tagBDSMMy Little Asscunt Ch. 01

My Little Asscunt Ch. 01


The taxi pulled up outside the Sunset Motel and the cabbie said, "That will be $43.60."

I handed him a $50 dollar note and asked, "Can you take my suitcase out of the boot, please?"

Grudgingly he got out the taxi and dumped my suitcase on the sidewalk and then looked at me up and down as if undressing me with his eyes.

I entered the new, modern-looking motel. There was a woman in her forties at the reception desk and I asked if there was a room booked for me.

"Yes, Miss, here's the key."

I smiled and said, "Thanks."

"Oh, Miss, there is a package that arrived for you today."

Package for me! How exciting. I love packages even if I know what is in them, but this one came as a total surprise. Suddenly I felt awake; the excitement of this package was invigorating. I opened my door, entered my room and started to open my package.

Inside were a red satin mini dress, red patent six-inch stiletto heels with ankle straps, a little red leather handbag and an envelope.

I opened up the envelope and read the letter inside.

My Asscunt,

Wear only what is inside this box. NO underwear and you need to be at the White Stallion Bar at seven pm tonight. And wear your butt plug.


I looked into the full length mirror in my room. I ran my hands over my nineteen-year old, curvy, slim body. I squeezed my 32B breasts; I moaned, in a few hours Daddy's hand would be doing this to me, he would run his hands though my shoulder length dark hair and fondle my firm round ass. I got wet just thinking about him doing this to me.

The clothes I was wearing were not sexy, but comfortable for a long journey. I had just flown from the UK to the midwest of America and it had been over fourteen hours since I left my house and I was ready for bed and starving since I hadn't eaten all day.

I kicked off my pink Nike Air trainers, pulled down my jeans and pulled my baby blue T-shirt over my head. I looked at myself in the mirror. I hope he likes me. Well he did pay for this all just to meet me in the flesh. My hand went to my pussy and started to play with my clit. I easily slid my finger inside myself, I was so wet. I moved my other hand up to my left breast and played with my nipple -- it was already hard. I fingered myself slowly while thinking about him.

I was suddenly brought back to reality. I needed to get ready for our first meeting. I stopped playing with myself, licked the finger I was fingering myself with and walked over to the bathroom.

I took a shower and did my hair and makeup with deep red lipstick that I found in the handbag.

I put on the red dress, which barely covered my bottom and put on the six-inch heels. The dress was low cut well below the bottom of my breasts, revealing my young cleavage. It had spaghetti straps and it looked more like a red satin chemise than a dress. I had never worn that high a heel before and they hurt a bit to wear, but they looked fantastic against my milk white legs. I gave a twirl in the mirror. The heel made my bottom stick out more, lifting the dress even higher up my backside. I decided to have a little practice walk around my room. It was very hard to walk without exposing myself, but if I walked really slowly it didn't look too bad.

I started to head out the door, but just before leaving I had one last look at the note. 'Shit I had forgotten the butt plug.' I went over to my case and found my sweet little pink butt plug.

I put one foot on the chair, licked my little finger and started to tease my tight asshole, thinking of how Daddy would use my cunt with his cock while slowly pressing my little finger in my ass. I gently finger fucked my ass flower until it opened up enough to start using the butt plug. Since I had no lubricant, Daddy said not to bring any because he had some, I made it nice and wet with my mouth and slid the butt plug into my tight virgin ass.

I started to fuck my ass with the butt plug, but it needed more lubrication so I spat on my butt plug and continued to fuck my asshole slowly and it started to go farther into my ass. It hurt just the same as when I had bought it.

My mind wandered back those six months to when I first bought it. Without his knowledge I decided to train my ass so I could wear it for a twenty-four hour period without any breaks. When I had completed this task, I told Daddy, and he wasn't very happy with me. He ordered me to take it out immediately and rest my ass for at least four days. That just made me want it more, but I did as he ordered. After the four days he instructed me to only use my butt plug when he wanted me to. One month ago Daddy instructed me not to use the butt plug saying he wanted my ass to fully recover from it.

Finally it entered far enough to pass the widest point and my ass gripped the smaller shaft next to the wide base. I moaned. The butt plug filled my ass and made it so I had to sway my hips even when walking slowly.

I left my room and headed to the reception desk. As I neared the counter the middle-aged woman looked up as she heard the clip clop of stiletto heels on the hard floor. I looked at her and saw the shock on her face as she looked up.

"Miss, there ain't many places around here that you need to dress like that."

"Oh, can you tell me where the White Stallion Bar is?"

"Yes, Miss, it's about three minutes walk down the street," she pointed the way, "but I think you are way overdressed for that cowboy bar."

I just smiled as I said, "Thanks."

"Well, have a nice day," she called out as I clip clopped out the door. I could feel her eyes on me watching my ass wiggle as I stepped out into the warm summer's evening.

As I walked to the bar I passed two men and I could hear them talking.

"Did you see that whore?"

"Hell yeah, I wonder how much she charges."

I dared not turn around, walking a little faster, not caring that my ass would be on show.

I finally reached the safety of the bar. "Three minutes my ass," I said to myself, "it took me more like ten minutes." My feet were hurting a little more, but he wanted me to wear these shoes and I hoped that it would make him happy.

The bar had muted lighting. It was a dark, dingy dive of a place with a wooden floor and a long wooden bar.

I looked at the clock above the bar: three minutes to seven. I am always late and smiled to myself, proud that I was early.

I looked around the bar; there were only three guys sitting at a table in the corner.

I didn't recognise any of them but they all turned around and looked at me as I clip clopped across the dance floor to the bar. This made me feel really uncomfortable, being in this flimsy red satin dress, but I could also feel my pussy getting wetter seeing the desire in their eyes.

I finally reached the bar and asked for a beer.

"Can I see some ID, Miss?"

"Yes, certainly." I handed over my passport, which I got from my little red handbag.

"Sorry, Missy, you need to be 21 to order alcohol in this county," handing back my passport. "But you can have soda here."

"I will have a bottle of Coke then, please."

He got me a bottle of Coke with a straw and I took a sip.

"So you're British. Having fun here in the States?"

"Only been here about three hours. I am supposed to be meeting someone here at seven and he has not arrived yet."

"Your boyfriend?"

"Maybe, I don't know yet I have never met him, only spoken to him and his wife on MSN."

"You're brave. Sorry, have a customer" One of the three guys had come over to the bar and was looking directly at me, I look my drink and went to sit down on a bench with a view of the bar clock. It was a relief to rest my feet in these shoes. Killer heels yes, killing my feet.

I was clock watching. The three guys were slut watching.

Ten past seven. He is still not here?

Quarter past seven. May he have forgotten? He arranged for my flight and hotel; he couldn't have forgotten.

He made me get to the bar half an hour early to increase the humiliation, excitement and frustration.

My mind was racing on what we had discussed yesterday over the internet. He would be the first guy that I would have sex with. My virginity had been taken by an older woman when I was seventeen, but that is another story. The man that I was planning to meet was Marc, but I called him Daddy. He was over fifty but he looked good, handsome, short spiky black hair with not a hint of grey, he had a great body which looked like he worked out every day, he looked like he was in his late thirties. I normally didn't fancy guys, but he made me wet just looking at him. His wife was in her very early forties but she was a hot 5'6", long blond hair, a slim curvy tanned body with natural 34DD breasts, firm and bouncy. We have all seen each other naked and she had a perfect body and an angelic face, really pretty.

Just thinking about the threesomes we were going to have made me really wet. I even forgot about the time, fantasising about the week of sex we were going to have together.

"Hello, my little Asscunt." I heard loudly which snapped me out of my day dream. "This is my wife, Amber."

"Hey, Daddy and Amber" I said smiling. They were even more gorgeous in the flesh than on the webcam. I felt that I was lucky to find such a beautiful couple to have my first threesome with a guy, even if I had to travel half way around the world to meet them.

"Go with Amber and freshen up."

"Come with me, dear."

I stood and Amber took me by the hand and led me to the ladies' room.

We went into one of the stalls together and she locked the door and sat down.

"Face me and get on your knees, BITCH."

I looked down at the dirty floor of the toilet.

"But it is dirty, Amber."

"Call me Mistress, Slut. Get on your knees NOW."

"Yes, Mistress," I said as I knelt on the dirty floor.

"Daddy tells me that you are a Lesbian, so I would like to see how good a Lesbian whore you are. Lick my pussy and make me cum." She lifted up her short skirt revealing the most beautiful pussy I had ever seen.

I moved my head toward her pussy, she was already wet and I could smell her sweet scent.


Giving oral pleasure to girls I knew how to do and I am quite good at it. I started off by sucking her clit and swirling my tongue around her clit.

"Oh God yes, you are a good little pussy licker. Now fuck me with your tongue and make me cum, Slut," she moaned.

I moved down to her pussy and made a little cock with my tongue and licked around her rim, then started fucking her pussy with my tongue.

"Yes, BITCH, faster," she grabbed my head and used me as her sex toy. She moaned and writhed on my face until I felt her body tense, she pulled my face into her pussy and, with a loud moan, she came all over my face.

This moan was so loud that the five men in the bar heard it. Four of the men wondered which one of the two women had just cum, but one man knew that was the sound of his wife cumming. He smiled as he knew that she had just enjoyed this innocent young slut which he had found on the internet.

"Mmmmmmmmm yes you are a good little pussy licker. Don't lick your lips or clean your face, slut," she said breathlessly. After a long pause she said, "Now go back out to the bar and kiss my husband while I compose myself."

"Yes, Mistress."

I stood up, opened the stall and walked out into the ladies'. I looked at my face in the mirror, my makeup and deep red lipstick were all smudged and there was a glistening of her cum all over my face. I had spent an hour doing my makeup and was horrified that my face looked like shit! I blushed a deep red, surely the men outside had heard her orgasm and, with me looking like this, they would know who was doing the pussy licking.

I exited the ladies' and clip clopped over the dance floor over to Daddy. I crouched down and gave him a kiss with a slightly open mouth. He took the opportunity and moved his tongue inside my mouth tasting his wife's cum on my lips. He moaned and his tongue retreated and he moved his head away.

"Did you enjoy servicing your Mistress?"

"Yes, Daddy." In fact I love licking pussy.

"Now sit down and finish your Coke. That must have been thirsty work."

"It was, Daddy. Thank you, Daddy."

Once I had finished my Coke he asked me to stand and come to him.

I stood next to him facing away from the bar and the three guys who were now watching intently.

"Now, my little Asscunt, I think you need something don't you?"

"Your cock, Daddy?"

He laughed, "Not yet, my little slut. You need a spanking."

He bent me over his knee, I could felt my dress rise up exposing my pussy and butt plug filled ass. I could only imagine what the barman and the three guys thought of this. I bet they wished they were Daddy with a little slut bent submissively over their knee.

"What do you need, my little Asscunt?" he asked as he pushed my butt plug hard into my asshole.

I moaned. "I need to be spanked, Daddy."

"I didn't hear that!" he ordered.

"I NEED MY ASS SPANKED, DADDY. MAKE MY ASS RED. SPANK ME, DADDY!" I shouted, maybe a little too loudly, overwhelmed in the moment.

"Good girl." And he raised my dress exposing my entire milky white round ass.


"Oh yes, Daddy, spank me harder," I said in a lower volume because I didn't want anyone else coming in off the street.

Daddy rained blows on each cheek. Each one harder than the last. After about five on each cheek he reached between my legs and felt that I was dripping wet.

"Does this turn you on, Slut?"

"Yes, Daddy."

Gently soothing my sore ass cheeks with his palm, he asked, "Would you like more?"

"Yes please, Daddy, spank me."

Another five spanks on each cheek. I couldn't tell if they were harder or softer than the last five; my ass cheeks were sore and throbbing. I had tears running down my face.

"Thank you, Daddy," I sobbed.

At this point Amber exited the ladies' and sat down at the next table, also having a good view of my red glowing ass. She took care not to obstruct the view of the barman and the three guys who were all looking at my ass, laughing and chatting among themselves.

"Good girl. I think you deserve a reward. Stand up."

I stood up and he manhandled me so I was now facing the barman and the three men. I blushed as I looked at their faces.

Saying, "You don't need that anymore," he pulled the straps of my dress down my arms and with one quick tug on my dress it was around my feet. The four men were not laughing any longer. I could see the lustful grins on their faces slowly change to shock. I blushed again as I saw the men's reaction to my naked body.

He placed a chair in front of me and pushed me over it, my red glowing ass now facing him. I heard the unzipping of his fly and felt the hard head of his eight-inch cock at my pussy entrance.

"Tell me what you need?"

"I want your cock, Daddy. Give it to me," I said loudly so the four men could hear clearly.

His hand went to my sex. "You are very wet, my little Asscunt," he said. "Let's see how you handle a real cock inside you for the first time in that nineteen year old pussy," as he slid his cock into me.

I moaned, "Yes, Daddy, slam my cunt. Pound my pussy."

He grabbed my hair and pulled my head up so I was looking at the three guys sitting watching this exhibition of a young English rose having her first fuck with a man.

His hips thrust against my bottom, I pushed back into him in time with his thrusts.

"Oh fuck me, Daddy, make your little Asscunt cum"

"Daddy, I am so close now, Daddy, oh yes, Daddy, mmmmmmm."

"Oh yes, Daddy, I am cumming, oh yes."

My whole body went rigid and convulsed and I came hard over Daddy's cock. He let go of my hair and I took that as a sign to turn around and lick Daddy's cock clean of my cum. Daddy lifted me up and made me face the four men again. Strangely he didn't continue to fuck me.

"What do you say, Slut?"

"Thank you, Daddy?"

"What do you say to the people in the bar?"

"Thank you, gentlemen."

Amber reached into her handbag and pulled out a collar and lead. She put the collar on me and locked it around my neck. She picked up my dress and put it in her handbag. I stood there submissively looking at the floor.

Daddy zipped himself up still with a rock hard cock since he hadn't cum. He walked over to the bar and put a large tip in the barman's tip jar. The stunned barman could only smile. Then Daddy looked over to the three men, also looking stunned, and nodded to them; only one able to nod back.

Amber pulled on my lead and led me naked toward the bar exit. As she approached, the doors opened and a couple entered and the man held the door open for us. I looked up and saw both their jaws drop as they saw me naked; I blushed again. They both watched me exit the bar, I heard her giggle as she saw my red spanked cheeks and my pink butt plug.

Now outside, feeling even more exposed, it was still light. Mistress walked me painfully and slowly toward a silver four-door Mercedes E-class saloon. The car was parked in the farthest parking space from the door. I thought he had done that deliberately.

"Come along, dear. Hurry up. "She yanked my lead. I was walking behind her and I wished she would walk faster. I saw a few people looking at me. I looked down at her feet, trying to ignore the people starring at me.

"Yes Mistress."

She made her way to the rear of the car and opened up the boot.

"Into the trunk, dear."

"Yes, Mistress." I was glad of getting out of sight of everyone. I climbed in quickly. She closed the boot lid and it was very dark.

After a few minutes the engine started and we started to move off.

In the warm, dark boot, I began to feel sleepy, maybe it was the jet lag or more likely it was the sleeping pill Daddy had slipped into my Coke while I was in the ladies' licking Mistress's pussy.

To be Continued

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