tagLoving WivesMy First and Only Affair Ch. 01

My First and Only Affair Ch. 01


This is a sex story about the build up and perhaps the start of a married women having an affair with a married man. If that upsets you or you don't think you can can't handle it as an adult, please do us all a favor and don't read it. STOP right! Stop now!! Please go elsewhere or don't bitch about it to me or the rest of the folks on Lit. later. You have been advised so you know what to expect. If you read it or even skim it etc. you wanted to do it.


In 2007 when gas first started it rise upward Mark and I began to drive to work together. We continued for about a year, year and a half until I left that company. We took turns and drove every other week Each day it was fun to see him and have someone to talk to as we rode into the city and both families were saving on gas.. It was good for both of us since we were both just married and we didn't have a lot of extra money.

Mark was older than me by 5 years and he was married for about the 5 years too. My name is Bonnie and I have been married for just under 2 years. Neither of us have any kids.

Mark stood about 5'10' and was on the thin side with brown hair and eyes. He was also a man who had been in the military and served most of that time over seas fighting. He had definitely been around a great deal more than me.

Over the course of our relationship he told me about his life and his time with the military and the things he did and the women and the bars and liberty he had. It was interesting and it shortened the time we drove so I always wanted to hear what he called his 'war stories'.

He told me this one story about when he was on leave in one of the foreign country and what the girls were like who hung out in the bars the service men visited. He said he had been with a few of the whores who follow the fleet but he liked the younger women, the ones just beginning to do this type of work the most. They were hard to find and from time to time he would come across one of them.

Mark told me about this one young girl who looked even young than I looked is the way he put it. I did look young for 25. More like I was 18 and that made me happy, who wants to get old looking? But Mark told me these women almost always had pimps who made sure the money was exchanged before any sex happened.

Over two days Mark continued his story and told me this young girl was selling herself to the men who visited this one special and very particular bar. It was a bar in a high class hotel that was known for their beautiful and very young women. It was more expensive than other places to meet and fuck women but these women were exceptional.

He told me while they were together that she told him how she loved to fuck boys who were young virgins. She loved to break them in as she put it. In fact Mark said he told her about being a virgin so she would do him for half price. The way he talked and told me stories about his time away from home I was sure Mark knew all about women and sex.

Actually Mark knew something about everything. As we continued to ride together we became friends and God help me eventually lovers. Funny how it happened too, I mean I had no desire to have an affair nor did he. It just happened. But I'm getting ahead of myself. I'll tell you more as the story progresses.

We rode and sat in traffic and so it usually took about an hour to get to work each day and another one to get home. We would talk about our problems in general and about our marriages. In fact over the time I knew Mark, the four of us, he and his wife and I and my husband even went out together from time to time before and during our affair.

As Mark and I became closer and got to know each other better we even started kidding with each other about our spouses and our sex lives. Nothing was off limits between us, we were really friends.

Once Mark while sitting in the traffic he expressed to me that while his wife gave him sex whenever he wanted it there was a problem. She was always on the submissive side and never started any play. He told me he was always the one who had to do everything while she just laid there. He wanted her to be more aggressive and take the lead at least sometimes. But after 5 years he felt she would never change.

He explained more saying that she even wanted to do it in the dark under the covers and in the missionary position while he wanted to be open and free and completely visual.

Then one very slow traffic day Mark wanted to talk about our fantasies. You know what we wanted from our spouses deep down inside but never told them. I was very hesitant to discuss this and it was then that Mark first started to call me his good little Catholic girlfriend.

He laughed and I smiled at the word girl friend. He said: "Well you are a girl and you are my friend so you are my girl friend. So tell me Bonnie what is your deepest darkest secret when it comes to sex?"

I just laughed it off and told him I had none. He told me he didn't believe me. But I didn't want to discuss this part of my life. You see I had gone to very religious schools all my life. I was raised in a very strict home where girls didn't go on dates with guys until they were seniors in high school. The boys had to come into the house and talk with my dad before I could go out with them. My dad would approve or disapprove and that determined if I could date them. Even then I had a strict curfew of 11:00 PM.

All of that strapped with an Irish mother and Spanish father who were both very religious themselves set me up and in line to not have many boy friends but more to becoming a nun and serve the church. I'm sure if I haven't met Bob my husband when I did it would have likely have happened and I'd had been one.

But now I could never see myself as a nun. No, not since I had felt a cock inside me that first time with Bob. When my husband fucked me it felt so wonderful and even if I didn't have an orgasm he did and I was happy to give him the pleasure. I always had one afterwards in the bathroom with my fingers. Always! That was my deepest secret. My husband never made me orgasm when we had sex.

Bobby was the only guy who ever stuck it out with me and did all the things my dad insisted on in order to date me and eventually marry me. We dated for three years before we became engaged and another year before we married. All of that time together and yet we had never gone all the way. Sure we had played with each other's bodies and in the heat of passion Bob feeling me up a lot and had even sucked my breasts and nipples when we could get time away from dad and the others in the family I had rubbed his cock and felt its hardness but never had it in me. I never allowed him to fuck me I just couldn't because of my stick up bring.

We came close a few times but I stopped him being scared of my dad knowing I had done it as soon as I walked into the house again. It was like I felt he would smell it or see it by the way I walked or talked or even took a breath. It was like everything about me would change if I let Bob fuck me before we got married. How dumb was I?

As we became closer and more involved I had eventually let Bob fingered me a few times but that came after we were engaged. I remember that I felt badly knowing he had gone home with his pants full of cum. He would cum inside his slacks because I made him keep them on as we played. So Bob would cum and it would be in his slacks. I often wondered what his mom was thinking about seeing and feeling his slacks stiff down there.

So, I decide that I would take it out one night and look at it and feel it in my hand. It was the first real cock I had ever seen or felt or held. I began to jerk him off almost every night we were together but for sure every weekend.

I told him I was doing it so he wouldn't have cum stains on his slacks. But truly I wanted to feel it and hold it and I just loved to see him shoot his cum high up in the air and know it was my hand and him looking at me that made him cum so hard and so much.

You I would tease him terrible and open my legs wide and show him my panties and most of the time there as a big wet spot right in the center. I even had him touch it a few times. Sometimes he would finger me while I masturbated his cock for him. It was damn hot but then it was all new to me back then.

Other times say when my period was going on I would leave my breasts out showing him my hard red virgin nipples. That made me feel so sexy and Bobby would moan and suck them while I jerk him off so fast and he would cum so hard! His cock was very nice maybe 5 inches long and about as thick as a roll in the middle of the toilet paper. I felt it was super big but I had not seen any other cock to compare it to and besides it was my sweetie's cock and I wanted it to cum and to please him as often as I could see it.

Bob always shot a huge amount of cum when I jerked him off back them. Well actually he still cums a great deal now

Afterward Bob would cum I would clean him up. Afterward he shot off I would still play with his cock as I wiped him down. I just love to hold it and touch it and feel it. It was amazing to me how small he get after I made him cum. And it was just amazing to me how big he got just before he shot off with my hand wrapped around it. I loved jerking him off so much I would even ask him if we could go some place so I could see him cum. Then I blushed like a silly catholic school girl I was.

He would always ask me if I wanted to cum and I was so hot I told him yes but not the way most people think of doing it. I would open my legs and lie on his thigh and ride his leg up and down while he played with my tits and nipples squeezing them and sucking on them. I would hump his leg and feel him become hard again as his cock rubbed against my pussy as we dry humped.

Or sometimes I would want his hands to cover my ass and he would help me ride his thigh. Again as we dry humped he would suck my tits. I wore a skirt most of the time so I could feel his shaft against my clit and it was marvelous.

When I was just about there I would let him work on my pussy on the outside of my panties mostly. Then when I told him to do it, Bob would pull the leg opening of my panties to the side and put one finger into my wet hot pussy hole and finger fuck me like crazy while he sucked on my nipples.

Seconds later when I began to orgasm I'd squeeze my thighs tightly around his hand and hump them wildly while holding him tightly and kissing and licking his mouth and neck. It felt so good to have Bob make me cum with his hands. You know it always feels better when someone else does it to you so much better than when you do it to yourself.

But until we were married that was about the sum of our sex life together. Now we fucked and sucked all the time everywhere in the house and we have done it on most of the furniture. But Bob still always cums to fast. I'm still cumming in the bathroom most of the time after we are finished unless Bob fingers me in bed until I cum. That has been happening more and more. I even have asked him to see a doctor about it but he won't.

So one day when Mark asked me about my sex life, I told Mark. He now knew all about my sex life before I was married. He knew that while I had masturbated a great deal as an older teenager I never had intercourse. He also knew what Bob and I had done as I described above.

Mark knew that Bob was the first and only man to ever put his cock inside me and that was after we married. We even talked about what Mark felt I had missed by not knowing other lovers beside my husband.

Then one day I decide to tell Mark about Bob not lasting very long. I also told him that Bob was still having that trouble today. "It seems I am just starting when Bobby is cumming and then he is finished, Mark. It's very frustrating sometimes, very frustrating", I told him.

He told me he understood and then listened as I said: "My husband told me that it was because I was to pretty and built to good for any man to last long when he was making love to me."

Mark told me that he felt that would change with time and that my husband would learn to control himself better and last longer for me. He then asked me if we ever had oral sex. I was shocked by his words and felt my face redden. I wasn't sure how to answer him so I told the truth and finally just said "no".

Mark said that he felt that if Bob would give me oral and give me an orgasm or maybe even two with his mouth before he fucked me, I would feel much better even if he did have a premature ejaculation.

I blushed from the words oral sex in front of a man who wasn't my husband. And then I must have turned blood red just hearing the words 'fuck me'.

Mark smiled and told me I was again showing that I was a good Catholic girl again as he smiled assign me turn different shades of red. When I cooled down I told him that Bob had never given me any oral or even tried it. Then I said: "I haven't given him any either."

Mark told me we both didn't know what we were missing. He said: "Oral sex is wonderful Bonnie; it's almost as good as fucking! Now don't turn red again it's just a word."

But I did. Then he continued: "Bob should know that and in fact he should work on it to make sure you are satisfied. I mean he always cums doesn't he?"

I told him yes and he continued: "Well then he should always make sure you do too. And you being a lovely woman he should know you need more than one orgasm from his fingers Bonnie. I mean you should have two, three, hell as many as you can get. And oral helps the guy because women love it so much. It's very pleasurable for me too because I love the smell of a woman's musk and taste."

I hit his arm and said: "Mark!!! Stop being so blunt. GOD!"

He smiled and said: "Blunt? We're both adults here babe, so I take it you have never had your pussy licked or sucked? God you don't know what you're missing."

"God! Don't be so crude Mark! I'm embarrassed enough already!" I said knowing how red my face was now

He laughed and patted my knee gently. It sent shock waves into me. His touch and how he talked made me excited in a sexual way. For the first time I looked at Mark differently. And later on when we started our affair he told me he saw the lust in my eyes that day.

I finally worked up enough courage to ask: "So you give your wife oral sex?"

He smiled and told me that he did almost every night they had sex. He told me she loves it and that he always makes her cum on his face and in his mouth.

I just listen as he described what he did with his mouth and tongue to his wife. He explained how she arched and how she pumped her hips and how her hands held his head in place as she climaxed again and again.

He looked at me and we both knew how hard I was listening. He smiled when he said he then used his arm to wipe his face. Blushing again I slapped his arm again. He laughed.

But, it made my panties wet and I squeezed my thighs together as I crossed my legs tightly. I think he saw me do it too. I sat there listening as he told me how he did it to her and how his wife's hips and rear end came up off the bed and how hard she came. I knew that feeling and it was so good when your orgasm makes you do those things.

As Mark pulled up to my house he finished by saying: "If he doesn't want to do it for you Bonnie, make him. In fact demand it from him. Tell him if he cums every time it's only fair that you do too. If he can't hold off and make you cum with his cock make him lick your pussy, before or hell even afterwards."

I said: "I'm way to messy afterwards, it would have to be before we do it Mark. I mean Bob cums so much I would be coated with it."

Then I felt my cheeks turning red again and I quickly got out of the car thanking him. I said: "I'll think about it Mark thanks for the advice and suggestion."

As I was turning towards the house Mark said: "Bonnie come back here a second."

I walked back to his car and he took off his sun glasses, he looked me right in the eye and whispered: "If he won't do it for you and you really want to see how it feels I'll do it to you any day you want me too. I can come over early and we can do it right in your living room before we go to work. It won't take long, I'm pretty sure you will get off fast the first time you feel what a mouth and tongue can do for you down there."

He pointed downward towards my pussy. I felt it throb. I knew my face was scarlet red as I said goodbye again and almost ran into the house. Once I closed the door I rested against it and began to wonder how it would feel to have my vagina licked by Bob or even Mark.

I knew I was in a bad way and that it would be an hour before Bob came home and the dinner like usual was already in the crock pot from last night set on a timer. So I want into the bathroom filled the tub stripped down and slid into the warm water.

As I lay there resting and relaxing my hands drifted to my thighs and then between them. I masturbated hard and fast and I was amazed at how fast I climaxed thinking of a mouth on my pussy sucking and licking it. I couldn't wait until Bobby got home.

When he did get home I was clean and in my robe. I almost raped him as I fucked him before we even started dinner. He didn't complain. We were on the living room rug nude and he had filled me with cum but didn't make me cum.

When Bob had recovered enough to understand what I was saying I said: "Bob, you still have that problem of cumming to soon babe. We need to figure out a way of fixing that I mean I don't have any intercourse orgasms babe. I want them. I want to cum just like you do. Well you know what I mean. I need you to give me orgasms with your cock or some other way babe. Would you, would you......be willing to give me.........give me orals sex before we make love?"

He looked at me and said he had never done that. He looked like it was too much, that I was asking too much for him to put his mouth on my vagina. So I told him I would bath right before he did it and that I would do him that way too if he wanted it. I told him it would be fun to experiment and if he would do me and give me an orgasm then the intercourse would be much better for both of us. We talked a good long time while he played with my breasts and I worked his cock back hard.

Finally as I slid over him and straddled his cock this time I took it in my hand and inserted it back into my wet cum filled hot pussy. Then I slowly began to ride him, fucking him. As we did it I was riding up and down hard and fast now thinking about cumming.

I was trying so hard to cum on his cock. As Bob played with my breasts I told him that while he always has an orgasm and feels satisfied, I was becoming more and more frustrating from not having one when we fucked. It was the first time I used the word fuck. He didn't seem to care.

We were fucking harder now and I knew he was feeling so good as he thrust up into me. I kept riding him and talking to him and then I felt him he arched up and hold it and then I felt him pumping his cum into me again! "Oh damn Bobby! No!! You're to soon again!" I screamed at him.

He was done, well we were both spent. As I lay on top of him and he was recovering he told me he would try to do it next time when I was clean. That pissed me off a little since he was the one who made me full of cum twice, his cum. But as a good wife I said: "Well that's all I can ask Bob that you try. What if I took a shower later and cleaned up and you could practice and try later tonight?"

He told me no he wanted to think about it. "Think about what making your wife sexually happy", I said "See you had two nice orgasms and I haven't had any babe."

He apologized to me and told me again he would try tomorrow night. I waited for him to do it. We began to do what we always did he sat between my legs and fingered my pussy which was leaking his cum. He worked on me until I came but it was sort of anti-climatic.

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