tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy First Real-Life CFNM Experience

My First Real-Life CFNM Experience


I have been a cfnm fan for a long time, but didn't know the term until I stumbled across some male stripper videos online, in which multiple guys were treated as sex objects by groups of cheering ladies, and I was jealous of those guys. I used to have fantasies about it when I was in my early teen years, but I hadn't had a name to put to it. I even had a couple potential cfnm opportunities in high school, but felt it would be too

creepy to pursue them, and especially with the amount of eagerness and excitedness I felt at the time. One day, though, I somehow got the chance to bring my cfnm fantasies to life...

I have this hot friend named...well...let's just say her name is Wendy :D She's from the midwest and sometimes travels to California to visit one of her cousins who lives here. In fact, I met her while she was visiting her cousin at a clothing store where I used to work. She was strolling in the area, and I introduced myself when we first met. She was very sweet, laid-back, and very pretty. She hung out in the store

for a while and we just made friendly chit-chat, and when she left, I figured the odds of seeing her again were really low, because I worked near a mall and with plenty of other clothing stores to get her attention. A week later, though, I was surprised to see her again, and I started to think she was the curious type, but I figured, someone as desirable as she, could have anyone she wanted, so maybe she was just looking to make local friends.

We did start hanging out, just as friends, and go see movies together in town, as well as go to places for lunch and dinner, and we'd talk very comfortably about our personal lives, which seemed easy for both of us, but she never seemed attracted to me, and unfortunately, she had to go back home to her regular job. We still kept in touch over the phone, though.

Several years later, it turned out she was able to afford another trip out to California, and I was thrilled! We talked for a while and she told me she had become engaged to someone where she lived, and I wondered if I'd missed an opportunity with her. She had always been easygoing about the idea of sex and relationships. Once again, our conversations drifted toward relationships and dating and, of course, sex. She told me that her fiance was having trouble having sex with her because every time she'd move at all, it would throw off his rhythm. She also said he confessed to masturbating while thinking about another girl, but he refused to tell her whom it was; perhaps someone they both knew in person. As we talked, I wanted to share my own personal sexual details of my life with her, but I had little experience, despite being three years older than she, in my mid-twenties at the time. I decided to test her for a reaction by telling her I love to masturbate and especially would love to have a girl watch. To my surprise, she said that idea excited her. I thought we were about to have phone sex, but it didn't come to that, although we both said we were starting to feel a little dampness on our clothes. I didn't want to interfere in her relationship, but wished I could help her in some way...

When Wendy arrived in California, she called me and let me know when she was settled in at her cousin's place. I told her I could meet her near my old job close to the beach, and she agreed. Wendy was always hot. She's a cute, skinny lil' thing, half black, half Native-American, with perfect skin, a sweet smile, and barely more than 5'1 tall. I am also skinny, but a pale white guy at 6'3, with long blond hair and at the time I

had just started wearing contacts. I saw her from a distance, and this time, she didn't look so innocent. I'm no fashion guru, but I'd say she was dressed like a goth, French maid, in all black, with a laced skirt and long stockings, and her hair in braids. She looked like a fill-in for Morticia from the Addams Family. She still had the sweetness of an innocent girl, though!

As we walked down the street on the edge of the cliff that overlooked the beautiful Pacific, I couldn't help noticing tons of guys in the area, staring at her and grinning. I felt honored just to get to walk with a girl so cute and charming. I told Wendy that I had a creepy feeling about the guys around us, and she said she felt the same way. She had carried a small shoulder bag with her, in case she wanted to change cos of the weather, I think. We stopped at a nearby public restroom and I waited for her to change. She left the restroom, wearing a more simple top and some jeans. Although I thoroughly enjoyed her other outfit, at least I felt we were safer with she wearing something more simple.

Her cousin used to worry about her safety in an unfamiliar place. I always wonder if a hot girl can be safe anywhere without having a bodyguard of some sort. He would discourage her from traveling far from his town, but this time, she was feeling more adventurous and curious. I had my own apartment now, and I offered her the chance to visit me. I took her to some of the local museums. After that, we had dinner at a nice

Mexican restaurant in the area. It was getting late, but this time, that didn't stop her from deciding to go back to my apartment with me.

I didn't have a car at the time, so we waited at the bus stop. I sort of tested her reactions again, but this time, by getting physically playful with her, though in an innocent way. I told her she was so light, that I could probably give her a piggyback ride. She thought that was amusing, and so I bent down and she climbed my back. I decided to get extra-silly and told her I'd like to try jumping while carrying her, and she went along with it. I jumped up and down a few times with ease and we both laughed at the fun we were having. The experience was starting to get exciting for me. She seemed very comfortable with me, as well...

When we got to my apartment, I told her how I have two beds--one left over from college bunkbed days--so a friend could spend the night some time. I didn't expect her to stay after giving her a short tour of my place, but it was getting late, and we were tired from our walking and eating, so we laid down on the beds and chatted a while. Our conversation got casual again, and it must of been something about lying on the

beds in darkness to rest, but it made her bring up her current relationship again. An IDEA came to her...and it was a SHOCK to me in the best possible way...

She talked again about how she didn't know whom her fiance fantasized about while he would masturbate, so he had a secret. She THEN said that maybe it would be ok if she watched me "jerk off"! I guess the idea was that both cases weren't really cheating. I actually tried to talk to her about it first and make sure it was ok with her and that I wouldn't be making her feel guilty. She said she decided it was ok, and then I felt completely uninhibited and said I would LOVE to jack off for her. I wondered if she had been thinking about it the whole time, waiting to get me alone where we'd have privacy. She was surprised and asked if I really wanted to do that, and I said it would be awesome!

I then told her I'd be right back, and went to my bathroom and closed the door to prepare, as she laid back on my bed and waited for me. I took off all my clothes (I had already left my shoes and socks on the floor, earlier) and washed up a bit. It all felt like a wild dream, but I wasn't waking up from it! I then put my clothes back on, and I walked back to my bed and she was still there, waiting and smiling. I said I felt so lucky that a cute, pretty girl was going to watch me play with myself. I started to strip for her, getting more aroused the whole time. I started breathing hard, sighing and gasping. I pulled off my shirt as she watched and I let it drop to the floor. I unzipped my pants, and the sound of the zipper got me harder. I pulled down my pants and stepped out of them, watching her eyes the whole time. She didn't try to stop me as I started to tug at my boxers. I started pulling them down as I looked at her. I slowly started exposing my boner until my cock bounced up, out of my boxers, and let them fall to the floor and stepped out of them. When she saw my hard cock, she had a big smile on her sweet face. Oh GOD, was I loving every moment of this!

I quickly got next to her on the bed and stretched out my legs. I untied my long hair and let my hair fall down my chest, because I knew she liked guys with long hair, and taking off the hair tie was just one more way to feel like I was exposing myself to her and showing off to her, removing every last bit of clothing. She worried about me cumming on her clothes, of course, but I said that wouldn't happen, and I already brought tissue from the bathroom to catch any stray cum. (I wondered if she had been around some real gushers sometimes...)

I quickly wrapped my hand around my shaft, under the tip, and started jacking off for her. I was shivering with delight but also because my room now felt cold! HAH! She asked if I were cold and I said, yeah, and I said that maybe I should close a window. She said she'd wait for me, so I casually got up and closed one of the windows, also so she could see my ass and see all of me, all private parts...

I went back to lying next to her, and started jacking off again, sliding my hand up and down my hard, twitching cock. I bent it downwards to show her how I like to stretch it and she asked if that hurt a little, but I said it felt good. I told her I have different rhythms and grip techniques, and that I was using a slower hand speed as a warm-up. I said I had two more methods, as I switched to my faster version of the same grip. I told her I'm about seven inches (6.75), in case she wanted to know. As she watched, she would wave her hands in front of her face like fans, because I was getting her hot. I asked her if she liked my cock and she just nodded a yes, not taking her eyes off my cock.

I then switched to my final and favorite grip, using just the tips of my left thumb and index finger under the tip, pulling up and down on my fully-hard cock. She cooed and said, "Awwww, and you're staying hard!" I said it was easy to stay hard for a hot girl like she. I told her that I sometimes rub my balls with my right hand at the same time, and then showed her, and she moaned with pleasure. I told her that my g-spot was

under the tip on the underside, and pulled my cock toward my tummy and rubbed my g-spot so she could see where it is.

I wanted to talk dirty to her and feel like a sex object, and I said "My cock likes you!" and "My cock's happy to meet you!", like it was a normal thing for me to do this for a girl and that it was going to happen sooner or later. I started jacking off faster and faster, and then, as I got close to climax, she moaned and ROLLED OVER and started dry-humping my bed! She then turned around and I started to moan and breathe louder to signal to her that I was going to cum, so she could watch it happen.

As she continued to moan, I moaned out loud and THEN I started to shoot LOTS of hot cum up in the air, all over my chest and tummy. It felt sooo good. I kept jerking and cumming until I milked myself dry. We both sort of laughed quietly, and when I finished squirting, she looked at me in the face again and said something awesome: she said maybe I couldn't tell, but she got off THREE times!! I've heard that some girls can have orgasms just by thinking naughty thoughts, and I guess she was one of them! I started wiping my cum off of myself, and I said I thought my cum smells like flowers. I sniffed the tissue, and she leaned over and said it smells like bleach, and she was right. HAH!

I stayed naked and hard for a while as we talked more about out personal lives, and she once dated another white guy that had sharp teeth like a vampire, a big dick, and he liked to nibble her on the shoulders, which she said was actually very arousing. She even demonstrated on me! She also put her hand on my thighs and stroked them, as if to tease me. My cock started to stand up again when she did that... As I told her my size, I took a rough measurement with my fingers from the base to the tip, and she put her hand close to my cock, but not touching it. She said she didn't think she should get too close, and how I WISH she grabbed my cock with those pretty hands of hers and would jerk me, which I think she wanted to do, but I understood our unspoken limits, so I just let myself imagine it. I wonder how good she is at jacking off guys...

I told her she must know she's pretty, and she said she didn't think she was really that pretty. I asked her if she had any friends that WEREN'T trying to hook up with her, including girls, as I knew she got hit on by guys and girls as well, and she thought about it and said it usually seemed like they DID want to get with her, which didn't really surprise me! She said she was ready to go to sleep, so I got dressed in front of her,

turned off the lights again, and got into the other bed. We both seemed to sleep well that night...

I wished she could do this again with me, but she felt that to do it once, she was already pushing the boundary a little bit, so we just stayed friends. I always look forward to her visits to California, even if only as friends--she's still very sweet, and fun company...

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