tagBDSMMy Heart's Passion

My Heart's Passion


We all have a drive for normalcy. We live for excitement, to be special, to be unique, but at the end of the day, we all strive for this level to be like everyone else. Even non-conformists conform to each other. For me, even though I started seeing a dominatrix months ago, I had to add coffee dates or shopping dates before our sessions, just so it felt like a more normal relationship.

My favorite was when we would go shopping at Mistress Lynn's favorite lingerie and fetish wear shop. In public, things were always a little less formal. She'd dress like an average woman, but still play a cat-and-mouse game with me. She would make me hold her oversized purse as she went into the dressing room to try on various outfits, like I was her boyfriend. As I stood there, I would look at the other shoppers. Holding her purse was the subtlest of moves to mark her territory...to give me a little thrill of humiliation, and to show off her possession to others. Eventually, she'd call me in and ask me for my opinion.

"What do you think about this tight, red rubber dress? You don't think it's too short, do you?" she pondered.

As I looked at her, rolling the bottom up like a condom to show off her shaved pussy, I'd have to use her purse to conceal my arousal. It hugged every curve perfectly like a second skin. It pushed her tits up like they were about to pop out like my eyeballs. "You look unbelievable, Lynn." I wanted to take her right there in the dressing room. I didn't care who saw or heard...but I had to restrain myself.

Later, she would usually wear whatever outfit I purchased for her in our session. Today, she wore it in her studio dungeon with a long red-haired wig, red glossed lips, and black high heel shoes as candles burn to give off a smoldering scent that further delighted my senses. "Did you know the word passion is derived from the Latin word 'to suffer?'?" As she asked, she placed another clothespin on my pectoral muscle, getting me closer and closer to that euphoric mind...to that subspace I craved and only she could take me to. "Do I make you feel passionate?" She slowly traced her fingernail along my bound arm, down to my chest to my abs, to just above my cock.

"Yes, Mistress," I mumbled. I felt like a jogger about to hit that preverbal wall. There was nothing in the background...just Mistress Lynn. There is no cognitive thought, only instinct, running my body now, which is now doing more and more things involuntarily. With each action she did to me, I felt more and more like I'm about to bliss out.

I came out of our session today sitting on the couch next to Mistress. She always took good care of me as I got my senses back. "That was an amazing session today Mistress," I panted out, grimacing from my sore chest as I started to sit up.

"Thanks. There was a while there where I thought you would explode...you are getting better and better at controlling yourself." It was a rare compliment that was genuine and not to make me feel a specific way.

"Thank you, Mistress."

"I need to ask you something. I normally don't do this but you're the only person I could think of." She was not her normal, confident self. "I have been invited to a special dinner party a week from Saturday...very high class, very formal, a lot of entertainment sexual in nature...I haven't gone to one of these in about two years, but I'd like to go to this one...and I need an escort."

As the fog continued to fade away like waking up, I immediately interjected. "You don't have to even ask...absolutely, of course I will." My energy still sapped the only thing concealing my excitement.

"Great. You will have to get a tux. I will text you with the specifics."

I walked down to hallway to the 25th floor of the Regal Park Suites. I never looked as good as I did in my life. I felt like I was walking on air as strolled to room 2517. My anticipation kept me up nights as this day couldn't come fast enough. I took a deep breath as I knocked on the door. As the door opened, all that confidence got sucked right out of my body.

She stood there in a red dress, reminiscent of the rubber dress she wore in our last session together (except the fact this one went to her knees). Her shoulders were bare and exposed, her natural long blonde her was swept up, professionally done, elegantly presenting her neck. She wore black leather opera gloves that went to her biceps, and black Jimmy Choo high heels with the red sole and stilettos.

She smiled. "I'm so glad you're here. You look very dashing...but there's one last touch we need to add." She turned around to the counter and gave me a red box with a bow. As I opened it, I saw two masquerade masks inside, one white and one black. "With these soirees, there's always a sense of being private without being very private. Will you help put my mask on me?" She then turned around as I pulled the black mask out and set the box back on the counter.

I started to tie the mask as I uttered, "Words don't do justice how beautiful you are Mistress."

"Thank you," she replied. "But tonight, I am just Lynn." As I tied it tight, she turned around, dark red lips and piercing blue eyes the only distinguishable features on her face. "Now turn around so I can take care of you."

As I turned around, her words hung in the air and put me in my place. I felt like I was in the dungeon...placing my trust in her, placing my body in her hands, placing my soul to do whatever she wanted with it. She tied the white mask tight, my perfectly coiffed hair concealing the string so that the mask looked like it was just part of my face...another nobody that could be easily replaced by any other nobody in the room. I turned back around and presented my elbow. "Shall we go?" A smile came over her lips as she reached out and pleasantly tucked her arm in around my arm.

I walked her down to the end of the hall, to the penthouse suite. When the door open, she gave her invite to the bouncer before being checked to make sure we had no cell phones. We walked behind the black curtain where we were met by an older, very debonair looking man. He was thin and slender, but a little muscular. His big blue eyes always scanning the room. His salt and pepper hair giving him the aura of knowledge and experience.

"Ahhhhh...mademoiselle Lynn...such a long time since we seen you last." I couldn't make out whether the accent was French or Italian, but he was obviously a very cultured individual.

"Forgive me Rene...it's been a long time since I found someone worthy enough to bring."

He then looked at me, sizing me up and down before extending his hand. "I am Rene Lafontaine. I am your host for this evening.

I extended my hand, shaking his very tight grip as he stared into my eyes. "My name is Dylan." He then let go before turning around to grab two flutes of champagne to pass to me and Mistress Lynn.

"Welcome...please indulge yourselves this evening. We have many fine hors d'oeuvres, wines, and other items to whet your appetite. Our entertainment tonight will begin in an hour or two, but in the meantime, please feel free to roam and taste our delicacies." He did a quick half-bow before floating to the next couple.

"You will have to forgive Rene. He can be a little jealous when it comes to me."

"How so?"

"Before I was your Mistress, he was my Master. He taught me everything I know."

I was shocked. It never crossed my mind. She had such control over me that it seemed impossible that she could surrender to anyone else.

"I don't know what to say," I sheepishly utter.

She took one look at me and could tell I had trouble processing it. "Let me go over the ground rules for tonight. You may partake in anything, you will not need to ask permission for anything, but you will not cum without my permission, and you will always be at my side." She took a sip of her champagne as she looked through the dimly lit room. All the waiters wore vests with black pants, showing off their tanned, muscular physiques as all the waitresses wore tight corsets and stockings. There were only nine or ten other couples, all dressed to the nines wearing masks of various nature. Beautiful male and female models waked topless through the room and flirted with the crowd. Sex floated in the air of the room.

"I understand," I replied as I gulped a sip of my champagne.

For the next hour, I escorted Mistress Lynn through the dining area, where I fed her strawberries dipped in chocolate, succulent fruits, and caviar. While she flirted and playfully touched the amorous models or talked art with one of the couples, I just smiled and politely took in the atmosphere, once in a while joining in the conversation. Eventually, Rene came out.

"Thank you again for coming out tonight. If you will join us in the main living area, our show will begin shortly." He took a quick glance at Mistress Lynn as he bowed and presented the direction for the guests to go. We all went into the next room where there were couches encircling a center stage that was slightly raised. Mistress Lynn and I sat on a leather sofa that had a side lounge to it. As I sat down, she laid next to me, slightly draping me as her arm rested on my chest.

After everyone came in and settled down, several blindfolded Indian musicians were escorted to the stage with their instruments. Off to the side was a large woven basket. The red-lit room left large dark shadows on the wall as they tuned their instruments, eventually starting.

The tabla and dholak drums started with a primitive, tribal beat before the sitar player started strumming. Soon after, the oboe joined the mix. As it did, Rene lifted off the top of the woven basket. A stunning brunette wearing a black leather bra being held together with string and crotch-less chaps emerged, swaying to the music. As she stepped out of the basket, a muscular man emerged wearing similar chaps and a black leather vest. After he stepped out, he and the brunette stared at each other, doing a passionate tango circling each other as the oboe wailed along. The brunette pulled the string from her leather bra, revealing her young perky breasts. He gently started to caress as she wrapped her leg around him, pulling her pussy closer to his impressive cock. The drums beating faster. He started to lift her up before slowly bringing her to the floor. My eyes were transfixed on the two of them as the music became louder.

He slid himself down to her pussy, she wrapping her legs around his head, as he began licking. She arched her back as the tanpura guitarist started to strum methodically. Her pleasure was obvious as she quivered. She sat up and slid herself onto his cock, rhythmically bouncing to the drums, faster...louder...faster...louder...faster...louder...she closed her eyes, like she was in another world, her body rocking...faster the drums beat...faster...until the sounds reverberated throughout the room, its high pitch unmistakable.

And then silence. It was just now that I realized that Mistress had already unzipped my pants, and was gently stroking my cock with her glove covered hands. I was so immersed, I hadn't even noticed. As the music quietly started up the same way it began, I whispered to her, "That feels wonderful, Lynn." She looked up at me, into my eyes, and smiled. I wanted to take her and start fucking her right there. After a few tense seconds, she turned her glaze back to the stage.

As the music played, another brunette came out, dressed similar to the first...then another man same as before...then another brunette, another man, another female, another, and another. This time they didn't stay to the stage, but came out to the crowd. The sitarist stroking the chords as the leather clad bodies started interacting with the audience.

Before I even noticed, one of the beautiful brunettes had slithered up next to me on the couch. She pulled the string from her bra, revealing her perfect tits, before using the string to begin tying my hands over my head.

Mistress Lynn then whispered in my ear, "Remember, indulge, but don't forget my rules." She looked at the brunette before she leaned over and gave her a sloppy, wet kiss, their tongues gyrating in their mouths. Mistress Lynn then slid and unbuckled my pants, pulling them down to the floor before I effortlessly kicked my shoes off. The brunette seductively undid my tie, and pulled apart my tuxedo shirt. The throbbing of my cock in complete unison with the beating of the drums.

I looked down at Mistress Lynn. She had slid herself off the couch. She had taken off her dress. The mask, the opera gloves, and garter stockings the only things she was wearing. She leaned over, clutching my knees so her head was mere inches above my cock, as the brunette started kissing my neck, and tracing her fingernails along my nipple. I then witnessed a leather clad man come over and stand right behind her. The moment he inserted his cock into her as she slid against it was unmistakable. Her mouth draped open as she moaned. She used my knees for leverage she continued to push back against him.

Another brunette slid up next to on my other side, kissing the other side of my neck before sloppily kissing the other above me, my hands tied above my head. The music picked up pace and volume, just like before. The drums pounding...the strumming as flesh rubbed flesh...faster...the oboe player controlling it all...the moaning throughout the room intensifying...Mistress taking a hand off my knee to begin stroking my cock together with her motions backward... harder... drums... louder...guitarist...faster...moaning...louder...over and over...one by one you could hear people climaxing...before it all came to crescendo...

"Now...fucking cum now!" Mistress demanded as she herself came. I couldn't contain it any longer and exploded.

Later, in the evening, I walked her back to her room. Our masks still on. Our clothes all disheveled. Her hair undone and covering her shoulders. I carried her heels as she strolled next to me, arm in arm, her gloves over her shoulder.

"Did you have a good time tonight?"

I couldn't conceal the grin on my face. "That was unlike anything I could have ever imagined. Thank you, Lynn," I loosely replied just as we got back to her door, and she unlocking it with her key.

She looked up at me again, her eyes peering through the mask. I staring back at her. That sexual tension twisting the air around us just like in the other room. This time, I couldn't take it any longer.

In unison, our lips crashed together as I picked her up, her legs wrapping around me as we entered her room. I sat her on the counter as I hiked her dress up over her hips. She immediately unbuckled my pants as I let them drop to the floor. Our tongues sliding together like combative snakes. She ripped my shift apart, the studs being flung everywhere.

I slid down to her pussy, kneeling and looking back up into her eyes before pressing my tongue against her wet clit. She cupped the back of my head as she grinded against my tongue. I continued to strip down as I tongued her pussy.

"Ohhhhh...that feels so fucking good, Dylan!" she moaned. She slid herself off the counter and took off her dress, before leading me to her bed. I laid on top of her, staring in her eyes, as she slid my mask off and threw it aside. I stuck my cock in. She closed her eyes as she slid her mask off and threw it aside like the other. "Fuck...Oh god...," she cried. I pounded away harder, her pussy feeling so wet, so good. She clutched my ass, her fingernails getting so close to my asshole. "Oh, fuck, cum in me now, cum in me now!"

I couldn't hold it any longer. I squirted what seemed like every last fluid into her as she shrieked in ecstasy, shaking as she lost control.

I woke up the next morning spooning next to Lynn. Our naked bodies perfectly formed to one another. My hand being clutched by hers taken into her breasts. My cock resting on her ass cheek. I couldn't dream up a better way for me to wake up. I began softly kissing her neck. She slid her ass back so my cock was closer to her pussy, starting to arouse it from its slumber. I continued to kiss her as she stretched and reached over, bringing her arm and hand to my face. I put my arm on her hip. She took a big inhale, seductively sliding her ass against my cock before exhaling and sliding her hand down to hold my ass, bringing me in tighter.

She slid on to her stomach and lifted her pelvis up. I kneeled back between her legs as she pulled her legs underneath her. My cock twitched with excitement. She braced herself against the headboard of the bed as I grasped her ass, sliding my cock into her already sensitive pussy.

"Mmmmmmmm...I guess were going for round...three or four or is it five, I don't even know any more." I could feel her grind back onto me, just like she did to the leather clad man at the party last night. She pushed against the bed as I thrusted my cock inward. Again...and again...and again. Her exhales came into synchronization with mine.

I needed to explode again. "Haaaaaaaa...may I Mistress...May I cum for you!" She immediately stopped, and lifted her leg over to face me. I will never forget the look on her face. It was one of utter disappointment.

"Did I say something...?"

"Just shut up," she shot back. She looked at me and gave a big exhale. "I think you should go."

"I don't understand...?"

"Just go." She demanded. She then pulled the blanket up over her and faced the other way. I got dressed and I quietly left the room. I wasn't sure, but I thought I could hear her cry as I left. What had I done?

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by Plushpuppy04/20/18

Little detail

I love the story. A tiny detail Christian Louboutoin shoes have the red bottoms not Jimmy Choo shoes

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by Subtle2804/19/18

response to Emirus

Well....this one is a little different story that I wanted to tell. While "My Heart's Desire" was all about compartmentalizing into this BDSM relationship between Dylan and Mistress Lynn, "My Heart'smore...

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by Emirus04/16/18

No cigar

It will come as no surprise when I say I enjoy your offerings. This current one with Dylan and Lynn is no exception and I like that several months has elapsed in their relationship since the first chapter.more...

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