tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMy Little Pony Ch. 02

My Little Pony Ch. 02


Megan has been tricked into signing a life-long contract as a pony-girl. She has been locked in a stall and told to undress.


Megan, or Blaze as she was now known, looked around herself in dismay. Determined to find a way out of the stone and wood prison, she stood up and ran to the stable door. She pushed against it with all her might but no matter how hard she pushed it wouldn't open. The bolt wouldn't even give way a little. She examined the high walls surrounding her and ran her hands across the stones, wondering if she could possibly climb up and over them.

She was so eager to find a way out that she didn't hear the bolt being slowly undone, or the creak of the stable door as it was pushed open. She didn't notice a thing, in fact, until James grabbed her shirt roughly, dragging her by her clothing into the exercise yard. He threw her on the ground and held her there with a firm hand. He bent over and hissed in her ear, "we could have done this in the privacy of your stall but no, you had to be brave and stupid, didn't you. Now suffer the indignity of having the stable-boys watch ever moment of your humiliation." Blaze lifted her eyes a little and saw men, as young as 15 and as old as 50, watching her. She pleaded to them with her eyes, certain that one of them would rush in to save her, but she was greeted with smirks on all sides.

James pulled her hair so hard that she was forced to stand up, and he ripped the shirt off her back, the buttons flying everywhere. He likewise tore off her smart skirt, leaving her standing in her pretty, white underwear. "You move one muscle and you'll be treated to pain like you've never imagined, bitch."

Blaze watched James warily as he wandered around in front of her. He was holding a riding crop that he kept banging against his thigh, and she hoped in vain that it was just for show. She kept still. "Good girl." He looked her up and down. "You've got a nice figure, very athletic. That's a good thing." He walked forwards until he was only millimetres in front of her, and she looked down, slightly intimidated by his closeness.

He reached behind her and undid her bra, pulling it down over her arms and letting her breasts swing free. He slid the riding crop inside her panties and she gasped at the cool smoothness of the leather. He pulled the crop down swiftly, tearing away the lace and satin that had covered her most private parts. Her hands went instantly to cover herself and James pulled her arms behind her back.

"Don't make me restrain you, girl. You've been stupid enough so far but you haven't made me mad yet. And believe me when I say you don't want to get me mad." He kept playing with the riding crop. "But you did disobey me and that requires a punishment." He walked away from her a little and addressed the crowd of men who stood, leering at her. "So what do we think, gentlemen?" There was a general noise of appreciation, cat-calling and whistles. Blaze blushed, intensely embarrassed.

James grinned. "Count them." Blaze was about to ask, ‘count what?', when she felt a hot stinging on her backside. The riding crop wasn't for show. "I said, count them, bitch!" He whacked her again, much harder this time, and she stammered out the word, ‘one'.

"Two. Three. Four. Five. S-six." She gasped a little as he hit her harder again, to the cheers of the onlookers. He rained down hits, welts beginning to appear on her small, toned ass. She was becoming breathless, increasingly less able to get the numbers out. Finally he stopped and Blaze breathed a sigh of relief. James walked in front of her again and smiled. He was pleased to see that her pussy was glistening in the sunlight, showing that she may not have felt any gratification, but her body was certainly responding well – whether to the pain or the humiliation or both, James couldn't say, but he would know soon enough.

"Now what do you say?" Blaze looked at him, bewildered and in pain. He lifted the crop again and hit her, hard, across the breasts. "What do you say?" Still, she wasn't sure what he was getting at, and looked at him, confusion showing in her eyes. She made a guess.

"I'm – sorry."

He hit her again, this time on her exposed and tender clit. She fell onto her knees, throwing her head back and crying out in both pain and pleasure at the stimulation. That brought a roar of approval from the audience. "Get up, you worthless animal." She struggled to her feet and remained there panting, almost unable to stand, completely exhausted after the assault on her body.

James was no longer talking only to her, but was revelling in the attention, projecting his voice until it filled the entire yard. "When an animal is disciplined it is for the animal's own good." A cheer from the men. "When an animal is disciplined it shows that the owner cares about it. It should appreciate the time taken by its owner." He turned again to face Blaze, speaking in a suddenly low tone. "So what does the animal say?"

"Th-thank you, sir?"

James smiled and nodded. She wasn't aware of it but in her weakened state she had both accepted her position as ‘animal', and his as master. She was, perhaps, not as lost a cause as he has suspected. "Well, there we are, Blaze. See how nice it is when you obey?" He stroked her hair gently, reinforcing the lesson with his tenderness, now she had done the right thing.

Blaze, to her horror, realised she was nodding, enjoying the attention that James was giving her. She tensed up, determined not to be broken. She was not stupid – she knew what James was trying to do to her. He felt her go stiff and uncooperative. "Now, now, Blaze, let's not be silly again. You were just doing so well." She didn't move, she locked her eyes on the middle-distance, and did her best to tune out everything he was saying.

She was forced onto her hands and knees, this time by a stable-hand who couldn't have been younger than 65. James sat in front of her and showed her what he had in his hand. For the first time, Blaze became truly afraid, and James could sense it. "That's right, Blaze. You understand now, don't you? We can do anything we want to do and you can't stop us." He handed the scissors to the stable-hand and said one word. "Begin."

Blaze was on edge and the wait seemed to be hours. Finally she realised what the scissors were for. When the man behind her began cutting away large chunks of her beautiful long hair, she wasn't sure whether to be relieved that the scissors weren't for hurting her, or dismayed at the loss of her hair. Dismay won. She looked up at James who was still sitting in front of her, watching impassively. "Please don't cut my hair."

She should have known that he wouldn't have responded to any such plea. He laughed a little, while the stable-hand kept cutting away. "Nice try, Blaze. You're just lucky that you're already shaved or we'd have had to do that as well." He paused for a moment then frowned. "Why are you shaved, anyway? From what you said to my father in the interview you have pretty much no life. Why do you care what your pussy looks like?" Blaze said nothing, but blushed and looked down. James shrugged. "It doesn't matter anyway."

Blaze could do nothing but crouch on the floor and wait for the man to finish. She still didn't understand what they had against her having hair, unless it was all meant to make her feel even more unimportant. She thought about Sunshine, the pony-girl she had seen earlier. Was it only a few minutes ago that she had been dressed and talking to James as an equal? On her hands and knees in the dust, she found it hard to believe. James handed the stable-hand a razor and as he shaved her head, Blaze felt some of her long hair still present on her head. She remembered Sunshine's mane and realised that removing her hair had nothing to do with humiliation or breaking her – she was just being slowly turned into a pony.

As the stable hand put the razor down and began doing something with the hair he had cut off, James began to talk to her. "From now on, Blaze, you are an animal. You will do only what an animal does. You may speak, but only if you are specifically ordered to by me or someone that I have put in charge of you. You will walk on all fours. You will obey me implicitly. You will eat when we say you eat. You will sleep when we say you sleep."

Blaze was trying desperately to see what the stable-hand was doing, certain that it was going to be something new and unpleasant. "If you need the toilet you will use the drain in the far right corner of your stall. If we feel you need a shower we will turn on the water and you will be drenched in cold water coming from the shower head that you will have noticed in your vain attempts to escape. If you are a good little pony who does her work well and obeys her masters then you will have apples and extra straw. If you are a bad animal your straw will be taken away and you will eat dry oats. Do you understand me?"

Blaze did not answer as she was still trying to see what the stable-hand was doing and James slapped her, hard. "Do you understand me?" She turned her head back round to face James and nodded subserviently. She understood. Whether she obeyed or not was another matter. James began talking to the stable-hand, but couldn't hear the man's answers. "Finished? … Good … No, she disobeyed me … Yes, but only what she gives you herself."

Blaze gasped as something cold and rubber was pushed into her pussy. She gritted her teeth, unable to stop the pleasing sensations that she was feeling show on her face. The thing was removed and Blaze moaned in disappointment. James laughed at her. "See how quickly they turn into sluts and whores? This one might be even easier than I thought." The stable-hand rammed the anal-plug into her virgin ass and Blaze cried out at the unexpected invasion. He turned the plug and the pain and pleasure she was feeling again mixed and she began panting.

The assaults she had endured already today were catching up on her and, as the plug was rammed repeatedly into her ass she began to quiver with emotions she hadn't felt in a long time. James watched in satisfaction as she began to moan and push back into the stable-hand holding the plug. Her eyes drifted shut and she felt her orgasm building up inside her.

Too tired to fight, she let the feelings of contentment fill her and began grinding her hips, looking for something to fill her dripping pussy as well. She heard James say something but she was in too much of a state to pay attention to him, and then she felt something being pushed inside her waiting hole. She knew without question that it was the stable-hand's cock and a new wave of humiliation washed over her as she remembered the old man's ugly face and missing teeth. But still she couldn't stop herself from pushing back into him, welcoming the penetration and biting her lip in satisfaction. She moved faster, pumping the old man's cock, tightening her pussy around it, increasing the friction. It was larger than she had expected for a man his age, and it filled her almost to capacity.

Then the old man pulled out. She cried out in disappointment and bucked back, looking for something to fill her, to give her the fulfilment that she hadn't had in so long. "Not until you beg, and believe me, you well." She opened her eyes, unable to hold back tears of frustration, and saw James standing over her smiling ardonically. She felt ashamed, knowing that she had behaved just as he wanted her to. "Come along, my little pony."

Exhausted and weakened, she followed him back to her stall, aware of the eyes of the stable-hands on her every step of the way as the butt plug made her ass wiggle uncontrollably. She felt the tail brushing against her legs and knew at once what the stable-hand had been doing, where her hair had gone, and how Sunshine's tail had been attached.

This time, when James locked her in, she didn't even try to escape. Worn out, she collapsed on the straw and fell asleep.

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