tagMatureMy Girlfriends 58 Year Old Mom

My Girlfriends 58 Year Old Mom


Sue was a reasonably attractive 58 year old woman. She was always well turned out, clearly took pride in her appearance and wore nice clothes. She had shoulder length brown hair, cut in a nice fashionable style and always wore the right make up. Her body was not too bad for a woman of her age – she was certainly not fat, but nevertheless it was the body of someone in her fifties. All in all Sue looked good, but she also looked her age – she was also my girlfriends' mother.

I had been seeing Rebecca (Sue's daughter) for 18 months, and things were starting to get pretty serious. We were both 23 years old, there had been talk of moving in together, and we were spending more and more time with each other.

I was getting ready for work and my mobile rang – it was Rebecca's home number so I answered in with the usual 'Hey there Sexy' greeting. I was quite surprised to find that it was not Rebecca but her mother Sue on the other end. The conversation was pretty brief, but she said she needed to see me immediately and that it was quite important. I agreed to drop around on my way to work, but did think that she sounded a bit short with me and wondered if my overly familiar greeting had annoyed her.

30 minutes later, I rang the doorbell, and Sue answered almost instantly. As usual she was well dressed wearing a nice bright pink tight fitting sleeveless top with a tight black skirt that finished just above the knee, her bare legs were finished with some brown high heeled shoes. I vaguely thought she looked nice, but as she asked me in it was clear that something was on her mind.

I moved into her lounge, and as she followed me in asked if Rebecca was still there. 'No she left for work about half an hour ago – she had some presentation she needed to prepare for'. I did vaguely remember Rebecca telling me about some presentation she had to do.

'So what did you want to see me about Sue' I asked.

Sue reached into her pocket and pulled out a DVD, holding it up. My heart sank as I wondered if it was what I thought it was. 'I wanted to speak to you about this. I was using Rebecca's laptop the other day and found this on her machine. Do you know what it is?'

'Erm, I'm not sure' I replied thinking that playing dumb was my best option.

'Dan, I watched it and saw everything. What the hell are you and Rebecca doing filming yourselves shagging. It's disgusting, what the hell were the two of you thinking? And how dare you film in my house.'

'Sue, look I don't know what to say, I'm really sorry if we've upset you – we just got caught up in the moment'

'Look Dan, how do you expect me to react? I've seen a film of you and my daughter fucking in all sorts of positions, doing all sorts of sexual acts in my home'. Sue was staring straight at me. 'What do you expect me to do?'

Before I could answer she told me to sit down. 'Do you know what really annoys me Dan? This isn't even that good' she said waving the DVD. 'I can't believe my daughter is that sexually inexperienced. She's not teaching you anything!!' Sue stood staring at me.

I was confused and blurted out 'I'm sorry Sue I don't follow'

'If you're going to make a porno then at least make it with someone who knows what they are doing' Sue said. 'You need someone with experience of men, someone who knows how to satisfy a man and leave him begging for more.'

Sue now had quite a mischievous look in her eye. 'What are you saying Sue, I still don't understand.'

Sue stared straight at me. 'Do I have to spell it out Dan? I'm pissed off that you had the cheek to shag my daughter in my house and film it. I'm pissed off that my daughter seems to be having all the fun and I'm not getting anything. I think that you should be given the opportunity to put things right Dan.'

Sue was now standing in front of me with her hands on her hips 'Look Dan, I have needs like any other woman. I know I'm 58 and old enough to be your mother, but I want you to fuck my brains out. I want to show you how sexy and dirty older women can be. Is that plain enough for you to understand?'

'But Sue, your Rebecca's mother, you're my girlfriends mother we can't – what would Rebecca say, what would your husband say?'

Sue just looked at me and smiled 'Dan look how often are you going to get a woman like me offering herself on a plate? Who cares what Becca would say – she doesn't need to know. I won't tell her. As for my husband, I don't care – he's a selfish pig, and at his age struggles to perform anyway. It's been 4 months since he shagged me and it was useless. I want you – I've seen you in that video so don't be shy – I like what I saw. I want a young virile cock'

Sue then leant over and kissed me long and hard shoving her tongue into my mouth. I responded and she must have kissed me for about a minute. She backed off and ran her hands up and down her body. 'Do you like what you see? I'm not a spring chicken you know. Parts of my body are starting to go a bit south, but I still know how to please a man.' She then took hold of the bottom of her top and pulled it up over her head. As she did, I realised that she was not wearing a bra and her naked breasts fell free of her top as it came over her head. She then unzipped the side of her skirt and wriggled it down over her hips letting it fall to the floor. Sue stood in front of me with just a pair of red knickers to cover her. Her body was good, her tits were a nice shape, not too big not too small with quite big nipples. They were starting to sag a little but looked pretty good. She had a slight bulge where her stomach was and had clearly given birth to two children. The bulge was not unsightly and in fact looked very sexy – it made her look real, after all she was 58.

'So what do you think?' Sue said as she leant forward towards me and cupped her boobs as they hung down in front of her saying 'My boobs are sagging a bit but they're not too bad for a 58yr old' she tweaked her nipples between her finger and thumbs.

'You've got a great pair of boobs' I replied still in a state of shock and I was thinking to myself that they were fucking fantastic for a woman of her age!!

Sue then stood up in front of me and ran her hands across her stomach lingering at the waistband of her knickers. She purred 'my stomach isn't as flat as I would like but then that's what happens when you have kids and age catches up with you.'

Again I found myself thinking that although Sue's stomach was not as flat as a 20yr olds, there was something incredibly sexy about her bulge. She did not have the body of a supermodel, and I found that very sexy. It was real, she was a real woman with a real body and with that came bulges and imperfections 'Sue you look great, any woman of your age would be proud to have your body.'

'Stand up' Sue ordered and I duly obliged. She moved in close to me and again kissed me hard. I felt Sues tongue exploring my mouth as she pushed her body against mine, her breasts pressing against my chest as her arms went around my neck.

I pulled away 'Sue we can't do this – you're my girlfriends mother, you're married, we just shouldn't be doing this. I should be going to work.'

Sue looked at me 'You listen to me Dan, I want this, and I generally get what I want. I don't care that you're Beccas boyfriend or that I'm married. I want to fuck you and I'm going to fuck you' she said with some authority. 'I know you've thought about this before; I've seen you taking sneaky looks at my boobs when you think I'm not looking. I've noticed you staring down my cleavage in the past.'

Sue took my hand and placed it on her left breast. I found myself rubbing it feeling her hard nipple which was now about 2cm long. 'That's right' Sue said 'rub my tit, it feels good doesn't it? Dan, we're going to do this – you're not leaving until you've fucked my brains out'

It felt fantastic; her tits were still firm and her nipples were some of the biggest I'd experienced. 'We can't tell Becca about this' I said, now rubbing Sues nipple between my finger and thumb.

'Dan, this will be our secret' Sue said as her hand went down to my crutch and started rubbing my cock through my trousers. She moved in to kiss me again and this time I responded. I was snogging my girlfriends mum, a woman 25 years older than me. Both my hands were now rubbing Sues' tits hard, I was kneading them and tweaking her nipples roughly.

Sue gasped 'God Dan that feels good. Be rough with them, rub them hard, pull my nipples hard' her hand was still rubbing my hard cock through my trousers.

I then felt Sue start tugging at my belt – my trousers came loose and before I knew it were falling to the floor. My cock by now was standing out in front of me and Sue gave me an approving look before pulling my T-shirt over my head.

I suddenly felt very exposed – standing in front of a woman old enough to be my mother - and not just any woman but my girlfriends mother – in just my boxer shorts, with a massive hard on. Sue once again kissed me hard, pressing her body against mine – the feeling of my naked flesh against hers was fantastic.

Sues hand was instantly pushing down my shorts and pulling out my hard cock. As she kissed me she started wanking my cock hard against her stomach. 'How does that feel' she asked 'does my older woman's body feel good now' she purred? Her hand was giving my cock a good hard tug as she pressed against me.

'Sue wait' I gasped as I pulled away 'we can't do this, I haven't got any condoms'

'Fucking hell Dan – now's not the time to be saying that. I though most lads your age carry them as a matter of course. What about Becca – does she not have any in her room?'

'She's on the pill Sue – we don't need to use them. I thought you would know that being her mother'.

Sue stared at me long and hard 'Fuck, I haven't got any – it's been years since I bought some – shit!!' Sue thought for a moment then said 'Can I trust you Dan' she said

'Of course' I replied 'Christ, look at me Sue – I'm with my girlfriends mum, we are both practically naked and you have your hand on my cock'

Sue smiled at the irony of our situation. 'Good, I'm too fucking horny to mess around anymore. If I can trust you Dan then let's just go bareback – we don't need a condom, shag me without one. Just make sure you pull out before you cum ok. Don't whatever you do cum inside me just in case.'

I looked at Sue 'Are you sure' I said 'it's a risk'

'Look Dan, lets just do it. We're too far down the road to back out now. Just don't cum in me, make sure you pull out. Besides I'm 58, so I'm hardly likely to get pregnant am I? I need you to fuck me, and if it has to be bareback then I'll take the risk'.

With that Sue started kissing me really hard, her tongue exploring my mouth whilst her naked body pressed and rubbed against me. Her hand tightened its grip on my cock as she tugged me hard against her stomach. I moaned in appreciation, which only lead to her tugging me even harder.

'Do you like that' Sue said 'You seem to have given up resisting. You suddenly realised that a woman my age might have something to offer after all?'

'Sue, at this precise moment in time you are the sexist woman I have ever seen' I said 'I can't believe this is happening'. My hand pushed down passed the waistband of Sue's knickers and straight down to her pussy.

She moaned and said 'I wondered when you'd finally get down there. How does it feel? Did you ever imagine you'd be rubbing the pussy of a woman old enough to be your mum?'

'Jesus Sue, you're not only old enough to be my mum, but you're my girlfriends mum. Fuck that's the sort of thing you only seen in a porno movie'.

Sue laughed 'Well just remember this isn't a porno its real – if we get caught then we'll both be in deep shit. What ever you do don't fucking cum in me'.

My hand now rubbing Sue's fanny as I parted her lips and searched for her clit. I found it rubbed. She was wet, really wet, which just got me more excited.

Sue groaned as I rubbed her clitoris 'Fuck' she moaned 'that feels fucking fantastic. It's been a long time since someone has done that to me'. Her breath was heavy now. 'Take my knickers off' she ordered 'I need you now – can't wait any longer – I need you to fuck me'.

I pulled Sues knickers off and threw them to one side as she was tugging my boxers down. Suddenly we were both totally naked in her front room. Sue pushed close against me and said 'This is it. You're going to fuck your girlfriends mum.'

I was so horny by this time that I was ready for anything. Sue lay down on the floor and spread her legs. She then beckoned for me to kneel down in between her spread legs.

I duly obliged and knelt down. I could see my hard cock dangling ever closer to Sues wet and very inviting pussy. I could not believe this was happening. I was naked, with a hard on, in between the legs of a woman old enough to be my mother. Her body was ok, but she was 58, I could see the bulges that age brings. She was supporting herself on her elbows, slightly bent at the waist so that she could see me. This meant that her stomach bulge was accentuated. Despite her bulges she looked fantastic.

Sue grabbed my cock and pulled me towards her spread legs and open pussy. Eager to please I pushed myself towards her fanny ready to enter her.

Sue stopped me and said 'Wait – I'm in charge' with that she started rubbing my cock head against her pussy lips. As she did this she started wanking my cock and spreading her lips wider. 'Does that feel good' she said 'do you like rubbing your cock against my pussy?'

'Yes' I gasped as she tugged me and I resisted the urge to push myself into her.

'Just remember Dan, I'm trusting you and letting you fuck me bareback – don't you dare cum in me, make sure you pull out'.

After a few minutes I could not take it anymore and I thrust forward against Sue, pushing my cock fully into her pussy. 'Uhhh, fuck Dan, be careful' Sue gasped 'your quite big you know, give me time to get used to it.'

By this time I was overcome with lust and a need shag as quickly and as hard as possible. The animal instinct was taking over. I just kept thrusting and shoving my cock in and out of Sue as hard and quickly as possible.

Sue was now panting and groaning 'Uhh Dan, be careful' she gasped 'I haven't had a cock for a while; I need to get used to your size. Fuck it feels like it's going to split me in half, god it feels like its up in my stomach'. Sue was wincing a little and gasping hard in my ear.

I stopped thrusting 'Are you ok' I said, thinking I was hurting her.

Sue wriggled around under me and I felt her fanny clench around my cock, her muscles squeezing me to accommodate my size. 'That feels better' she said having adjusted herself 'just remember I'm not as flexible and lubricated down there as Becca. I need time to get you into me. But fuck you feel good now. Fuck, I've got my daughters boyfriends cock inside my pussy bareback – that fucking sexy!! Now just shag me Dan – shag me hard'.

I didn't need any more encouragement and started shoving my cock deep and hard inside her. As I shagged, Sue was thrusting against me, gasping and moaning 'that feels good Dan, keep going, fuck me, fuck me'.

Sues panting got louder 'Fuck my pussy Dan, make me cum, make me cum' she was shouting.

'That's it, shag me hard, quick and hard, I need this, I need you'

I could feel my orgasm building; I was getting close to cumming and suddenly became very aware of shagging Sue bareback. In my head I thought fuck I can't stop now, I don't want to stop, I need to cum. Then I took a gamble, she was 58 years old. What were the odds of her getting pregnant – pretty small? I started thrusting harder and harder as my orgasm built. Sue was enjoying things more and more the harder I got. She was thrusting and squirming against me.

Then my orgasm came, I thrust and felt things building. In my head I was thinking shit, I'm bareback here, should I cum or pull out. Them my orgasm broke, I thrust in Sue hard and shot my load deep into her pussy groaning as I came. I kept thrusting determined to get the most amount of pleasure from my orgasm. Sue kept thrusting against me oblivious to what I was doing for a second or so.

After about 3 seconds her eyes snapped open with a look or confusion and horror. She tried to push me up off her body but I just buried my cock deeper inside her as I finished my orgasm.

'Dan are you cumming?' she cried looking very worried 'you fucker, you bastard, I told you not to cum in me, I told you to pull out you fucking idiot'

I was still thrusting and could only muster a 'sorry Sue I just couldn't help myself.

Sue tried to push me off her 'You idiot, your fucking cumming in me and I told you not to. I trusted you'. She pushed harder and rolled me off her.

She sat up her hands instantly going down in between her legs. I could see my cum starting to drip out of her pussy lips.

Sue looked at me 'You bastard Dan. I can't believe you have done that. You came in me and I told you not to'. Sue was now frantically trying to scoop my cum out of her pussy.

'Help me get it out' she said to me. 'What the fuck were you thinking?'

I tried to help her scoop my cum out, but it felt a bit bizarre, scooping my own cum out of my girlfriends mum's cunt. Sue seemed to realise this as well and soon told me to stop fishing around in her cunt. She picked up her knickers from the floor and started to wipe the cum off her pussy.

Sue stood up starting at me, she threw her knickers on the floor and shouted 'You absolute idiot. I knew I shouldn't have trusted you – what was I thinking. What happens if you have made me pregnant? What the fuck will we do then?'

I couldn't help but laugh. 'Sue you asked for this. You came onto me remember. You seduced me. You told me to shag you bareback. What did you think would happen – it was always a risk'.

'Fuck you' Sue said 'I told you not to cum in me period. That's not code for shoot your fucking load of spunk in my pussy you idiot'. She was now stood in front of me with my cum still dribbling out of her pussy. 'Get out Dan. You had better go before anyone finds us. I need to work out what I'm going to do'.

With that Sue stormed off through the house. I quickly got dressed, and was about to leave the house when a thought crossed my mind – Sues knickers were nice and sexy and wanking over them would not be a problem. However I also had a potentially difficult situation to explain away unless I had some evidence that she was up for shagging my brains out. I leant over and picked up Sues knickers she had thrown on the floor shoving them into my pocket thinking if I need to I'll use these are evidence. With that I quickly grabbed my remaining things and left the house.

Five months later

'Come on Dan' Rebecca said 'we need to get to my mums quickly. Everyone else will be there by now'.

'I'm coming' I shouted grabbing my keys.

There was a party over at Sue's house to celebrate her husband's birthday and we were late. I jumped into the car and drove the 20 minutes to Sue's house.

As we arrived the party was in full swing. It was a nice summers day, the BBQ was lit and everyone was in the garden enjoying themselves. We had a quick chat with people. Rebecca disappeared into the house and came back 5 minutes later.

'Dan' she said, 'do me a favour and help mum out for 10 minutes please. She's feeling a bit stressed and needs a hand. I think she's starting to feel a bit tired given her circumstances'.

'Ok' I replied and walked into the house towards the kitchen.

'Hi Sue' I said as I walked into the kitchen.

Sue's back was to me. As she turned, I could clearly see the bump in her stomach growing in her – she was starting to get quite big. You could certainly now see that she was pregnant.

'Oh it's you' she said. 'What do you want' she asked.

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