tagMind ControlMy Little Harem Ch. 02

My Little Harem Ch. 02


*Note: This story is the second part of a series. So, if you haven't read the first chapter, or you haven't read the rewrite of the first chapter, please do so.

In this chapter, as promised our main character leaves the hospital, grows his collection a bit, and is attacked. I hope you enjoy my stories, Please feel free to comment, and please vote.

And Many thanks to my editor Miss_Minx

* * * * *

How did this happen? A few days before, I couldn't get a girl to even look at me twice. Now I had this gorgeous woman leaving her husband for me. A few days ago I was lying on the pavement nearly dead. And now there didn't seem to be anything wrong with me.

"Meghan, go get my release papers, or whatever it is I have to sign to get out of here. We're leaving."

"Yes Master."

She got dressed and headed for the door, but before she made it out of the room, her cell phone rang. She looked at it, then looked at me and asked "Master, it's my friend Colleen, She, works here too. I was supposed to meet her after work. May I answer?"

"Yes Meghan, and if she is hot, tell her to wait for you by your car."

"Yes Master."

"Hey Coll, sorry about the delay. I will be a few more minutes, but will you wait for me by my car?" She paused. "Oh, Ok. Great, then I'll see you in a few."

"Master, she said she parked right beside me so she is waiting in her car."

"Alright then. I take that she's hot?"

"Yes master. If I were into women, I'd want her."

I was reminded again of the stark difference between normal Meghan and Meghan in bed.

I began to wonder if I could do to other women what I had done to Meghan and decided I was definitely going to try.

"Maybe you'll get to try her anyway."

I realized that I didn't want problems between my girls, if indeed there were to be others, so I thought a little programming would be in order. Before Meghan reached the door, I used my new found ability to project my orders and command.

Meghan, you will not be jealous of me paying attention to or having sex with other women

Then orally, "Do you understand?"

"Yes Master."

"Good. Now send someone in here to unhook me while you get my paperwork."

"Yes Master." And she left.

As I was waiting, I kept thinking about all the things that had happened over the last few days. When I was mugged, I thought I was going to die. Now I was as healthy as a horse. I thought about the blue liquid that I saw at some point, and wondered what that could have been. It had seemed to be pooled around my head.

Then, I got lost in lustful thought remembering how good Meghan felt as I slid in and out of her, and I got a raging hard on again, even though it had only been a few minutes since I had gotten off, twice in fact. Then there was a knock at my door.

I was expecting Mike, the guy who had been my night time nurse during my stay. What I got was definitely not Mike. In walked a beautiful young woman that looked to be half Filipino, and half white. Dark hair and the most gorgeous natural tan, in combination with stunning green eyes. Her ass wasn't as nice a Meghan's, but it did have a nice shape to it, and she had at least a B cup, all on a trim little 5'5" body.

I knew I wanted this one to be my next. Still not too sure of my abilities I tried a little test. I didn't know her name, so as she headed over to the dry erase board that hung on the wall, I just stared intently at her and gave her an odd command

Scratch your nose with both hands

I was amazed. She instantly reached up with both hands and used her index fingers to scratch both sides of her nose.

"Hi my name is Amber. I would have been your nurse this evening, but it looks like you are going home."

Getting a little cocky, my response was, "You are still going to be my nurse, and you are going home with me."

And before she could respond, I grinned, stopped her, and gave her the commands that would hopefully add her to my little harem.

Amber, you belong entirely to me now.

You will think and act on your own, but you will always obey my commands, and enjoy doing so.

You will call me master when in private, but sir when in public

You will not be jealous of me paying attention to or having sex with other women

And the one I had just thought of

You will never again have sexual contact with anyone, without my permission, or direct order.

Orally I asked, "Do you understand?" and she answered with what was fast becoming my all time favourite phrase.

"Yes Master."

"Now how much time do we have until someone interrupts us?"

"It will take Meg about 15 minutes to get your papers, so we have until then master."

"Great. Now come over here and give your new master the best blow job you know how."

With that she climbed up on the foot of the bed, folded my gown up onto my chest exposing my rock hard pole. She then leaned in, and starting at the base, began to lick my shaft. With her first lick, she seemed to get more excited, even hungry. She seemed to make absolutely sure that she licked every little bit of my shaft and washed my balls well with her mouth. But she didn't waste any time about it.

Then she began to attack my member with fervour. When she had thoroughly tongue-washed my member, she brought that hot wet mouth to the head of my dick and almost seemed to swallow me whole. This girl was on a mission. Holding the base of my shaft with her right hand, and my balls with her left, she was taking me down her throat and back at a pace I couldn't believe, then after a few strokes, she would pause at the head and hum while masturbating me furiously for a few seconds. Then she would go back to deep-throating me.

Although I knew I was controlling them, I couldn't believe my luck in acquiring two girls like these

I tried to hold back, but it was useless. I exploded in her mouth, and she just took it I couldn't believe how much I came, especially after just emptying a large load in Meghan's mouth, and another in her womb.

Amber tried to take every drop of my spunk in her mouth, but she had to swallow at least once. Finally the torrents of semen subsided (How could I produce that much semen?). Amber sucked my member dry and then let it fall out of her mouth. She then came up to me to show me that she had kept a mouthful. This gave me a wicked Idea, and I told her to hold it, and get me unhooked and ready to go.

"Esh Masha." She tried to say my favourite phrase.

We had just finished getting me ready. I had sat down on the edge of the bed, Amber sitting patiently at my side, still holding my cum in her mouth, when Meghan returned.

Meghan knocked and slowly opened the door. When she came in and closed the door behind her, I looked at Amber and said "Give it to her." Without even an attempt at my new favourite phrase, she got up, strode across the floor and gave Meghan the hottest kiss I had ever seen.

I had to break up the kiss, or I would have stayed in that room forever. I was enjoying watching too much and I was thinking about starting my first threesome right then and there. But, something was really nagging at me to leave the hospital.

And, besides I had a potential addition to my little walking sex fest waiting in the parking garage. So, while I filled out the paperwork, I sent Amber to quit her job. Somebody had to earn money, but I was taking all my girls with me tonight. We met at the nurse's station, and headed for the parking garage.

On the way, I asked Meghan about Colleen. She said "I think you'll like her master. She is about 5'8". She is adorable. She has wavy golden blonde hair that goes down to the middle of her shoulder blades, and big blue eyes. She is 28, and a doctor. She dresses very conservatively and she isn't quite as trim as Amber here, but I think you'll like her."

I did. We walked up between Meghan's red Mazda RX8 and a gray Chrysler 300C. Colleen had backed her car in, so her car and Meghan's were facing opposite direction, but sitting side by side, driver's door to driver's door.

In my opinion, an attractive woman rates on one or more of three scales. Those scales are


Pretty, and


Some women rate high on two of these scales, and the rare woman rates above a five on all three. One being attractive, but barely above average, and ten being world class.

What stepped out of that car was an oddity, and I remembered Meghan's words "She is adorable." If you stopped at her face, Colleen would have rated a twelve on the cute scale. Adorable was definitely the word. But no human male would have stopped at her face.

She was definitely dressed very conservatively. In fact it looked like she seemed to be desperately trying to hide those volleyballs that were under her top. I am not sure, but they had to be at least an F-cup. And, I couldn't wait to play with them.

This woman rated about a six on the pretty scale, and the body she was trying to hide under that outfit would earn her at least a twelve on the sexy scale. Dressed in burlap, this woman would have been sexy.

Colleen came toward us with a friendly smile on her face. "Hi Meg, hey Amber. Who's your friend?" asked Colleen. Both girls answered "He's our master."

Obviously ogling her chest, I said "Oh I can't wait to play with those." Her smile gone, Colleen started to reply, "Excuse..." I stopped her before she could finish.

I noticed that I didn't have to use her name or even really concentrate. I just issued the command


And she froze mid-sentence. "Thanks Meghan, I am definitely going to enjoy this one."

"You're welcome, sir."

I puzzled over that word "sir" for a millisecond, and then realized I was hearing footfalls. I began to quickly program my new sex toy,

Colleen, you belong entirely to me now.

You will think and act on your own, but you will always obey my commands, and enjoy doing so.

I was about to ask if she understood, but, I didn't get any further with the commands before we had a little excitement.

The footfalls stopped and the noise ensued.

The way we were positioned, we were between the two cars. Colleen and I in the middle by the doors, book-ended by Amber near the aisle and Meghan behind us.

When the footsteps stopped, I looked toward the aisle to see a man begin to raise a gun, but in a blur Amber knocked the gun from his hand, broke his nose, and crushed his nut-sack in her grip. I was liking her more by the second.

While this was going on, I mentally ordered Colleen to get down. I heard what sounded like high voltage electricity, and a loud pop. Then I felt a white hot pain in my left shoulder, and saw blood on my new shirt.

I turned to Meghan who was standing over a man that was on the ground still twitching from the tazer my beautiful nurse still held in her hand. As I looked from Meghan to Amber, Amber said "What? A girl has to protect herself."

"And her master." Meghan added with a grin.

"Oh master! You've been shot!" all three girls.

"I think you're right. It's a good thing I know a few nurses." I said trying to sound cool. But the pain and the itching were intense.

"Don't forget the Doctor." Colleen said leaning in to examine my wound.

On a quick examination, my newest pet said, "The good news is, it went all the way through. The weird news is, it seems to be healing already."

I looked around and saw that twitchy was out, but nut-sack was scooting across the concrete. I realized that he was almost to his gun, and I gave him the command to


No results. He grabbed the gun, turned and aimed at Amber's head. I yelled "STOP!" and, on instinct, I moved my hands downward as if to force his arm down. His actual arm hit the concrete with an audible crack, and was bent at a very odd angle. As the man screamed in agony, the girls gathered the guns.

"We have to go. Get your cars and follow Colleen and me." Even in my hurry, I was curious, so I watched Amber cross to a beautiful yellow Datsun 240Z. Aloud I said with a grin "It figures." Before we left I finished programming my newest love doll, and gave Meghan the newest command

You will never again have sexual contact with anyone, without my permission, or direct order.

Shortly we arrived at Colleen's apartment complex (bullet-hole gone and almost forgotten), and despite the recent excitement, I could not wait to break in my newest toy. Along the way I established that she was divorced. He cheated on her because she didn't allow him to play with her massive chest. She actually seemed to be embarrassed by them. Oh how her life was about to change.

Still in the car, I gave Colleen a little extra programming.

Colleen, your body is just right, just as it is.

You will no longer try to hide those breasts.

You will greatly enjoy sex with me in any form.

She immediately removed her top and bra, revealing the most beautiful set of tits I have ever seen. Her areolas were large, but not too large, and her nipples were already standing out ¾ of an inch. I just had to taste them. Leaning over I sucked as much of her right tit into my mouth as I possibly could. Then with both hands I began to knead and suck like a feeding child.

She just leaned back in the seat moaning loudly. I then slid my right hand behind the waistband of her skirt, and under her panties. When I touched her soaking wet un-shaved crotch, she let out a sharp "Ah!" and she came right then and there.

"Oh Master, Please fuck me!"

"I will, but first we should get inside."

  "Then will you fuck me?"

"I will do more than that. I have a feeling I will be taking several virginities from you tonight." I reluctantly pulled my hand from her warm wet and somewhat hairy pussy

The other girls were standing by the car waiting when we got out. We headed across the parking lot to the apartments, Colleen leading the way, with her big beautiful mammaries out for the world to see. I knew I was going to have to alter her programming, but I decided to enjoy it this once.

Amber asked "Master, my girlfriend will be expecting me home soon, may I call her?"

"Your what?"

"My girlfriend, master. I will dump her if you want."

"Is she hot?"

"Yes, but not as hot as Meg or Coll."

"Invite her over."

"Yes Master."

She made the call as the three of us made our way into Colleen's home.

Colleen you will cover your tits enough in public to be legal.

"Now show me to your bedroom and strip. Girls find us some food. We're all about to work up an appetite."

Three different beautiful mouths said "Yes, Master."

As we stepped into her bedroom, Colleen dropped her conservative skirt to the floor, removed her granny panties, and began to remove her thigh high stockings. But, I stopped her. "Leave those on. And from now on, you are going to wear a G-string, when you wear any form of panties at all. Now get up on the bed and lay on your back."

"Yes Master."

I had never had the opportunity to titty-fuck anyone before. In fact it had been a while since I was laid at all. But, tonight the most beautiful pair of tits I had ever seen was right in front of me, and I crawled up and planted my eight inch dick right in the middle of them.

I held those massive, warm, soft pillows of flesh together over my swollen dick and began to pump. As I got going, I felt Colleen reach around and start fingering herself. The faster I got, the faster she got, and she began to moan.

Her moaning just added to my excitement, so I increased my speed, and she increased hers, and began to moan louder.

This kept going until I exploded. I released her tits, and rose up a bit so I could shoot all over her chest and face. As I did this, she let out a loud keening sound and began to shudder. I puzzled over her heightened reaction for a second, then I remembered her extra programming specifically "

"You will greatly enjoy sex with me in any form."

I quickly added that to my standard list and to the programming in the other two girls.

I later realized that I had programmed them while they weren't in my immediate area, but at that moment I had other things on my mind. And I knew I was going to enjoy this show.

"Meghan, come in here please and strip."

  "Yes Master." She left a trail of clothing from the kitchen to the bed. When she was totally nude, I told her to use her tongue and help Colleen clean herself up.

Watching Meghan lick and suck on Colleen's huge tits was extremely hot. I was about to call Amber in to help, but then I saw Meghan's rosebud, and knew what my next target was.

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