tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Girlfriend's Sextape Ch. 02

My Girlfriend's Sextape Ch. 02


Author's note:

Thank you for all your feedback on the last chapter. I really appreciate all your comments, both positive and negative. If you want me to answer, please send me a private message, as I don't want to start discussing things in the reviews section. Any suggestions as to where I should go with the story, if anywhere, from here, are much appreciated.

"O- oh sh-" My dick erupts in my girlfriend's hand after just a few strokes. I groan with embarrassment as my load run down her fingers. This is the second time this has happened in as many days.

"Relax," she says, "it just means you think I'm irresistible." She laughs a little, not quite able to hide her disappointment. "Just get me some toilet paper," she says.

I get out of bed and go to the bathroom. I have never struggled with premature ejaculation before, but these last two days I have been very distraught.

After I sprayed my cum over her laptop two days ago, I sat watching her cum-covered face on the screen for several minutes. I copied the video onto both my own computer and my phone. And as I wiped the cum away and erased all traces of ever having gone through her computer, I started thinking about what to do next. Obviously, I had to confront her with cheating.

But I haven't. Instead I welcomed her in and pretended nothing had happened when she came back from work. I didn't confront her the next day either. Instead I watched the video again. It's constantly on my mind. I can feel my cock twitching in my pants every time I picture her sucking those cocks, every time I think of how hard they fucked her. Every chance I get, I watch the video again. All of it or just part of it. That's the reason I have been so extremely horny the past two days, and why I cum just from her touching my dick.

"Thanks!" She takes the toilet paper and wipes the cum off her hand. She tosses the paper on the floor beside the bed afterwards. I move the blanket away from her body and sit on my knees between legs. My limp dick slightly touches by her panties while I lean forward and kiss her on the lips. I continue to her neck, gently suck a little on both her nipples before I adjust my position and kiss her stomach.

"Mmmmh..." She sighs softly, "good boy."

I keep my mouth over her sheer panties for a while and just inhale the scent of her pussy. It's just fair and square that I satisfy her with my mouth after I came so quickly. It feels right.

I grab her panties and peel them down until I lean away to hook them off one of her legs. She spreads her thighs for me to please her, her pussy is glistening wet. I slowly slide my tongue over it, just sligthly penetrating her pussy lips. She shivers when she exhales. I keep licking with slow, long movements, very gradually picking up the pace.

This pussy has been fucked by other men, I think. Lord knows how many times that has happened or how recently...

I feel her hand on the back of my head, she grabs my hair as if she is rubbing me into her crotch. Her grip is not tight, not yet.

Shifting my attention upward to her swollen clit, I bring one hand up between her legs. She moans softly as I penetrate her with one finger. I just barely touch past her opening while twirling my tongue around her clit.

She exerts a little more pressure on my head, but I resist. This is going to be so much better for you if remain patient, I think to myself. I insert another finger into her pussy and push further in while flicking my tongue over her clit. She gyrates her hips a little to make more contact with my mouth and fingers.

I feel the inside of her pussy. Other men's cocks have fucked her there, I think. She has been gyrating her hips in this way while being fucked by other men. I take my fingers out of her and instead jam my tongue into her pussy. I reach as far as I can and taste her deeply.

Tasting her cheating pussy, I think as I strain to get my tongue deeper. Who knows when there was another man's cock here last time. I feel my dick twitch.

My girlfriend pulls my hair softly but sternly, she wants my tongue back on her clit. I obey.Her breath becomes heavier and she tightens her back every time I rythmically insert my fingers into her wet, cheating pussy.

My free hand finds its way to my flaccid cock. I slowly jerk it while pleasuring her. The images of her getting fucked in the video flood my brain when I close my eyes. Licking her pussy is not enough.

I put my arms under her legs and raise them up. Any other situation, and this would be a submissive position for her to be in, but not with my serving tongue between her legs. I take a few long licks again, burying my tongue in the crevice of her pussy lips. I can feel my cock hardening against the bedsheets.

"Oh?" She lets out a little surprised high-pitched sound as I make my next move. They both fucked her there, he came there, I saw it, filling her up. I lap at her puckered little anus, I trace it with my tongue. She enjoys it, like she enjoyed being fucked in the ass. My cock throbs as I think that thought. They fucked her ass, one of them came deep inside her and I'm licking that very same hole. I imagine his cum dripping out of her ass as I penetrate it with my tongue. I try to go as deep as I can, fucking her musky asshole with my tongue. My dick strains under me, fully erect by now. She has one hand on the back of my head pressing me as hard as she can towards her. She is working her clit with the other. I can't breath, but I keep going.

"Aaaaah! Yes!!" She screams and then groans through gritted teeth, hurting my neck as she grabs my head with both hands smothers my face into her crotch. She cums with my tongue deep into her asshole. I can feel both her pussy and ass contracting with pleasure. Even though her hands are covering my ears I can hear her moaning.

I stay between her legs for almost a minute afterwards, just inhaling the scent of her pussy and ass as I gasp for air. My dick is still rock hard and it's digging uncomfortably into the mattress. I could fuck her now, but when I look up at her she has a lazy smile on her face and her eyes are closed. She is sleeping.

I rise from the bed carefully and pull the blanket over her naked body. With my dick standing up like a little flagpole, I pick up my phone and saunter out to the bathroom. I sit down on the toilet and open the video again. I try to be patient, but after watching for about two minutes I'm stroking hard. Once again, I cum all over my own stomach while watching her take two cocks.


"Oh really, a double shift, huh?" I smile at my girlfriend.

"Yeah," she looks up from her phone, "it seems like someone pulled out in the last minute."

"Too bad," I say, "I hate it when people pull out, don't you?" I can't muster up the courage to look her in the eyes when I say it. She doesn't answer. When I finally look up at her she is looking down at her phone again and biting her lower lip.

"So, uhh," she is struggling to tear her eyes away from whatever is on her phone, "I'll be late, but I'll se you here afterwards."

After she has left, I wait for about an hour. If she is indeed going to work she should be there by now. I change into a hooded sweater and walk out to check on her. As I close in on the coffee shop, I find my heart is racing. With the hood pulled as far down as possible, I go into the bookstore on the other side of the street from where she works.

While I rather embarrassingly pretend to be browsing the self-help section, I spy through the large windows.

"Anything I can help you with?" I make a little squealing noise, the bookstore-woman damn well snuck up on me.

"N-no," I stutter, "just browsing!"

She leaves me be and tells me I should feel free to ask, if I need any help. I spot my girlfriend behind the counter on the other side of the street. She is indeed working. My eyes are glued to her as she serves customers their coffee, smile at them, and laughs merrily. Flirting...

After twenty minutes or so, I tear my eyes away from her. I can't stay here, the woman who talked to me earlier is looking increasingly irritated at me. I nod politely to her and walk out of the bookstore while pulling my hood up. She shakes her head while I walk out.

I don't want to be spotted, so I choose not to walk past the cafe. I know I need to come back before my girlfriend's shift ends. Wonder how many dicks she will suck in her break, I whine inside my head. The prospect makes me feel a little twitch in my cock though, so I just end up feeling more pathetic.

When I get home, I decide I'm not going to watch the sextape again. In about half an hour I think to myself, why the fuck not, and watch it again. Still trembling, still getting hard to how slutty she behaves. For the next hours, I just keep myself occupied with this and that until it's time check on her again.

I feel like such a stalker as I stand on the corner down and on the other side of the street from where I know she will exit. I quickly step behind the corner as she comes out the door. Watching her from behind the corner, I sigh with relief as she starts walking the other way. I follow.

I feel triumphant that my suspicions were confirmed. Triumphant and angry at her. She lied to me, again. I could confront her, but what would I say? No, I'll just keep watching her, see what she's up to.

Luckily, she isn't going far. She seems to be in a hurry, though. I hurry after her, but keep my distance. My heart is racing all the time as I watch her enter a lingerie store. I stop for a brief moment before I walk up to the store window. I can't see her at first, but then she is suddenly looking straight at me from behind a mannequin.

"Fuck!" I exclaim through gritted teeth and turn around and duck for cover. I walk hurriedly away from the window. If she has seen me now, I don't know what to do. While I wait and watch the store from a safe distance, I curse myself for being so careless.

She comes out of the store. A shopping bag in one hand, her phone in the other. She looks around as if searching through the crowded street, until she finally waves enthusiastically.

I can already see the guy. My heart feels like it is trying to escape through my throat.

I know who he is. It's her colleague at the café...

But why is she meeting with him?! I scream the question inside my own head as I spy at them from a distance. She has always insisted that she can't stand the guy! She always complains about him being such a douchebag. He grabs her and hugs her. I'm too far off to hear what they are talking about, but I can see her smiling when she shows him the bag.

As they walk away together, I follow. My suspicions are quickly confirmed, they're going to her place.

My girlfriend lives in a pretty cheap flat with one of her friends. Her friend is almost never home though. So mostly she is there all by herself, or so I thought up until now...

They go inside her apartment complex. It's a big building, but my girlfriend lives on the first floor. I have always felt uncomfortable with the fact that her bedroom window is straight into a back alley, but this time, I am thrilled about it. I'm gonna catch her in the act, the cheating bitch!

The curtains are closed, of course, they're always closed. But there is a small opening on the side of the window that I can watch through. I struggle to move a trashcan over to the window as soundlessly as possible. I swallow hard after I climb onto it. My hurried breath moistens the window as I press my face toward the crack to look inside. I've got you now, I think.

She's there, but she is alone; but then again, she is wearing black fishnet stockings and a lace bra and currently pulling on a pair of matching panties... Fuck! I catch a glimpse of her trimmed pussy. She looks at her self in the mirror for a few seconds, pouting her lips and squeezing her breasts together. Then she walks over to the door and opens it.

The smug smile on the guy's face infuriates me. I can see that he says something, but I can't hear it through the window. My girlfriend walks over to sit on the bed. She gets down on her knees with legs slightly spread and her back arched to make her tits stand out. She looks so incredibly sexy like this. I can feel blood surging to my dick from seeing her. She bites her lower lips as he walks slowly toward the bed.

Instead of throwing himself over her, like I probably would have done, he stops a few feet from the bed. He beckons her with his finger slowly and without uttering a word. My girlfriend ever so slightly licks her lips and gets off the bed. When she is just in front of him, he holds his hand up and stops her.

Still preferring the sign language to speaking, he moves his finger in a spinning motion. My girlfriend obeys. Slowly, she get spins around to show off her body to him. She looks great, her firm tits are perked up in the bra and the g-string all but disappears between her slightly jiggling asscheeks. And the fishnets! They make her look so ready, so intensely sexual! I have to adjust my boner to stop it from rubbing painfully against my jeans.

After she has completed the round, the guy moves in. He puts his hands on her shoulders and lets them slide down the curves on her sides until he reaches her hips. My girlfriend opens her mouth in a silent moan as one of his hands find her ass. He pulls her toward him in a stern motion and kisses her aggressively. She closes her eyes and looks to be in pure bliss.

I can't think straight. What a fucking bitch. She has been complaining about this guy constantly, on his lewd comments, his endless boasting about all the girls he has fucked, how he thinks he is a real player. And here she is, showing off to the bastard, dressing up sexy and grinding her hips towards him. I angrily rub my erection through my pants.

With a firm grip on her neck, he pulls her back. I can fucking SEE how fast she is breathing through her open mouth. With a slow but firm push, he presses her down. She obediently sits down on her knees with her head directly in front of his crotch.

She opens his belt, she pulls down his pants. Then, she pulls down his boxers. I can see a limp cock hanging between his legs. It's not big, it's huge! Over 5 inches of meat hanging straight down, about my size before it's even erect.

My girlfriend sticks her tongue out and slowly starts licking. Then he suddenly slaps her. It's not hard or anything, he just flicks his wrist and lands a little slap of the kind that hurts one's pride more, than one's face.

Me and my girlfriend gasp simultaneously. She looks up at him in shock, her expression is one of offended disbelief. The guy isn't having any of her bullshit though, and firmly grabs her hair. He gives her another slap, and still without saying anything, he simply points a finger at her as if she were a dog.

"Are you gonna be a good girl?" He asks, his voice commanding and firm. The mortified expression on her face as her head is held tightly and turned up is still there, but she nods without breaking eyecontact. He pulls her towards him, but instead of letting her lick his cock, he pulls her further down towards his balls.

My girlfriend obediently starts licking his scrotum. His cock is resting on her face and forehead. I can see that it gradually pulsates toward erect. Growing bigger with each throb as my girlfriend is covering his balls with spit. My heart is racing, and my face flushes as I stick my hand down my pants to feel my own modest, little dick. His is so big... Has to be slightly over eight inches... Right now throbbing against my girlfriend's forehead as she is servicing his balls.

Absentmindedly, I begin stroking inside my pants as I stare in agonized fascination at the scene in front of me. After she licked and sucked the guy's balls for several minutes, he finally pulls her head back with both hands. His big cock is pointing directly at her face. She is transfixed by it, her eyes squinting toward the tip. I could probably have jumped through the window and started singing and dancing without her noticing me.

"You ready to suck it?" He asks, looking down on her.

"Y-yes!" My girlfriend stutters, but there is an unmistakable enthusiasm in her voice.

"Yes," I whisper, "suck it! Show me what you can do with that monster!"

He releases her head and lets her move at will. She opens her mouth wide and takes his glistening cockhead into her mouth. Her lips close around the thick meat and I can see her cheeks working. She starts bobbing her head back and forth, getting his cock a little deeper every time. Finally, she closes her eyes hard and shoves her face toward him. With her tongue out, I see her pressing as far as she can go. She turns red and I can see the veins on her neck bulge as she runs out of air. Even as she struggles, there is still a few inches to go before he is balls deep in her mouth.

She pulls back and I can hear her gasping for air, panting and coughing. Strings of drool hang between her open mouth and the massive cock and from her chin dripping down towards her breasts.

She takes the guy's hands in hers and places them on the back of her head. She lines her mouth up with his cock again, opens her mouth and sticks out her tongue.

"Give it too her!" I wheeze through gritted teeth, my fingers are slippery with my own precum as I clench my dick and stroke eagerly. He does! Holding her head tightly, he bucks his hips towards her face, slamming his cock into her throat. I can hear her gag. He doesn't stop though. He just keeps plowing into her, making her cough and sputter. Finally, he plunges deep into her throat and stays. I can't see it, but I imagine her throat is bulging from the thick cock being rammed into it.

This is how you treat a slut, I think, as my girlfriend starts trying to push herself away from him. Helplessly shoving at his thighs. He keeps her there for a few more seconds while her desperation mounts before finally pulling her back. I can hear her gasp and cough as he holds her blonde hair in a firm grip.

Her makeup is running. Dark mascara and eyeshadow is trailing down her face, and her lipstick is smudged around her mouth, a lot of it on the guy's impressive cock as well.

Somehow, this only makes her look sexier. I stare with my mouth open, almost drooling myself.

"Face down on the bed and ass up, bitch!" He commands her with a little shove towards the bed. She obeys him instantly and walks on her knees to the bed. With them still on the floor, she lays her upper body on the bed displaying her ass and pussy for him.

She hates the very word 'bitch', I'm not allowed to use it about anything in front of her. The guy grabs her panties and pulls them halfway down on her thighs, just above where the fishnets end.

"Spread!" He tells my girlfriend. My girlfriend doesn't quite get his meaning, and spreads her legs as much as she can while constricted by the pulled down thong. She looks back at him quizzically. That earns her a hard slap on the buttocks. I can hear the stinging slap through the window.

"Spread your cheeks, you stupid bitch! Do you want this or not?" The mortified expression on her face from the painful slap is absolutely priceless. It takes her a second or two, but I can read the word 'sorry' being muttered on her lips. She extends her butt further into the air as if to signal she does in fact want it, grabs her asscheeks with both hands and pulls them apart.

Her ass and pussy is wide open for him. I can see a grayish drop of fluid drip from her open hole. She practically trembles with tension as the guy gets on her knees behind her with his big cock lined up with her pussy.

"Keep your cunt spread!" He snarls. This guy doesn't have a normal, fucking voice, I think to myself, he's so loud.

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