tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMy Key West Adventure

My Key West Adventure


Hello again. My name is Valerie and I want to tell you about my latest exhibitionist experience.

It happened this past summer. My husband, Ted and I had made plans to go to Key West, Florida one weekend late July. I was looking forward to getting away from town and people I know and turning into an exhibitionist slut. Well, one week before leaving, there was an accident at the business my husband works for and a couple people got badly hurt. Since he was their supervisor, he was told that he would have to reschedule his vacation and remain at work to help investigate the accident. They also needed help get the business up and going at full speed again. He was devastated but said he would. He rescheduled his vacation for late October. We are now planning to go to Fantasy Fest over Halloween weekend in Key West, but I’m sure that is going to be another story to write about.

I was so looking forward to going that I started to cry. My husband told me to stop crying and that if I could get my best friend Kim to go with me I could still go and use our reservations. [Kim is not her real name because her boyfriend might get upset with her if he reads this story.] Kim has got to be the best friend I have ever had. She has seen some of the pictures we have taken over the years, some on the web and some I don’t dare put on, and of some of the daring clothing I like to wear and has read the stories my husband and I have published. She went shopping with me a couple weeks ago and seen some of the unbelievably daring outfits I was planning on wearing in Key West. Kim has even bought a couple very short skirts that she wears when we go out partying together. She will wear thong underwear under her skirt but has as of yet gone pantyless.

I called Kim and asked told her of my husbands problem and that if she didn’t have any plans that I would love for her to join me in Key West. She screamed so loud she hurt my ear before I could pull the phone away. She said that she would love to go. I told her that I would see her about 9 tomorrow so we could go shopping. I was already making plans to get her some clothing like mind. It would be more fun if I could get her to loosen up while we were down there.

As soon as we pulled away from her house I told her that since I was going to be wearing my g-string bikini, I wanted her to at least wear a thong bikini. She said she didn’t know if she could. I told her that she didn’t know anybody in Key West and that the people she was going to meet there she would probably never see again and that almost every girl there wore thongs and one more wouldn’t be noticed. She reluctantly agreed and said she would get one. While shopping I also talked her into buying a couple see-thru blouses and short sundresses.

The day before we left, I packed everything I was taking into suitcase. But then again I wasn’t taking much. Two very short sundresses, two short skirts, two bikinis [a white and a red g-string], two halter-tops, two super short short-shorts, two sheer blouses, 4 pair shoes, make-up, and no bras or underwear. Since it was only about a six-hour drive, I was going to wear only a short tube dress down there. I wanted to wear the tube dress incase I got in the mood to flash truckers on the drive, which I like to do.

Kim called and said she wanted to know if she would need a long fancy dress any evening. I told her “no” and if she wanted I would be glad to come over and help her pack. She that she would love the help, so over I went. She had 3 suitcases on the bed. I reminded her that we were only going for the weekend and that all I was taking I put in 1 bag. I finally got her down to one bag. She took her new sundresses and blouses, her new thong and her string tie bikini, short-shorts and tank tops, some shoes. I wouldn’t let her pack any bras but allowed her to pack some thong panties. I took her bag with me so she wouldn’t change her mine. I told her I wanted it so I could go ahead and have the car packed when I picked her up at noon.

Before Ted left for work he gave me a little package and told me if I need to, to use them with care. I looked inside and it contained condoms. I gave my husband a big kiss and showed him just how much I loved him. When I got to Kim’s house, she came flying out the door wearing a large t-shirt and baggy shorts. I hollered at her to turn around and go back in the house and change. I said her clothes did not match our idea of a wild weekend. Once inside she asked what I thought she should wear. Since Kim and I are almost the same size, except she is a couple inches shorter than me, I pulled from behind my back one of my other tube dresses. She quickly pulled off the t-shirt and shorts and slid snuggly into the dress. She wasn’t wearing a bra but she did have underwear on. I said that before we could go she had to remove her panties. She said she couldn’t because the dress barely covered her ass. I said it was covered enough and that she would be sitting inside the car almost all the way there and this would be a good time to get use to going pantyless. She looked at me a couple seconds then pulled them off and tossed them in the hamper with the other clothes she removed. As we walked to the car she said it felt weird being outside in such a short dress and nothing on underneath and couldn’t believe I talked her into it. I said that she would be use to it in no time and that she might even like it as much as I did. She laughed and said, “Yea, right.”

In about 15 minutes we were on I-95 southbound. The weather was nice and if we had no problems we would be in Key West in about 6 hrs. As Kim leaned the seat back and tried to relax, I pulled my dress up so I could sit on my bare ass and expose my pussy to anyone would look in the car. One trucker noticed as I eased by him and blew his horn, scaring poor Kim. That’s when she noticed what I had done. She said I was crazy and was going to cause an accident if some trucker couldn’t keep control of his truck. I said that was nothing and pulled down my top and let my tits loose. She asked how long I was going to drive like that. I said all the way to Key West if I wanted to but that I would get covered whenever we stopped for gas or pit stop. A couple hours later I had to pee so we stopped at a rest stop and took a break. Kim and I in our little tube dresses got a few looks from the men around there. Kim asked if I wanted her to drive a bit. I started to laugh and told her that it was a good idea and that it would give me a better chance to flash the truckers.

Now that Kim was driving I wanted showed her how it was done. I pull my top down to my waist sat sideways on the seat and flashed the truckers. I also blew kisses, squeezed my tits, and pinched my nipples for them. Kim was laughing and enjoying my tormenting of the truckers. I finally reached over and pulled her top down exposing one of her breast. She opened her mouth as if to scream but didn’t and sucked in some air but left the top down. A couple minutes later without any words to me since I pulled her top down, she slowly reached down; I was thinking she was going to pull it back up. But she pushed the top of the dress down to her waist and had a smile on her face as she did it. I had never noticed before but her nipples were almost ½ an inch long when excited. She said she noticed how much fun I was having that she was thinking about pulling her top down for almost an hour but didn’t have the nerve to do it. And that when I yanked her top down it felt so good, she didn’t want pull it back up so she just had to push the top all the way down. I told Kim something I just couldn’t tell her earlier, but with her laughing at me and wiggling around in the seat, the dress had worked its way up to her crotch and that her pussy could just be seen. She looked down and then back up at me. I suggested that she leave it just like that, that it would be hard to see by someone passing by unless someone actually stopped beside the window and looked down.

Kim and I remained topless a while longer. We were just talking about getting off soon to get gas when we came up on an accident and Kim pulled up beside a big truck. The traffic was moving very slowly and as I looked up at the guy in the truck to flirt with him, he was already looking right past me and at Kim’s crotch. I told Kim I believed he was looking at her pussy and I could actually see her nipples hardening again. Then Kim surprised me, she reached down and touched her pussy while looking at the guy. Then as the traffic started to move again, Kim started rubbing herself and brought herself off in less than a minute. I grabbed the steering wheel just before she came or we may have bumped into the car on our left. Kim apologized for what she did and said that she had never masturbated herself in the car before but she just couldn’t stop herself. I told her that it was all right and that I understood because that I’ve brought myself off on the road a few times and really enjoyed letting someone watch me to do it as my husband drove.

Kim asked me when I last did that. I told her that it was last summer, Ted was driving back from Tampa along I-4 in Orlando during rush hour and that I had been completely naked since Tampa and had been teasing the truckers anyway I could think of. I had showed them tits, ass, and pussy. I even put my bare ass out the window and reached around and spread my pussy for them. I said that had gotten so hot and horny that I put my feet on the dash lifted my ass off the seat and fingered myself until I had one of the most intense orgasms I had had in a long time. Kim’s mouth was wide open when I finished telling her my story. She asked if I was kidding her and I had to tell her “no”.

Watch Kim had gotten me worked up and telling her my little story didn’t help any. Then Kim dared me to do it again. I was more than glad to accept her dare. I removed my dress and told her she needed to pull the bottom part of her dress up to her waist. She did it with out a word or second thought. I stared to play with myself and as we approached the next truck, I go on my knees and faced the window. Kim slowed down beside the truck as I rubbed my tits and fingered my pussy. After about 10 seconds, Kim accelerated away and I sat down again. Kim was laughing and said she could tell I was enjoyed showing off. A few minutes later we came up on another truck, I told Kim to watch what I was going to do. As she slowed for the truck I again go on my knees and placed my ass against the window and bent over giving a good look at my pussy. I reached between my legs and put two fingers in my pussy and started to finger fuck myself in earnest and told Kim not to leave the truck until I finished. After cumming I collapsed back into my seat and I her Kim laughing almost hysterically, I asked what was up and said I had just got off for a lady trucker.

Well we finally got to our hotel in Key West. Kim and I remained in our state of undress all the way, I was happy Kim was warming up to the flashing side. We covered ourselves, checked in and found our room. I called and left a message my husband letting him know we arrived safe. After freshening ourselves up a bit, we went out to get a bite to eat. We decided to remain in our tube dresses and went to a quaint little snackbar nearby. As we sat with our backs to the wall, side by side, at our table eating our sandwiches a couple of guys sitting across the room kept looking at us. I mentioned it to Kim and she giggled as she said that they were probably looking up our dresses at our pussy. Kim hadn’t even mentioned her lack of panties until then. I knew she was right so I gave the guys a little more to look at. After spreading my knees about 6 inches I felt Kim’s knee bump mine. I looked at Kim and smiled and said to her, “Girl, I felt your knee bump mine, are you spreading your legs and flashing those guys you pussy?” She blushed and mumbled “no.” I told her it was “OK” and to go for it because I was already doing it. A few minutes later, one of the guys came over and asked if we would like to join them for some dancing and partying. I said I would love to, but it would have to be another night. We had just got in and were exhausted and just wanted to go back to our room and rest tonight. He gave us his and his friends phone number and said to give him a call when we were ready.

Kim and I got back to the room just as the sun was setting. I looked out our patio window and seen the very inviting pool. I told Kim I was going to put on my suit and go get in the pool awhile. She said that sounded great and would join me. I had to go to the bathroom so I removed my dress and walked nude to the bathroom before putting on my suit. When I came out, Kim was wearing her thong. I put my red g-string and we went to the pool. At the pool I told Kim that she had surprised me by wearing her thong, I though she would probably wear her full bottom coverage bikini first. She said that after today she may never wear that suit again except around her family. She said that she also thinking about maybe buying a g-string like mine. I told her we would go tomorrow and find one for her.

After an hour or so relaxing in the pool we dried off and went back to the room. After showers Kim said that she had forgotten to pack anything to sleep in. I told said I didn’t forget that I always wore my sleepwear. She gave me a questioning look and I told her I always slept nude. She smiled and said she had done that a couple of times but that it hadn’t even crossed her mind tonight, but it sound like the thing to do. I got in bed and was asleep in lest than 5 minutes.

We both awake about 8 am and had room service deliver breakfast. Kim answered the door wearing a see-thru blouse and thong panties. I decided to lie in bed on my stomach but completely uncovered, giving the poor dude a good look at my completely naked backside. Kim chuckled and said I should have seen the guy’s eyes going back and forth between her tits and my bare butt. After breakfast I pulled on one of my little sundresses and Kim did the same, then she reached up and removed her panties. “So you enjoyed going bare under your dress yesterday?” I asked. Kim said she did and may not wear any more panties the rest of the weekend. I kissed her on the cheek and told her good for her and to let’s go out have some fun. Our first stop was to find her a g-string bikini. We easily found a store that sold some. Since mine were red and white she wanted a different color. She found a yellow one she liked and headed for the checkout. On our way to checkout we pasted some little skirt and top outfits. I found one I just had to get. It was a light blue short lace top and a short lace flare skirt. I had to try it on before we left. It fit beautifully! The top fell to just below my breast and laced up the front, and the skirt covered my ass by no more than two inches and when I spun around my ass would show. I was going to buy this, go dancing in it, and show everyone my ass and shaved pussy. I showed it to Kim and she got her a black one just like it.

We got back in our sundresses and decided to go walk around a mall and window shop, and to show off a little too. The nearest mall was a couple miles away. I asked directions from a couple young guys on the street as Kim bent over to put her packages in the trunk. I saw one guy do a double take at Kim; about half her ass was exposed as she bent in the trunk. She stood up closed the trunk and winked at the guys as she walked back to us. I told Kim to drive, as it was now my turn to flash. I opened the door and bent over to put my purse in and then lifted my skirt up so I could sit on my bare ass. I then turned and waved to the guys as we pulled out. Kim stated that this flashing was fun and that she wished she had started doing sooner.

We found the mall and spent the next couple of hours walking around the mall bending over to show our asses a few times and riding up and down the escalators when we were able to get a male behind us. We also ate lunch at ‘McDonalds’ in the mall, both of us giving the young guy cleaning tables a good look at our pussies before we left. My pussy was wet by the time we got to the car. I drove back to the room and told Kim how horny and wet I was and she told me she was too. I then remembered my husband had put one off my old toys that didn’t vibrate anymore under the seat, I told Kim to reach under the seat and she what she could find. She reached under the seat then her eyes opened wide. She asked if this is what she thought it was. I told her to pull it out and see if it was. My husband had wrapped it in an old washcloth to keep it clean. I dared Kim to use it now as we drove down the streets of Key West. She answered by smiling and leaning the seat back. She then lifted her skirt, spread her legs and slowly inserted the wonderful toy. In just a few minutes she started to moan and tremble. She removed it, spit on it and wiped it clean with the washcloth and told me to pull over so she could drive. I pulled over in a convenient store parking lot and swapped seats with Kim. I had that thing in my pussy before she got out of the parking lot. I few minutes later and closed my eyes as I left that dildo in me until we reached the hotel. I wrapped it in the washcloth and took it to our room for a good cleaning.

Once in our room we decided to put on our g-strings and go down to the beach. Kim started to put on some shorts to wear down to the beach. I faked a cough, threw a towel over my shoulder and started for the door. Kim understood and removed her shorts, and tossed her towel over her shoulder. We walked bare ass through the hotel lobby to the beach. Kim said she felt so wicked being almost naked in public and that she was enjoying it. I thought to myself, just wait until tonight girlfriend and we will she just how wicked you can be. We spread out our towels and started putting lotion on. I slid my triangle tops together until all they covered was my nipple, leaving almost my entire breast open to view. I was getting ready to put on lotion when I noticed a group of teenage boys watching us. I let Kim know and then I put lotion in my hand. I actually lifted my top, bearing my tits for the boys to see as I rubbed them, covering them with lotion, then I put the top back in place. Kim saw how I did it and did the same but turning around to face the teens before she lowered her top. After getting some sun on our front I asked Kim to lotion down my back. I untied my top as I got on my stomach. I told Kim to rub the lotion in on my ass real good but not to block the boys view as she did it. When she was done I told her I would do her backside. When she finished she removed her top letting the boys she her tits again before she got on her stomach. I sat up leaving my top off as I lotioned Kim’s back up. I spent extra time on her ass, I heard her moan as I rubbed upper thigh and lower ass area and she spread her legs a bit. I took the invitations and probed between her legs a bit, she moaned again and spread more. I had never touched a woman’s pussy before but I couldn’t stop. I slipped a finger under her suit and found a hot wet pussy. She made no attempt to stop me so I inserted a finger inside. She was hot, I moved it in and out a few of times and I felt her squeeze my hand with her legs as she jerked a little. She then relaxed her legs and I removed my hands and lay down on my towel but not before I looked to see if the boys were still there. They were and a couple of them were rubbing themselves.

A couple hours later we straightened out suits and went back to the room, strutting our bare asses across the lobby again. We took our showers and took a short nap, but remained nude in the room with the curtains wide open until dinner tonight. No mention was made about was occurred on the beach until just before we started to dress. I told Kim that I just had to apologize about what I did to her this afternoon on the beach. She told me not to worry. She didn’t know why she let me touch her like that but not to worry. She wasn’t mad at me. She was a bit confused at herself because she had never let a woman touch her like that before but that it felt so good and that since the boys were watching she didn’t want me to stop and was glad I didn’t. She said she couldn’t explain it but she enjoyed being exploited in public like that. I laughed and said to her, “Well girl, it looks like you’ve become an exhibitionist like me and it sure didn’t take you very long. Just think of all the fun we are going to have when we go dancing in our new lace tops and skirts tonight. Just think of all the people checking out our bare asses and pussies as we twirl around the dance floor.” Kim said, “Oh God, I’m getting horny just thinking about it.”

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