tagIncest/TabooMy Little Angel

My Little Angel


It was on the night of my 21st anniversary and I was waiting for Bob, my husband. Just so you know, my name is Amy Daniels, I am 39. I met Bob Daniels at high school, what you would call high school sweethearts. But we weren't really, I got pregnant at 17, married just after my 18th birthday, before given birth to Bob 'Bobby' Jnr, a few years later I had Sophie, my little angel. The marriage was always a bad idea, but we had enough love for each other to stay married, or so I thought. Bob provided for us, while I stayed at home looking after our children, but once they went to school I became bored with just hanging around the house so decided to find something to do, I wanted to get a job. Now Bob was raised by very strict parents, which is the reason we married, and they believed that a wife stayed at home while the husband provided. Now I agreed to marry Bob under their strict ways, just for the children.

But when Bob strictly forbade me not to look for a job, I stood my ground and told him no, then he got his parents involved, and I told them no as well. They left after a few hours of us shouting at each other, 3 against one, was not very fair, my parents died 2 years before in a car crash, so I was on my own. But I refused to budge on the subject; it was my choice not anyone else's, especially when their reasons for me not to work were so old fashioned. After his parents left, not happy with Bob and his choice for a wife, especially one that opened her mouth too much, he hit me. Well hit me is such a tame word, I ended up in the hospital. That night changed everything for me and the children. I filed a report and charged him for assault. He was put on probation, did 50 hours of community service and was told to attend a class to help with his anger and violence, even though he had never acted violent towards me before. I allowed him to stay with us; the children still needed a father.

He was warned that I would not stand for anymore of his parent's views on what I did, and that if he ever hit me or the children again, the marriage would be over. He accepted these terms and never did get violent again, and only he would visit his parents, I was afraid of there influence on the children. So the marriage was ok, if you can call it that, and I got a job, working in a law firm as a secretary. After a few months I decided that I wanted something more and over the next 6 years I studied for the bar exam to be a lawyer, with being the parent who still had to make sure the kids got to school and was there when they got home, I had limited time to work and study, but I eventually made it. Once I passed the bar and the children were old enough to look after themselves in getting to school and then home again on there own, I became a lawyer. Not anyone amazing, but I was better than average and I was also earning more than Bob which only but more strain on our marriage.

Now here we are 10 years later, successful woman, lawyer, wonderful kids and a nice home. I was wearing a newly purchased evening dress, black, spaghetti straps and the hem nearly touching the floor. I had my hair and make up done especially for the night, it cost $100, but it was worth it to look special for tonight. Even though there was little love in our marriage, I tried to have 4 special nights with each other, each year. Valentines Day, His Birthday, My Birthday and our wedding anniversary. Tonight being our 21st, I wanted to do something special and had booked a table at a very exclusive restaurant; it even had an area for dancing, which is the reason to look spectacular. I had to book it 3 months ago, and rang them last night and this afternoon to just double-double check the table was booked. All I was doing now was sat waiting for Bob to come home. And waited. As with any woman, I was ready early, nearly 3 hours early and with 30 minutes left, before we had to leave, and leave I would, he was cutting it fine. Suddenly the door opened and I really hoped it was Bob, but when they walked in the room it was Sophie, my 19 year old daughter.

"Wow mom, you look beautiful." It was a very nice compliment which she always gave me, not like Bob, Sophie even came with me to help choose a dress to wear, the one I was wearing; Sophie said it really showed off my wonderful slim figure.

"Well, thank you honey. I really needed to here that after hours of getting ready, pity your father could not appreciate me as much."

"Why, where is he?"

"A no-show so far and I do not want to ring him."

"Why not?"

"Because if he forgets, that's it." This was probably the 10th time in the last 5 years he had missed our evenings. I took Sophie to some of them, but the excuses he gave every time, were all different and probably all lies, part of me believed, but did not want to, was that he was having an affair.

"What if I ring, just sneakily, like I just wanted to say hi and see where he is?" It would a least give me piece of mind, especially if he said he was on his way.

"Would you, I wouldn't normally ask but tonight it very important for me, well us, but I need to go soon, so please if you could be discrete, find out where he is?"

"No problem mom, anytime I can help." With that she used the house phone to ring his office. I did not stay around to listen, I was too anxious, so I left Sophie to it. It was 5 minutes later that Sophie found me on my bed; she looked sad but also angry as she entered the room. She sat next to me nervously.

"Mom do you want the truth or a simple Dad wont be joining you tonight?" Oh my god, whatever she had to tell me, had to be a bombshell, part of me did not want to hear what Sophie knew, but I had never seen Sophie like this and if she didn't tell me, it would eat her up inside. Was I prepared for what she was about to say, yes, this was it for Bob, to cause Sophie to feel this way, and make me look like an idiot for believing in us was at an end, what a waste.

"Tell me everything honey, and whatever it is, I won't be angry, especially at you, so please tell me?"

"I rang dad at work, they said he has not been in today, called in sick. So I thought he might have gone to a buddies or something. So I rang his mobile and a woman answered. I just got my new phone and number today, and with the free calls I used my mobile to ring his, I don't know why but I pretended to be his secretary at work, I asked for Bob, she said he was in the shower. I asked where they were and she said at her house, getting ready to go out, they had just got back from a day trip to the beach. So I asked if she could tell me where as I had to get some papers signed tonight by him. I've got her name and address if you want it?" She gave me a piece of paper. I had to find out, so I read the name Sophie had written, I knew the name. It was Monica Graves, the daughter of Bob's boss; I had only met her once about 5 years ago at a Christmas party at Bob's work.

"Was that it, did you speak to your father?" She shook her head.

"I am sorry mom, maybe I was wrong to do that, and to tell you?"

"You have nothing to be sorry about Sophie, in fact you were very smart, and I would rather know then not know."

"What are you going to do now?"

"I have a reservation to a very fancy restaurant, and my wonderful daughter to accompany me." She smiled at this and rushed off to get ready. "You have 19 minutes."

18 minutes later Sophie came downstairs. I was stunned, she looked so beautiful. So mature not like the little angel I always saw her as. She was a woman, her figure was full, and she let her straight blond hair flow down her back, her make-up was tastefully done. She wore a similar dress to mine, only hers was red.

"Sophie you look amazing, you have got to be the most beautiful thing I have ever seen." I cried a little to emphasise just how truly stunning she was. She pulled a handkerchief from her purse and lightly dabbed my face so not to ruin my make up.

"Please don't cry, you should be happy. Forget about dad, you deserve your special night, and I felt I really needed to make a good impression."

"You did wonderful, I love you so much. And I am happy; nobody but you makes me that way." And I kissed her on the cheek. I heard a beep from outside, our taxi was here. We both checked ourselves in the mirror, before Sophie held out her arm and I took her elbow as she took me out for what was to be a night full of surprises.

I have not mentioned much about Bob Jnr, Bobby or Sophie. Firstly, Bobby, put simply, he takes purely after his dad. He has never once respected my wishes and spends most of his time with his father, unless he is not around and then he comes to me, demanding I do this or that, and that dad would let him. Bob never ever helped change that about him and that even when I explained that Bobby should be nicer to me, so that when he was older he would be more of a gentleman, he disagreed and said men were men, not gentlemen. So that was Bobby spoiled, so when he turned 18, I kicked him out. Bob was not happy, but I put my foot down, his attitude towards me and Sophie was unforgivable. He had always picked on Sophie, even though he was much bigger and stronger. So when he became an adult I kicked him out. His father got him a job with him, skipping college, no real future, and the money we had saved for college was given to Bobby by his dad for a new home, but Sophie told me that he rented the place he lived in for the last few years and used the money to buy a fancy car to find women. She said her friend Stacey told her, as she had already been accosted by Bobby. After a few years of young Bobby's negative behaviour, I was not about to let Sophie be led astray. This was about the same time I stopped letting the kids go anywhere near there grandparents, so it could have been there influence on Bobby that had changed him so negatively, whilst not being helped by Bob. After a threatened Bob, he pretty much left Sophie alone with me. I sometimes felt bad for doing this, as this is what Bob did to our son. But I had to protect her, she was always a sweet girl, my little angel and nothing would spoil that about her. Over the years we went from mother & daughter to best friends, I had no one else and Sophie always made my day, she complimented me always on how pretty I was and how she always invited me out. In fact I had a more loving relationship with Sophie than Bob; she always made my day happier when she was with me. We were honest and helpful to each other and when she turned 18, top of her class and her first year at university a huge success for her, I was so pleased I had done so well with her, and that I had made the right choice to keep her father away from her, she truly was my daughter.

We arrived at the restaurant, our reservation was confirmed and we were led to our tables. Even though Sophie was not old enough to drink I asked if she would like one, she asked for a glass of red wine, so I ordered bottle for us to share.

"This all looks so amazing; you must have had to kill someone to get a table here."

"Not quite, but I booked it way in advance. I should thank you for earlier, I made such an effort for tonight, the clothes, the hair and make-up and the 5 star restaurant, if Bob had come, I know I would not have enjoyed his company a tenth as I would with you here. Thank you for coming with me Sophie."

"I should be thanking you for what I know will be a beautiful evening, not to speak ill of dad, but I think you should be with someone who appreciates you as much I do, so I am glad I could at least make you happy."

"You always make me happy Sophie, you and only you are the greatest and most precious thing I have in the world."

"But what about dad, he gave you 2 kids and a nice home, I am sure he is special too."

"Do you want the whole truth or just a no he isn't?"

"Not to put a damper on this evening but maybe while we have the privacy and it might help if you want to talk about it, tell me the whole truth." I sipped my wine as I thought about everything that had happened over the years.

"Firstly I never like to speak negatively about people but your dad and brother are two that I have, and I will tell you what I know and you can speak to either of them to confirm or deny what I say."

"I will believe you, and know how bad Bobby was towards me and how he treats people, but I don't know too much about dad."

"Well that would be my fault, I have kept you as far away from your father as I could and he also stopped giving you attention after awhile, that shames me that I became as bad as him, when he kept Bobby away from me."

"I can only believe that you did that to protect me"

"I did and I didn't. You know how Bobby treated you, well in way he treated me just as bad, and I knew your father and his parents had a great influence on him. So when your father hit me and I told him you or your brother would never visit his parents again."

"Dad hit you?" She seemed quite upset by the news. I tried to reassure her.

"Yes, but it doesn't matter now, it happened along time ago, it is all in the past now."

"It does matter; he should never have done it, why did you ever stay with him? I am glad you kept him away from me."

"He promised not to hit me again or you kids. I told him if he did it would mean divorce but I did not want that, because I wanted you to have a proper family."

"But what could you have ever done to deserve such a thing?"

"I defied him and his parents, it was after I told his parents to leave that he did it. After I came out of hospital, I charged your father he did his punishment and promised to never do it again. And he never did."

"How can you defend him like that, how could you forgive him so easily? What did you want that caused such a reaction?"

"You and Bobby were both at school; I wanted to find a job. They felt that being the woman, I belong at home and only your father should provide for us."

"He hit you for that, the fucking bastard."

"Please don't get angry Sophie, it was along time ago, maybe I should have divorced him, but it would have been difficult, especially that you and Bobby were still so young. I had to make the sacrifice to stay with him to keep the family together, please understand, I was doing it for you."

"I am sorry you had to go through that alone."

"I didn't, I had you Sophie, you have always been the only reason I have stayed with him. But don't think I blame you, your father is responsible totally for our marriage to fail."

"So will you leave him?" Just before I answered I was shocked to see Bob enter the restaurant and guided to our table. He was shocked to see Sophie sitting opposite.

"Well hello you two, you both look nice. Thank you Sophie for filling in, here is some money you can grab a taxi, me and you mother will be ok now." Sophie was about to say something, but I held and squeezed her hand. Pleading her with my actions for her to remain quiet and seated, she nodded in understanding.

"Bob, Sophie is staying here with me. You are going to leave now and go home or to Monica, which ever you wish." This seemed to not only shock him but it made him angry, he spoke in a raised voice towards Sophie, while he stared at me.

"Sophie, leave your mother and I for a minute please?"


"You will do as you are told young lady, leave now." I was not going to stand for this and got up and stood between Sophie and her father.

"Firstly Sophie is an adult and you do not talk to her like that. Secondly if I ever here you talk to her like that again, I will not think twice about doing something I would normally regret. Thirdly, I am divorcing you, something I should have done a long time ago, nothing you can say or do will stop that, so leave now."

"How dare you speak to me like that in front of all of these people? How dare you show me up like that, I am an important man?"

"An important man who has to fuck other women behind his wife's back, you have no respect left after everything you have done. Please leave before you make yourself look more like the fool you already are. There is nothing you can do to me anymore that you have not already done. Just go."

"We will talk about this when you get home, and then you can apologise to me, for now I will go, because you are only embarrassing yourself." As he walked away, I wondered why I had ever given him half the chances I had. He had failed me on dozens of occasions, while I still tried to be polite and strong. Maybe it is my fault, I had this coming to me, and I failed in our marriage. I sat down.

"Mom, you never did anything, it is not your fault."


"I know you better than anyone, probably more than you know yourself. I can see the guilt; you blame yourself for failing on the marriage. But we all make choices in life, yours were wholesome and good. His were just so evil and wrong. Nothing you could have done different would have helped. Please don't ever feel anything but proud of yourself, that you stood up to a man, who to me seems quite abusive, and not just that he hit you once, but the display he has just provided to everyone in this restaurant. I can tell you this much, we are not going home tonight to that. All you have ever done is to protect me; you kept the family together for me. But as you say, I am an adult now; I live at college for about 8 months of the year, so I do not think you should stay with him from now on. I know you earn well, so maybe while you divorce him it is time to start new. And I want to help. We'll stop talking about this for now, I'll book us a room at a nearby hotel for the night, tomorrow you can find a lawyer, which shouldn't be to difficult. And after a quick divorce and a very decent settlement, I know your friends at work will make sure of that, we can be rid of both Bob and Bob Jnr, and just stick together."

"How did I ever get so lucky with you? Sophie I love you so much, you are the only ray of hope in the wreck that is my marriage. So for once I agree completely, it is not my fault, it is his, and he did this to us. So you get us a room, tomorrow I will file for divorce, I'll speak to my boss, he doesn't seem to like your father much. Then together we'll find somewhere new to live, maybe I should take some time off work, and I can stay close to your university, you could save some money on your dorm for next year and live with me."

"I love you mom, if I learnt anything good in life, I learnt it all from you, thank you for keeping safe. I will just go to the toilet and freshen up, and I'll get a room booked." While she was gone, I did the one thing that would really hurt Bob; it would be the first malicious thing I have ever done to anyone. I rang Bob's boss, he was friends with my dad when they worked together, and it was my dad that got Bob his job.

"Hello Harold Graves speaking."

"Hi Harry, Amy Daniels speaking."

"Amy, how nice to here from you, it has been a while since we last talked, how are you?"

"Not good really, which is the reason I called? I heard some rather distressing news tonight and I wondered if you knew anything about it."

"Whatever it is Amy, if I can help I will."

"Thank you. You might already know, but tonight is my 21st wedding anniversary, and Bob was due to celebrate with me, but he never showed until I actually arrived here. But I was worried before I left, and Sophie, you remember my daughter."

"Oh Sophie, yes I do, the apple of your eye, she at least got your looks and brains."

"Thank god, well she rang him at work and it seems he had the day off, which worried me, he was due to work, he said this morning that he had a busy day at work and but that he would be home in time to leave for dinner. So Sophie rang his mobile, and you know I don't like to cause trouble, but I am worried."

"I know Amy, your husband as never been someone I liked very well, he has treated you improperly and your son says nothing but bad things about you, which I know are not true." This shocked me, how could my own son speak so lowly of me.

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