tagMind ControlMy Little Harem Ch. 05

My Little Harem Ch. 05


My apologies once again for the long wait. This chapter is a lot longer than the rest. (If you haven't read the rest, you should probably start there)

Many things happen, many women are added, and the conflict finally comes to an end. Thank you for reading my story. And thank you for your patience.

Enjoy, Comment, and Please Vote.

* * * * *

Colleen was fast becoming my favorite, but my first would always remain as one of my favorites as well. So I decided to have my beautiful blondes bathe in the other tub. Then I turned my attention to my first conquest, Meghan. Remembering the bath she had given me in the hospital, I wanted to return the favor. Not out of any sense that I owed her. But because the thought of soaping up her body made my dick jump to attention.

I stripped off my clothes, then I stripped off hers, and turned the shower on. The water didn't take long at all to warm up, and neither did we. I made sure to lather her up very well. Especially her ass, and her tits. And as I ran my hand across her mound she begged

"Master Please don't tease!"

This just served to remind me that, even though she may be "Miss Career Woman" most of the time, she was veracious in the sack. So I turned her around, knelt in front of her and after using the shower head to give her pussy a nice warm rinse I began to tongue fuck her. She began to yell "Yes Master! Thank You Master! Oh That Feels So GOOD Master!"

The next step was to bring my right hand up and finger fuck her while I nibbled at her clit. At this point She was still shouting, but it wasn't words. When I wrapped my lips around her clit and began to hum, she nearly collapsed. And she let out a roar that had to wake the neighbors.

Somehow I knew that Albert had awakened, and I gave him the command to go back to sleep.

I told Meghan I was going to fuck her now, and she just grunted and nodded her head in a way that said she was both exhausted and extremely horny. Seeing that she could hardly stand, I turned the shower off, dried her, and myself, and took us to bed.

When I got her in bed, I decided that before I took the chance of falling asleep, I was going to delete Albert's old programming entirely. Then I sent Colleen a command to wake me in two hours unless something happened before then, and a command to Celeste to get in bed and sleep.

Then I turned my attention back to Meghan, who as tired as she was, had her ass in the air and was wagging it at me. I mounted her from behind. Her honey pot was steaming as I drove my rock hard member deep into her love tunnel. She was still not speaking, but she was grunting and pushing back as well as she could. As I picked up pace, she fell behind, so I stood on my knees, grabbed her hips and began to jackhammer her pussy.

After we came, she passed out. I rolled us on our sides and went to sleep, still deep inside her.

Colleen didn't wake me. Something in my head did. As my eyes opened I saw Colleen rise to her feet, wearing absolutely nothing. She had apparently been sitting by the bed, waiting until time to wake me. I issued an urgent mental command to everyone to wake up, and get in here.

Kris was apparently already awake because she came rushing into the room, just as the door splintered. Frank was right behind her. But what I was concerned with was the walking mountain that was pushing it's way through the remains of my suites entry door. It looked directly at me, and all I saw was rage. All this guy needed was green skin and he would have been The Hulk.

On a quick scan, all this guy had was an ownership tag, and one command that permeated his brain "Kill James Cooper!" Also known as...me

Frank and Kristen attacked, but he just pushed them away. Colleen was next. He flung her against a wall like a rag doll, and she slumped to the floor, bloody. This pissed me off, and I hit him with all that I had. My telekinetic attack sent him through three walls, but that didn't stop him. It barely slowed him down.

He got up and kept coming. Albert was in position now. He was bigger than Frank, but not as skilled. Frank was back up, but limping. Meghan, Celeste, and Amber were in position, and Kristen was getting up. But, I knew he would tear through them like tissue paper.

I had to stop him. And I had to stop him now! I went into his mind. There was just rage and hatred. No real thought pattern. No memories. It was almost empty. I don't mean he was stupid. I mean he had no life experience whatsoever. Then I found it. That little part of every living person's thought process. And I turned out his lights

He was about to flatten Frank, but now he fell dead, almost on top of Frank. Meghan and Amber went to Colleen.

"Albert, what the fuck was that, and how did it find me?"

"Sir, that was a Juggernaut, and his handler was a recruiter, like me. We can sense Series 9 enhanced individuals like yourself. Some of us are better than others."

"Is that how I knew when you were going to attack back at Colleen's, and how I felt it when you woke up earlier? And how I knew that thing was about to come through the door?"

"Sir, your abilities are beyond anything DynaMed has been able to produce. But, I can tell you that the Juggernaut is not enhanced by the Series 9, so that is not how you sensed him."

"And my abilities are why they are trying to kill me?"

"They wish to study your remains, sir. You are too much of a threat while alive."

"Can't they program me?"

"Possibly, but it is extremely difficult to program someone that has been enhanced by Series 9."

"Then you were programmed beforehand?"

"Yes, Sir."

"How was I able to reprogram you?"

"I don't know sir."

"OK then. Can you re-program my girls or Frank?"

"I do not know sir"

"Try Frank."

"Yes sir." a pause "I cannot sir."

"Why not?"

"He won't accept my commands, sir."

Looking into Frank I saw no changes.

Meghan broke in "Master, Colleen is hurt pretty badly. She has a nasty looking place on her head and she is non-responsive. She needs a hospital, quickly."

"Everyone get dressed, And Meghan you and Amber take care of Colleen."

"Yes Master" in surround sound with "Yes Sir." in stereo.

In my further questioning of Albert, I found that DynaMed cannot track the girls except by conventional means, and they have no interest in the girls. I also learned that after the incident that started all this, at least for me and Frank, DynaMed moved some of their Series 9 to a facility in this city.

I decided that I was going to acquire a sample,

"Meghan, Amber stay with Colleen, and go with her in the Ambulance. Call me and let me know where you are, and protect her. Everyone else is with me. Let's go."

On the way out I shot a cover story to the girls explaining that they were taking a weekend trip, and this man just came in and attacked Colleen. Then after ripping everything up, he just fell over.

We took Colleen's car as it was the only four door, and headed out. Frank drove, and Albert informed me of the layout. At this hour there would be about 4-6 guards and two techs. All of which will be programmed, but there probably won't be any recruiters (those like Albert), and no Juggernauts at all.

Unless there happened to be a recruiter on site, the security would be conventional security systems. I hatched a plan, and informed everyone of their parts. I couldn't count on there being no recruiters on site, so I decided to initially keep my distance.

From a block away, I could see the two guards at the door, and I tried a little long distance re-programming. I changed the ownership tags and replaced the command lists with my own. But, They wouldn't take hold while the men remained awake. So, the girls were going to hit the "Reset Button."

Kristen untied her flannel shirt, then loosened and mussed her hair. Celeste wearing a karate gi, would ruin the ruse, So I had her remove her gi and just wear her T-back panties and Albert's suit coat. Albert was to wear her gi bottoms, and no shirt.

It would be dawn soon, so we needed to get started. All four slipped through the night, and moved between buildings to get closer to the objective. When they got into position, the girls started screaming and running toward the building. Yelling "Help! They're trying to rape us!"

A second or two later Frank and Albert came running "after" the girls. The girls ran straight up to the guards without them making the slightest move to stop them. Then they "hid" behind the guards, and as the guys approached, the girls took the guards out with no trouble at all.

Whatever the girls did, the guys weren't out for long, and when they came too they were mine. I gave them instructions to tell Celeste if they were wearing any tracking devices, and to tell her how many were inside. I also had them point out any surveillance cameras.

There were two. Kristen and the guys vanished from their site while Celeste reported to me.

There were four more guards, and two techs inside, And I was told their normal positions. But I could not see them, and would not be able to see them without walking into the building. I probably would have to be well within their attack range to see them. So, I had to try something new, or go in with a full frontal assault. I chose the stealthier version.

I came closer to the building, but stayed outside of the camera sweep. I then tried to "Feel" their minds, and surprisingly, after a few minutes, I had located all of them, and reprogrammed them. With Celeste back in position, I had the new guys to remain at their posts. Both for appearances and to keep people from coming up behind us.

I followed the girls in. The first two went off without a hitch, as they were separated. The third called out when he saw the girls, and as he went down what came out of that door could have been described as the ninja bitch from hell.

Don't get me wrong, she was certainly not ugly, but she was definitely setting off the "spider sense." "Albert, subdue the techs. Girls, Frank be careful of this one." She looked like she came straight from a ninja movie. Her hair was in a long tight braid. And she was dressed like a movie ninja without a sword.

The room we were in had a large empty space in the middle. She stepped to the center and took a fighting stance. We surrounded her. Celeste struck like lightning four times, and was blocked all four times, then shoved away. The Ninja twirled her head, and a cut appeared on Frank's forehead. Kris came in with another style and was blocked just as completely as Celeste.

This girl was awesome. But, I had to put a stop to this before someone was crippled or killed. I didn't want to kill her, but the girls couldn't get through her defenses. And Frank was nearly blind at the moment. So, I had an idea.

I prepared the girls for what I was going to do, and had them attack. Ninja girl began to block, then I pushed her legs out from under her. She went down but continued to fight like a wildcat. And she almost made it back to her feet before the girls had her out.

Her name was Sabrina. I gathered her, the techs (one being a nerdy little brunette named Danielle) and the grunts in a company van with three canisters of the Series 9 and whatever equipment the techs thought useful and portable. We headed for the hospital that held my love goddess.

**** FAST FORWARD ****

Colleen was given the series 9 and as I had suspected, administered correctly she became almost as strong as I was, but most importantly she walked out of the hospital that day. And of course she still belonged to me, as she was already embedded with my command lists. I embedded her with other things later that night.

While I was there, I acquired a skilled and somewhat attractive surgeon named Kat (short for Katherine) and arranged for the Series 9 to be administered to the other four original girls, just as it was to Colleen. It was two days until the facility would be available, and I didn't want to risk any undue attention.

I took the girls shopping. We ditched the company van and acquired a new one. I also acquired a studio apartment, clothes for the girls, a set of twins (saw them and had to have them), and a dojo complete with twenty three adult female students.

I had decided I needed to increase the size of my own army to be able to contend with that of my enemy. Ironically the class I took control of was a self defense class for women. They were trying to learn how to not be taken advantage of. And now they all belonged to me.

I had come to the realization though, that this many people suddenly changing their lives this drastically would bring a lot of attention. Besides, I'm an asshole, but I didn't want to become an evil asshole. So, I gave my new recruits a new set of orders. These orders allowed them to carry on with their normal lives, with the exceptions that 1) they were to attend their "Martial Arts class" daily instead of once or twice a week. And 2) they were to come immediately, if I summoned them.

Fortunately, or maybe by design, those that were at the DynaMed facility were all unattached. Unfortunately though, I couldn't think of a way to keep my enemies from knowing I had stolen the Series 9. So, for once I acted in someone else's best interest and kept DynaMed's former employees with the group. Mainly to keep them safe.

Later I learned that, although I cannot program someone over the phone, I can give them simple commands. And with this new trick I attained an unlimited Master Card. I knew that it would take constant maintenance to keep it up for very long without any real money, but it would have to do for now.

And with certain precautions, I had Colleen implant "ownership tags" throughout my own mind. These tags, of course gave ownership to me only. This was a precautionary measure in case my enemy tried to program me.

I found that I could still work on Colleen's mind and command lists, and added commands to both her and Albert to never attempt to program or alter me, unless I order them to do so, and then to only do so as commanded by me. I also added this command to the remaining 'original' girls.

I enhanced all of my follower's martial arts skills to the maximum available. And I had Colleen implant them into me as well. I turned off or completely removed the sex drives of the handful of men I had acquired, which were the five guards, and one technician, as well as Frank and Albert.

The twins looked like the double-mint twins, but brunette. I gave them a special treatment. With them I altered their command lists to allow them to have sex with each other, implanted the desire to do so, and turned up their sex drives.

I actually had to turn their sex drive back a notch or two, because the first day they spent with their faces in each other's snatch. I had to order them to eat something other than pussy. And even then, they ate one handed and used the other hand to finger fuck the other. It was quite a show, but they couldn't last long that way. In fact, when I turned their sex drives down, they almost immediately passed out.

But before that, I gave them the command to make Colleen cum 5 times each. That was a wild show. At one time I had Colleen eating one of the twins, while the other ate her. At the same time Amber ate the second twin while my manhood was buried deep in her cunt.

There was one of the new girls, named Isabel, that particularly caught my attention. Mostly because she was trying very hard to do just that. She was a blue eyed brunette, with blonde highlights in her shoulder length hair . She was 5'4". Her measurements were 36C 26 36, and her sex drive was naturally high.

To cut a long story short, she was a skilled and highly paid legal prostitute from Nevada, and she proved it several times. I promptly copied out her particular skill set.

I tried to get a little sleep between fucking my hotties, and usually when I succeeded it was literally between a couple of them, mainly Colleen and Meghan. But, the time came and the girls went in for their surgery. Colleen and I monitored the situation very closely, and in ways that room was better guarded than Fort Knox. The surgery went quickly and smoothly, and by the time the anesthesia wore off, the girls were ready to "rock and roll" as the saying goes.

As we started to leave, I got that feeling again, and alerted the girls. I did a quick scan and found it was another Juggernaut, but this time I found his handler as well. And all before the brute came busting through the door.

I had shown Colleen how to hit "the kill switch" on a person. Well, I had shown her how to find it, and told her what to do, if the situation arose. And as soon as Goliath came through that door, she dropped him like a bad habit. I snagged his handler, and quickly gave him his new programming.

At this point I was a little aggravated and, after some quick information harvesting, I sent my new grunt, on what was probably a suicide mission.

"You. Go back to your old boss, and give him this message. And quote 'I'm tired of you sending your fucking toys after me! I'm tired of you chasing after me and fucking up my life! I'm tired of playing this fucking game! So you better fucking run, and you better fucking hide because I'm coming the fuck after you. And you better fucking hope that when I catch you, I fucking kill you, because trust me, the alternative is so much fucking worse.' End of message. Now go!"

"Yes Sir!"

Maybe it was a bit much, but I got my message across.

After that I didn't waste time. I showed the other girls the "kill switch," and went after three more self defense classes. In short order. I gave them the same orders as my other new recruits, gave them all more martial art skills than they ever dreamed of, and sent them home. That night three abusive husbands, an abusive boyfriend and two muggers found themselves in the hospital badly beaten and broken by their intended victims. I thought that was funny.

After this, I had all my "students" arrange to be away for a martial arts training weekend. In which they (and I) actually trained. Celeste and Sabrina were among the instructors. Watching my not-so-little harem/army train and spar was a sight to see.

Meghan, Amber Colleen, Kristen, Celeste, and I worked on our abilities as well. I wanted to be ready for anything when Monday rolled around. That was when I planned to have the final showdown. And the main DynaMed facility was only about an hour away from our campsite.

While experimenting a bit with my powers, I discovered that I could actually hide my mind from Albert. This could be a huge advantage. I taught this to the girls. And, with my recently acquired information, I came up with a plan.

That night I did a little "sparring" with a cute little 23 year old red-head. Yes she was married, but I had already had my little power trips with Meghan and Celeste. I really didn't feel any need to humiliate anymore husbands at the moment. And I still didn't want to become an evil asshole. Just an abnormal asshole.

In fact, I had decided, that of all my women, I was only going to keep my original five, plus maybe Sabrina. The rest, I intended to fuck when I felt like it, but let them live their lives the rest of the time. Right now I felt like a little red-head.

"Master, please fuck me in the ass." begged my little red-head. She was on elbows and knees, looking at me over her shoulder wagging her heart shaped ass at me. "My husband doesn't do it enough, and I really want your big cock in my ass, Master."I had no problem obliging her. I knee walked up behind her, and plunged my manhood deep into her hot wet snatch a couple of times for lubrication as well as pleasure. I pulled out, lined up and impaled her ass on my dick. She let out a pleasured scream that the whole camp had to hear.

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