fran was "accidentally" letting her elbow brush against her father's prick from time to time. Noting was said but from the look on Jeff's face it was pure heaven. From where I was sitting I could see the bulge in the front of Jeff's pants twitch as his daughter leaned over brushing her lush tits against his arm. That and the fact that by this time of night he was used to having fucked me at least once by now I'm sure was having quite an effect on him. As for me I had my own distractions. Jimmy was sitting close to me, hip to hip, and he had his arm around my shoulder rubbing my neck. From time to time he would rest his arm across my shoulder and let his hand slip down the front of me brushing the tops of my breast. The warmth of the wine had already started getting me horny and the feel of his hot hands on me were electric. My nipples were getting hard and I was as horny as I had been in a long time. My snatch was dripping and I was having a very hard time concentrating. From the light of the fire I could see Fran's thong and from the looks of them she was dripping wet. I could also tell she was shaved since her thong did little to hide her snatch. There was only enough there to say she had something on but not to really cover anything. After a while I started to smell my dripping cunt juice and I'm sure that Jeff could smell Fran's. I could also tell that Jimmy was getting an eyeful as Fran coyly opened and closed her legs as she reached for her wine glass she put on the table in front of her.

The later it got and the more wine we consummed the bolder Jimmy got in feeling me up and the more and longer Fran would lean over her dad laughing and looking at pictures. Jimmy was not grabbing my tits but just letting his arm rest on my shoulders and letting his hand dangle over my breast teasing me. The slightest touch was making me fucking hot. We had never gone this far before although we had always been close. I'm sure he could see my rather large hard nipples poking out from my thin dress. I wasn't wearing a bra since the dress I was wearing had spaghetti straps that made wearing one almost impossible. The rather large lump laying down his left leg left me with the distinct impression that he was as horny as I was getting.

Three hours later we were still talking, looking at pictures and drinking our forth bottle of wine when Fran noticed the time.

"Mom, did you know it is after midnight? If you and Dad don't mind I'm going to bed. I've been at it since 5 this morning."

"I didn't realize the time. I guess we all should get some sleep. It is getting rather late."

"Bren how are we going to work the bathroom since there is only one and no where else to change." Jeff asked.

"I guess we will just have to take turns. Fran since you are so tired why don't you go first and then I'll follow you. I'm sure the men don't mind waiting."

"OK mom. I'll hurry."

Fran disappeared into the bathroom with a small bag. Ten minutes later she reappeared wearing the filmiest nightgown that did little or nothing to hide her obvious assets. As soon as she appeared everyone turn, including me, and look with obvious interest. The almost transparent panties did little to hide her shaved pussy and the top was cut very low and allowed her already hard nipples to show as if there was nothing there.

"Sorry but this is all I brought. I didn't know I wouldn't have my own bedroom."

"That's OK Fran. I don't mind." Jimmy howled. I looked over at Jimmy just in time to see him smile and notice his hardening cock start to twitch.

I looked over at Jeff. He was just sitting there with his mouth open not saying a word. I couldn't blame him I was starting to feel a twinge between my legs myself. Before we got married I had a fling or two with a couple of girls at college although Jeff didn't know this. It was fantastic and I still think about those days from time to time.

I said "That's OK honey. Just try to keep these two wolfs from attacking you until I get back. Have a seat and finish your wine while I change. I'll try not to be long." I looked back at Jeff and Jimmy and with a mock serious look said "The two of you behave yourselves while I'm gone.".

Fran took a set on the couch next to her father while I looked for my bag. I could see his eyes bugging out as he looked down at his daughter's cleavage. I turned and walked over to the dresser next to our bed and started looking for my nightgown.

"Jeff, didn't you grab my blue suitcase?"

"I didn't see a blue suitcase Bren. Do you think it is still in the car?"

"No, oh shit! I left it in the bathroom at home. I was packing some other things just in case the cabin wasn't stocked with soap and shampoo. Now I don't have any nightgowns at all to wear."

"Mom, I have a couple in my suitcase if you want to try them on."

"Thanks honey. I guess I'll have too."

I grabbed Fran's bag and headed to the bathroom. I looked over at Jeff and Jimmy just in time to see their full attention on Fran. I thought to myself I'd better hurry before those two get any ideas.

Five minutes later I appeared from the bathroom.

"Fran? Is this all you have?"

"Sorry mom but that's it."

Jeff and Jimmy looked at me standing in the doorway. The sleepware consisted of a pair of thong panties and an almost see through top that barely covered my 38DD tits. Normally this would have bothered me being almost naked in front of my son but I guess the effects of the wine along with the thoughts of Jeff's cock were having an effect so I just walked over to the couch and sat beside Jimmy. Besides the guys attention had been on Fran and I was jealous. I thought I might just show them that there was more than one sexy woman in this place.

I sat back down beside Jimmy and watched as he ogled my 38DD's.

"Enjoying the view son?"

"Damn right! Sorry mom but you are beautiful!"

"Glad to hear you approve. Why don't you get dressed for bed now?"

"I can't."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't wear anything to bed."

"Oh...Well I guess you'll just have to wear your boxers at night."

"I can't do that either."

"And why not?"

"I don't wear underwear anymore and I didn't bring any."

"Great! Now what are we going to do?"

Jeff was just sitting silent.

"Jeff, what are we going to do? Fran and I only have these tiny things and Jimmy doesn't have anything to wear at all."

Jeff took a big swig of his wine and said "I have an idea but I don't know if you are going to like it.".

"Just spit it out."

"Well you and Fran are wearing next to nothing, Jimmy doesn't have anything to wear and I only have my boxers so I suggest Jimmy and I just go nude."

Jeff was smiling from ear to ear when I looked over at Jimmy. He was trying not to giggle but he just couldn't help himself.

"Yea mom. Dad and I will go nude. You and Fran can too if you want. Dad and I won't mind."

There was a long silence when Fran looked up and said "I think that is a great idea."

I looked over at Fran not believing what I heard but I knew that I couldn't win this argument. I don't know why but at the time it all sounded so reasonable. I decided to just give in so I just nodded my head OK. Besides Fran and I had already shown everything we had so seeing Jeff and Jimmy couldn't be any worse. Both men stripped right in front of us and as I suspected both had incredibly large hardons.

"Damn, you guys look like you haven't had sex in ten years!" I said.

"Well to tell you the truth mom it has been over two weeks for me because I had to study for finals."

"Oh really. And just who is it that you have been having sex with young man?"

Jimmy looked up at me realizing that he had opened his mouth and stuck his foot in it. "Uh....uh.... One of my professors. She is new and not much older than me."

"So this is the education we are paying for?"

Jeff started to laugh. "Yea but I don't think it is on the course list at college!"

We all laughed and the tension started to fade away.

"OK everyone, time for bed." I said.

We all went to bed, turned out the lights and quickly dosed off or at least I though so. A little while later I woke up hearing someone whispering.

"Come on Jimmy, just let me feel it. I haven't seen one that big before."

"No Fran, mom and dad will hear you and besides once you start I don't know if I can stop."

"Fuck Jimmy, I'm horny and besides they're asleep. I haven't played with your cock since we were kids."

"Yea, I forgot about that. Ok then, but if you get to touch me then I get to touch you."

I heard some fumbling around in the bed next to us but was curious as to how far my children would go. Going to bed horny was not normal for me and those feelings were returning with a vengeance. I was horny myself since Jeff and I didn't get to fuck tonight because the kids were here with us. It wasn't long before I heard both of them start to moan. I could tell they were both really getting into it.

"Oh fuck Jimmy, stick it in my pussy. I need you big cock to fuck me!'

"No Fran, I'll get you pregnant. Just let me finger fuck you."

"You won't get me pregnant I'm on the pill. Besides I don't care. I need a good hard fucking cock right now!."

"Ok but be quiet. We don't want to wake mom and dad up."

I could just barely make out Jimmy mounting his sister. I know I should have stopped this but I was getting so damn horny now that I couldn't stop it if I wanted too. I reached over and grabbed Jeff's cock. It was hard and when I looked over I could see Jeff was awake too. Jimmy and Fran were fucking away now throwing caution to the wind. My pussy was sopping wet and I couldn't stand it anymore.

I said "Fuck her Jimmy. Fuck you little sister's cunt! Stick your cock up her pussy.!!!"

Jimmy and Fran stopped mid stroke and looked over at Jeff and me just as I rolled over on top of Jeff and slid his hard cock in my dripping cunt. I moaned out loud as I lowered myself on his massive prick.

"Oh fuck me Jeff. Fuck my horny pussyyyyyy. Fuck me you horny bastard!!"

I looked over and Jimmy's eyes met mine. I saw a look of passion and lust on his face as he shoved his cock into his sister's cunt.

Once Jimmy saw us starting to fuck he resumed his onslaute of Fran's pussy. As soon as Jimmy started fucking Fran again she gave out a loud moan and threw her legs wide open to all Jimmy more room. The room was now filled with the sound and smell of sex as I fucked myself on Jeff's cock as hard as I could. I pulled off the thin top and leaned over so Jeff could mall and suck on my massive tits.

"Oh fuck yes your horny bastard. Suck my damn tits. Suck my big fucking tits baby. You know the way I like it. Oh fuck baby...your cock is so deep in my cunt. Look at your baby daughter getting fucked...Listen to her moan baby. She is getting a good fucking...."

All of us were so worked up at this point that none of us lasted long. In only a few minutes I started to cum.

"Oh fuck baby...I'm cummmmming... Fuck meeeee!!!! Fucccckkkkkkkkk!!!!!!"

"I'm cumming too!!! Oh shit you pussy is so tight baby...."

Jeff started cumming deep in my cunt shooting a huge amount of cum deep in my pussy. I laid over on his chest leaving his big cock buried in my cunt as I tried to recover from the massive orgasm.

A few minutes later I rolled over to my side of the bed and remembered what had caused this sexual frenzy in the first place. I looked over at Jimmy and Fran who had a look of terror as well as a look of satisfaction on their faces.

"I guess now that all the tension has left the room we can get some sleep. We'll talk in the morning. Goodnight kids..."

"Goodnight" came back from two tentative voices. We all went to sleep immediately.

Chapter 2

Morning came and it was still snowing. The weather forecast said a few inches but it looked like a few feet. I got up and went to the bathroom thinking about the actions of last night. I thought about being mad but just couldn't bring myself to be angry at them. After all Jeff and I had joined in but I didn't understand why. Two days ago I would never have let this happen. After I took my shower I got dressed and wandered back in the big room. Jeff had gotten up and started coffee while Jimmy and Fran were still asleep.

"Jeff, what are we going to do? I mean do we try to punish them or what?"

"I don't know. After all we went along with it."

"Yea your right. I've tried to be mad at them but I just can't. As a matter of fact just the thought of last night is getting me horny all over again."

"Me too. Watching Jimmy fuck Fran turns me on."

" I know what you mean. If we weren't married then I would fuck Jimmy too."

"Yea I thought so. The way you were looking over at them last night while you ground you pussy down on my cock was obvious. I'll tell you our daughter has a body that just won't quit. Until last night I always thought of her as my little girl but I guess she grew up when I wasn't looking."

"The way your cock sprang up when she walked out of the bathroom last night I thought you were going to jump her right there."

"I thought about it."

Jeff and I started fixing breakfast. About that time Jimmy and Fran woke up. We could hear them talking from the kitchen but fortunately they didn't know.

"Jimmy, last night was fucking hot. That is the best fuck I've ever had. Did you see mom and dad? I couldn't believe how big dad's cock is and how hard mom came!"

"Yea....you are one hot fuck sis. Better than my professor at school and you have some big fucking tits. And mom, hot damn, she is fucking hot. I wouldn't want to make dad mad but if I get the chance I would fuck her in a second."

"I'd fuck her too....and dad!"

"Do you think they are mad at us?"

"I hope not. Besides they joined in. I guess it's time to find out."

Jimmy and Fran got out of bed nude and proceeded to walk into the kitchen. Jeff and I knew they were coming but we weren't ready for them still being naked.

"Hi mom....dad."

Jeff and I turned to see our two children, nude, standing side by side smiling.

"Uh....good morning to you too. Don't you think you should get some cloths on?" I said.

"I thought last night dad said nude was OK."

Jeff looked at me and started to smile. "Honey that is what we agreed on." I just shook my head and went back to fixing breakfast. You just can't argue with a naked person when your horny.

We all sat down to breakfast and I could tell that Jeff was distracted. I couldn't take my eyes off Jimmy's hard cock. As we sat down at the table it was all I could do to hold a conversation. I could see that Jeff couldn't take his eyes off Fran. After all Fran's big tits with her hard nipples were hanging over her breakfast plate. I couldn't help but look over at Jimmy who was sitting next to me and see his 9+ inch cock sticking straight up under the edge of the table. He was slowly teasing it as I looked on. I looked up at him and saw him smile.

"God mom....you are one hot woman. I hope you don't mind me saying this but you are as sexy as Fran!!"

"Thanks honey. You have grown to be quite a man yourself."

I looked over at Jeff and I could tell he was getting hornier by the minute. My pussy was leaking juice all over my shorts I had put on this morning and the smell of last night's sex was everywhere. I was losing control. I looked over at Jeff and saw that he was stoking his cock under the table as he focused all his attention on Fran's tits. The sexual tension was building and was quickly getting out of control.

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