tagGay MaleMy first time with Jason

My first time with Jason


Feeling Jason's heat inside me proved to be a real learning curve, the way he stripped and unzipped me with that certain eagerness was sheer delight, and hearing his breathing changing rapidly as he eventually found my masculinity, it was like heaven feeling him massage me gently there and then his fingers finding the deep crevice between my ass, tantalising my hole and everything, all combined with his warm fluid kisses which did everything to procure me in wanting his deepest of fucks so much.

Holding my breath and gritting my teeth the first time his stiff cock started to enter my virgin ass, I felt the immediate twinge as he worked himself into me, the stretching feeling as he urged me to jiggle my ass this way and that to help the passage, making me yell when he clutched my thighs as a lever to fuck deeper into my being.

It did hurt a little at first, Jason did say it would, but he was a great guy and considerate too, he'd well massaged lots of lubrication up there after he had given me a good oral seeing- too which was a delight. And his mouth explorations were like nothing I'd ever before enjoyed.

He whispered he loved the scent of me, that there was nothing quite like the smell and taste of fresh virgin ass and the sense of him sniffing me down there was really erotic and so very thrilling.

"Oh my God, Pete you are lovely inside." I heard Jason pant as he began to thrust his swollen cock into me; "I just knew you'd be a great fuck when first I encountered that lovely tight young ass." he said still pumping me, asking me to say if he wanted "Jason" to stop.

For a moment I pondered on that, it did hurt at the start of that first fuck I can tell you. But then, after about five minutes, as he gave me a real good deep stiff fucking it seemed as if it numbed and his fuck became wonderful and so good. Deep inside me he stopped awhile;

"See if you can feel its throb" he said to me and I did. It was sheer heaven and I realised just what I had been missing, all this time Jason having tried many times to get me to date him, me not sure if I was that way inclined until Jason taught me how, showed me I really was his kind, the first time he sucked me up on the train when we had a quiet carriage together...

"It'll be alright," he said feeling me up over my jeans, squeezing to make it so fruity and swollen.

"Just nudge me if anyone enters " he said and I was about to enjoy his first complete suck of me, feeling the feeling of feelings so good as he really gave my cock what for, balling me up at the same time, feeling his index finger slip up behind me as he sucked, his fingers finding me there and rimming me, was so beautiful and lovely.

No one came in for the whole twenty minute journey, for me the most wonderful and lovely train ride I'd ever had and all the time Jason keeping on saying; "just wait to our first fuck privately together - I will show you just how good it is to get filled with hard throbbing hot cock and that's the truth!"

But when it did come, that first fuck, when eventually I did submit I was still nervous, but Jason was kind and considerate, he was to teach me everything - all about myself too, realising I was gay indeed and discovering those every certain erotic things that turned me on, like the way he sniffed me, how he longed for me to nestle over him on the bed, him laying there with me stretched wide above, prompting me to slowly and teasingly nestle down and down until my cock and balls smothered his face, after sniffing he sucked and licked me which was so soothing I cant explain just how much.

Soon after that first fuck the second the day after was even better, the initial pain not quite so bad as Jason began to initiate me, he had me doggy fashion, having thoroughly done everything underneath prior to the fucking, and for the first time I tasted "Jason", his cock was earthy and pungent, something I would have once thought not for me but with Jason's hard cock inside my mouth, it was particularly mood winding and to realise the very cock I was tasting would soon be tasting my hole.

I stretched and played with its foreskin, stretching it back to discover that divine slit I wanted to taste with the tip of my tongue wrapped around. His head was really huge and made my mouth cheeks stretch.

"I adore what you are doing with my cock" Jason said as I intensely licked and sucked him, squeezing and feeling its length, stretching it right back with every deep suck was particularly enthralling, I discovered different ways to suck and taste cock, then I remember the very first time he came strong and it was still inside my mouth, "you will need a drink" Jason chuckled soon after, my mouth spilling with his cock cream, "Pete that was so lovely."

"For me too" I replied and meaning it, something inside me made me feel so wanting Jason now and needed by this guy having been that intimate that I sucked and swallowed his cream.

And when he did the same to me, after that first fucking, my being able to sniff his and my scent and taste their combination I felt so good watching him suck and eat me, his big eyes looking up at me as he did so, beaming his soul into mine to create that certain wonderful and I hope we shall always retain forever.

Now all I ever want is Jason , to be all ass for Jason whichever way...

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