My Husband's Rival


As I realized what he was going to do, I thoughtfully informed Troy. "I'm gonna let him doggy fuck me. He's gonna get me on my hands and knees and puppy fuck me just like you do. I'm gonna bark and howl for him while he fucks my pussy from behind. I'll bet he likes those sounds just as much as you."

As Troy groaned in tormented ecstasy, Dan carefully lined up his engorged cock with the entrance of my shaved cunt, surged forward, and buried his cock to the balls with one mighty shove.

"Ogggghhhhh" I groaned as his thick cock once again spread my cunt wide. "He's so thick, Baby. Dan's cock is so thick. It's filling me up!"

Troy, of course, assumed that I was play acting while fucking myself with the dildo, and he urged me on. "Yeah...yeah. Cram that plastic dick up your cunt, you slut. Fuck yourself with it."

Leaning over my back, his face close to mine, Dan reached around underneath my body to grasp my swaying tits as he skillfully powered his fat cock in and out of my willing fuckhole.

"Fuck me!" I whimpered loudly "Puppy fuck me! Grab my tits and fuck me hard! Fuck me like a bitch!"

In one ear, I heard Dan moaning almost inaudibly, "You are so fucking hot! I can't believe you are doing this!"

In the other ear I heard Troy groaning, "No! No! No, Baby. Don't let him doggy fuck you. Don't let him do that to you!"

Troy went on. "You're not gonna let him call you names are you? Or pull your hair? Nothing like that, right?"

"Of course, I am." I groaned as Dan started to pound into my soggy cunt harder and harder. "I'm gonna let him do anything he wants to me: pull my hair, call me names, cum in my pussy, fuck my ass. Anything he wants, baby...anything"

Dan softly whispered in my ear. "You're such a fucking slut, Kathy."

Covering the phone, I panted to Dan as he drilled my hairless pussy from behind, "You like this, Dan? You like my little surprise? You like fucking me behind my husband's back?"

"Hell yes!" Dan whispered lowly "I've never done anything this crazy before. I can't believe how nasty you are!"

"I bet he can last a real long time, too." I said, ignoring Dan and taunting my panting husband on a topic I knew he loved. "I bet he can fuck my pussy for a long time, and then fuck me hard in the ass before cumming. I bet he can fuck me lots longer than you can; harder and faster, too. I'm going to let him spend the night so he can wake me up again and again and use my pussy or ass whenever he wants."

Troy's exaggerated groans of anguish signaled to me that he was getting close to cumming. Wanting to cum with him, I rested my upper body on the arm holding the phone and anxiously reached for my clit with my other hand,

Rubbing frantically, I humped my ass back and forth rhythmically, taking in the full length of Dan's cock on each thrust. The bed springs squeaked slightly as the pace of our fucking picked up, but I was reasonably sure that my heavily breathing husband would remain clueless on the action occurring in his bed.

"I'm gonna...I'm gonna, Troy," I panted loudly as I felt my orgasm begin to build somewhere deep inside my little body. "I'm gonna let Dan fuck me right here in this bed. You know the guy you call Mr. Second Place? Well, his place is gonna be right in your bed with his cock in your wife! He's gonna fuck your wife, Baby. Dan's gonna fuck your slutty little wife in your bed!"

Hearing Troy's nickname for him seemed to inflame Dan, as was my intent, and he battered my defenseless cunt even harder as he leaned over my back listening to my nasty conversation with my oblivious husband. Still gripping a tit in each hand, Dan held on firmly as I waggled my tight little ass in small circles.

"Noooo! Nooo! Don't let him!" Troy whined, and then added, "Oh God, Baby you're such a great fucking tease. Make me cum, Kathy! Make me cum!"

Panting, I resorted to a tried and true method of getting Troy off. "He's gonna brag about it, Baby. He's gonna tell all the guys at work how he fucked your wife in your bed. He's gonna tell them what a slut I am. He's gonna tell them how he came in me and fucked me in every hole. They're gonna know, Troy! They're gonna know what a slut you're married to! He's gonna tell! He's gonna tell them he fucked me and then they'll all want to fuck me too!"

My words did the trick. Over the phone, I heard Troy bellow out his release, and my stuffed cunt exploded as my fingers clawed dementedly at my throbbing clit.

"Ohhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhhh! Unhgggggggh!" I bleated shrilly as my pussy helplessly shuddered and convulsed around Dan's buried cock.

As I had hoped, Dan kept his cock wedged deep in my cunt and let me cum wetly all over it. As my fuckhole rippled and spasmed all along the full length of my new lover's rigid prick, I felt Dan's hand's milk my tits roughly as he successfully fought the urge to shoot his burning seed up my hot cunt. As my orgasm finally subsided, my knees and the elbow I had been using to prop me up gave way, and I weakly fell forward, flat on my stomach. Dan followed me down, his cock still firmly planted in my gripping pussyhole.

"Wow! That was great," My satiated husband whispered into the phone. "You are amazing, Baby. You know just how to get me off, don't you?"

"I sure do," I purred softly. "I know just what you like. You want me to call you tomorrow night after I get in? I know you may be flying or something, but I'll leave a teasing little message on your machine if you want, ok?"

"Sure, Kath," Troy responded in a happily satisfied voice. "Call the office phone no matter when you get in. With the time differential, I may be around. Plus no one else can access my messages and I'll call you back if you leave one for me. Thanks again for an awesome phone date. I love you. Sleep well."

"I love you, too," I responded lovingly. "Talk to you tomorrow. And, oh, by the way, Dan says hi."

Before Troy could respond, I hung up the phone.

"What the heck was that last bit?" Dan playfully inquired.

"He'll think I said that just to excite him," I replied with a little giggle. "He has no idea you're really here. Plus, as you could tell from the conversation, it's not like he'd really mind!"

As I responded, Dan stated to once again pump his fat dick in and out of my gooey pussyhole. Lying flat on top of me, he asked questioningly. "Is that for real? Does he really let you fuck other men and then you tell him about it? Or was that just a fantasy game you play?"

"Yep, it's real," I murmured contentedly as Dan's cock filled my clasping cunt to the brim, "Why not? It's just sex. We both get a thrill out of it and it doesn't hurt anyone."

"Damn," Dan responded shaking his head and chuckling. "I guess old Troy isn't so bad after all. Here I was thinking he was a tight ass jerk. How many of his friends have you really fucked?"

"Oh, a few," I answered easily. "I don't want you thinking I'm a slut or anything!"

Dan snorted loudly and replied "I already know you're a slut and I'm gonna keep fucking you like one."

Pushing himself up onto his arms he watched as his cock reamed my leaking little pussy from behind. Harder and faster Dan shoved his cock into me, his pelvis making loud slapping noises as it collided vigorously with my firm ass.

"Dan! Dan!" I begged as he relentlessly pounded me into the bed. "I want you to fuck my ass! I want you to assfuck me now! Please! Please! Fuck my ass for me!"

Immediately, Dan stopped thrusting and held his cock motionless in my cunt; my unexpected pleading almost too much for him. Unhelpfully, I used my well-exercised cunt muscles to contract tightly around Dan's thick cock. Squeeze and release. Squeeze and release. I milked his cock slowly as he fought the urge to fill me with sizzling sperm.

"Stop!" He warned. "Stop doing that or I'm gonna cum in your cunt right now!"

Reluctantly, I stopped clutching his cock with my throbbing pussy and let him carefully withdraw it from my clinging hole.

"Lemme taste, lemme taste," I pleaded as I turned over and sucked his dripping wet cock into my mouth.

Dan gave a huge sigh of surrender and watched as I greedily stuffed his cock into my mouth. Looking him right in the eye, I slowly let me lips crawl down the rigid length of his cock, making little humming sounds as I did so.

"Gaghhhhhhh...Gaghhhhhhh...Gaghhhhhhh." I rasped once the length of his cock was ensconced in my tight sucking throat. Dan trembled with growing excitement as I once again deep throated his hugely swollen member.

"Oh fuck, how can a little thing like you swallow a whole cock? Where the fuck does it go!" He wheezed in amazement.

Bobbing my head rapidly back and forth, I face-fucked myself on Dan's thick prick as he moaned and groaned in appreciation. After several minutes of letting Dan once again ream my slender throat, I pulled my mouth off his fuckrod, and scooted over to the side of the bed near my nightstand. Opening up the top drawer, I pushed aside the assorted dildos, vibrators and butt plugs and grabbed a tube of lubricant. Squeezing out a generous dollop of the slippery substance onto my little hands, I turned my attention back to Dan's thick throbber.

Using both hands, I slowly and carefully lubed up his meaty cock. As I did so, I murmured softly to him, "Gotta cover it good. This is one thick cock, and it's not gonna go in easy. I gotta cover it real good.

Dan leered down smugly; proud of the deference I was giving his most cherished body part. Back and forth my hands slid, covering every bit of Dan's cock with slippery lube. My task finally completed, I kneeled up high and pouted at Dan, "How do you want me?"

I fully expected Dan to want my on my hands and knees or on my stomach, but he surprised and delighted me. Rolling over on his back, he said, "On top. I want you to ride my cock. Ride it like a fucking whore."

Moving over on top of Dan, I reached behind my ass, and grabbed his thick cock in my right hand. I shucked it up and down a few more times before raising up and placing the tip of his prick against my tight ass pucker. Watching him closely, I slid did slowly and let his cock helmet bull it's way past my tight assring.

"Oghhhhhhhhh" I grunted loudly as my tight ass chute grudgingly parted for Dan's thick cock.

When I had about one third of Dan's cock stuck up my ass, I started to bounce. Slowly at first, getting used to his unusual girth, then faster and faster as my ass became acclimated to his thickness. Up and down I posted, watching Dan's eyes as I rode.

"Lean back, some." He requested, panting, as he started back at me. "I wanna see it going in. I wanna watch it."

I did as requested, and Dan groaned loudly at the unobstructed view of my empty, bald cunt and his cock sliding slowly in and out of my soft, pliant asshole.

For five long minutes I moaned and whimpered as I slowly, gleefully rode Dan's cock. From time to time, I leaned far forward so that I could kiss Dan and encourage him to fuck my little butt with his thick cockmeat.

Not that Dan needed encouraging! Maintaining a steady pace, he drilled his cock deeper and deeper into my ass until it was buried balls deep on each of my down strokes. I started to whimper and pant louder as Dan's strokes became faster and faster but, then he suddenly stopped.

Thinking he was about to cum, I held still, anxiously watching him while chewing on my lower lip.

"Turn around, Kathy" he ordered to my great relief, "Face away from me and sit back down on it. I wanna see my cock stretch your fucking ass."

Gladly, I complied. From that position I would be able to see myself in the dresser mirror as I rode Dan's thick dick.

Once again reaching behind me, I pressed Dan's cock at the entrance of my asstube and squealed sharply as it insistently plowed through my tight sphincter. Once it was all the way in, I bounced up and down, on my lover's cock, watching myself in the mirror and grunting loudly.

"Fuck it! Fuck that ass! Fuck that ass good! Come on, fuck that ass!" I encouraged him, "Fuck the shit outta me, I can take it. I can take it! Go on and fuck it hard!"

Dan bent his legs at the knees and pulled me down until I was lying flat on top of him, my back against his chest. He hooked his arms under my knees and pulled my legs back until I was able to place a foot on each of his lower thighs. I was a little offset from him and our heads were side by side, so that by turning a bit towards each other, we could exchange kisses and see the other's passion wracked face.

In this position, Dan drilled away at my tight backdoor, shoving his cock in faster and faster and making my tits wobble and shake from the impact.

"I can't believe this! I can't believe I'm fucking you up the ass like this. I didn't even think girls like you took it up the ass." Dan huffed as he stabbed his throbbing cock relentlessly in and out of my twitching ass.

Waggling my little rear end in ever increasing circles, I let Dan know just how nasty I was. "I love it up the butt. I love the way that guys always wanna do it there. It's so slutty and it feels so good. I just wish another guy was here so he could fuck my pussy while you're in my butt."

"Ohhh fuck," Dan groaned helplessly. "You don't do that, do you?" You don't let guys fuck you at the same time in your ass and pussy...I know you don't do that. You're too little for that. Don't tell me you do that, too. I've never met a girl who really does that."

"Yessssss, I do, Baby." I teased as I heaved my ass faster and faster onto Dan's wonderful cock. "It feels so good to have two cocks in me at the same time; so naughty, so hot. Only nasty sluts let guys do that to them!"

Turning my face to kiss him, I babbled on mindlessly. "You should bring a friend the next time so you can sandwich me. I'll let you. I'll let you take turns with me, and then you can do me at the same time. I'll let you. I'll let you. I promise I'll let you!" I wailed loudly as Dan's cock clobbered my tight ass.

Dan shook his head rapidly from side to side, wondering if I was just teasing him or if I was serious. "You're so fucking hot, Kathy; so hot! I can almost believe you'd do that!"

I made a mental note to arrange a threesome with me and Dan at the first possible opportunity, and then put the thought out of my mind as I worked to get us both off.

Whipping my hips faster and faster, I was now furiously plunging my ass back and forth along the full length of Dan's cock. His rapid breathing and more consistent groaning indicted his ability to hold out in my scorching hot ass was rapidly coming to an end.

Reaching one hand forward, I placed a finger on my exposed throbbing clit and mashed down on it. Squealing loudly, I urged Dan on to victory. "Use it Dan!" Use that ass! Cum in it! Cum in that fucking ass! Cum in meeeee!"

I clawed voraciously at my slick slit as Dan shoved his swollen dick in and out of my clenching asshole at a furious pace. My clit throbbed almost painfully as I frantically rubbed my fingers hard against it.

"Fuck it, Dan." I snarled at him, totally lost in the searing, forbidden thrill of have having my ass stretched wide by his hard fat cock. "Fuck that little ass! Tear it up! Fuck it like a man!"

Dan tightened his grip around my waist and roughly raised and lowered me onto his hard jabbing cock. Deeper and deeper, he drilled his thick cock up my clenching butthole making me bleat and whine rapturously.

Sliding his hands up to my wobbling breasts, Dan grabbed two handfuls of hot, sweaty titflesh and squeezed tightly. "I'm gonna blast that ass, Bitch. He grunted in my ear. "I'm gonna blast that ass full of cum."

"Do it!" I urged, voice catching as he started to pinch and tug and my stiff nipples. "Cum in my ass, Baby...shoot it up my ass."

Unexpectedly, Dan slowed, and then ceased, plowing his cock in and out of my clinging ass. Instead, he held his cock buried balls deep in my hot butt and continued to tweak and wrench my aching nipples with palpable enjoyment.

"Remember asking me to hurt your tits, Kathy?" Dan hissed portentously, twisting and turning my hard throbbing nipples between his thumbs and forefingers. "Remember?"

"Yessssss!" I mewled loudly "I remember! Pinch my nipples! Pinch 'em hard. Make me feel it!"

Dan's digital manipulation of my tender tit tips caused me to gasp loudly and writhe on his lap. Breathing hard, I rocked my self back and forth on his throbbing cock in a desperate attempt to force him to resume fucking my ass.

Dan got the message and, while pulling my tits up and down by just my stiff nipples, he recommenced drilling his broad cock up my tiny asschute. My grunts and whimpers were unremitting. The cock in my ass, my fingers stroking my clit, and Dan's rough nipple play were rapidly overloading my pleasure centers. I was about to explode into a massive orgasm!

Eyes clenched tightly shut, I let the prickly hot sensations engulf my body as I chanted mindlessly, "Fuck it...fuck it...fuck it...fuck it."

My impending climax seemed to start from deep within my cock-stuffed ass and I felt it build slowly, but powerfully. My legs shook helplessly, my feet kicking the air fitfully, as Dan firmly held onto my upper thighs. Unable and unwilling to delay the end any longer, I slammed my ass down hard on Dan's cock one last time as a huge eruption rocked my squirming body.

"Agggghhhh!" Oh God! Aggghhhhhh!" I screamed at the top of my voice as a powerful orgasm built and built and then crashed over me. Flopping wildly on top of Dan's humping body; I shook and quivered, quaked and shuddered, as intense waves of pleasure overcame me.

My ass gripped Dan's swollen cock like a vise and he was powerless to do anything other than finally blow his hot load deep inside me. Grunting madly, he fed one last mighty shove of throbbing cock up my squeezing ass and exploded. Whimpering weakly, I felt his hard pricktube swell hugely and then shoot hot blast after hot blast of sizzling sperm straight up my butthole, basting my asschute with its fiery essence.

"Kathy! Kathy! Ohh fuck!" Dan groaned loudly as his erupting cock twitched, jerked, and filled my tiny asshole with hot sticky cum. "Ohhhhh fuck! Ohhh fuck!"

Turning my face to the side, I cooed into his ear. "Cum in it...cum in it, Baby! Cum in my ass! It's all yours to cum in."

The exquisite feeling of creaming my hot ass with his thick cock had Dan whipping his head slowly from side to side as he fired the last few jets of jizz up my sticky ass. Gasping and groaning, he held me tightly as my ass sucked every drop of greasy cockcream from his spent cock. Patiently, I lay on top of him, blissfully content from the great ass-fucking I had just received, as he recovered from his spectacular orgasm.

After long minutes, I slowly, reluctantly slid my ass off Dan's half-hard cock. Curling up besides his hard, lean body I leered wickedly at him. "Dan?" I asked in a sweet, sex-husky voice, slowly rubbing my hand along his chest, "Want me to suck it hard again?"

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by Anonymous

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by bostonwriter02/17/18

Perfect story

So hot - the little delicious elements of smugness, secrecy and illicit behavior made this one of the hotter reads on Literotica. Would love to get a sequel, would even pay for it on Amazon.

Maybe themore...

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by ScorpioJJ10/07/17

Air Force Officer's wives do not act like this

Without damaging or ending the husband's career. If his superiors found out about this kind of behavior, he would be grounded at the very least and would never make grade. He would not pass his psych-evalmore...

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by ScorpioJJ10/07/17

Air Force Officer's wives do not act like this

Without damaging or ending the husband's career. If his superiors found out about this kind of behavior, he would be grounded at the very least and would never make grade. He would not pass his psych-evalmore...

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by Anonymous06/13/17

But You Are A Whore....

And do deserve to be kicked to the curb! You obviously have little or no respect for your husband and std's are not even in your language, as for passing them on to whoever is not a care or even a thoughtmore...

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