tagMind ControlMy Family's Gift Ch. 01

My Family's Gift Ch. 01


(Author's Note: This is the beginning of a mind control story. While this first section is more in the lesbian vein, more mind control elements will be found in the future sections.)


"So, your mom thinks you're in school today?" Sally asked.

"Yep." Nicole raised her eyebrows a couple times in a conspiratorial manner.

"Easy there, sparky," Sally laughed. "It's just the last day of class. It's not like we're robbing a bank."

"No, there's still a week left."

"For everyone else," Michelle chimed in. "We're seniors."

"Yeah, I still don't get the idea of Senior Week," Nicole said. "Do we really need a whole week to learn how to walk up to the podium to get a diploma when our name is called?"

"Who cares," Sally said. "The sooner I'm out of there, the better. If they want to give me a week off, yea for me."

"Drinks are ready," Michelle said.

"About time," Sally said, grabbing her glass.

"What are these again?" Nicole asked.

"Rum and Coke," Michelle said, raising her glass. "To graduation."

"To graduation!" the other two said. The three clinked their glasses.


"What are you doing?" Michelle asked. Nicole was rummaging through the DVD's, making a mess and laughing.

"Looking for something to watch."

"Are you drunk?" Michelle asked. "We're already watching Ocean's Eleven. Damn, he's hot."

"Of course, she's drunk," Sally said. "Never could handle her liquor. As for me, I'll have another."

"No," Michelle said. "Nicole, I said knock it off. Those are my dad's movies, anyway. Nothing but a bunch of crap."

"Come on," Sally said, "just one more."

"No," Michelle said. "If we drink anymore, my dad will notice some is missing. Anyway, we're pretty ripped."

"I'm not drunk," Sally said.

"What's this?" Nicole said.

"I told you, those are my dad's," Michelle said.

"This one's not marked." Nicole waived around a blank DVD case.

"I'm getting my own, then." Sally stood and walked towards the bar. She tripped on a pillow and fell on her face. Michelle rushed to her side.

"You okay?" Michelle said.

"I'm putting this in," Nicole said.

"Come on, are you okay?" Michelle asked.

"I'd be better if you got me another drink," Sally said.

"How do you make it play?" Nicole asked, standing in front of the entertainment center.

"No more drinks," Michelle said. "Besides, you couldn't even walk across the room."

"That wasn't the booze's fault," Sally said, struggling to her feet. "That damn pillow came out of nowhere."

"Wait, that's fast forward," Nicole said.

"Oh, baby, that's so good."

"What?" all three girls said, turning to look at the TV. Two beautiful women were screwing around in a hot tub on the huge plasma screen. A blonde woman was leaning back on her elbows with her back arched out of the water while her brunette friend was munching away on her pussy.

"What the hell is this?" Michelle asked. Nicole waived the blank DVD case around, never taking her eyes of the screen. Sally fell to her knees laughing.

"It's porn," Sally said between drunk giggles. "You dad has porn, lesbian porn."

"But... ." Michelle didn't know what to say. The three girls simply stood there watching the scene play out on the screen. The blonde having her pussy eaten was clearly about to orgasm. She was moaning and thrusting her box into the brunette's mouth was shaking her head back and forth.

"That's it, baby," the blonde said. "I'm coming."

"You think it's real?" Michelle asked.

"Looks real enough," Sally said. "Whoa, look at her clit. Why's it so big? Mine isn't that big."

Nicole backed up, keeping her eyes on the screen. When her feet hit the Lazy Boy, she plopped down. Michelle sat on the couch and Sally stayed on her knees on the floor. The three watched the porn in silence, totally enthralled. The women on the screen changed position. The brunette was on all fours as the blonde slid a dildo in and out of her gaping hole.

"Where'd that come from?" Michelle asked.

"What?" Sally asked.

"You know, the, uh, the dil, dildo."

"It was on the side of the hot tub," Nicole said.

"Yeah, cause that's where I always keep mine," Sally said.

"You have a dildo?" Nicole asked, looking away from the screen for the first time.

"Of course, not!" Sally said. "What the hell would I use that for?"

"I would think that was obvious," Michelle said. The three girls broke down giggling, breaking the sexual tension that had been building in the room.

"Okay, turn it off, Nicole," Michelle said. "My brother, Dale, will be home in a few minutes."

"Looks like you girls found the hot tub." All three heads snapped back to the screen. A hunk was standing over the sweaty lesbians wearing only swim trunks.

"Look at those pecs," Nicole said.

"Look at his abs," Michelle said.

"Look at his, whoa," Sally yelped. The brunette had just yanked the man's trunks down around his ankles. "Look at his dick." The blonde on the movie was licking the man's growing shaft while the brunette sucked his balls into her mouth. "And it's still growing."

The women expertly sucked and licked the man's rod until it grew to its full, nine-inch length. The two women then French kissed each other with the man's bulbous, purple head in between their mouths. His cock slipped back and forth around two sets of red lips and darting tongues. The brunette sucked the head of his dick into her mouth and bobbed her head up and down on his shaft, while the blonde slowly licked her way up to the man's mouth.

A moan came from the floor. Sally's hand was down the front of her pants, working back and forth. She brought her left hand up and began playing with her breasts through her top. Michelle looked from Sally to Nicole. Nicole hadn't heard Sally's moan; she was too intent on the porn. Michelle looked back to Sally. Her pants were now open as she shamelessly masturbated in front of her friends. Right, Michelle thought, you're not drunk.

Sally's hand slipped under her top and pulled her bra up. She moaned as she traced her fingertips around the edges of her nipples. Michelle was entranced as she watched her friends pink nipples grow and harden. Michelle had always been jealous of her friend's breasts. Sally clearly had the largest pair out of the three girls.

Sally changed hands. Her left hand slid down the front of her drenched panties. She brought her right hand to her mouth and began licking each finger clean. Michelle realized she was thrusting against her tight jeans. This was even better than the movie.

No! Michelle shook her head. She was not getting turned on by watching her friend play with herself. How could Sally do that in front of her and Nicole? Not that Nicole was watching; she was really into that porn.

The man with the huge member was now behind the brunette, driving himself into her over and over again doggy style. The brunette had her face buried in the blonde's pussy, shoving her tongue up the woman's cunt. All three of them were moaning, and sweating and rocking as one.

Fuck it! Michelle tried to undo her pants, but couldn't. The button kept slipping through her fingers. "Damn rum!"

Sally turned to see Michelle's struggle. She pulled her hands out and crawled over to her friend. "Let me help." Michelle watched as her friend undid her pants. Sally opened Michelle's pants and pulled them down over her hips. Michelle held her breath. The sight of Sally looking up into her eyes over her red panties was intoxicating.

"I need help with those, too," Michelle whispered. Where did that come from? Sally grinned wickedly and ran her hands up Michelle's smooth thighs. Sally slowly traced the outline of Michelle's panties. She ran her fingers along the waistband and then along the leg holes. While doing this, she leaned forward, pressing her nose against the growing damp spot in her friend's panties. She inhaled deeply, smiling and looking into her friend's eyes. Keeping eye contact, she slipped her fingertips under the white lace border. She moved her fingers under her friends underwear just far enough to graze the edges of the soft pubic hair.

Nicole shifted in her chair. She was getting really wet between her legs. She had never been this turned on before and she was starting to feel self-conscious. She wasn't as experienced as her friends were when it came to sex. She hadn't even made it to second base with a guy. As soon as a guy would move to touch her breasts, she would shy away. They were small and she always wore a padded bra to make them look bigger, and she feared the guy would laugh or be disappointed when he realized they were not as big as he was expecting.

She had lied to her friends about her inexperience. As Sally's and Michelle's experiences became more advanced, Nicole made up stories to match. She never made the lies better than her friends' stories, but just close enough to stay in the game. Now, here she was watching this porn with her friends, and she was feeling things she had never felt before. She didn't know how to react or what to do. Her friends were going to find out she was a fraud. That's when she stole a glance at her friends and her jaw dropped.

Michelle was leaning back with her pants and underwear down around her ankles and her knees spread wide. Sally was licking all around the tops of her friend's thighs. She would get close the Michelle's pussy and the jump to the other leg. Michelle was writhing, waiting for Sally to stop beating around the bush, so to speak. Nicole watched as Sally slowly extended her tongue and softly ran it up Michelle's slit.

"Oh, my gosh," Michelle said. Sally's tongue felt incredible running across her clit and around her pussy lips. "I never would have, damn, your tongue." Michelle didn't know what to do. She couldn't think. She was babbling. She opened her eyes to see the action on the screen. "Suck it."

"What?" Sally asked raising her head.

"Please, suck my clit," Michelle gasped.

"What? How?"

"Like that." Michelle pointed at the screen where the hunk was sucking the large clit from earlier into his mouth. He would suck her into his mouth and then slowly pull away until the clit popped out of his mouth. Sally looked at the TV, and then saw Nicole watching her.

Sally winked at Nicole then slowly sucked Michelle's tiny, wet nub into her mouth. She tried to work it like she did her boyfriend's penis. She sucked her friend into her mouth and ran her tongue across the juicy nub, remembering how her boyfriend loves in when she licked the sensitive ridge under his dick. As she worked her friend's button, she would sneak glances at Nicole.

Looking into her friend's eyes as her friend licked another girl's pussy pushed Nicole over the edge. Nicole jumped to her feet, and quickly stepped out of her shorts. Her hands flew to her pussy, imitating the blonde on the movie who was masturbating while watching the hunk eat out the brunette. Nicole had never touched herself, so she watched the blonde for guidance. She divided her attention between her friends and the movie. Her fingers touching herself felt incredible. Her slit was so wet and every time her fingers slid over the hard little nub, a jolt of pleasure would jump through her. As she masturbated, a feeling started welling up inside her, which drove her fingers to rub faster.

Michelle arched her back, trying to bring as much of her pussy into contact with her friend's mouth as she could. Sally sucked and licked like a mad woman and when she slipped her finger into her friend's waiting hole, her friend screamed. Literally screamed.

"YES! Oh, yes! Ahhhhhhhh" Michelle's body arched, bucked, and finally collapsed onto the couch. Sally sat back and looked at Nicole who was frigging her pussy as fast as she could. Sally turned and pointed her bush at her friend. Sally began double clicking her own mouse, lost in a sexual euphoria, thrusting forward at her friend.

"Nicole," Sally said. "Come with me."

"I am," Nicole said. "I think I'm coming right now." She threw her head back as her orgasm rocked her body. Sally cried out as she came, too. Nicole fell back into the chair. Sally collapsed onto the floor. The only sound was the heavy breathing of all the girls as they waited for the world to stop spinning.

On the TV screen, cum splashed over two sets of perfect breasts.


Nicole walked home in a daze. Her first orgasm had not been with a boy, but with her two best friends, and it had been amazing. She knew sex was supposed to be good, but she had never imagined it would be that good. She could not wait to get home and do it again. When she got home, Nicole immediately headed for her room only to be stopped by her mom.

"Hey, hon. How was school?" Nicole's mom, Tracy, called.

"Fine." Nicole tried to head up the stairs, but her mom stopped her and turned her around.

"Are you sure?" Her mom had that look in her eye. The look said she knew her daughter was up to something. Nonsense, Nicole thought, I'm just feeling guilty.

"Are you feeling okay?" Tracy asked. "You look a little, I don't know, flushed."

"I'm fine. I'm just going to hop in the shower." She continued up the stairs.

Did she just have sex, Tracy thought. Nicole spun around, halfway up the stairs.

"I did not have sex."

"I didn't say you did."

"Yes, you did. I heard you."

"You heard me? But I—"

"I'm did not have sex."

"Okay," Tracy said.

Nicole got in the shower and instantly began touching herself as the hot water rained down over her young, firm body. She ran her hands over her small breasts the way she had always pictured a boy would. Her nipples began to harden. She twisted each one, and gave them a little pull. It was amazing how sensitive her breasts were. She never knew. She could probably cum just from touching them alone, but that was an experiment for another time. She wanted to touch her pussy again.

She slid her finger between her folds and pictured the lesbian scenes from the movie. The way the brunette licked that blonde's pussy. Hell, the way Sally had licked Michelle's pussy. How would a girl's tongue feel down there? She flicked her middle finger across her clit, pretending it was Sally's tongue. Why did watching lesbians turn her on so? Nicole ran her finger left and right across her button, letting it slide and pop out on each side. Nicole placed her other hand on the shower wall for balance. Her breathing began to increase and she started to moan.

The fact that those women turned her on didn't mean she was a lesbian, right? After all, she loved it when the guy showed up, too. His penis was enormous. Were all guys that big? What would it feel like to have a cock push into her pussy? She put a finger into her hole and moved in and out. She pictured the brunette on all fours, taking it from behind. Her finger moved faster and faster then she pulled out and began rubbing her clit with vigor.

Her moans grew louder echoing off the shower walls. Then it hit. Every muscle in her body tensed and she felt the orgasm explode out from her center. Her senses hummed.

Suddenly, she was aware of her mother standing outside the bathroom door. I think she's masturbating in there, came her mother's voice. Only the voice didn't come from the other side of the door. It sounded like she was in the shower with her.

Nicole felt very lightheaded. She shut the water off and pulled back the shower curtain. She breathed in the fresh oxygen as the cool air caressed her naked body. She quickly got out and sat on the toilet before she passed out. Why did it sound like her mom was in the room moments ago? It was almost as if she could... no, that's impossible.


Nicole was in her room, doing her homework when the knock came to her door. Before she could answer, her mom walked in.

"Nicole, we need to talk."

"I told you, I didn't have sex today."

"Earlier, on the stairs, you said I accused you of having sex."

"You did."

"I didn't say anything."

"You did. You said, 'Did she just have sex.'"

"I know you think you heard me say that, but—"

"So, what," Nicole interrupted. "Now, I'm hearing things, too?"

"Not things. Thoughts."

"What are you talking about?"

"If I was accusing you of having sex, why would I say, 'Did she just have sex?' I would say did you just have sex, not she. You. You heard me think 'did she just have sex,' but I didn't say it."

"I don't understand."

"There's a gift that runs through the women in my family. They can read people's minds."


"Watch your mouth," her mom said, but she wasn't too angry. "I know it sounds weird, but it's true."

"You can read my mind?"

"No. Not all the women get it. Grandma could, and Aunt Carol can. We used to think puberty brought it on, if you had the gift at all, but my sister seems to think it is brought on by sexual activity."

"But I didn't have sex. In fact, I've never had sex. I'm still a virgin."

Nicole took a deep breath, and decided to tell her mom everything. She started with the porn movie and then watching her friends while she masturbated in front of them. She didn't leave one detail out.

"Wow," Tracy whispered, trying to ignore the wetness between her legs that her daughter's explicit account created. One thing was certain; her husband was going to get good and laid tonight.

"Eww," Nicole said. "Gross."

"Sorry," Tracy said. "Well, I guess we know how you are going to spend you summer before college."

"How's that?"

"You are going to live with Aunt Carol. She is the only one who can teach you how to control this gift."

"Control? It appears I can read thoughts just fine."

"Yeah, and I'm just one person you're reading and sporadically at that. Imagine being in a crowd and hearing every person's voice in your head. Without control, you mind would be barraged with noise, as if everyone was shouting at you at once. It would drive you mad."

"Okay, yeah, control sounds good. I guess there are worse places to spend a summer than Aunt Carol's."

To Be Continued...

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