tagBDSMMy Good and Beautiful Bitch

My Good and Beautiful Bitch


You are on your hands and knees. A halter top struggles to confine your full breasts, stockings cling to your legs; otherwise you are naked save for your collar.

'Heel, bitch.'

I jerk your leash and you crawl to me as a good bitch should, your eyes fixed on my swollen penis, your tongue straying across your lips lasciviously. My penis is so hard it aches with a yearning mirrored in your eyes -- eyes so deep and dark they might drink my soul. My penis twitches as, reaching me, you sit up and beg, thrusting your breasts up, your nipples showing bullet hard through the thin fabric of your top. I can smell the sweet scent of your cunt.

I run my fingers through your hair and you beg like a good bitch, whimpering and nuzzling my thigh.

'Please, sir, may I suck your penis. I'm so hungry for your come, sir. Please make me your come-slut, let me suck you, let me pleasure you, let me suck your cock and drink your come, sir.'

I love your voice, your transatlantic tones, your patent eagerness. I put my penis to your lips and you kiss the tip, licking away a strand of pre-come, swallowing it and purring with pleasure as you do. I twist your hair in my fingers and you lick my balls making me moan. I pull you up, your tongue runs up my shaft, savouring every inch and then you take the head of my penis in your mouth. I hold your head so you can look up at me. Our eyes are locked as I begin to thrust gently into your mouth. You take my penis with a ferocious pleasure, striving to take my full length while I hold you back, a tussle that I finally allow you to win and you take me in your throat, your nose pressing against my abdomen. I fuck your mouth hard and you moan as you take it like a good bitch, gripping my shaft with your full, pouting lips. I come with a deep growl of pleasure that becomes a frenzied cry of exultation as you drink every drop.

'What a good bitch you are,' I say when I am recovered. I snap my fingers and you get up onto the couch, leaning over the back with your legs together so your cunt is framed by your thighs.

I kneel now, lifting my head to kiss your cunt. Your fragrant cunt is soaking, your inner thighs gleam wetly. When my lips touch yours, your moan is needful and ecstatic. when my tongue flicks you, you shudder and I feel your cunt tighten. Three more long licks and you come, gushing. I drink you, grip your hips, burying by face into your cunt, bulling you against me. I lick you from clitoris to anus, long, hard strokes, pushing my tongue as far into your sweet cunt as I can. Your moans are constant now, increasing in tempo as my tongue lashes you faster and harder. You come explosively with a drawn-out groan and I stand and plunge my penis into your still-convulsing cunt, pleasuring you with long, deep thrusts.

'Be a good bitch now and come again for your master,' I say. 'Be my beautiful bitch and come for me.'

And you do. You come so hard that my orgasm is torn from me and we cry out in ecstasy together. We stay joined for a long moment and I stroke your breasts, freeing them from their cotton prison, stroking your nipples so that you gasp with pleasure anew and come again on my still-hard penis. Your cunt is so tight and strong, and I tell you so. You purr again and beg to clean me. I allow you to, looking down at you as you lick our combined juices from my penis and balls, moaning as, task complete, you take my penis between your breasts and begin to fuck me with your full tits. I thrust between them and you lower your head so as to suck me at the top of each stroke. I can't control myself and I come, spurting up between your breasts into your open mouth, onto your face.

I watch you wipe and lick away my semen, savouring each strand, swallowing like a good bitch.

'Have I been a good slut for you, master?' you ask. 'Have I earned my collar?'

I nod. 'You have been an excellent bitch and I have enjoyed you most thoroughly. Later, as a reward, I will fuck your arse.'

'Thankyou, sir,' you say and nuzzle your head into my groin. I indulge you, letting you kiss and lick me back to full rigidity.

'You really are a greedy bitch,' I say.

'Yes, sir, I am your greedy, beautiful bitch,' you say.

And you smile and begin to suck.

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