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My First Time


It was the summer of 1971 and I had just turned 20 years old. I was waiting for my girl friend at the Halifax train station and had a couple of hours to kill.

An older man, late 40’s to middle 50’s, approached me, introduced himself as John and struck up a conversation. He also had time on his hand and during the conversation told me he could use a woman or something. I thought nothing of it at the time and we continued to talk while we waited.

Eventually John asked if I would like to go for a ride rather than wait at the station. I agreed and we went out to his car and headed out toward the Armdale Rotary. As we drove the conversation turned to sex. John wanted to know if my girlfriend sucked my cock and I told him no. Did I fuck her in the ass, again I said no. John then told me that he liked bulling it and asked if I did. I had no idea what he meant but rather than appear stupid I told him yes. At this point he asked me if I wanted a blow job.

I was stunned. I knew that men did this together but had not really ever thought about it. At the same time I really wanted a blow job. I rationalized that it would do no harm to let this man suck my cock once, just to experience the event and be done with it. Nervously I told him yes and he pulled into the park at Black Rock beach.

We walked down the trails until we found a secluded spot were he started to feel me through my pants. I was amazed at how excited I became to have a mans hand on me. He quickly pulled open my pants and dropped to his knees. He pulled out my cock, opened his mouth and swallowed as much as he could, wrapping his lips tight around my cock. It felt incredible, his lips and hand on my cock. He would pause to tell me what a beautiful cock I had and then slid his lips over the head and back down the shaft. He sucked on my cock for about 5 minutes and then stood up and told me it was my turn.

I panicked. I had no idea what to do. This was definitely not what I had bargained for and I needed to get out. At the same time I noticed that he had undone his pants and his cock was sticking up in front of me. It was huge, longer than my 8” and much thicker at the head. The shaft tapered down to be quite narrow at the base. I wanted to run and at the same time I was fascinated by the first real cock I had seen other than my own. Without thinking I reached out to feel his cock.

His cock was like velvet over a steel bar, so hard and yet so smooth and soft. I loved the feel and decided to just play with his cock a bit before leaving, just out of curiosity of course. The more I stroked him the more curious I became and decided to take a closer look at John’s cock so I knelt down in front of him. The huge mushroom head of his cock was bright red and seemed to strain in front of me. Again out of curiosity I decided to see what it tasted like and very lightly ran my tongue over the head of his cock. Again and again I licked his cock enjoying the feel against my tongue and the thrill of doing something taboo.

Finally I had to see what it would be like to suck his cock so I opened my mouth and took the head between my lips. That was it. The minute I wrapped my lips around his cock I loved it, the feel of that hard cock filling my mouth, the head sliding over my tongue, the vein pulsing against my lips. I could not remember ever being so excited, this was even better than him sucking my cock.

I proceeded to suck his cock slowly, using my lips and tongue as best I could. Eventually he began to thrust his cock in and out of my mouth, occasionally choking me. I could feel his cock growing bigger and harder, the vein pulsing between my lips. He screamed out that he was cumming and pulled my head into his cock. By that time I loved the feeling of his big cock in my mouth so much that I never thought of pulling away. At first I was unaware of the cum in my mouth but as I swallowed his first load and tasted cum for the first time I could feel his cock jerking, pulsing and shooting into my mouth. I kept sucking his cock, swallowing his cum as if my life depended on it, until he pulled himself from my mouth.

We drove back in silence as I thought about what I had done and swore to never ever repeat the act although admitting to myself that I really enjoyed sucking his cock.

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