My heart beat faster and a weight grew heavier in the pit of my stomach with each number I pressed on my cell phone. I was calling Xerxes, a T-girl whose ad I found online and coveted ever since. She is 5'11", Latina, with soft brown skin, black eyes and a friendly smile. Her pictures are alluring, not trashy. She is selling the Girl Friend Experience. There is no email address, just a phone number.

"Hi this is Xerxes," she says. Her voice is friendly with a trace of optimism. I like her instantly.

"Hi, this is Bob," I say flatly. I am nervous. My mouth is dry and I can feel my face redden.

"Are you looking for a date Bob?" she asks.

"I saw your ad online and was wondering if you would be a good fit for me. I am straight." I'm still nervous and the words coming out of my mouth are unrehearsed.

"I love straight men Bob. Are you available now?" she asked.

"Yes. I have a particular fantasy."

"Yes?" she says with hesitant curiosity.

"I want to slow dance with a pretty woman and kiss romantically. Would you allow me to do that with you on a first date?"

"Yes Bob I would love that. You sound like a really nice guy. When can you meet?"

"I can meet this afternoon. I have to clean up, shave and get myself presentable, like your ad requires."

"What music do you enjoy Bob?"

"I was thinking something slow but not too slow, light-fare without singing, something relaxing that feeds arousal."

"How about we meet at 4 pm? Will that work for you?"

I accept her time offer and she gives me directions to her in-call location. As we say good bye, I am aware that my nervousness is gone and that I'm glad I called her.

My appointment is in two hours and I jump up and down with excitement as I think about what to wear. I decide on a navy blazer and khaki slacks, a white shirt and a red tie. I hardly dress this way anymore but I know I look good this way. I know I'm paying for sex with someone but it's the girl friend experience with a twist that I want and so dressing up for her is really the best choice.

At 3:30 pm I leave my house and drive to the grocery store and pick up some fresh flowers. Roses seem overly dramatic and so I choose Lilies for fragrance and sensuality. If we fall in love, I will buy her roses.

At 4 pm I call her from the parking lot she told me to park in and I give her my license plate information. Within a minute of speaking with her she taps on the passenger side of my car and I open the door. My heart is pounding on my chest and she steps between me and the door. So far she looks damn good as I can see smooth brown skin above and below her dark mini skirt. A gold chain hangs at her waist and then I see her face as she bends at the waist to peer into my car.

"Hi" she exclaims.

"Hi, wow. You are gorgeous!" I say with enthusiasm.

"Thank you sweetie," she says to me.

"Do you want to get in? I brought you some flowers."

"Aw, they're beautiful. I love Lilies."

I opened my car door, "Here let me put them in the back and you can sit up front with me," I said as I got out.

"Well honey, why don't you lock up your car and follow me. My place is just in there. She pointed to a building.

"Okay," I said "let me get the flowers out." I retrieved them and then locked my car and met her at the front of my car. "You look absolutely gorgeous. I know I just said that but I can't help it. You do."

"Honey you are very sweet and attractive. Let's be quiet for a few moments, walk inside and then follow me, okay?"

"Okay," I said and then got nervous all of a sudden.

She put her hand on the outside door handle and turned to me and said "Just keep your eyes on my ass and everything will be okay. Then she kissed me briefly on the lips."

We made it into an elevator and went up two floors and then walked down a hallway and into a suite at the other end of the hall. Once inside the suite, I handed her the flowers along with an envelope. Soft music played in the background, light sweet incense burned in a corner and candle light illuminated the enclave. She put the flowers to her nostrils and inhaled their scent as she turned and put them on the table by the door. "They smell so good, I don't want to forget them," she said.

I turned and walked into the suite to check it out. I figured it would be a good opportunity with my back turned for her to look in the envelope and see the payment and the tip. I looked out the window and saw the skyline of my city and thought for a moment that my wife would like this view but then I dismissed that thought as this circumstance was just for me.

I turned to face Xerxes and noticed that the envelope was hidden from my view. She smiled and said "would you like something to drink?"

"Maybe some ice water, I don't drink alcohol."

"Me neither. Ice water it is. Be right back."

I followed her into the kitchen and put my arms around her and my hands on the counter as she opened a cabinet. "Is this okay Xerxes, I can't help it you are so beautiful I just want to begin right here."

"Uh huh baby," she said and turned her head to face me while keeping her right hand on the cabinet door. Our lips met and we began an indefinite kiss. Our mouths opened together and we tongued each other softly, delicately. It was a slow moving, exploratory and sensual kiss. Just the kind I craved with this woman. I moved both my hands down to her hips and turned her body to face me. Her arms moved around my neck and our kiss grew hotter as she moaned in my mouth.

"You kiss really good baby, I like it' she whispered to me.

"So do you Xerxes," I whispered back and then kissed her cheek and down her jaw line to her neck and then upward and behind her ear. I tongued her ear lobe lightly and then made a wet trail back down her neck, alternating kisses and licks.

She moaned and purred as made my way to her chest and unraveled her halter top. Her breasts hung upright and outward, nearly bursting from the bags that filled them. Fake looked wonderful on her and I kissed and licked the sides of her beautiful breasts as I traveled down her front side.

I managed to kneel about the time I reached her navel. The floor was hard and so was my cock. This was really happening. My lust was kicking in on a high gear and I wanted to suck her cock now more than ever.

I tilted my gaze upward and she was looking down at me with those sexy dark eyes. "You look so good baby, are you comfortable? Do you want to stay there or maybe go to my bed?"

"I need to stay right here for now."

"Okay honey, I understand completely. Just take your time and let me know what you want me to do."

"You're perfect Xerxes. So beautiful, all I really want to do is give you pleasure."

"Oh honey, you're gonna make me get emotional."

I slipped my hands from her waist to her thighs and felt her warmth. Her legs were softer than my wife's and I relished in the moment of touching her bare skin. With deftness I grasped the hem of her skirt and pulled it up with one hand while I braced my left hand on her right thigh. Beneath her skirt the package lay full in a red silk panty and without further delay I leaned in to kiss it.

When my lips made contact with the silky material I felt Xerxes move her hands on top of mine. "Let me help you honey," she said and then she unlatched it at her waist and flung it to the floor. "There. Only one thing in the way of your fantasy now baby," she whispered. "Take all the time you need."

I leaned in and kissed the material that was hiding the treasure I sought. The size and shape had changed dramatically since my fist kiss and I felt a firmness that had not been there before. My heart raced again as I realized I was now going to follow-through on my cock-sucking fantasy. Xerxes cock was to be my first and so with full arousal in my own pants, I pulled her panties down to her thighs and felt her cock as it sprang forward and hit my nose.

She giggled sweetly and then stopped and inhaled sharply as I took hold of her cock at its base and kissed it on the tip. The spongy head grew once more and very soon it was rock hard and the full 11 inches as advertised. For someone only 5'8" tall she sure had a massive and beautiful cock, the envy of nearly all men.

Her balls hung below my hand and I reached down to cup them and cradle them as I moved in once more to kiss the tip of her cock. "That feels so good baby. Ooh," she wailed as her pitch carried higher and higher.

She tasted clean and her cock felt wonderful on my lips as I began to take her into my mouth. I felt relaxed now and grateful for all the time a certain phone sex woman has spent with me over the years. She knows all of my most intimate thoughts and feelings and I was supposed to call her and share this moment but I can't. It was supposed to be with a guy and it isn't. It's with a young T-girl named Xerxes and the feelings of joy I'm having right now are for her. It just doesn't feel right to stop and call someone else now. Maybe it could be another visit, if Xerxes will have me back.

Without realizing it, I have swallowed all Xerxes' 11 inches. The feeling in my throat is tight and full yet I do not panic. Instead I slowly withdraw until the head is at my lips and I look up at her. A tear rolls down my cheek and she whispers "where have you been all my life?"

I kiss her cock and then rise to kiss her once more. Her tongue invades my open mouth with a hunger and passion I have never felt from another human being. We kiss deeply like lovers long on experience with one another and we embrace each other tightly.

When our kiss pauses, she can barely contain herself and says "No one has ever deep-throated me before."

"I'm a lover. I need to make love to you with my mouth. I need to feel your body shake and to hear you moan as you orgasm into me."

"Oh baby, take me to my room. I want you naked in bed with me."

I picked her up in my arms with ease. Even close up, comfortably in my arms she looked every bit a woman except for the enormous erection poking up from below. Her right arm circled my neck and a couple times between the kitchen and the bedroom she managed to steal a few French kisses.

In the bed room I threw her onto the bed and smiled when she looked up at me. I discarded my blazer on a chair and then with both hands I loosened my tie and took it out of my collar and dropped it onto the floor. As I unbuttoned my shirt, Xerxes shoved her panties down to her ankles and then kicked them away. Then she removed her halter and knee walked to the edge of the bed and with a raised finger she beckoned me to her. When I stepped forward and touched the bed she grabbed my shirt and ripped the rest of it open. Three buttons flew to the side in lightning speed but I didn't care. We now had eye contact and there was chemistry between us that would not be stopped at any cost.

As I took my shirt off Xerxes unlatched my belt and opened my slacks. I stepped away and said "let me do the rest." With years of practice behind me, I slipped out of my clothes rather quickly and in flash I was again standing at the edge of her bed. This time, I sported a raging hard on and I felt as though I could be on the verge of penetrating her ass with my cock.

"Baby," she began "I need you to swallow me again. Please?" she asked.

I moaned this time. Her reaction to me was way better than I ever anticipated and quickly I dropped to my knees and asked her to lie on the bed with legs over the side and open for me. When she got into position, her cock stood straight up and proud while her balls hung below. What an incredibly sexy sight.

Her sex was there for the taking and I took it firmly in my right hand and kissed the tip once again. There was no loss of firmness in the eternity that had passed since I held it to my lips before. And now with my fantasy girl friend Xerxes comfortable on a bed, I could lick and suck her off to my heart's content.

Just before I take her cock into my mouth, I look up again and spy the digital clock on the table by the window. It is a few minutes after 5 p.m. and I speak up.

"You're okay baby, I'm making an exception. Besides that you tipped me way too high for only an hour."

"Thank you Xerxes. Thank you for everything," I said as I leaned forward and kissed her balls. I licked each one and sucked on her hairless sac with tenderness and care. Xerxes moaned and she whispered "that feels so good honey." I was in heaven, enjoying her scent and taste with full knowledge that what I was doing gave her pleasure. When her balls were sufficiently wet, I licked the underside of her enormous cock from base to tip and then all around the crown. It's rigidity impressed me and I was able to elicit incredible moans as I used the tip of my tongue to pleasure her. Then, in one motion I opened my mouth and took her eleven inches into my throat with ease.

Xerxes hands grasped the back of my head about the same time she muttered "oh my god!" Her pleasure was my pleasure too and from that point on I focused solely on oral cock worship. Xerxes was going to be swallowed whole, savored and tasted. She was going to ride to the top of the rollercoaster and then release a dramatic load as her climax explodes and I am going to receive that release and savor every drop.

She began thrusting her pelvis upward as her hands held my head in place. "I want to fuck your mouth lover," she whispered.

"Xerxes, would you like to stand and shove your cock down my throat?" I asked her as demurely as I could manage.

"Uh huh, baby, I would and I think I'm going to now," she replied. She moved toward me and straddled me as she dismounted the bed. Then she turned around and put her cock tip into my open mouth. I was like a bird being fed as she shoved her large pole further and further into my mouth and down my throat. She placed her hands along side my head and pushed until her cock sank as deep as it could possibly go.

I wanted to extend my tongue and lick her balls while she was so deep inside me but I couldn't get my mouth open any wider to move my tongue out. Then as she withdrew her weight from me, the tension on my jaw eased up and I knew that if I could keep my tongue out long enough next time I would lick her balls.

Xerxes was beside herself with lust as she sawed her big tool in and out of my hot mouth and tight throat. She spoke in Spanish and by the tone she used I could tell she was really enjoying herself as much as I was. Soon Xerxes was fucking my mouth so hard and fast that I forgot all about licking her balls. Each time she sank deep inside my throat, she'd pause and then let it throb. When she moaned her pleasure I could feel the vibration in her cock and this in turn led me to stroke myself.

The utter joy I felt with this man/woman was beyond any experience I've ever had. Dreaming is one thing but to experience it first hand with another human being is a whole other level. And to make it even more special I was sharing this experience with someone I liked. Chemistry is not forced and although money got us together I know we are connecting.

Tears cascaded my face like a waterfall as Xerxes' fiery lust advanced to another gear. She was now grasping my head with both hands and ramming her cock down my throat, withdrawing it to the tip and then ramming it home once again. If my mouth were full of milk, her speed was enough to make butter. My cock raged with heat as I knelt before her, letting her use my mouth and throat as a personal sleeve. Out and in, down and deep, pausing and throbbing, Xerxes worked her cock and her body into a sweat. Perspiration dripped from her face onto my face and neither one of us wanted to stop.

I could feel her sawing my mouth and throat in a way that made her dominant and I couldn't help but wonder if she felt that way or not. As I managed brief glances at her she still seemed that sweet sexy Latina on the outside, albeit a shiny sweaty one. Yet her hands firmly clasped my face and the flat of her stomach smacked my forehead as she slammed herself into me. In all my senses were overtaken and I began to warm to the idea of surrendering my ass to her if she wanted it.

I could let her use me for a long time. It is easy to swallow her whole as she glides her big cock in and out of me. When her cock throbs all the way down my throat and bottoms out in the vast space leading to my stomach, I sense she is on the verge of a really big orgasm and I love how my anticipation of her spray inside me makes my dick hard.

I want to tell her she can cum where she pleases. I want to ask her if she'll take my virgin ass too. I want to ask her if she'll be my dominant and use me any way she wants on future visits. I want to cum too and wonder if as my dominant she will permit it.

Then it happens. Her cock erupts in my mouth. It is copious, warm and thick. I love how it tastes and then she pushes herself deeper and I can feel her cock pulse and spasm as she sinks it to the depths of my throat. She is unloading a ton in my throat and I know it is going directly into my stomach. I like it. In one giant orgasm she has made me her cum dump.

More Spanish ensures. I don't understand the words but the tone is sexual. Her release is physical and emotional and as the orgasm declines in strength her hands begin caressing my ears. And when she withdraws from my throat, I suck her cock more firmly, squeezing out the last drops as she pulls the head from my lips. I swallow and taste her cum for the first time. It is sweet, like she is.

She drops down to her knees and we face each other. "Baby, that was the best I've ever had" she said to me with an incredible smile. "Now I want to do you."

I smiled and then we kissed.

Three hours after arriving I left Xerxes' suite sexually drained and looking forward to the date we had set. Roses would be appropriate next time.

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