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My Favorite Sitter


My parents didn't trust me to baby sit my kid sister because she was still a baby and I had just turned 18 a few days ago. So instead they called Amy, the sitter I had when I was a kid. Of course when she baby sat me she was barely in Jr High and now she was in her early 20s almost ready to graduate with her master's degree. As a popular sorority sister, Amy had long since given up sitting but she liked my parents so much she decided to help them out.

I was on my way out of the house to play video games with my friends when Amy showed up. God she was beautiful! She stood about 5'9, had waist long sandy blonde hair, a tiny waist, long legs, and about a C cup chest. Her sparkling blue/green eyes and perfectly white smile made her look more like a cover girl than a babysitter. She was wearing full make up, a white silk blouse, pearls, and a tan mini skirt with "strappy" sandals. She explained that she had a late date after sitting as the reason for being so made up.

When she saw me in the living room she hugged me and went on about how grown up and handsome I had become. While she was hugging me, I could feel her tits crushing against me and that coupled with the sweet smell of her shampoo and body lotion gave me an instant hard on. She ruffled my hair as I mumbled something about "it's good to see you but I have to go" and hurried out the door before she saw the bulge in my pants.

That night at my friends all I could think of was Amy and how much I wanted her. I discussed this dilemma with my buddies and my best friend told me he had some drug that dissolves instantly in liquid. Finally I decided I may never get another chance so I bought two pills from him and headed for home around 10pm.

I knew my parents wouldn't be in until at least 12-1am so I had some time. Plus my kid sister would be long since fast asleep. Luckily, she always slept through the night without a problem.

When I walked in the front door Amy was lying on the sofa with her hands behind her head looking like a model in a playboy spread as she watched a DVD. She seemed genuinely glad to see me and we sat and talked and caught up. She had been drinking Diet Coke so I got up to get her another can and myself a Dr Pepper. I opened her can in the kitchen and dropped both pills inside and dropped a straw in as my excuse for opening it. Then we both sat and chatted as we drank our drinks.

Amy went on about how she was about to get engaged to her longtime boyfriend and how excited she was because she was proudly an old fashioned girl who was saving herself for marriage.

"You won't be saving it much longer" I whispered to myself as I sat closer and closer to Amy on the sofa. Her speech was starting to slur and her eyes got very glassy and it was obvious the pill was working perfectly. She was giggling for no reason at all and acting very out of it.

I made some sort of comment about how stupid the DVD that was playing and jokingly grabbed the remote to turn it off. She laughed and tried to wrestle the remote back from me because she liked the movie. I held it above my head and loved the feel and smell of her soft, sweet body and silky blouse rolled over me as we wrestled around. This soon erupted into a tickle match like we used to share when she baby sat me when I was a kid. However, I was now much stronger than her and easily rolled on top of her and pinned her down. Then, as I looked down at her, my smile went from jovial to sinister. Amy suddenly felt very uncomfortable and told me to let her up. I just stared at her and tightened my grip on her wrists that were pinned above her head and adjusted my knees over her waist. I had her completely helpless and she sensed it.

"Let me up RIGHT NOW." she said in her best stern adult voice. She hadn't realized that she wasn't in charge anymore.

I started to kiss her neck and then I whispered in her ear "I'm going to do you... just like I've always wanted to."

At this she started to struggle but the drug was weakening her and confusing her senses.

She started to cry as I unbuttoned her silk blouse and revealed a white lacy bra that accentuated her tanned and toned midsection. Her tits were freed with one snap at the front latch of her brazier and they were spectacular. Perfect, firm and milky white in contrast to her stomach (seems Amy was too conservative to go naked in the tanning bed) with large brown nipples that sprang to attention in the cold air.

I tied Amy's hands behind her with some duct tape I grabbed from the hall closet and then pawed and squeezed those luscious melons as Amy squirmed and begged me to stop. They were almost too big to fit inside my mouth but I sucked on them so roughly it was making her sob harder.

When I tried to reach my hand under her skirt as I sucked on neck (giving her a huge hickey) and squeezed her left boob she tried to squeeze her legs together to stop me. So I threw her over my shoulder and carried her into my bedroom.

I threw her onto my bed and reached into my desk and pulled out a switch blade knife. I held the knife to her tit and promised her I would cut her if she didn't cooperate. Her blue eyes opened huge and wide in fear and shock and she stopped fighting me.

I took my time slowly unzipping her skirt and sliding it down her long, perfect legs and onto the floor. Then I took out my digital camera and shot several pictures of her clad only in a lacy white thong panty and sexy white sandals. With patience of an artist I slid her thong off of her shaking body.

Her pussy was trimmed leaving just a tuft of blonde hair above her lips. I greedily thrust my head between her legs and ate her pussy. She squirmed and moaned as she cried. Her body was betraying her and the drugs were making the experience that much more erotic for her than she wanted.

When I stripped down and eased my throbbing cock into her dripping wet cunt, she was tighter than a drum. The small red spots that soon formed on my sheets showed she really must have been a virgin until now.

I fucked her missionary for awhile and then sat her up and fucked her upright. Then I put her onto her knees and fucked her from behind as I pawed at her dangling tits.

I spit on my thumb and began to force it into her ass hole. She started to try and and escape again because she knew what was coming but I held her firmly as I forced my cock into her tiny star shaped anus. She screamed in pain and pleasure as I felt her inside strain and tear.

I pulled out my bloody cock and shoved it again into her pussy and whispered in her ear that I was going to cum in her. At this she begged me to pull out because she wasn't protected but just as the word cam out I shot my load deep inside of her unprotected womb.

We both collapsed and she fell asleep in my bed in the fetal position.

I carried her back into the living room, cleaned her up and put her clothes back on and then changed the sheets on my bed. Then I left the house and didn't come home until the next day.

My parents came home and woke her up from what she described as a horrible nightmare.

Later, when she discovered she was pregnant and it wasn't a dream, she was too ashamed to tell anyone. Her boyfriend broke up with her and she dropped out of her last semester of school to have the kid.

Her teenage sister Ashley (an 18 year old version of Amy) moved in with her to help out.

Hmmm, maybe I'll drop by there one night soon and we can all catch up.

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