tagMind ControlMy Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 05

My Inheritance from My Dad Ch. 05


After I called Jim's name he turned seeing I had my orb out he said "What the fuck are." and that was it, I had control.

I said "Jim what I am about to tell you are your thoughts and only your thoughts. Jim I am also going to ask you some questions which you will answer truthfully without holding back on your answers. Do you understand?"

He said that he understood, so I went on saying "Jim I think we should sit in your car and talk don't you?" Jim replied "Lets sit in my car so we can talk." I replied "Great idea Jim."

Once inside his car I turned him saying "Jim tell me the truth, are you in love with your wife?" He said he was very much in love with her.

I went on asking "Jim so why is it you want to control your wife's mind? Is it that you want her to do things that no normal wife does for her husband or is there a problem I should know about?"

Jim started by saying "Well we only have sex maybe once a week and she says she can do better with her fingers than what I do for her."

Jesus this maybe more then I want to get into, but I went on saying "Jim tell me about when you make love to Erica. Like when you get into bed with her how do you start to make love to her, give me the details Jim."

Jim looked at the floor of the car but started with "Well I normally give her a few glasses of wine before we go to bed and once we are naked I kiss her a few times and sometimes I even push my tongue in her mouth. I put her hand on my cock for her to get me hard as we kiss, I rub her nipple and then move my hand down to her pussy rubbing her clit for maybe a minute or so. By then am hard so I push her back and enter her. We fuck for 3 or maybe 5 minutes before I shoot off and that it's."

I thought oh my fucking god, this guy doesn't have a fucking clue how to make love to a woman, she may as well be some hooker he picked up off the street. I sat back thinking should I save their marriage or should I help Erica out of a bad sex life. Maybe I could save their marriage and make Erica a lot happier in the sex department to boot. Plus I could get back at Jim for fucking me over on the promotion at the same time. I said "Jim what did you tell our boss so you got the promotion instead of me getting it?"

Jim said "I didn't say anything bad about you but I agreed to eat Pam out at lunch on every Wednesday even if she is having her monthly, and for that I got the promotion."

I wondered about the Wednesday power lunches, because Pam always had a smile on her face after them and Jim always seemed to be pissed off, now I know why. I said "Jim tomorrow night when I come to your house after dinner you will tell Erica that I have something to show her and that she will love seeing it. Do you understand?"

Jim said "Show see." I said Very good Jim. Now on your way home you will stop at the bank and withdraw as much of the first grand you owe me for helping you as you can and on the way to work you will get the rest of the money. At lunch you will give me the money in a bag so no one else knows what's going on. After work on your way home you will pick up one more grand in cash for when I get to your house. You will tell Erica you had to buy something and got a good deal on it by paying cash. Do you understand?"

Jim said "Cash buy way home." I said "That right Jim. Now what do you want to do to Erica's mind once you have control of her, and Jim I want to know it all, don't leave anything out."

Jim started by saying "I want her to dress in a way that people can see down her top and see her tiny firm tits, I so want her to go to adult movies with me and let other men feel her up and maybe she could suck some of the guys off. I want her to suck me as I drive beside truckers and have a skirt on with no panties so they can see her pussy. I want for her to do things, like sit on a park bench without panties flashing her pussy at other men."

Jim I said "Do you want her to have intercourse with other men and if you do are you going to make them use condoms?"

Jim said "I think maybe a few guys I know and I am sure if I wont make them wear condoms. Seeing their cum drip out of her is a turn on for me." That give me some ideas on what I had in store for them plus a couple grand would mean I could get the lift mom needs to be able to take a bath by herself.

I decided I had enough info for now so I put my orb away saying "Jim you will not remember me pulling out my orb out or us sitting in your car talking but you will remember that I am going to help get control of Erica's mind for you. Also that you need two grand in cash by tomorrow night. Jim I am going to get out of the car and when you can no longer see me you will wake up thinking you blacked out due to getting to much sun today. You will ask me to come to your house tomorrow night so I can do a service when you see me in the morning. Do you understand what I have just said to you?"

Jim said "Come house service two cash." I got out of his very expensive BMW and started walking home with all kinds of thoughts swimming around in my head. after I rounded the corner of the building I heard Jim start his car and roar out of t

e parking lot.

When I got home from talking to Jim I checked the room in our bathroom and saw there was enough room for a lift to work. I have been using our landlords Wi-Fi without them knowing for sometime now and went on line finding just what I wanted for mom. With the two grand from Jim we would have some bucks left over as well. I ordered the lift planning to surprise mom with it. We both find it a little embarrassing for me to not only see mom nude, but to have to handle her as well. By the way did I ever say what is wrong with mom, I don't think so. Well she has MS and has to walk with a walker and has problems a spoon or a fork. Using a knife, well forget it.

The next morning after I got to work Jim grabbed my hand saying "Am so sorry for your loss, we all are and remember your dad is in a better place now."

I was taken back for a moment in till Pam my boss walked in saying "Yes we are all sorry you lost your dad and we know it hurts, but life goes on. Can you come to my office with me for a moment." I said "Sure." Still a little shocked cause no one in this office was ever really that close.

Once in her office Pam turned to me and said as she closed the door "You know your work here is very impressive and I think maybe a 5% pay hike is in order. Jim pointed out that your sales numbers are near the top so I think you earned a pay raise."

I said "Thank you ma'am, I can really use the money and I will try even harder to do better."

Pam walked to the door and before opening it she said How about we do a lunch in my office today, am sure I can find something for you to eat. Just bring your appetite." Winking at me as she opened the door.

I thought, there's no fucking way am eating your fucking cunt you bitch, but said "I will show you what my dad left for me in his will over lunch. Thanks boss." As I went back to my work area

When lunch time came around Jim handed me a bag with the first grand and said "Can you come over to my place say about 7? I am sure Erica would like to see your orb. I hear Pam wants you for lunch so I better let you go have a bite of her."

I said I would see him and no I didn't miss his meaning. I thought that's ok Jim, I will being seeing you later wont I. I knocked on my bosses door and she yelled for me to come in and as I did she said "Lock the door please we don't want anyone uninvited coming in do we?" The smile on her face made me feel ill.

As I walked towards her I pulled my orb from my pocket spinning it in front of Pam's eyes. Pam said "What is that thi." not ever finishing her last word.

I said "Pam what I am about to tell you are your thoughts and only your thoughts, do you understand what I am saying to you?"

My boss said "My thoughts." I said "That's right Pam, on Wednesdays you have Jim in here for lunch but you do eat lunch do you?"

Pam said "No I don't eat." I said "You don't but Jim does and what Jim eats is you isn't that right Pam?"

"Yes." was all she said so I went on saying "Pam. Do you have him do this cause you like the way he eats you or because you are holding something over him making him do this for you?"

Pam said "Cause I can make him do it." I asked "Is he any good at eating out your pussy Pam?" All I got was "No he has no idea how to give me head."

Pam I said "This Wednesday when Jim eats you out, you will direct him on how to do it better and if he does a good job you will suck him off as a reward, and if he does a great job you will fuck him bareback. Do you understand what I am saying to you?"

"Help him bareback." is what Pam replied. I went on by saying "Pam you will start thinking that I should have Jim's job and by the end of this month you will make the switch. You will not fire Jim as long as he keeps having lunch with you. Do you understand this as well Pam?"

She come back with "No fire lunch switch." I went on saying "Pam you do not want to have any kind of sex with me only with Jim. Pam you will only remember us having a nice lunch together and that we talked about all kinds of work things. Do you understand what I just said to you?"

Pam answered "Desire Jim sex no." I put my orb away, waking Pam up and as she blinked I said "Thank you so much for lunch Pam but I just got to get back to work."

Pam said "We have to have more of these talks more often, I really enjoyed myself. Thanks again." As I walked out the door. It's not that I have anything against having sex with my boss, it's just my boss I don't want to have sex with. See she stands over 6 feet and has to weigh about 350 lbs and that's a huge turn off to me. I like my women slim and with tits that are what a slim woman should have, not these huge water balloon type of tits that by the time they are 60 years old they are down to her wrist giving her all kinds of back problems.

After work I headed home getting mom settled for the night and called a taxi to go to Jim and Erica's. It sure was nice to afford to take a cab for a change instead of a bus or walking.

Jim opened the door after I rang the bell, there was Erica sitting on the couch. I hadn't seen her in a few years and forgot how good looking she is. Just my kind of woman slim with smaller tits. When she got up, she turned to put down the book she must of been reading. Her ass was prefect if you like upside down heart shaped asses that is, and I do. She was wearing a pair of very tight jeans making me want to fill my hands with her ass.

Jim said "please come in I have been telling Erica that you have something to show her and that she will love it." Giving me a wink with his back to his wife.

I walked in and Erica held her hand out to me saying "It's been a few years hasn't it? Your looking good, how have you been, and I am sorry about your dad. Is your mom still doing ok, I sure hope so. How long has it been, it must be what 5 years or maybe more, but you haven't changed a bit."

Now I remember that with Erica you have a hard time getting a single word in with her but I said "Thanks for the thoughts and mom is getting worse, her MS is getting really bad, but I still look after her. But dam you look even better than you did in high school."

Erica smiled and said "Jim said you had something he's paying you for and that you have something to show us, what is it?"

I had them sit on the couch and when I put my fingers in my pocket Jim looked away closing his eyes. I spun the orb in front of Erica and she said "look at the col." And I had her. I said "Jim its ok you can look now, I put it away."

Jim turned his head opening his eyes to my spinning orb saying "What the fuc." And I had him too.

I said "Jim you wont be able to move or say a word in till I put my hand on top of your head. You will hear everything and see everything until you wake up then you will think you dreamed everything you saw and heard. Do you understand what I told you, nod your head if you do?"

Jim nodded so I turned to Erica and said "Erica I am going to say things that will become your own thoughts and I am going to ask you some things and you will answer them to the best of your ability. Do you understand?"

She said "Answer my thoughts." So I asked her "Erica why is it you don't have any children and do you love Jim and the way he makes love to you?"

She looked upset when she answered "I don't have children because Jim can't get me pregnant and its because his penis is so small and his cum doesn't shoot out the way it should, it drips out. I don't love Jim or the way he makes what he calls love."

I sat back thinking she doesn't only look upset, she is very upset. I went on saying "If you don't love Jim then why did you marry him and Erica, do you love someone else?"

She almost yelled out "My dad and mom forced me to marry Jim, I wanted to marry Chad but my dad said I couldn't just because he's black and no daughter of his was going to have black babies."

Good things no flies were around or my mouth would've been full of them it was hanging so far open after hearing that one. I said "Erica, is the Chad you love the one who works with Jim and me and the one Jim got the job for?"

She nodded her head yes with tears in her eyes. I remember that both her parents died awhile back, so why was she still here and not with Chad. After all Chad is single still. I said "Erica tell me about when Jim and you have sex, what does he do and what do you do?"

She still has that pissed off look on her face and when I asked the question her face turned red from being so pissed off, I think anyway. She said "It's hardly sex, it's more like push his tiny cock in the damp spot and drips his cum on me. First he has me rub his so called cock as he kisses me if that's what it's called, then he pinches my nipples to the point it hurts, THEN the asshole rubs my clit for maybe 30 seconds before he mounts me for, if am lucky a minute. He calls that making love and you wonder why we don't have kids?

I thought maybe if I get her out of this it maybe the best thing cause her anger seems to be very deep inside of her along with the pain she has got from him over the years.

As I sat back thinking maybe there's a way to save their marriage and make Erica a happy woman again. If I help Jim by training on how to make love and not just get himself off, then maybe there's a hope after all. I said "Erica have you ever thought about having an affair with Chad or any other men in your life?"

Erica almost smiled when she said "I dream of Chad every time I make love to myself but Jim would kick me out on my ass if I had sex with any other man other than with him only."

I thought well I can change that, can't I.? So I said "Erica tonight after I leave I want you to ask Jim if he has any fantasies involving you and if he does, ask him if he wants you to act on them. Now Erica you wont be able to hear my voice until I touch your knee, do you understand what I said to you?" She said she did.

I got up and placed my hand on Jim's head saying "Jim you're a very selfish lover aren't you, you have no consideration for Erica's feelings or needs. But that's ok because we are going to fix that right now and here. First Jim tonight after I leave, you will be asked if you have any fantasies and you will tell Erica that the thought of her making love to any man she chooses is a huge turn on to you, plus you want her to become pregnant from the affair so both of you can raise the child as your own, no matter if the child is white or not. Jim do you understand what I just told you?"

Jim said "Pregnant affair raise." I said "That's right Jim and tonight when you go to bed you will make love to Erica but you WILL NOT fuck her. You will do what I am about to tell you to do and will never fuck her in the manner you have done in the past. Jim once you're in bed with Erica you will caress her body paying attention to the areas that give her the most arousal, you will do this until you feel her respond to you. and then and only then you will start giving her loving type of kisses starting at her nose and down slowly down her body. When you get to her nipples you will go around her nipple with your tongue in till she starts to push her nipple into your mouth, at this point you can suck and lightly bite on her nipple, not to hurt but to arouse her even more. Jim when she starts to moan you then slowly make your way down to her wonderful pussy, and once there you will tease her by not touching her clit until she grabs your head or in someway forces your tongue on her clit. Jim once you start licking her clit, you will give her tiny light bites on her clit never hurting her until she either stops you or she has a orgasm. Jim then and only then you will enter her. Do you understand my instructions I just give you?"

Jim said " Lightly suck lick clit nipple." God I hope he gets it right, not for him but for Erica. I was hoping if he gets it right and starts making love to his wife she may learn to love him in time.

I said "Jim you can no longer hear me in till I touch your head right before. Do you understand?" He nodded like before and I turned to Erica touching her knee.

I wanted to see for myself if her ass looked as nice naked as it did in those jeans she has on so I said "Erica have you ever had anal sex and if you did, did you enjoy it?"

Erica said "No anal sex is dirty but I do rub my fingers on my anus when I make love to myself." So I could take her anal cherry, I think for the work I did so far, that would be a good and just reward.

Erica I said "I want you to do a striptease for me thinking its perfectly normal to do so, and Erica once you are naked you will feel a great desire for me to take your anal cherry. Erica you will feel a great need for me to fill your ass with my cock after you get some lube and you get me hard with a blow job. Do you understand?"

Erica said "Naked lube cherry hard." I said "That's good Erica, you can start now."

Erica got up dancing right in front of doing a little striptease as she slowly stripped off her top first showing her lace white bra that I could see her nipples through and she reached behind her undoing her bra removing it dropping it on my head. I could feel the warmth of her body on the bra and oh my god what a set of nipples, it was all I could do not to jump up to suck on them. She slowly unzipped her pants moving her hips back and forth as she slid them down. Just before her crotch of her panties come into view she turned around letting me see that see she had a thong style panties on and her fantastic globes of her ass came into view, I couldn't help myself, filling my hands with those sexy as hell firm round globes.

Erica jumped turning around smiling down at me as her pants hit the floor, I pulled forward kissing her belly and as I went down so did her thong. I slid down having her sit on my face as I ate her very wet and tasty pussy. She threw her head back saying "Oh fuck yes, eat me make me cum aaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh." As she shot out her love juices on my face in less than a minute. I loved it and so did she.

Once she got her breath back she headed up stairs coming back with a tube of KY jelly handing it to me. I stood up with my pants already open and them hitting the floor she grabbed my jockeys pulling them down to join my pants on the floor. She took me in her mouth sucking me to full hardness and then stood up kissing me hard and with a great need to be fulfilled.

I sat her down on the edge of the couch, as I went back down on her and with some jelly on my fingers I began rubbing on her sweet rosebud. It was hard to keep my mouth on her pussy at the way she was thrashing around as orgasm after orgasm hit her. I wondered if she ever had love made to her in her 36 years of her life.

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