My Kaitlin's Soul is on Fire Ch. 02


Kaitlin face is ashen trying to comprehend her friend's explanation.

Diane continues, "As a white woman giving up your pussy to a Blackman is fulfilling on multiple levels and can provide you pleasures and fantasy fulfillment far beyond what any white man ever could. As a married couple deciding to a bring a Blackman into your bedroom, encouraging him to use her white pussy usurping the husbands matrimonial privileges, approving the release of his black cum inside the white wife's fertile pussy. It is all pretty heady stuff."

Diane laughs at the bewildered look on Kaitlin's face and laughingly claims, "Whatever floats the boat....or get's the boat soaked."

Kaitlin stops her, and with a puzzled look begins asking and stammering. "You mean here tonight,... every...the men are... thinking...Me...That I am..."

Diane grabs Kaitlin gently and hugs her whispering. "Relax Honey, there is no pressure on you to do a damn thing, just relax and have as much Fun, or as little Fun as you like. Just so you know I made sure Curtis is clean no diseases, he used to service a good friend of mine until they recently moved away, I was told he is a magnificent lover and his cock is absolutely gargantuan and he can fuck for hours.

"So if you wanted to experiment he is safe and you don't have to ruin things with a condom, you can ride that black monster bareback, enjoy the raw touch as his naked black cock takes you places where you have never been, but it will be a place you will want to revisit often. Let's get back to the table."

As they entered back into the club walking to their table Kaitlin had to speak loudly over the blaring music. "I would never be with another man, betraying John in any way. When he learns about this whole thing tonight, this IR scene you put me in the middle of. He has to understand I did not know or behave improperly. I am concerned what John will say---think about---my dancing, this whole circ..."

Diane smiled and interrupted her stating. "He might like it! Like it a lot! Want to hear all about it. He may--- Wish that you did more. It would probably turn him on thinking about you being with a Blackman."

Kaitlin shook her head indicating No. emphatically stating. "He never, -- ever would I...or he no way."

Diane smiled and said. "I bet John would cum in his pants if he saw a monster black cock in your pretty blonde pussy. Or if you told him a story about how you rode that huge black cock Cumming all over that superior black cock as it satisfied you so deeply in places that no other man has ever been, telling him that for a brief period a Blackman owned your white pussy, and marked his territory by injecting you with his black seed."

As they approached the table Diane pulled Kaitlin close hugging her once again and very close directly into Kaitlin's ear whispered in a sultry tone. "Honey, -- Let me tell you something Girlfriend... When you get your Vajayjay resized by a huge black cock the first time you will experience pleasures beyond your wildest dreams. It is not just physical satisfaction, but emotionally there is awareness that as a white woman you are surrendering privileged access to a very special man, a Blackman.

"Once a white woman gives her pussy to a Blackman, let's just say that he will do his best to make sure that the white pussy will be his forever. Not only will you get the longest and best fuck of your life, but at the end, it is incredible. You have not Lived until you Feel what it's like having a Huge Magnificent Big Black Cock – Filling You! And Ejaculating – Deep Inside of You!!

Diane had to almost shout to be heard over the load music, "And I am telling you the truth, that there is no greater sensation for a woman then when you actually experience and feel that Blackman's cum shooting and spraying right up against your cervix, it is intoxicating --you can only hope and pray, ---for some protection against the assault coming at your ovaries..., It is simply Breathtaking. Trust me."

Kaitlin gasped astounded by her friend's graphic candor. Diane went on, "I have to warn you that if you allow Curtis to fuck you tonight, that you will never be the same, you will desire a superior black cock for the rest of your life."

Kaitlin replied. "That will simply never happen."

Following their return to their table, everyone before long migrated back to the dance floor. As Kaitlin and Curtis danced vigorously she struggled with the confusing thoughts running through her head.

She keenly observed that some of what Diane had explained was happening all around her; there was an abundance of white couples and ladies hooking up with black men. All the outlandish scenarios of the people around her involved in some IR scene was amusing and interesting, some even comical.

When she pondered her own circumstances it made her nervous. After a few more dances she felt more relaxed, but made a conscious effort to be more reserved for the rest of the evening. However, she continued to be impressed by what a fine dance partner Curtis turned out to be. He had talent!

At one point Diane approached Kaitlin on the dance floor and told her. "Girl you look so hot together, shaking your white ass for that wonderful Blackman, you should get naked with him and just let nature take its course, just imagine how splendid and fascinating it could be."

Kaitlin thought about Diane's comment and her thoughts fascinated and intrigued her as Kaitlin envisioned their contrasting bodies entwined in a naked interracial embrace, it startled her that the thought-provoking images in her head excited her, they made her feel restless, as if she was losing control.

It was getting late, and as they made their way through the lobby it was decided that the girls were in no condition to be driving, so they determined Curtis would drive Diane's Range Rover. As they exited the building Lamont's Ferrari was at the curb ready to go. Lamont made some stupid comment about some well placed tips and they take care of the Fine Prince and his Lady.

Diane approached Kaitlin and pulled her close staring into her eyes she spoke softly. "Listen to me girlfriend I am giving you very serious earth -shaking advice, so listen carefully; you have a rare opportunity tonight and I think secretly you want Curtis to make love to you tonight, you are both highly curious and frightened simultaneously.

"I will make sure that nobody finds out if you do. It will be our secret, on the sly, so you take advantage of this opportunity. You can fulfill a fantasy discretely and completely, you will be safe, if you can summon the courage to admit and then submit to your urges."

Diane pulled Kaitlin close whispering, "I think you want to find out for yourself and uncover the mystery and the fuss about white women and big black cocks. Make sure you leave the lights on."

Kaitlin gasped and inquired. "What are you suggesting?"

Diane replied. "I am suggesting that you need to leave the lights on Honey, you are going to want to see it, watch it, appreciate the beautiful act of nature as that wonderful dark cock slowly approaches, then you will feel and see it when Curtis puts that big black cock into your blonde white pussy for the first time. It is like losing your cherry all over again, only better, deeper, bigger and blacker this time.

"Make sure you look down and watch it as he enters you, then again after you have felt the deep pleasure like never before in your life you will want to look down and admire that black shaft- it will mesmerize you as a thing of beauty as you view the shine of your arousal coating that gorgeous black spear as you soak him with your overflowing juices as you cum for him repeatedly- it is a life-changing experience."

Diane continued whispering into Kaitlin's ear, "You will want to marvel at the physical beauty of his black cock in your previously pure white pussy, and as you take in the visual temptation and appeal you will be transformed by the deep feelings it awakens in parts of your pussy and in your mind you never knew existed prior to experiencing a black cock. With the lights on you will be able to absorb the totality of your decadence realize the transgression and the sinful implications in totality.

"You need to experience it once in your life and tonight is your perfect opportunity darling. Although I warn you that after you experience such heightened ecstasy it will be tough to go without it, you will crave more and more of the deep satisfaction that only a black lover is capable of providing you."

Diane squeezed Kaitlin's arm to emphasize her point and said, "And let him take you bareback it will heighten the pleasure beyond your wildest expectations for both of you. I assure you that you will beg and scream for him to shoot his cum into your gleeful invigorated twitching pussy, inviting him to extinguish your blazing fire, and you're going to want to feel the molten liquid as he pumps you so full of his dangerous black baby making juice as you undergo the most intense orgasm of your life, you're going to cry out for every last drop!

"Once you have drained him of the last drop you will be elated and content that you shared this private secretive intimacy together – you will become a member of a very exclusive group of white women that have paid reparations in full with the most genuine gift you could ever bestow upon a Blackman the legacy of being your first black lover, creating a unspeakable deep dark bond between the two of you forever."

Squeezing tighter Diane emphasized, "To truly consummate your interracial debauchery you must allow him to cum inside your pussy, beg him for his dark seed, it is the ultimate compliment that a white woman can bestow upon her black lover, take his seed greedily, unapologetic, deep inside you. You will want to treasure the gift he deposits in your unfaithful vagina and bask in the unholy glory, triumph in your awareness, and grasp the significance of your forbidden exploits, it is overwhelming.

"I bet you want to feel it, feel it black, feel it big, feel it Cumming inside you, and Tonight is your chance girl."

Diane smiled at Kaitlin turned and took a couple steps and handed her claim check to Curtis and then jumped into the passenger seat of the Ferrari, and with aloud roar, zoom it was gone.

Curtis walked the claim ticket towards the crowded valet podium and returned to Kaitlin's side, they stood together under the well lit marquee, waiting.

As they chatted it was fleeting and non specific, both unable to find a comfortable subject, they both sensed it be a bit of an awkward moment. Kaitlin observed the people and the busy pace around the Hotel entrance, she surmised some were Hotel guests, most were patrons from the nightclub, and most were waiting for the valet's to deliver their automobiles.

Kaitlin had a sense that there were a lot of eyes observing her. It suddenly dawned on Kaitlin that many of these people were looking at her in the outrageous outfit, standing with Curtis, thinking what....? She laughed to herself thinking what must be going through their minds. Things like: Kaitlin and Curtis must be a couple. Did he pick her up tonight, or are they dating? Maybe some, especially the people from the club, had to be thinking-- Oh my God 'He is going to nail her.'

Many of them probably thought she must be one of those 'Black Cock Sluts". She thought about all the crazy dancing fools around her earlier in the club, who was hooking up with whom? The raw IR sexual scenarios that Diane had told her that some of these people took part in were so obscene, but also strangely fascinating.

She thought these idiots watching think that her and Curtis would be together doing all those dirty deeds as well. It turned Kaitlin on in a perverse way to have people thinking about her and Curtis that way, being together that way, she realized some of the folks around her were probably picturing Kaitlin giving her blonde pussy to Curtis, they were imagining what his large black cock would look like in her tight moist pussy, stroking in and out making her beg for him to fill her with his cum like a white slut. She wanted them to think she was wild and uninhibited. After all he was a Hunk of a man, what woman would not be proud to be on his arm.

With defiance Kaitlin hooked and locked her arm onto Curtis's arm. She playfully bumped her hips with the side of his upper thigh repeating an earlier move from their dancing. She was smiling brightly—almost laughing, as she thought to herself that she would give those perverts in her audience 'something to think about'. Kaitlin felt downright decadent, and the feeling was appealing!

Kaitlin could not help thinking about her own upbringing, in a predominately white well to do suburb. Her parents, neighbors' and friends were certainly not overt racists. There simply were not that many black people in their social-strata.

However there were certainly unspoken rules. Any white woman who would lay-down with a Blackman would have been violating those rules. It would be frowned upon; the woman's character would be called into question, a loss of her honor. In the eyes of the white-men that type of white girl would be deemed as Sullied, adorned with a Scarlet Letter 'N' or 'NL' or some other vile slur. But why?

She thought about what Diane had said earlier. 'That these white-men considered that a white lady being intimate with a virile Blackman was the white-mans Biggest Fear, and at the same time it strangely aroused them. That according to Diane certain husbands were active participants encouraging their wives interracial affairs. Exactly what were these white-men so fearful of...? That the white woman would discover... That Blackmen were Bigger, Better, more Exciting...! And something about it also turned them on...

Kaitlin found it invigorating that the late night crowd surrounding them, probably contained more than a few people who would be very curious, and be imagining all kinds of opinions about the type of woman she was. Some with fear, others aroused, some disapproving, many intrigued.

She felt empowered by their stares; she appeared confident and experienced a sense of liberation. She wondered what it would be like to be one of those wives that took a black lover, to be so bold and self confident, it would be liberating to be so unconventional. Even though she knew it was a false Bravado! She thought let them look and imagine whatever they wanted.

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