tagLesbian SexMy Husband's Sexytary

My Husband's Sexytary


I was home alone, watching TV, when there was a knock at the door. I walked to the door, and looked out the peephole.

"Who is it?" I asked.

"It's Tricia, Rick's secretary. I have some papers for him to sign; is he home?" I opened the door, and greeted her.

"Hey girl! Rick's not home right now, but you can come in and wait for him if you'd like. Would you like something to drink while you wait?"

She walked in, and I closed the door behind her. As I walked behind her into the kitchen, I noticed her butt swaying a little more than usual. She was wearing this tight skirt that accented the shape of her butt, and made her legs seem longer. She was also wearing a tight sweater which made her boobs seem bigger. Maybe it was me, or maybe it was because I'd been attracted to her for some time, but never made a move on her, that I noticed all these details. She smelled like roses, and I love roses.

I moved past her to the fridge to get some juice. As I turned to get some glasses, she came up behind me, and reached up as well. Our hands touched briefly, and a spark happened. I handed her a glass, and looked into her eyes. She put the glass down on the counter, and said to me, "Um, I know that Rick is out of town this weekend, right?" I nodded dumbly.

"I just made up that excuse about the papers because I knew you would be home, alone and possibly missing him, and I thought that I could be a substitute for him until he gets back. Is that ok with you?" Again, all I could do was nod. She came closer, her lips a breath away from mine. "You know, from the first time I saw you, I've wanted you. You are so cute and hot, and I've always had a thing for Black women. I want you, now."

I closed my eyes and breathed in her scent. She kissed me then, surprising me with the softness of her lips. Her tongue touched my bottom lip, and my mouth involuntarily opened. She wrapped her arms around me, and I did the same. We stood there, in my kitchen, just kissing each other, the juice forgotten. When we stopped kissing, I looked into those deep blue eyes of hers, and said, "First door, upstairs on the left; be naked when I get there."

She smiled and left the room, and I put the juice and glasses away. I took a few deep breaths, giving her time to get undressed. I walked to the stairs, and fairly flew up them. I walked to the door, and looked into the room. She was reclining on the bed, completely naked, her nipples skyward and waiting for me. I took off my jeans and shirt, and joined her on the bed. I left my underwear on, so she would have something to unwrap, so to speak. She kissed me again, making me wet and leaving me breathless. Her hands traveled over my breasts, still inside my bra. She found the front clasp and opened it, baring my breasts to her view.

She sucked on one nipple, then the other, back and forth, back and forth, for what seemed like hours. Her hand slid down my stomach, causing the muscles to clench. My panties were soaked by the time her hand got there. She lowered them slowly, savoring the scent of me and her own scent of roses mingling together. Her tongue slipped into my pussy, and I nearly exploded. I expelled a breath loudly, and she looked up at me, with a smile. She parted my pussy lips, and began to lick and lap at me. My legs began to quiver and close around her ears. When I came, she drank every drop.

She smiled as she came up next to me, giving me a chance to catch my breath. I was about to speak, but she leaned down and kissed me. Smelling myself and roses on her, drove me crazy, so I flipped her over, and pushed her down on the bed. I began to suck on her nipples, and it was such a rush! I squeezed her breasts together, and slid my tongue between them, and she loved it. I kissed her stomach, and moved down to her pussy, which seemed to be the source of the rose smell. I parted her pussy lips, and got my first look at a clit. I was completely fascinated by it; I couldn't wait to taste it. I knew I should be careful, because clits are sensitive, so I tried to go slowly, but when I got her clit into my mouth, she tasted so good! I forced myself to slow down, taking cues from her body, whether to go faster or slower, and she didn't seem to mind my inexperience. When she began to cum, I slid a finger into her pussy, and found her G-spot. Touching it made her cum all that much harder, and I drank her in.

She pushed my head away after a few minutes, and I just kept up the finger action. I came up and kissed her slowly, dribbling some of her cum into her mouth. I took my fingers out, rubbed some cum on her breasts, and said, "Lick it off." She sat up some, reached her breast with her tongue, and licked her own cum off. I put some of mine on the other breast, and she licked that off too, so now there was a mingling of the two of us in her mouth. I kissed her passionately, then rolled over, taking her with me. We kissed and touched like there was no tomorrow. When we were spent, we laid there in each others' arms. I smiled as I dozed off, thinking that Rick would have to take more trips abroad.

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