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My Little Mistake


It happened a few years back, my husband and I have always had very different works, his job often takes him out of town or keeps him at work late mine is all in early morning and afternoon, his is in the industrial area south of the city, mine is in the commercial area in the north side, sometimes it feels a bit like we never see each other at all for weeks at a time. It was one of those times that this happened.

My friend at work was having her bachelorette party, it was pretty straightforward, like you'd expect we were going to see male strippers then back to her house for the general drunken ending of the night. Things went normally through the strippers, they were men, handsome muscular and pretty hot but my friend, was being a little bitchy, stress I guess from wedding and stuff.

Anyway, after our couple hours in the strip club we started to head back to her place when we detoured to a bar for another drink, she was still being pretty bitchy and I wasn't in much of a better mood, to be honest, since my husband and I hadn't been intimate in over a month at that point, so the sight of all those naked men at the strip place was kind of rough on me.

To put it simply I was horny and frustrated and listening to her bitch about her guy being out for one night, they lived together, while they both had their parties, was getting on my last nerve.

Result being she and I in a little verbal spat while at the bar and me saying fuck this and walking out to get a cab. I was pretty upset and a little drunk so rather then just calling a cab for home I called one to take me to a bar I used to go to with my husband when we were dating, wasn't really my kind of place, but I just wanted a drink or three before I went home so I could calm down. and I knew the name of the place.

It wasn't the best place to hang out really, the place had been busy before but it was almost empty when I went in maybe a dozen people total mostly alone at the bar or in pairs at tables. I sat at the bar ordered a drink and sat there calming down and really wishing my husband was in town.

Finished the first drink and was thinking of asking the bar tender to call me a cab when he sets another drink in front of me at the same time this guy sits next to me and says "you look like you could use another. God knows I can"

I was surprised I mean no one's hit on me in ages and at first I thought it was an obvious pick up line but when we talked a little, I don't remember what all we said, but he seemed sincere, talked a lot about his work and friends there and how they were kind of rude sometimes.

We got to talking and drinking, told him my problems and he told me his over like 5 drinks instead of the one or two I planned, he was just drinking cokes though after the first, said he had to drive home so only one drink, and after talking for a couple hours he offers me a lift home, when I say where i live he says its just a couple miles out of the way from his place. normally I'd say no because he's a stranger but he's been very sweet and sincere and I'm kind of drunk and horny and when either of those happen I do impulsive things both make me kind of wild.

So we get up and go out to the parking lot and we get to his car, its a big older SUV, kind of a soccer mom looking one to be honest and while we are standing next to it he leans close and kisses me, up to then things had been innocent, just two people talking and it surprised me, a lot, enough that instead of pulling back or trying to stop him I just kissed back.

I hadn't kissed anyone other then my husband since we were married, and he wasn't my husband, he was a little taller then my husband and he was stronger too. When we kissed and he realized I was kissing back he stepped closer to me until his body was tight to mine and I was held half against the passenger side of his car.

At first it was a pretty simple kiss, mean his hands were on my back and his lips on mine but it was just a gentle kind of kiss, almost like teenagers kissing, I still don't know why but I parted my lips and touched my tongue to his lips, and when I did it changed, a lot, he didn't need any more encouragement he slid one hand down and grabbed my ass and his tongue met mine and pushed into my mouth and he was groping me in the parking lot.

To be honest I guess I wanted him to do it but it was cheating so I felt a little guilty and worried but I also was aching horny by now. as soon as he kissed me deep I lost control and my panties were already soaking wet, so when he started moving me down the car towards the back seat I went with him, and when the back door opened I climbed up into the seat.

When we stopped kissing and I got into the back seat I had another flash of guilt and worry but I knew it was way too late to stop things now i mean by the time I had finished feeling guilty and deciding I should stop he was in the back seat, and was pulling my panties down from under my skirt.

Then his hand slid back up and he touched my bare pussy and I stopped caring I was married, it felt so good. instead of 'stop' all I managed to say was 'condom?'

He nodded and kissed me deeply while he fingered my pussy, he was good at it, too, fingertips just gentle enough to make me moan.

He didn't' finger me long though before he stopped and I heard the metal of his belt and the sound of a zipper and I looked down to see him putting on a condom, I almost stopped him again, he wasn't long really maybe like 6 inches, but he was as thick as my fist in the middle, and kind of odd shaped. he was narrow at the base and his head was smaller then his shaft, but the center was kind of like a ball or something.

I might have stopped him if I'd had more time seeing it, but before I could he had the condom on and was leaning me back on the seat and pulling my legs open.

I had one last oh my god I'm committing adultery moment when he paused with his cock head rubbing my pussy, but I wanted him too much to even think about stopping him. he worked his cock against me for a minute, pressing slowly at me until I relaxed a little then he just slid into me.

He penetrated me much easier then I expected the slick condom and my wetness making the size of him less an issue then I expected, he felt huge inside me though I'd never been with anyone as thick as him and it felt different, very intense very sensual.

He had barely started to thrust into me when he cursed and something felt weird and he pulled out, when i looked down the condom was split and hanging off his cock. he said it was his last and he offered to go back into the bar and buy another one from a machine he thought he saw in the bathroom.

I didn't want to wait though so I lied to him, told him I was on the pill and would risk it if he wanted.

He already had the broken condom off when I said that and was planning how to get his pants back on but I had barely finished before he was on top of me again and I felt that thick cock, this time bare, sliding back into me.

I hadn't been with a guy without a condom before, even for my husband and I condoms were our preferred birth control and I grew up just in time for aids to be the big scare so when teenager it was condoms too.

It felt different, more intimate, more intense, and his cock felt hot inside me, different then with condoms. Not to mention his size, he was twice as thick as any one I'd been with before.

It was just incredible, he was slow and steady at first, sliding his cock deep then shallow inside me again and again and this intense sensation of his skin sliding inside me was driving me wild, and him too, his face was almost twisted with the pleasure. He didn't' stay slow for long, he started to speed up thrusting down into me faster and faster.

Not that I wasn't humping right back rocking my hips up to meet his thrusts he kept fucking me right up until he suddenly stiffened and groaned loudly and shuddered on top of me and I knew he was cumming inside me.

He pressed himself tight to me, his hips pressing as tight as he could to my inner thighs and just erupted inside me so hard i could feel his cock spasm and tense as he did. he held himself buried inside me as deep as he could until he was completely done cumming then he leaned down and kissed me more his cock still inside me his cum pooling inside me and I kissed him back, willingly, eagerly. it was the most exciting and intimate thing I'd ever done with a guy. It was like my first time but it didn't hurt it just felt incredible.

After a little rest he slowly pulled out of me, along with a little of his cum onto his seat, which we had to clean up. then we found our clothing and he gave me the ride home he promised, I didn't give him directions to my house but to a little corner store a couple blocks from home where I told him I could walk from, got out and walked home.

We didn't exchange numbers or anything there were no efforts to stay in touch, he knew from the beginning it was a one time, had to after all i was wearing my ring and mentioned my husband several times. he didn't seem to mind. just told me if I was every in need of a friend again to come by the bar, he hangs out there a lot.

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