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My Girlfriend's Mom


I have been dating Jennifer for six months. We only just got serious about a month ago. When I say serious, I mean we have only been fucking for a month. Things were going really well until she said her mom wanted to meet me. I have never been the good boyfriend that enjoys meeting my girlfriends parents. Jennifer was very persistent, she explained that her dad had died a few years ago and it was important for her to include her mom in her life. I reluctantly agreed.

I picked up a bottle of red wine and a bottle of white wine and went over her house to meet her mom. Her mom was going to cook us dinner. I thought damn, I will be stuck there with no way of leaving with Jennifer. How was I going to get laid tonight? When I arrived at their house, Jennifer answered the door. She brought me in and said her mom would be down in a few minutes.

We sat on the couch and in a few minutes her mom came walking down the stairs. Wow, was she hot. I had thought Jennifer was hot but her mom was a knock out! She had on black heels, a short loose fitting black skirt and a tight red blouse that barely concealed her huge tits. Her legs were long, slender and muscular, I could not believe my eyes. Jennifer's voice broke my staring and she introduced me to her mom, Kim. Kim was in her 40's but hot as hell.

Kim uncorked a bottle of white wine and poured us all a glass. She asked me all the mom types of questions, like what I did for a living and what my future plans were. I answered as best I could while trying not to stare at her gorgeous figure. I think she sensed my staring because she got up and filled up all of our glasses with more wine. I was defiantly flirting with Kim and she was flirting back. Jennifer didn't seem to notice.

Kim had made a wonderful pasta and meat sauce dinner. We had also finished off the second bottle of wine and Kim was uncorking one of her own from the cabinet. I was totally feeling the alcohol and we were all having a great time. I refilled Kim and Jennifer's glass for an amazing 5th time. I have never seen Jennifer drink this much and Kim was holding her own as well. We were all beginning to slur our words.

I picked up the bottle, there was enough for one more glass each. We went in the living room to continue our conversation. There were two couches facing each other with a TV in the middle at the far end. I sat on one couch and Jennifer slumped next to me. Kim put on some music and stumbled as she sat down on the other couch. I went to the kitchen to be a nice guy and clean up. I was really feeling pretty good. I returned to the living room after about twenty minutes. Jennifer was passed out on one couch and Kim was snoring away on the other couch.

Kim had one leg up on the couch and the other on the floor. Her legs were spread just enough to arouse my cock. She looked so sexy. He skirt was revealing just enough of her inner thigh to catch my eye and make me drool. My dick was getting hard and I was drunk and horny. I reached over and touched her on the shoulder giving her a gentle shake. She kept snoring.

I slowly and carefully reached over to her skirt and pulled it up revealing her black panties. They were no mom panties, Kim was wearing a thong. It barely covered her thick brown bush and there was the tiniest strap going across her hips. I was so turned on by her amazing figure. I reached up to her blouse and undid the top buttons exposing her skimpy black bra. Her tits looked amazing. I looked over at Jennifer and she was snoring away. I gently undid all of the buttons on her blouse and pulled her shirt away to get a full view of her breasts. Luckily her bra had a clasp in the front and it opened easily and her tits sprang free. The label on the bra said 36C. Wow!! I cupped her tits in my hands and rubbed my thumb over her hard nipples.

Kim was still unconscious, I reached my hand under her skirt and slowly pulled down her panties revealing her hairy brown bush. I slipped my hand between her legs and gently rubbed her clit. Kim was a little dry so I licked my finger and rubbed it across her pussy lips. She stirred a little but did not wake. I slowly inserted my finger all the way into her pussy. I took it out and sucked off her juices.

I looked over one more time at Jennifer's sleeping body. I didn't care. I was so turned on. I had her mother naked with her legs spread apart. Jennifer was only 10 feet away. I was so horny. I pulled off my clothes and climbed on the couch. My dick was rock hard. I got on top of Kim. I lowered my cock and let it dangle in her hairy bush. My precum was making designs in her bush. I rested my cock against the out side of her vagina. I was supporting myself with my right hand and I placed my left hand over Kim's mouth.

I was ready, I pressed my cock into her pussy with all my force. It slid inside her tight, wet, hot pussy. Feeling this invasion into her pussy Kim's eyes opened. I kept my hand over her mouth and kept fucking her. I could see the startled look in her eye as she realized what I was doing to her. I felt her try to wiggle free, I turned her head to look at her daughter sleeping 10 feet away. I could see the fear in her eyes. I removed my hand and kissed her on the mouth. Her gaze turned from fear as I kept sliding in and out of her pussy. My tongue fought into her mouth, Her eyes closed, I felt her body relax, she was kissing me back. She wrapped her legs around mine and fucked me back. I slid my mouth down to her beautiful tits and sucked and squeezed them, as she was clawing at my back. She was moaning softly and I felt her shudder. She was cumming on my cock.

I dove my cock deep inside her cunt as she contracted. She opened her eyes and pushed my onto my back. Kim bent over and took my cock into her mouth. She was giving me the most amazing head. As I watched my cock disappear deep into her mouth, I glanced at Jennifer sleeping on the other couch. I was so turned on from fucking her mom and watching her blow me.

Kim was licking and sucking on my cock, I felt my balls tighten. I exploded right into her mouth. I could feel her lips tighten on my cock as I unloaded my cum in her mouth. She held my cock in her mouth, squeezing and jerking the cum into her mouth. Kim swallowed every drop. She sat back, grabbed her clothes and took my hand leading me upstairs.

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