tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First CFNM Party

My First CFNM Party


This all happened 20 years ago, I was about 18. I was going out with a girl who was 24 at the time. I'll call her Jenny.

Jenny was much more experienced than me and one evening Jenny and I were swimming in her pool, doing the usual underwater fondling, when her two roommates joined us in the pool. They were both about her age; Patty was loud and outspoken, while Tammy was more reserved. Anyway we all swam around having fun and drinking beer. Soon Jenny and I went back to our underwater fondling, while the other girls continued to swim.

Jenny had my cock sticking out the leg of my suit and was stroking me gently, when she started pulling my suit down. At first I almost resisted and didn't know what to do. I was just Glad that it was dusk and the pool light was off, so the other girls couldn't see what was happening.

When Jenny had my suit off, she set it on the edge of the pool and the other girls then knew what was up. Before I could do anything, Jenny grabbed my suit, and tossed it over her six foot block wall and swam away from me. She huddled up with Patty and Tammy in the far corner of the pool. I finally swam towards the girls, with the intent to pull Jenny's suit off. But they all climbed out of the pool, grabbing there towels to dry off. At this point I figured the game was over, I was just going to wait for my hard on to go away and grab a towel. Jenny had other plans for me. All three girls tossed there towels into the living room, and Tammy went into the house, only to return with more beer. I figured that now I'd have to make it past them into the living room to grab a towel. I climbed out of the pool and made a mad dash for the door with my hard cock leading the way. I made it to the living room only to find no towel. I heard the girls come in behind me giggling like school girls, and Patty said “ nice ass ." Finally Jenny grabbed me by the hand and led me to the couch, while Patty and Tammy went upstairs. I thought I finally had a break and told Jenny to fetch my shorts, she responded by grabbing my cock, and massaging my balls, just enough to bring me close and having the precum ooz.

Then she let go of me and turned on the TV. This was like 20 years ago, before cable. All she had was this thing called ON TV, which only had one channel. On Saturday nights, which this happened to be, they had soft-core movies, preceded by a show called Arobisize. This was a favorite of mine. It was usually 3 to 6 girls in leotards exercising to music, there suits would always end up exposing quite a bit by the end of the show.

Just when I started to relax and take a drink of my beer, Patty and Tammy retuned to the living room. They had put shorts and shirts on. They took a look at me then a look at Jenny, then they took a seat on the floor in front of us. I was tripping, here I was not only completely naked, but also with a hard on sticking straight up. Jenny, sitting next to me, and two hot babes sitting at my feet. We watched TV and then I heard Jenny ask me to get her another beer. Well the kitchen was close so I got up and scurried to the fridge, when Tammy piped in with, "get two more for us too." So here I am with three beers, and only one way back to the couch. The only way back was to walk directly in front of the girls on the floor, with my hard cock bobbing at eye level as I walked by.

Patty didn't surprise me by staring directly at my cock, but I was a bit surprised to see that Tammy, was doing the same. I sat back down and handed out the beer. I think this was the moment I became helplessly hooked on being nude in front of women. From that point on, I made no attempt to hide my cock from these girls, and I was really enjoying the freedom. Jenny was really getting into it too, she was always a sucker for my cock, (no pun intended), and she would continue to tease me by playing with it and stopping. At times the girls would look back to comment on the TV show, and then stare at my cock again.

But Jenny had to take it farther, now she wanted to play a game of darts. So off went the TV and we all headed to the dartboard. As soon as it was my turn I felt a hand wrap around my cock, and looked to see it was Patty. She gave it a good hard squeeze and a couple of tugs, then let go. This turned into a game for the girls, who where obviously enjoying this as much as me. Every time I was up I had one of the girls grabbing either my cock or my ass. I was to the point were I was so horny I finally turned around and said "hey you want it, its yours." I had visions of three hot babes sucking me off and fucking me in every conceivable way. But that was not in their plans, Jenny simply told me "hey you have two hands, take care of it." I was both disappointed and turned on by the idea.

I looked the girls over, they all had smiles and that glassy eyed look, so I started stroking my cock. Jenny grabbed my free hand and led me to the couch. The girls all sat on the couch while I stood in front of them stroking my cock. At this point there were no more games, and it was clear what we all wanted, so I put one foot on the end of the couch and with my cock inches from Patty's face, I slowly stroked. Then I stopped and squeezed out a drop of precum, which I wiped up with my finger, then put it in my mouth. As soon as I let go Patty grabbed a hold of my cock, and with her other hand she fondled my balls. But, she wouldn't stroke me, she just squeezed as hard as she could. Then she pointed my cock towards Tammy who was sitting next to her. So I repeated my performance for her, and actually rubbed my cock head across her cheek, as I stroked.

Tammy was not as shy as I thought because soon she was licking my cock head, and had a finger working its way up my ass. Suddenly she stopped, squeezed and pointed my cock at Jenny. I moved over in front of Jenny, who quickly grabbed my balls in one hand, and my ass in the other, then I heard exactly what I needed to hear, "cum on my face"! Well it didn't take much longer, between the girls watching, Jenny playing with my balls and ass, and me stroking, I went over the edge and shot a load. I didn't cum on her face as requested, but hit her on the chest, just above her bikini top. Next thing I knew Patty showed up with a towel and Jenny cleaned herself up. For the rest of the night, I never put a stitch on, and was hard most the night. We spent several hours just hanging out talking. Occasionally the girls would fondle my cock, but every time I tried to make a move on them I was shot down.

Finally it came time to go to bed. Jenny and I had the hottest night ever. We had other nights like this, but I will never forget that first time.

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