tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Little Geisha

My Little Geisha


It was nearly eleven o'clock at night when I opened the windows of my tiny second floor studio apartment. The humidity during summer in Osaka was very oppressive, the temperatures usually hitting 35 C even in the night. I was sweating through my thin cotton shirt as I peered out into the deserted street. The sky was cloudy, you couldn't see any stars no breeze at all. Perhaps if I'm lucky, there would be some rain I thought to myself.

I crept back into bed, looking up at the ceiling. The heat was making me hot in more ways than one; my cock was stirring in my loins. I tossed in bed, hoping to get some sleep, but in the end, gave up and stood beside my window, hoping for some breeze to come my way.

As I looked down, I heard a clack-clack sound coming from the left side of the street. It sounded like wooden sandals used by Japanese women. I leaned forward and saw a petite Japanese girl walking hastily below my window. Clack-clack, her sandals went as her summer yukata swung at her sides. A yukata was very similar to the traditional kimono, except it was worn during summers and mostly made of cotton

"Rather late for you to be out in the street?" I thought. As if sensing my presence, the girl looked up, she didn't see the grates on the street as her wooden sandals caught on it and I saw her fall hard. "Yahhhhhhhhh!!" I heard her cry.

Quickly, I fled out the door and ran down the stairs. She was stooped over her knees, holding on to her hurt ankle. I rushed to her and asked slowly in broken Japanese. "Are you hurt?" She nodded her head and I could see she was in pain. I pointed up to the lighted studio in the second floor and then to her hurt ankle. I put my arms around her and lifted her up towards my apartment.

As we entered the house, I gently seated her on my bed. It was a small studio, so everything was within reach, I walked up to my bathroom got a washcloth, and run cold water into it. "Not that its any of my business, but what is a pretty girl like you doing out this late in the night? " I asked her, trying to strike up a some conversation. She apologized and said she just came from the teahouse nearby. The party there just ended and she was on her way home. My mind raced with naughty thoughts, the Tea House was notorious in our neighborhood, it was rumored to be a place where Geisha's meet with their clients. Although contrary to belief, a Geisha was not a prostitute... but still.. I couldn't help drawing images of orgies in those parties!

I walked back to her and knelt down to examine her swollen ankle. Looking up at her, I asked casually, "So my dear, are you a Geisha?"

She smiled back demurely and said, "I'm merely a novice... still a long way to go"

I was always attracted to Orientals; Japanese women were high in my list of exotic wonders. She was by far no exception. She had silky black hair tied back in a knot, little wisps of which fell on her face, almond eyes and milky white skin. Her face was flushed from the heat, small beads of sweat were on her brow, her lips moist and full. I couldn't help but dwell on this Oriental beauty on my bed. Just thinking about that warm delectable body underneath the yukata was getting me very excited.

"You are very pretty when you smile" I said. She just giggled and bowed slightly.

I showed her the little washcloth I had moistened and pointed to her ankle. She nodded and pulled her Yukata away from her legs. I couldn't help but get a glimpse of the white cotton panties she had underneath as her legs were momentarily exposed. The stirring in my shorts was getting more pronounced but I didn't want to frighten her away, so I gently pressed the cloth over her ankle. I took the bandage from the first aid kit and cut a length to wrap around her ankle. My mind was racing with all sorts of naughty thoughts about this situation. She was probably just 5'4 and not more than 110lbs. I could easily overcome this petite beauty, taste her delicious body... have her for the night and maybe more? I looked up at her innocent face.

The knot in her hair fell away, and she looked even more sexy with her long ebony hair hanging down on her sides. My cock was getting very hard just thinking of that milky white body underneath the cotton Yukata. Her hand rested on her lap, I gently took it into mine and kissed it. She smiled again then giggled. As she laughed, her eyes disappeared into slits.

The bandage roll was still beside me. I took a length of it and jokingly wrapped it around her wrists. She laughed at first puzzled by what I was doing. Then as I leaned over her, forced her down on her back and dragged her up on the bed, she begun to struggle, and cry out. I pulled up her arms over her head, and tied the bandage on the metal bedposts.

She cried out and struggled, attempting to kick me, but my weight was no match for her petite body. I stood up and examined my little Geisha. There she was, all for my taking. I was sweating from the heat, I took off my soaked cotton shirt and slipped off my shorts. My hard cock stood in full erection, the tip of it wet with pre cum. I gently rubbed it in front of her, she gasped wide-eyed.

"Please... " She pleaded to me, "what are you going to do???"

"Take it easy sweetie, " I said, "I'm just going to enjoy your delicious body for awhile. "

It was easy to take off her clothes, the Yukata was like a robe, you undo the ribbon in the middle, and the rest you peel off. I was not disappointed by what I saw. Her full breast was milky white, and her nipples stood erect. It was a bit of a struggle taking off her panties, she attempted to kick me, but I just held on to her thighs as I stripped her panties off. She had not trimmed her little kitten, which is something I'd had to remedy. I went to the bathroom for some cream and razor. Standing on the side of the bed, I held up the razor for her to see and said, "Don't move or you will get hurt". Spreading her legs wide and pushing it down, I smeared some cream on her cunt. She was pleading and, whimpering her breathing becoming rapid as she panicked.

I held her legs down as I slowly shaved off her pubic hair, my finger running circles around her clitoris to get her to relax. When she was all shaved off, I run the moist cloth over it to swipe off the cream and hair. She was fairly clean now and I was getting more excited than ever. She had her head turned away from me; I set the razor aside, and held her legs apart as I attacked her cunt with my mouth. My tongue made slow circles around her clit, sucked and lapped the sweet juice flowing from it. Her thighs tensed up, I could hear her pleading for me to stop. In spite of her protests, her body was betraying her true desires, her juice flowed sweetly into my mouth. I took my finger and slid it deep into her. I was surprised when it hit on something, and then I realized, she was a virgin! That got me even more excited.

I moved up on top of her and held her face. "My little Geisha, you are so beautiful! I get to be the first man to fuck you and enjoy your wonderful body!" I said. I kissed her soft lips and slipped my tongue in so she could taste her own sweetness. My weight was too much for her, she stopped struggling as I moved down, sucked and bit her hard on the nipples, my other hand kneading her soft full breast. My cock was painfully hard now; I needed to feel her warm and tight cunt.

My hand moved down on her, played with her clit. Her juice was soaking the mattress, and she was ready for my hard cock. I kissed her again, and then positioned the tip of my hard throbbing cock into the entrance of her virgin hole. I pushed in a bit, she started to struggle again... attempting to close her thighs on me, but I merely pushed it down and held her hips up so my cock can penetrate her further. She was so tight that it was getting very difficult to control myself, all I wanted to do was ram my long shaft in hard and deep, but I know it would hurt her so I held back and slowly entered her inch by inch until I reached her hymen. Then I grabbed hold of her and pushed up hard. She gasped sharply, pulling at the bandages, her breath coming in short and rapid. "Shhhhh... " I said, "I'm all in... just relax sweetie, you'll get used to my hard cock. "

I waited for a few minutes with my full cock inside so that she will get use to the size. Then I eased it out slowly and plunged it back in, with each stroke I was widening her tunnel, enough for me to begin fucking her hard and deep. I felt her soft breasts underneath my bare chest and it was driving me wild. She begun to moan and sigh, as my strokes got harder, I grabbed her butt and squeezed hard, lifting her hips up so she could take me in deeper. Then I slammed in hard, holding her hands and pushing her full body up with each thrust of my hips.

Shifting her on her side, I grabbed hold of her leg and held it up against her chest. I kneaded her full breasts, pinching her nipples till she would cry out. We were both sweating heavily. The smell of sex filled the warm humid night. My body was slamming against her butt. I put my hand on her cunt and made circular strokes around it. She squirmed and sighed; I knew that she was enjoying it now.

"Cum for me my little geisha!" I cried, turning her until she is on her stomach. I grabbed her hips, lifted it up and fucked her harder... she threw her head back and moaned out loud, "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!! Argghhhhhhhhhh!!" Her juice flew into the air as I banged her from the back. "Cum... pretty baby! Don't hold back!!" I said between breaths. I took hold of one her nipples and pinched it hard as I rammed into her once again. Breathing very rapidly now, she pulled on the bandages... her moans getting louder "Ummmmmmmmmmm... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!"

I could feel the muscles of her cunt contracting around me, making it tighter. I caught my breath as I fucked her deeper. My groin smashing into her sweat drenched butt. She grabbed hold of the metal bedpost, got to her knees and pushed herself back against my cock, trying to take me in deeper.

She threw her head back, her long silky hair drenched in sweat as she screamed "ARGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!" over and over. Waves of orgasm racked her petite body as I pounded her like a piston. My fingers dug into her soft supple flesh, I could no longer hold back, I pushed in hard and exploded warm cum deep into her virgin hole.

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