tagLoving WivesMy Husband's Secret Desire

My Husband's Secret Desire


I was still breathing deep as I heard the shower come to life. My body twitched from the intensity of my orgasm. It was 6:30 in the morning, Douglass had to go to work, and I hated that. I felt as if I could spend the entire day fucking him in every way possible. After being married for twenty-three years, you would think that some of the spark would flicker, but it hasn't been that way with us. Douglass still fucks me like a machine, and I could not imagine a man having an orgasm as powerful as he does. So I just lay there in the bed, thinking of how he must look taking that shower. Time seemed to stand still as I touched my wet pussy, lying on my stomach, legs still spread. The next thing I knew, Douglass was kissing me goodbye, and I was alone, the house silent.

Douglass still looks great at forty-five. He is very handsome, and at 6'3," a slim 210 pounds, other women find him quite attractive. His dark wavy hair and deep blue eyes are difficult for a woman to resist. As the vice-president of the marketing division of a large bank, he as hundreds of people working for him, and he provides a great, worry-free life for me. I haven't worked in twenty years, and usually spend most of my time at our pool, or at the country-club we belong to, working out, playing tennis, and spending time at that pool with my female friends.

I know Douglass has never even thought of being with another woman, for I would be able to recognize all the signs. I have heard enough stories from my girlfriends to know what to look for. But Douglass is a very loyal man, and his passion for my body and mind is too great for him to ever think of being with someone else. I work out religiously, and keep my body in shape for him. Although I am forty-four, I am constantly told I look to be in my younger thirties, and I am proud of that. At 5'6," and 135 pounds, my body is still tight from years of aerobics. My 36d-26-37 figure goes well with my long blonde hair and blue eyes, and my breasts are the envy of my friends at the club. I do enjoy wearing a revealing bikini while at the club pool, and I even get some lusting looks from other women. But that is all quite innocent, and even though I sometimes think about being with another woman again, I am devoted to Douglass. I would never do anything to jeopardize what we have together.

The silence of the house was deafening. I rolled over onto my back, and kept my legs spread while the cool air rushed over my nipples. I reached down to my shaved pussy and spread the lips, and at the same time ran my forefinger and middle finger of my right hand along my still spread opening. I pushed those two fingers into my pussy, and felt the wetness of Douglass inside me. Pulling my fingers out, I placed them to my lips, and tasted the mixture of his come and my wetness. I love doing that, tasting him after he has fucked me. I thought about masturbating, but after such wonderful orgasms with Douglass, that wasn't necessary.

My body still shined with a layer of sweat from our lovemaking. I went downstairs, started a pot of coffee, and walked out onto our back deck, the morning sunlight glistening off the pool. I grabbed a towel out of the cabana, and stood on the diving board. My nude body felt great in the cool morning air, and I dove into the deep end, the cool water refreshing my soul. I always did twenty laps, and on this day I completed them with vigor. Once done, I laid on one of the floats, feeling the air on my nude body. I thought of Douglass; his handsome face, that gorgeous round butt, and his superhuman cock. Oh yes, that cock. Eight inches long, circumcised, and as thick as my wrist, it was a sight to behold. I knew I was blessed to have a husband who was so well hung, and his manhood was even a topic of some hot conversation at the club. That was to be expected, since Douglass always wore a bikini style swimsuit when he was there, and the outline of his cock always showed. Even my closest friend Sheila admitted to me she fantasized about his thick meat.

I rolled off the float, and swam one more lap around the pool. Standing on the pool steps, I grabbed the towel and dried off. The fabric of the towel felt great rubbing against my erect nipples. Letting the towel drop to the deck, I walked back inside, and poured a cup of coffee. Without thinking, I walked into our den, which was just off the living room. I sat down at the computer, and clicked twice on "my documents," and clicked twice again on "Douglass." I gazed at the numbered documents, one through sixty-five. I started clicking on each one, and a picture of Douglass nude would appear, each one of him with an erection.

Again, I felt the urge to masturbate, but I resisted. I wanted to feel aroused all day long today, to feel my desire for him. Closing the windows and then sucking down the remainder of my coffee, I moved to our bedroom, and took a quick shower. Once finished, I blow dried my hair, and slipped into my work out wear: a sports bra, panties, black tights, and a white thong leotard. I laced up my aerobics shoes, and grabbed my club bag, which contained my bikini, a change of clothes, and whatever else I needed for a day at the club. I went back downstairs, and ravished a grapefruit, which was my standard breakfast. I then placed my blonde hair in a ponytail, and grabbing my car keys, prepared to leave for the club. Then the phone rang; my heart jumped when I heard Douglass' voice.

"Hi baby," he said.

"Hi my love."

"What are you up to at the moment?" he asked.

"Getting ready to leave for the club."

"Good girl, Sandy. Keep that body nice and tight for me."

"Anything for you, Douglass."

" I know. You were so fine this morning. I love sliding my cock in and out of you when you are on all fours like that, your ass so high in the air."

I felt my knees go weak, my pussy dampen. "Douglass, you know what your cock does to me." That was all I could say.

"Yes, I know Sandy. I have something for you to do today."

"Yes, what is it?"

"Well, I never told you this, ever, but I want to fuck you and another woman at the same time."

My mind was running on autopilot from the thought of his cock. I could not resist him.

"Douglass, I would love to please you in any way you like. Tell me what you want me to do."

"Sandy, I want this tonight. Find a single woman at the club, and work this out. I know that there are many women there who check me out, who want my cock. Just get it done."

I nearly dropped the phone from the wave of pleasure running through me. My right hand cupped my crotch.

"I will Douglass, I promise."

"Good girl. I will be going out to dinner with Mac, and be home around eight. I want you both ready when I get home."

"I understand, Douglass."

"Very well. Good-bye, my love."

"Good-bye, Douglass."

I had to sit down after that conversation. I wondered where all of this had come from. Had it been building up for years, or just a fantasy of his? Could I handle watching him fuck another woman? Of course I could. As long as he is feeling good, feeling pleasure, I was happy. But how should I go about it? I thought for a few minutes, and then decided on a plan.

Out the door, and off to the club I went. I arrived just before 10:00 am. I stowed my bag in my locker, and headed to the aerobics room. About twenty-five women were there today, and I took a spot in the back. I could see my friend Sheila all the way on the other side. We all romped our way through a half hour routine, and then I made my way over to her. Through sweat-soaked leotards, we hugged. I made sure she could really feel my full titties against hers, and we gave each other a peck on the cheek. I kept her in a hug as we exchanged pleasantries. Holding each other arm in arm we made our way to the locker room, and we sat on the bench in front of our lockers, talking about her latest guy, clothes, and the club.

Sheila and I were close. I had been there for her when she divorced her husband, a lawyer, who, about five years ago, was caught on tape fucking one of the female judges in his district while several other men were jacking off around them. She had taken him to the farm, getting their house, both cars, and the boat. He was ruined, left with nothing, and Sheila vowed at the time never to marry again. But now she had gotten to know a few guys, and seemed happy. We talk about everything together, hiding nothing. There was always a subtle mutual attraction between us, and have kidded each other before, saying things like "If I were a lesbian......."

Now, after knowing of Douglass' desires, I looked at her in a totally different light. As we sat on the bench and began to undress, she told me of the sex she had over the weekend, how inexperienced the guy was, how it left her unfulfilled. Sheila, being fifty-one, was sexually experienced, and had no trouble attracting men. I knew she had never been with another woman, and we had talked about threesomes, but only in a kidding way. She worked as hard as I did in keeping herself in shape, and it showed. Her 5'9" frame was thin and muscular, and her breasts were still firm, although smaller than mine.

Her dark hair, cut very short, made her look slightly butch, but she was a very feminine lady. We seemed to undress in unison, first the aerobic shoes, then the leotards. I could see her glancing at my breasts as I removed my bra, and I could feel my nipples get hard. As we sat back down to remove our tights, I could see with delight that she wasn't wearing any panties. Her full crop of pussy hair contrasted so well with my buzzed look. Soon we were both nude, and we just turned to each other, standing in front of our lockers, chatting like we were in some bar somewhere. Then she asked me about Douglass.

"So, how is Mr. Big?" she asked, giggling at the same time.

"I don't know. Let's find out." I swung open my locker door completely, revealing an 8'5" by 11" glossy photo of him by our pool, wet and nude, his cock completely hard.

"Damn Sandy, where did you get that done?"

"A friend of Douglass' blew it up for me."

"Make sure you tell him I like it."

"Of course."

"You are so wild, Sandy. Lets get in the shower before I masturbate right here and now"

If she only knew how much I wanted her to do just that. I don't know why, but Douglass' desires had rekindled my flame for other women, and I felt attracted to Sheila. I could feel her eyes on me as we strutted to the shower room, disdaining the private showers for the for the large public shower area. There were several other women there, most of whom we knew, and the sight of all the nude bodies was making my mind race. I watched Sheila as we soaped up our bodies, and I made sure to face her as I ran my washcloth over my aching breasts. I have been aroused in the shower before, but this was different. I counted the women in there.

There were eleven of us. I recognized some of the women through the steam created by the hot water: Anne, Margaret, Belinda, and TJ were all in there. Some of the girls were openly bisexual, and although sex in the showers was against club rules, masturbation was common and accepted. The sound of women talking and laughing was heard, and Sheila and I were both enjoying ourselves. The shower attendant, a young black girl, was sitting on her stool at the entrance to the shower, ready to help anyone with soap or any other items one might need while showering. She wore only a bright red bikini bathing suit, and I had heard from Margaret that she was gay. She was a very hot young woman.

Sheila and I soon finished showering, and as we exited, Alicia, the attendant, handed us towels. I could not help but set my hand on her knee as I thanked her, and she touched it in return.

Sheila and I, back at our lockers, slipped into our thong bikinis. Wisps of hair peeked out along the sides of her thong, but she didn't care. During the day, there were mostly women at the pool anyway. I pulled on my black thong, and then the bikini top, adjusting the cups to fit my breasts perfectly.

"I love that red thong, Sheila. Is it new?" I asked.

"Yes, I bought it at the new lingerie store over on 4th street the other day," she replied.

"I haven't been there yet. Would you like to ride over there with me this afternoon?"

"Sure. They have a ton of killer stuff. You should see this black bustier. Its incredible"

"OK, we go then."

We made our way out the locker room door, down the hallway, and out into the pool area. The club had a gorgeous pool, and although it was only 10:30 in the morning, it was already populated with several women, about thirty in all. Many wore revealing bikinis, but Sheila and I were the only ones wearing thongs. We chose a pair of lounge chairs that were near the biggest group at the pool. Soon Anne, Margaret, TJ, and Belinda all joined us, and we were quite the group, chatting, laughing, and generally having fun. It was the normal routine. I had my plan formatted in my mind, and I knew I had to put it into action.

The five of us ate lunch together, and I suggested we have a few cocktails. I knew I could loosen up Sheila with a couple of drinks. She looked gorgeous to me in her thong, her nipples showing through her bikini top. I glanced at my watch; it was already approaching noon. I suggested to her that we go to the bar, and have a few drinks sitting there, away from the crowd.

Soon we were sitting there, just the two of us, in our skimpy bikinis and nothing else. Each of us ordered a scotch and soda. I knew I wanted Douglass to have her. I gazed at her body as we chatted some more. Her hard nipples were really getting to me. Sheila kept moving in her barstool, un-crossing and crossing her long legs. Everything about her seemed to turn me on; I suppose I was thinking about the possibilities of taking her to bed with Douglass. I could feel that familiar warm sensation emanating from my pussy, and I started feeling bolder because of this. As we talked, I set my hand on Sheila's right knee, and although I think she was a little surprised at first, she seemed to become really comfortable with it. Her eyes were always moving to and from my breasts, which were about to bust right out of my bikini top. My nipples had gotten extremely hard, and Sheila could not resist looking at them.

My hand rested on her leg now. "Just what are you looking at, Sheila?"

She looked into my eyes. "Your hard nipples. They are so, so sexy."

Now was the time.

"Sheila, I want to ask you something, and I hoped you won't feel shocked."

Her hand moved to touch mine. "Ask away. I don't think anything could shock me about you. We have known each other far to long."

"Would you make love with Douglass and I?"

Sheila grinned from ear to ear. "Yes, I would love to, Sandy."

I leaned closer to her. "Tonight, Sheila." My left hand touched her lips. She took my index finger in her mouth, and she nodded her head. I slowly removed it, and touched my right nipple with it. The magic between us was coming to the surface. But we had to be discreet, because the bartender was nearby, not to mention the other women at the pool. I think we both sensed this, because we backed off of the touching, and continued our talk.

"So, how did this come about?" she asked.

"Douglass called me this morning, and told me to find a woman for a threesome today, for tonight."

"And you instantly thought of me, right?"


"Sandy, I have never told you this, but I am very bisexual."

"I am so glad to hear that, and I am sure Douglass will be too."

"And I can't tell you how aroused I am by the thought of having his big dick in my hands."

"Sheila, I am so wet."

"I know baby, me too. I think I could make love to you, right here, right now."

My head was spinning out of control. I could sense the feeling of dominance in Sheila's voice. I was dying to touch my pussy. My breath was getting short, and I could feel her eyes on my body.

"I have always thought you were a hot little bitch, Sandy."

I stood up at the bar so Sheila could get a good look at my ass, bare except for the thong. Then I turned to her.

"Lets go" I said.

"Okay by me." She replied.

We gathered up our things, and said goodbye to the other girls. Then we walked back to the locker room to change. Things we going to be quite different between us from now on. The locker room was empty, except for Alicia, still sitting on her stool outside the shower, reading a paperback book. We said hello to her as we walked past, and moved down to our row. The fire was certainly burning, but we only dressed, preparing ourselves for the night to come. We had decided we would shower again later, and then Sheila invited me over to her place. That was an offer I could not resist. It was one o'clock. I followed her to her house, which was a thirty-minute drive. I had been there many times, for parties, get-togethers with her and her ex-husband, and just to visit.

My heart was pounding, and I couldn't get the thought of her out of my mind, nor did I want to. I noticed when I pulled into her drive that there was an addition to the house. We went inside, and relaxed in Sheila's living room for a bit. I think we were just both waiting for the inevitable to happen. Sheila suggested we go take a nice, long, relaxing bath together. We held hands as we walked up the stairs to her bedroom, which had a private bath, of course.

As Sheila ran the water, I stripped and laid on her bed. Things didn't look any different from when she was still married, with the same furnishings, the same paintings. I was lying on my stomach, and I could feel the satin sheets on my tits. I could here the water start, and I could feel the butterflies in my stomach. My hands reached down to my naked pussy, and I spread my lips, feeling the wetness. Sheila walked out of the bathroom, and she took a long look at me.

She slowly took off her top and shorts, and motioned me to follow her. We stood before each other, reveling in the site of each other's nude bodies, which seemed to glow with passion. We kissed, and we both succumbed to our desire for one another. Sheila and I became lovers that afternoon, making love to each other in ways that only women know. She was very patient and loving with me, teaching me all she had learned. By four o'clock, we were lying in each other's arms, relishing in the afterglow of our lovemaking.

"Come with me, Sandy. I want to show you the new addition to my house" she said.

We walked back down the stairs, out through the hallway, to the kitchen. "Prepare yourself, my dear." Sheila said.

"Lets go." I replied.

Sheila opened the door, and I could not believe what I saw: it was a sexual playroom, complete with bondage equipment. A pleasure swing graced the center of the room, and several pairs of padded handcuffs clung to the black walls. The floor was hardwood, and we walked silently from sexual contraption to sexual contraption. Sheila explained what each was for, and I could feel the wave of excitement flash over me.

"Sandy, we need to get Douglass in here tonight. We can make him feel so good, better than he could ever believe. He can forget about all of his worries, as far as work goes, and he can just let himself go. What do you say?"

I didn't take me long to think it over. I started to feel a little bit evil as I could see Douglass under our sexual power. I knew I would like to see him submitting to our every sexual whim. "Lets do it then!" I exclaimed. We kissed again, and began to plot our evening.

I paged Douglass around six o'clock. He immediately called me.

"Hey baby. What's up?" he asked.

"Douglass, everything is ready. Don't go home tonight; come over to Sheila's. And don't plan on making it to work in the morning." I said in my sexiest voice.

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